NADelivery Charge Incl Gift WrapGeneric99980$0.01
NADelivery & Pickup ChargeGeneric99955$0.01
NAShipping Out Of Ca Ups 1 DayGeneric10708$0.01
NAShipping Out Of Ca Ups 2 DayGeneric10706$0.01
NAShipping Out Of Ca Ups 3 DayGeneric10702$0.01
NAShipping Out Of Ca Ups GroundGeneric10699$0.01
NAShipping Charge Out Of StateGeneric16441$0.01
NAShipping In State Ups 1 DayGeneric10697$0.01
NAShipping In State Ups 2 DayGeneric10696$0.01
NAShipping In State Ups 3 DayGeneric10695$0.01
NAShipping In State Ups GroundGeneric10686$0.01
NABow CustomGeneric99982$0.01
NARental Shortage ChargeUnknown141379$0.01
NA.05 CRV Charge TxbleUNKNOWN140689$0.05
NA.05 CRV Charge TxbleUNKNOWN140517$0.05
NA10 CRV Charge NonTaxableWallys Wine & Spirits60028$0.10
NA10 CRV Charge TaxableGeneric60018$0.10
NA20 CRV Charge Taxable 5LGeneric105692$0.20
NAArrowhead Water 8 Oz 8 OZArrowhead Water27609$0.39
NAGuayeco Ate Guava PasteGeneric88067$0.50
NABarnier Mantequilla de Murcia French OlivesGeneric88653$0.62
NABarnier Sevillanne Lemon OlivesGeneric88654$0.62
NAHimalayan Pink Salt Fine GrainGeneric88096$0.68
NAArtisan Salt Himalayan Coarse GrainGeneric88247$0.68
NABrisk Ice Tea 12OZUnknown155108$0.69
NASprite Zero Cans 12OZCoca-Cola Company133164$0.69
NAEl Quijote "Membrillo" Quince PasteMitica88128$0.69
NADole Pineapple Juice 6 Oz Cans 6 OZDole Food Company Inc.24928$0.75
NAFruit LimeGeneric10485$0.75
NAFruit LemonGeneric10483$0.75
NALosada Cuquillo OlivesGeneric88627$0.75
NALosada Alorena DO Natural OlivesGeneric88597$0.75
NALosada Gordal OlivesGeneric88599$0.75
NALosada Zorzalena Natural OlivesGeneric88600$0.75
NALosada Arbequina Natural OlivesGeneric88598$0.75
NACornichonsCornichons (gherkin pickles)13974$0.75
NAFuetFuet Spanish Foods88417$0.81
NAFanta Orange Soda 12ozGeneric148286$0.89
NAHansen's Diet Root Beer 12oz 12OZUnknown162409$0.89
NAHansen's Diet Mandarin 12oz 12OZUnknown162410$0.89
NAHansen's Diet Pommegranite 12oz 12OZUnknown162429$0.89
NACastelvetrano Green OlivesGeneric88612$0.92
NALe Tresor Sel Gris de Guerande FineGeneric88133$0.94
NAAskinosie 7g Individually Wrapped BarsGeneric156456$0.99
NACanada Dry Diet Ginger Ale 12 Ounce CanCanada Dry31251$0.99
NAWally's Gift CardWally's Gift Baskets27578$1.00
NAZoe's Mediterranean ChickenGeneric88651$1.00
NAFruit OrangeGeneric12004$1.00
NAArtisan Salt Company Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea SaltGeneric88097$1.06
NACanada Dry Ginger Ale Glass 10z Special Order Only 10 OZGeneric104090$1.10
NACanada Dry Tonic 10 Oz Glass 10 OZCanada Dry31994$1.10
NACanada Dry Club Soda Glass 10z Special Order Only 10 OZCoca-Cola Company60970$1.10
NAFromager d'AffinoisD'Affinois41145$1.12
NAThree Little Pigs Truffle MousseGeneric88329$1.12
NAZoe's Oven Roasted Turkey BreastGeneric88559$1.12
NATLP Goose Mousse Royale Porcini & SauternesGeneric88340$1.19
NADirty Chips 40% Reduced Fat Sea Salt 1.5ozGeneric144900$1.25
NAPecorino ToscanoGeneric88308$1.25
NADirty Chips Sea Salt and Vinegar 2 OZGeneric139183$1.25
NADirty Chips Maui Onion 2 OZGeneric138453$1.25
NAShelburne Farms Cheddar aged 2 yearsGeneric88404$1.25
NAPiedras De ChocolateGeneric88602$1.25
NACacio di RomaGeneric88367$1.25
NACana de OvejaGeneric88064$1.25
NADirty Sea Salt Chips 2 OZGeneric127215$1.25
NADirty Potato Chips Jalapeno Heat 2 OZGeneric134177$1.25
NAGrace and I Bourbon Soaked Dried FruitsGeneric88449$1.25
NAPiave StravecchioPiave Cheese11993$1.25
NASnapple Green Iced TeaSnapple Beverage Corporation145173$1.25
NAFourme d' AmbertFourme d'Ambert Cheese80135$1.25
NARustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread Snack SizeRustic Bakery145270$1.25
NAFrench Soft Dried FigsCrazy Jack Organics21434$1.25
NAHook's Cheese Co 4 year aged CheddarHook Cheese Co.88249$1.25
NVMort Subite Kriek Lambic 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN164110$1.29
NASprite 7.5oz Cans 8 OZUnknown148017$1.29
NAIbericoIberico Mixed Milk Cheese18586$1.31
NAReal Water Alkalized 16 OZGeneric109453$1.35
NABrie Mon PereGeneric88318$1.37
NAFarmer Gouda Aged 5 YearsFarmer Gouda80057$1.37
NACave Aged EmmentalEmmental Swiss Cave Aged33756$1.37
NAFiore SardoGeneric88118$1.43
NACentral Coast Creamery Holey CowGeneric88394$1.43
NASpring Brook Farm ReadingGeneric88314$1.43
NAOld AmsterdamGeneric88550$1.43
NAEl Trigal Manchego DO aged 8 monthsGeneric88110$1.44
NADrunken GoatGeneric88138$1.44
NAParmigiano Reggiano 18moGeneric88669$1.44
NAMichel Cordon Bleu Smoked TroutMichel Cordon Bleu Smoked Fish11498$1.44
NACoca Cola Classic In Glass Bottle 355 Ml 12OZGeneric31283$1.49
NAWoodchuck Pear Cider 12OZGeneric144628$1.49
NAPerrier Sparkling Citron 500mL 500MLUnknown162558$1.49
NAMountain Valley Sparkling 11 OZUnknown137764$1.49
NAFiji Water 330 Ml 330MLFiji Water31217$1.49
NASprite Mexican Glass Btl 355m 12OZCoca-Cola Company138690$1.49
NASan Pellegrino Blood Orange 11ozSan Pellegrino S.p.A. Company149864$1.49
NASan Pellegrino Pompelmo Grapefruit 11oz CansSan Pellegrino S.p.A. Company144443$1.49
NAJones Soda Blue BubblegumJones Soda639$1.50
NVPerrier Sparkling Water Plastic Bottle 500MLPerrier Water103114$1.50
NABrillat SavarinBrillat Savarin Jean Anthelme41052$1.50
NAJay-1 Aloe Vera Juice 16 OZUnknown158025$1.50
NASan Pellegrino Sparkling Water 500ml 500MLUnknown157539$1.50
NALosada Pitted Gordal Olives BulkGeneric88676$1.50
NABellwether Farms CarmodyBellwether Farms17283$1.50
NARoomano PraderaGeneric88250$1.50
NAGuayeco Guava Jam MiniGeneric152162$1.50
NAFruit AppleGeneric10026$1.50
NAMahon ReservaGeneric88139$1.50
NAThe Preservatory Green Walnut & Grappa 40mL Small JarGeneric163851$1.50
NAPastures by Saxon Homestead CreameryGeneric88428$1.50
NAStoli Ginger Beer 250MLGeneric155700$1.50
NVTrue Cap Rubber StopperGeneric157651$1.50
NAOlympic Provisions Pork Pistachio PateGeneric88463$1.56
NAParmigiano Reggiano 30 months agedGeneric88150$1.56
NAIstara Ossau-IratyGeneric88262$1.56
NAHoney Bee Goat GoudaGeneric88279$1.56
NACueva del Abuelo Viejo Manchego Aged 12 MonthsDon Alonso Manchego Cheese80074$1.56
NABrie De NangisBrie de Nangis (cheese)41262$1.56
NATaleggio ArrigoniTaleggio DOP (cheese)15653$1.56
NASNAPPLE DIET PSnapple Beverage Corporation100461$1.59
NABadiot Water Plastic 330MLBadoit Sparkling Water135160$1.59
NAHangar 24 Pale AleGeneric134328$1.59
NVFirestone 805 Blonde Ale 12OZFirestone Walker Brewing Co.154854$1.59
NAVon Trapp Farmstead Oma & Cellars at Jasper HillGeneric88095$1.62
NAMarcona Spanish Almonds Dry RoastedMarcona Spanish Almonds54271$1.62
NACypress Grove Humboldt FogCypress Grove Cheese80106$1.62
NANeals Yard Dairy Cashel BlueNeal's Yard Dairy41017$1.62
NAFougerusFougerous (cheese)41217$1.68
NAQuicke's CheddarGeneric88252$1.68
NAUinta BaBa Black Lager can 12OZGeneric143134$1.69
NAUinta Hop Notch IPA can 12OZGeneric144614$1.69
NAAngry Orchard Apple Crisp 12OZGeneric145031$1.69
NAHangar 24 Helles Lager can 12OZGeneric148542$1.69
NAMeadow Creek Dairy AppalachianGeneric88074$1.69
NAPrefere des MontagnesGeneric88059$1.69
NA21st Amendment Back In Black IPA 12OZGeneric163551$1.69
NA21st Amendment Brew Free! or Die IPA 12OZGeneric163553$1.69
NA21st Amendment Down to Earth Session IPA 12OZGeneric163554$1.69
NA21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat 12OZGeneric163552$1.69
NAVitamin Water Revive Fruit PunchUnknown162869$1.69
NAFirestone Easy Jack Session IPA 12ozFirestone Walker Brewing Co.155452$1.69
NABell's Best Brown Ale can 16 OZGeneric165170$1.69
NAUinta Hop Punk'n can 12OZGeneric158292$1.69
NANORTH COAST Scrimshaw Pilsner 12OZNorth Coast Brewing Co.105370$1.69
NAAvery Ellie's Brown Ale 12OZAvery Brewing Company135503$1.69
NAItalian Recla SpeckRecla (cured meats)13654$1.69
NABlue Moon White Beer 12 Oz BottleBlue Moon Brewing Co31519$1.69
NADale's Pale Ale 12OZOskar Blues106003$1.75
NAOskar Blues Old Chub 12OZOskar Blues126425$1.75
NAOskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils 12OZOskar Blues819942000111$1.75
NAOskar Blues IPA 12OZOskar Blues164768$1.75
NVVoss Still Water Plastic Bottle 500MLVoss Bottled Water103217$1.75
NAPenterman Farm Marieke GoudaMarieke88058$1.75
NACabot Creamery Clothbound Cheddar Aged by Jasper Hill FarmsJasper Hill Dairy88029$1.75
NASt AgurSt Agur80094$1.75
NAMimolette Aged 12 MonthsMimolette Cheese88147$1.75
NAMarcona Spanish Almonds Salted In Sunflower OilMarcona Spanish Almonds24637$1.75
NADona Juana Lomo EmbuchadoDona Juana (sausage)88195$1.75
NACoca Cola diet 8 Oz Btl S.O.Unknown139890$1.75
NABarricato Al PepeGeneric88621$1.75
NAArrigoni Roccolo ValtaleggioGeneric88655$1.75
NAFever Tree Club Soda 200MLGeneric107307$1.75
NAFever Tree Bitter Lemon 200MLGeneric105892$1.75
NAFever Tree Tonic Water 200MLGeneric104548$1.75
NAFever Tree Ginger Beer 200MLGeneric132688$1.75
NAMcclure's Garlic Dill Potato ChipsGeneric140318$1.75
NABrebirousse d' ArgentalGeneric88227$1.75
NAAlta Langa La TurGeneric88420$1.75
NARoelli Cheese Company Red Rock CheddarGeneric88369$1.75
NABasco Bearnais Chevre des PyreneesGeneric88610$1.75
NAMcclures Bloody Mary Potato ChipsGeneric155256$1.75
NAPizza Port Chronic Amber Ale can 16 OZGeneric154052$1.75
NAPizza Port Ponto Sessionable IPA can 16 OZGeneric154053$1.75
NAJean Faup Bethmale VacheGeneric88585$1.75
NAFever Tree Ginger Ale 200MLGeneric160296$1.75
NAFontina Val D'AostaFontina Cheese80018$1.78
NAMurphy's Red Ale 12OZMurphy Brewery162484$1.79
NABitburger Pilsner 500ml cansBitburger -- Brauerei Th. Simon GmbH107235$1.79
NAGuinness Blonde AleGuinness161535$1.79
NADrakes Hefeweizen 12OZDrake's Brewing Co.145162$1.79
NAFramani Salametto Piccante Spicy Dry ChorizoFra' Mani30466$1.81
NAPaul Bertolli Handcrafted Salumi Framani Salametto Dry SalamiPaul Bertolli25176$1.81
NAFabrique Delices Rosette de LyonFabrique Delices88021$1.81
NAPantaleoPantaleo Cheese23365$1.81
NAPanforte NeroGeneric88569$1.81
NACasa Madaio CalcagnoGeneric88582$1.81
NAGourmino Gruyere Aged 18 monthsGeneric88560$1.81
NABrie Ferme de la JouvenceGeneric88232$1.81
NAPoint Reyes Cow's Milk Bay BlueGeneric88356$1.81
NABleu d'AuvergneGeneric88416$1.81
NABallast Point Pale Ale can 12OZBallast Point Brewing149047$1.85
NAFiscalini Cheddar 18 months agedFiscalini Cheese Co.31982$1.87
NAFramani Nostrano Dry SalamiFra' Mani25182$1.87
NAEkte GjetostGeneric88637$1.87
NAKaltbach Gruyere Cave AgedGeneric41186$1.87
NAPodda ClassicoGeneric88116$1.87
NAFig & Walnut PanforteGeneric88570$1.87
NALuigi Guffanti Robiola Roccaverano DOPGeneric88451$1.87
NAEssex Street Collection L'Ause Brabander Goat GoudaGeneric88456$1.87
NAComte Seignemartin 20 months summer milkGeneric88466$1.87
NABrie de MelunGeneric88286$1.87
NAChevrefeuille Tome Fleur VerteGeneric88674$1.87
NARogue Creamery Smokey BlueRogue River Creamery19968$1.87
NAJasper Hill Dairy Bayley Hazen BlueJasper Hill Dairy88019$1.87
NAJasper Hill Farms Alpha TolmanJasper Hill Dairy88346$1.87
NACypress Grove Chevre Midnight MoonCypress Grove Cheese88069$1.87
NAStone Delicious IPAStone Brewing Co.161332$1.89
NADrake's 1500 Pale Ale 12OZGeneric143306$1.89
NARental 9" Plates Unknown141319$1.92
NASaint NectaireGeneric80097$1.94
NAMother Earth Boo Koo IPA canGeneric163213$1.99
NAMother Earth Cali Creamin canGeneric164214$1.99
NAMother Earth Honcho HefeGeneric164482$1.99
NAFlat Tail Little GreenGeneric163278$1.99
NAAlle-Pia CalabreseGeneric88319$1.99
NVGreat Divide Rumble 12OZGeneric139194$1.99
NVSaint Archer Pale Ale Can 12OZGeneric155012$1.99
NVSaint Archer Wheat Ale Can 12OZGeneric155013$1.99
NAFlat Tail Tailgater KolschGeneric165227$1.99
NAStone Coffee Milk StoutStone Brewing Co.158006$1.99
NALeft Hand Sawtooth Ale 12OZLeft Hand Brewing Co.163808$1.99
NAUnderberg Bitters 20 Ml.Underberg12852$1.99
NVAnderson Valley Hop Ottin 12OZAnderson Valley Brewing Company156627$1.99
NVAnderson Valley Brewing Company Holy Gose 12OZAnderson Valley Brewing Company159777$1.99
NASeven Up Plastic Bottle 1L7 Up19680$1.99
NAMaui Bikini Blonde Lager can 12OZMaui Brewing Co105832$1.99
NVMission Hard Root Beer 12OZMission Brewery164937$1.99
NABoulevard Ginger Lemon Radler 12OZBoulevard Brewing Co.164347$1.99
NALa Quercia Prosciutto Rossa Heirloom BerkshireLa Quercia88120$2.00
NAFabrique Delices Smoked Duck BreastFabrique Delices14488$2.00
NAGlass DepositUNKNOWN1$2.00
NAGreen Sheer Wine BagWally's Wine & Spirits30507$2.00
NARental Riedel XL Tumblers 0447/40Riedel151965$2.00
NAEtorkiEtorki Cheese80043$2.00
NAAbbaye De BellocAbbaye Belloc18661$2.00
NAOlympia Provisions Etna SalamiGeneric88670$2.00
NALa Casera Brescianella FrescaGeneric88295$2.00
NAHaystack Mountain ButtercupGeneric88606$2.00
NALa Casera Camembert di BufalaGeneric88888$2.00
NAOlympia Provisions LoukanikoGeneric88660$2.00
NAOld Quebec Vintage Cheddar 7 Years AgedGeneric88119$2.00
NACasatica di BufalaGeneric88179$2.06
NARolf Beeler SbrinzGeneric88361$2.06
NASharpham RusticGeneric88398$2.06
NAOlli Berkshire Prosciutto 16moGeneric88551$2.06
NAGermain LangresGeneric88577$2.06
NAImported Jamon Serrano Redondo Iglesias Aged 18 monthsRedondo Iglesias (foods)88104$2.06
NAFramani Toscano SalamiFra' Mani88107$2.06
NVDogfish Head 60 Minute IPA 12OZDogfish Head105029$2.09
NAKrombacher Dark Weizen 330MLGeneric148783$2.09
NADevon OkeGeneric88620$2.12
NABlu di BufalaGeneric88634$2.12
NAHaystack Mtn Aspen Ash.Generic88386$2.12
NACobb Hill Ascutney Mountain TommeGeneric88224$2.12
NACreminelli FinocchionaGeneric88379$2.12
NAScharfe Maxx Extra from Studer Family farm in Hatswil, Switzerland.Generic88434$2.12
NAL'etivaz GruyereL'Etivaz Cheese19337$2.12
NAFramani Soppressata Dry SalamiFra' Mani32699$2.12
NVPanna Still Water Glass Bottle 750MLPanna Water101090$2.15
NARogue Creamery Caveman BlueRogue River Creamery88085$2.18
NATete De MoineTete de Moine Cheese84412$2.18
NAConsider Bardwell PawletGeneric88554$2.18
NAJeune Autize MorbierGeneric88363$2.18
NABonati Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months agedGeneric88622$2.18
NAEssex Comte AOC 20 months agedGeneric88193$2.18
NAEssex Street Collection L'Amuse Signature Gouda 2 years agedGeneric88100$2.18
NACapriole Dairy Piper's PyramidGeneric88445$2.18
NAGolden Road Point the Way IPA 16 OZGeneric143326$2.19
NAGolden Road Get Up Offa That Brown 16 OZGeneric147740$2.19
NALa Tremblaye Persille de Rambouillet Goat's Milk BlueGeneric88584$2.19
NALeft Hand Milk Stout Nitro 12OZLeft Hand Brewing Co.163807$2.19
NANeals Yard Dairy Colston Bassett StiltonNeal's Yard Dairy85083$2.19
NAMaui Big Swell IPA can 12OZMaui Brewing Co105056$2.19
NAEinstock White Ale 12oz 12OZGeneric161307$2.20
NAAlemar Cheese Good ThunderGeneric88469$2.25
NVFiacco di Capra by La Casera, thermalized goat's milkGeneric88323$2.25
NAAlle-Pia Fine Cured Meats Finocchiona TroncoGeneric88306$2.25
NANeals Yard Dairy Keens CheddarNeal's Yard Dairy17280$2.25
NABerthaut Epoisses CoupeEpoisses Berthaut88263$2.25
NACowgirl Creamery Mt Tam Triple CreamCowgirl Creamery11518$2.25
NACowgirl Creamery Red HawkCowgirl Creamery14492$2.25
NASprite Regular 1LSprite20605$2.25
NACanada Dry Ginger Ale 1LCoca-Cola Company130073$2.25
NACoca Cola Diet 1 L. Btl 1LCoca-Cola Company19655$2.25
NACoca Cola Classic 1 L Bottle 1LCoca-Cola Company19653$2.25
NASan Pellegrino 750 Ml Sparkling Water 750MLSan Pellegrino S.p.A. Company29458$2.25
NAPizza Port Swami's IPA can 16 OZGeneric154054$2.29
NAPardou ChevreGeneric88605$2.31
NAHaystack Mountain Goat Jack Green ChileGeneric88633$2.31
NALe SauvageGeneric88666$2.31
NALe Puits d'AstierGeneric88462$2.31
NARodolphe Le Meunier Tomme BruleePascal Beillevaire Dairy88005$2.31
NALeoncini Prosciutto Di Parma Black Label Reserve aged 18 monthsParma (Prosciutto Di Parma) -- ham41054$2.31
NASavory Farm Cured Duck SalamiSavory Farm88053$2.37
NACarr Valley Cave Aged MarisaCarr Valley Cheese88016$2.37
NAUplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge ReserveUplands Cheese Company Inc.23654$2.37
NARed Cow ParmigianoRed Cow Parmigiano18408$2.37
NACypress Grove Chevre Truffle TremorGeneric33667$2.37
NANettle Meadow Farm Simply SheepGeneric88358$2.37
NAProsciutto Parma Pio Tosini 24Generic88405$2.37
NARolf Beeler GruyereGeneric88276$2.37
NARolf Beeler Appenzeller Extra AgedGeneric88324$2.37
NAHaystack Mtn Snowdrop.Generic88387$2.37
NASt. Stephen Four Fat FowlGeneric88567$2.37
NANorth Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout 12OZNorth Coast Brewing Co.104785$2.39
NANeals Yard Dairy Lincolnshire PoacherNeal's Yard Dairy41023$2.40
NAAppleby's CheshireGeneric88590$2.43
NABellwether Farms San AndreasBellwether Farms18288$2.43
NAA pasturized sheep's milk from Coatia.Generic88432$2.44
NARupert Consider Bardwell FarmsGeneric88403$2.44
NACremeaux des CiteauxGeneric88376$2.44
NALong Clawson Shropshire BlueGeneric41077$2.44
NATruffle GoudaGeneric88106$2.44
NARekorderlig Passion Fruit 11 OZGeneric164378$2.49
NABell's Oberon Wheat Ale can 16 OZGeneric162280$2.49
NARekorderlig Pear 11 OZGeneric162671$2.49
NARekorderlig Wild Berries 11 OZGeneric162672$2.49
NARekorderlig Strawberry Lime 11 OZGeneric162673$2.49
NAAc/ Dc Rock Or Bust 500MLGeneric164701$2.49
NACascadia Granny Cider 500MLGeneric165250$2.49
NACascadia Dry Cider 500MLGeneric165251$2.49
NAJana Still Water Glass 330ml 330MLAquafina165084$2.49
NV21st Amendment Hop Crisis 12OZUNKNOWN164098$2.49
NABresaola Citterio SlicedBresaola41124$2.50
NAEvian Water Plastic Bottle 1LEvian Water100593$2.50
NACapriole Farmstead SofiaCapriole Goat Farm (Indiana)88194$2.50
NANeals Yard Dairy BerkswellNeal's Yard Dairy80132$2.50
NANeals Yard Dairy Beenleigh Blue Sheeps MilkNeal's Yard Dairy16213$2.50
NANeals Yard Dairy ArdrahanNeal's Yard Dairy41051$2.50
NANeals Yard Dairy Beenleigh Blue Sheeps MilkNeal's Yard Dairy88593$2.50
NARental Riedel Water Ouverture 0408/02Riedel144165$2.50
NARental Riedel Degustazione Cab/MerlotRiedel Glas Austria161903$2.50
NARental Riedel Degustazione WhiteRiedel Glas Austria161906$2.50
NABellwether Farms PepatoBellwether Farms88132$2.50
NALord of the HundredsGeneric88415$2.50
NAThree Little Pigs Mousse de Canard au Foie GrasGeneric88267$2.50
NATomales Farmstead Creamery AtikaGeneric88667$2.50
NAAlemar Cheese Company Bent RiverGeneric88668$2.50
NALa Casera Blu al Vin SantoGeneric88639$2.50
NABoschetto Al TartufoGeneric80080$2.50
NARental Riedel Restaurant Vinum Cab/Merlot 0446/0Generic104959$2.50
NARental Riedel Restaurant Vinum Champagne 0446/48Generic104963$2.50
NARental Riedel Restaurant Vinum Burgundy Pinot Noir 0446/07Generic104961$2.50
NARental Riedel Dessert Ouverture 0480/05 H 7-1/8"Generic104964$2.50
NAChiriboga BlueGeneric88439$2.50
NADelice de Pommard by Alain HessGeneric88573$2.50
NAAndante Dairy EtudeAndante88045$2.50
NAAndante Dairy Tomme DolceAndante88157$2.50
NASavory Farm Duck Breast ProsciuttoSavory Farm88124$2.50
NAStiegl Grapefruit Radler can 500MLGeneric152449$2.59
NANettle Meadow Farms KunikGeneric88228$2.62
NACato Corner Farm HooliganGeneric88237$2.62
NAHaystack Mountain Red CloudGeneric88315$2.68
NABrillat Savarin with TrufflesGeneric88408$2.69
NAProsciutto di Parma Pio Tosini 24moGeneric88564$2.69
NAModern Times Lomaland Saison 16 OZGeneric153904$2.69
NAModern Times Black House Coffee Stout 16 OZGeneric153907$2.69
NAModern Times Fortunate Island Hoppy Wheat Ale 16 OZGeneric153905$2.69
NASierra Nevada Narwhal Stout 12OZSierra Nevada Brewing Company147245$2.69
NARogue Creamery Rogue River BlueRogue River Creamery18836$2.69
NAAllagash White Ale 12ozAllagash Brewing Co.119327$2.69
NABallast Point Sculpin IPA can 12OZBallast Point Brewing149048$2.69
NAMajor Farms Vermont ShepherdCowgirl Creamery21965$2.75
NADoe Run Bathed In VictoryGeneric88372$2.75
NVDogfish Head 90 Minute IPA 12OZDogfish Head105030$2.79
NAHook's 10 year aged Wisconsin CheddarHook Cheese Co.88078$2.81
NAMoliterno Pecorino With Truffle PateGeneric33973$2.81
NABleating Heart Fat Bottom GirlGeneric88309$2.81
NAFine Cheese Company Morn DewGeneric88447$2.81
NARodolphe le Meunier Rigotte de VacheGeneric88671$2.81
NAModern Times Blazing World Hoppy Amber 16 OZGeneric153906$2.89
NVDogfish Head 61 Minute 12OZDogfish Head150985$2.89
NABallast Point Grapefruit Sculpin can 12OZBallast Point Brewing163387$2.89
NAMaui Coconut Porter can 12OZMaui Brewing Co105352$2.99
NAAllagash Black 12OZAllagash Brewing Co.162668$2.99
NAThree Little Pigs Mini Toasts 36 packDivina Specialty Foods11211$2.99
NVGovino Wine Goblet with Wally's LogoGovino149313$2.99
NVGovino Stemless Wine Goblet UnbreakableGovino100854$2.99
NAPop Art Thai Coconut Curry Popcorn Small BagGeneric155258$2.99
NAGlutenberg India Pale Ale 16 OZGeneric159229$2.99
NABodrato Chocolate Covered Grappa Dipped Cherries 18gGeneric159839$2.99
NAJose Andres San Nicasio Potato Chips Small BagGeneric146528$2.99
NATrue Shote Glass 1.5 ozGeneric150818$2.99
NABell's Two Hearted IPA can 16 OZGeneric162279$2.99
NATorres Chips Mediterranean Sea SaltGeneric153274$2.99
NATorres Black Truffle Potato Chips Small 40g BagGeneric153061$2.99
NAClassic Beverage Napkin 125pk WhiteGeneric163661$2.99
NABellwether Blackberry Sheep's Milk YogurtBellwether Farms33670$2.99
NAAvery Raja IPA 12OZAvery Brewing Company165241$2.99
NVChopin Rye Vodka 50MLChopin Vodka163720$2.99
NAEpic Graduated Shot Glass 11/2ozEpic Wine Accessories51182$2.99
NAJohnnie Walker Red Blended Scotch Whisky 50MLJohnnie Walker10976$2.99
NARed Bull Sugar Free 12OZRed Bull North America Inc.145178$2.99
NAEvian Water Glass 750MLEvian Water119533$2.99
NABadoit Sparkling Water 750MLBadoit Sparkling Water109785$2.99
NAGreen Box & Bow (Will Call)Wally's Wine & Spirits85561$3.00
NAJ&M Chocolate Chip CookiesWally's Gift Baskets151318$3.00
NAHaystack Mountain "A Cheese Named Sue"Generic88632$3.00
NABoulevard Unfiltered Wheat 12OZBoulevard Brewing Co.164769$3.09
NACoach Farms Goat Triple CreamGeneric88199$3.12
NAAvery Lillikoi Passion Fruit Wheat 12OZAvery Brewing Company164007$3.25
NAKulmbacher EisbockGeneric125084$3.29
NAPenta Water Woxygen 1LPenta Water19935$3.35
NAEvil Twin Hipster Pale Ale can 12OZGeneric146006$3.39
NASpenwood by Anne & Andy WigmoreGeneric88592$3.43
NASierra Nevada Ovila Saison with Manadrins 375ML (Half Bottle)Sierra Nevada Brewing Company149697$3.49
NAWeihenstephaner Oktoberfest Festbier 500MLWeihnstephanner159086$3.49
NABox & Bow 2 BtlsWally's Wine & Spirits85562$3.50
NACellophane & Bow (Will Call)Wally's Wine & Spirits85502$3.50
NANeals Yard Dairy TicklemoreNeal's Yard Dairy14786$3.56
NAChantal Plasse Tomme Fermier Lou Rey SheepGeneric88266$3.56
NARoses Grenadine 12 Oz BottleRose's (L. Rose & Co.)12955$3.65
NVWeihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier 500MLWeihnstephanner104572$3.66
NAFin Briard Truffes Brie w/ Perigord TrufflesGeneric88233$3.69
NAMartinelli Apple Cider Sparkler 750MLMartinelli & Co. (juices)12762$3.75
NASeattle Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Truffle BarWally's Gift Baskets151553$3.99
NACuervo Margarita Salt 6 OzCuervo (Jose)137906$3.99
NAZunft Kolsch 500MLGeneric144817$3.99
NAV Chocolates Assorted Chocolate Caramels (No nuts) 2pc Triangle boxGeneric151660$3.99
NASanta Barbara Dirty Martini Mix 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic61595$3.99
NALa Guillotine Strong Blonde 330MLGeneric164353$3.99
NAGreen Marinated Nocellara Olive Snack PackGeneric152939$3.99
NATorres Salted Peanuts 125gGeneric163595$3.99
NASeattle Chocolate Extreme DarkGeneric161662$3.99
NANocellara Olives in Brine 6 OZGeneric159837$3.99
NAOff Color Troublesome Gose 12OZGeneric155968$3.99
NAOff Color Scurry 12OZGeneric157827$3.99
NAOff Color Apex Predator 12OZGeneric158009$3.99
NABellwether Creme Fraiche 5oz 5 OZBellwether Farms153385$3.99
NVJinro Maehwasoo Plum Wine 375ML (Half Bottle)Unknown143819$3.99
NVChoya with fruit Plum Wine 50MLUnknown139894$3.99
NAEvil Twin I Love You With This Stout 12OZEvil Twin Brewing155967$3.99
NAEvil Twin Soft DK 12OZEvil Twin Brewing162663$3.99
NVAlexander Grappa 50MLDistilleria Bottega Alexander104818$3.99
NVBallast Point Rum & Cola 12OZBallast Point Spirits165111$3.99
NVBallast Point Rum & Ginger 12OZBallast Point Spirits165112$3.99
NVBallast Point Gin & Tonic 12OZBallast Point Spirits165113$3.99
NAHook's 12 Year CheddarHook Cheese Co.88080$4.00
NATrinidad Woodblock Chocolate from Portland, Oregon.Generic154638$4.00
NAWoodblock Peru ChocolateGeneric154639$4.00
NAJ&m Asiago Cheese Straw 2.5ozGeneric26769$4.00
NAWoodblock Dark Milk Chocolate BarGeneric162992$4.00
NAWoodblock Chocolate 70% Cacao Madagascar BarGeneric146843$4.00
NAWoodblock Chocolate 70% Cacao Bar with SaltGeneric146844$4.00
NATorn Ranch Lemon Pome Frais 2pcTorn Ranch (dried fruit)150309$4.00
NALeroux Schnapps Cinnamon Kosher 1LLeroux Liqueurs & Brandy Cordials10233$4.00
NARudolph de meunier Cremeux des Citeaux w/ TrufflesGeneric88339$4.04
NAMr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix 32 OZMr & Mrs T (Mr and Mrs T)12773$4.25
NAOskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout 12OZOskar Blues104696$4.29
NAManfred Schmid The KissGeneric88328$4.37
NVPetrus Barrel-Aged Pale Ale 330MLBavik Brewery105851$4.49
NAMaestranza Manzanilla Green Olives Stuffed with Anchovies 85gEl Serpis100599$4.49
NADieu Du Ciel Route des Espices 12OZDieu du Ciel124835$4.59
NASchneider Hopfen- Weisse 500MLSchneider & Sohn112660$4.59
NALagunitas Imperial Pilsner 22 OZLagunitas Brewing Company164710$4.59
NALagunitas Imperial Stout 22 OZLagunitas Brewing Company135024$4.59
NADe La Senne XMas Zinnebir 330MLGeneric142466$4.59
NAHet Nest Ace of Spades 330MLGeneric151059$4.69
NADuvel Triple Hop 12OZDuvel Moortgat151870$4.69
NADailys Simple Syrup 1LDaily's Bar Mixes113272$4.75
NADe Ranke Noir de Dottignies 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic128108$4.79
NASavory Farm Foie Gras TorchonSavory Farm88207$4.94
NASerpis Green Olives Stuffed with Serrano HamEl Serpis146172$4.99
NASerpis Manchego Stuffed OlivesEl Serpis146171$4.99
NVSunner Kolsch 500MLGerbruder Sunner Brewery110158$4.99
19771977 Monterey Vineyard Red San Luis Obispo 1.5LMonterey Vineyard153147$4.99
NACocktail Napkins 2-ply, 50 packGeneric12200$4.99
NAChrome Finish Drip Rings - 2 PackGeneric26433$4.99
NAVega Caceres Smoked Paprika Sweet 75gGeneric100595$4.99
NAThe Art of Caramel Bananas Foster with Dark RumGeneric163974$4.99
NVBOSKA Taste Cheese Slicer MiniGeneric8713638008844$4.99
NATRUE Black Foil CutterGeneric145313$4.99
NAGavino Olive Oil TortasGeneric146465$4.99
NAArtisan Biscuits with Ossau Iraty CheeseGeneric162470$4.99
NAArtisan Biscuits with Ossau Iraty Cheese and Espelette Chili PepperGeneric162471$4.99
NAWally's Pulltap CorkscrewGeneric155110$4.99
NAWater Wheel OriginalGeneric157689$4.99
NAFine Cheese Company Water CrackersGeneric157482$4.99
NAFabrique Delices Cornichons in JarGeneric157493$4.99
NAThe Art of Caramel Vanilla Bean Cocoa Nib Popcorn 3.9ozGeneric159601$4.99
NAThe Art of Caramel Kentucky Bourbon Black Pepper Popcorn 3.9ozGeneric159603$4.99
NVAll Good Organic Dried Cherries 2 OZGeneric159611$4.99
20092009 XRaymond Chardonnay "R" Collection 750MLRaymond Winery133074$4.99
NVVictory Baltic Moving Parts 22 OZVictory Brewing Co.160976$4.99
NVStone Cali-Belgique IPA 22 OZStone Brewing Co.105473$4.99
NAMichel Cluizel 99% Cocoa Chocolate Noir Infini Bar 30 GrMichel Cluizel Chocolate19666$4.99
NAKetel One Vodka Mini 50MLKetel One (vodka)10690$4.99
NACointreau Liqueur Mini 50 Ml 50MLRemy Cointreau10195$4.99
NARoses Lime Juice 12 Oz BottleRose's (L. Rose & Co.)26248$4.99
NAGrand Marnier Liqueur Mini 50MLGrand Marnier Liqueur10179$4.99
NABaileys Irish Cream Liqueur Mini 50MLBaileys Winery (Australia)10154$4.99
NATorn Ranch Double Chocolate Gigi Biscotti 2oz in boxTorn Ranch (dried fruit)102421$4.99
NABox Wood Gift DecanterWally's Gift Baskets12946$4.99
NAEpic Cocktail Strainer Stainless SteelEpic Wine Accessories150825$4.99
NAGlenmorangie 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 50MLGlenmorangie Company110528$4.99
NAMr & Mrs T Margarita Mix 1 L 32 OZMr & Mrs T (Mr and Mrs T)15062$4.99
NAJumbo Straws 7 3/4 inch 250 packWally's Wine & Spirits11365$4.99
NALa Valle San Marzano Tomatoes 28 OzLa Valle10021$4.99
NAOcean Spray Cran-Rasp 64 Oz 64 OZOcean Spray139623$4.99
NASanta Barbara Onion Stuffed Olives 8 OzSanta Barbara Olive Company43974$4.99
NASanta Barbara Olive Co. Garlic Olives 5 OZSanta Barbara Olive Company10090$4.99
NACarrs Table Water Crackers 4ozCarrs Crackers14930$4.99
NVMort Subite Framboise Lambic 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN164111$4.99
NVMartini Asti Spumante 187MLUNKNOWN158597$4.99
19781978 River Run Zinfandel 750MLUNKNOWN153299$4.99
NABox & Bow 3 or 4 BtlsWally's Wine & Spirits85564$5.00
NASanta Barbara Olive Co. Martini Pimento Stuffed Olives 5 OzSanta Barbara Olive Company19706$5.39
NADieu du Ciel Penombre Black IPA 330MLDieu du Ciel152119$5.39
NATripel KarmeleitBosteels62102$5.49
NASmog City Saber Toothed Squirrel 500MLGeneric160647$5.49
NACuvee des Jacobins Rouge 330MLGeneric143728$5.59
NVTakara Mirin Cooking Sake 750MLTakara Sake USA Inc.27015$5.59
NALomo Iberico de BellotaGeneric88604$5.62
NAFabrique Delices Duck Foie Gras MousseGeneric88594$5.62
NAHook's 15 Year CheddarHook Cheese Co.88082$5.62
NANoble Ale Works Big Whig IPA 22 OZGeneric145695$5.69
NAMartinelli Apple Cider 1.5 Liter 1.5LUnknown157872$5.89
NAB Nektar Slice of Life 500MLGeneric164699$5.99
NVPaul Masson California Marsala 750MLPaul Masson Winery18155$5.99
NVPaul Masson California Madeira 750MLPaul Masson Winery24456$5.99
NAMixt Lemon Sugar Cocktail MixWallys Wine & Spirits157986$5.99
NVManischewitz Blackberry Wine Kosher 750MLManischewitz Winery17717$5.99
NVManischewitz Winery Concord Grape Wine Kosher 750MLManischewitz Winery17723$5.99
NVManischewitz Winery Cherry Wine Kosher 750MLManischewitz Winery17719$5.99
NVManischewitz Winery Elderberry Wine Kosher 750MLManischewitz Winery17740$5.99
NAMartini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth 375ML (Half Bottle)Martini & Rossi26149$5.99
NAMartini & Rossi Dry Vermouth 375ML (Half Bottle)Martini & Rossi26145$5.99
NADoug's Nuts 4 OZGeneric146717$5.99
NARutherford Gluten Free Natural CrackerGeneric151189$5.99
20102010 Uerige Sipplesticke Doppel 330MLGeneric136547$5.99
NAPicandou Buchettes 3 packGeneric138756$5.99
NAScalia Anchovies w/ Hot ChiliesGeneric140746$5.99
NABig Island Bees Company Organic Hawaiian Honey Lehua & CinnamonGeneric141526$5.99
NATrentasette Cream of Peppers & Eggplant 180gGeneric164148$5.99
NATorres Roasted Pistachios 100gGeneric163596$5.99
NARutherford & Meyer Cheese & Chives Rice Wafers Gluten freeGeneric148614$5.99
NA34 Degrees Natural Crispbread CrackersGeneric102836$5.99
NATrue Cork PullerGeneric105964$5.99
NARutherford & Meyer Quince Fruit PasteGeneric109245$5.99
NANavarino Icons Pasteli w/ Sesame Seeds & Honey 55gGeneric163032$5.99
NALe Bon Garcon Salted Caramels Bag 2 OZGeneric161030$5.99
NATorronificio del Casale Classic Torrone with AlmondsGeneric159830$5.99
NASardines Smoked ConnetableGeneric160700$5.99
NAKarma Krunch Original 5 ozGeneric159650$5.99
NAVerhaeghe Barbe Ruby 330MLGeneric157455$5.99
NAFat Toad Farm Vanilla Bean Caramel 2oz 2 OZGeneric157656$5.99
NAStraffe Hendrik Tripel Wild 330MLGeneric156626$5.99
NARutherford Meyer Gluten Free Poppyseed CrackersGeneric154904$5.99
NA34 Degrees Sesame Crispbread Crackers34 Degrees102839$5.99
NALes Folies Quince Spread For Roquefort CheeseLes Folies18592$5.99
NALes Folies De Fromages Blueberry With Wild Thyme For Cheddar 120gLes Folies27222$5.99
NAWine Skin Leak Proof Traveler 2packWally's Wine & Spirits29629$5.99
NARustic Bakery Meyer Lemon Sugar Cookies 4ozRustic Bakery107121$5.99
NARustic Bakery Chocolate Cacao Nib Bar 4 OZRustic Bakery123839$5.99
NARustic Bakery Shortbread with Mexican lime zestRustic Bakery144681$5.99
NARustic Bakery Cookies Almond Cacao Nib 4 OZRustic Bakery146057$5.99
NARustic Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies 4 OZRustic Bakery146126$5.99
NADona Juana Salchichon De Vic 4ozDona Juana (sausage)41115$5.99
NARjs Natural Red Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice 7ozRJ's Licorice Ltd.28210$5.99
NARjs Natural Black Soft Eating Licorice 7 OZRJ's Licorice Ltd.155812$5.99
NVFentimans Ginger Beer 500MLUNKNOWN164628$5.99
NVTrue Bottle Stopper ConicalUNKNOWN102801$5.99
NADeschutes Zarabanda Saison 22 OZDeschutes Brewery164709$5.99
NVHitachino Nestbier Red Rice Ale 330MLKiuchi Brewery18106$5.99
NAAlesmith My Bloody Valentine 22 OZAleSmith Brewing Co.147607$5.99
NVGreen Flash Citra Session 22 OZGreen Flash Brewing Inc.158395$5.99
NAStirrings Margarita RimmerStirrings19627$5.99
NAEpic Dripless Pour DiskEpic Wine Accessories15680$5.99
NATorn Ranch Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pome Frais 2 pieceWally's Gift Baskets152475$5.99
NARose's Grenadine 1LRose's (L. Rose & Co.)126163$5.99
NAVacuVin Wine Server - Crystal - 2pkVacu-Vin104894$5.99
NAVacuvin Foilcutter BlackVacu-Vin152458$5.99
NAFinest Call Bloody Mary Mix Loaded 1LFinest Call112800$5.99
NADuchesse de Bourgogne Sour Red 330MLBrouwerij Verhaeghe105862$5.99
NAUrban Oven All-Natural Crackers Classic White 7ozUrban Oven105168$5.99
NAUrban Oven Olive Oil Crackers 7ozUrban Oven111510$5.99
NAArroz Bomba Santo Tomas 500gSanto Tomas28240$5.99
NADubouchett Cranberria 40 Proof 1LDubouchett -- DuBouchett107406$5.99
NADieu Du Ciel Aphrodite Limit 4 bottles per customer 12OZDieu du Ciel123856$5.99
NADieu Du Ciel Solstice D'Hiver 12OZDieu du Ciel134013$5.99
NADieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel Limit 4 bottles per customer 12OZDieu du Ciel134453$5.99
NADieu Du Ciel Rigor Mortis Limit 4 Bottles 12OZDieu du Ciel131334$5.99
19691969 Mirassou Pinot Noir Dedication 750MLMirassou Winery153143$5.99
19691969 Mirassou Zinfandel 750MLMirassou Winery153144$5.99
NABox & Bow 6 BtlsWally's Wine & Spirits85565$6.00
NAFee Brothers Lemon Bitters 4 OZFee Brothers104565$6.49
NAFee Brothers Cranberry Bitters 4 OZFee Brothers140904$6.49
NAFee Brothers Plum Bitters 4 OZFee Brothers140906$6.49
NAMichel Cluizel 72% Cocoa Chocolate Bar 70gMichel Cluizel Chocolate133689$6.49
NAVermont Creamery Bijou SingleGeneric159702$6.50
NASanta Barbara Dirty Martini Mix 750MLGeneric160173$6.50
NAEl Segundo Citra Pale Ale 22 OZGeneric148643$6.69
NAWing CorkscrewGeneric22592$6.99
NADrie Fonteinen 330MLGeneric147971$6.99
NADalmatia Green Olive Tapenade 190gGeneric109739$6.99
NAEffie's Homemade all natural Oatcakes 7.2ozGeneric111501$6.99
NAEffie's Homemade all natural Corncakes 7.6 ozGeneric111503$6.99
NADalmatia Black Olive Tapenade 190gGeneric106023$6.99
NADalmatia Fig Spread 240gGeneric107073$6.99
NACeriello Homestyle Vodka Sauce 425gGeneric104667$6.99
NARutherford & Meyer Pear Fruit PasteGeneric109229$6.99
NARutherford & Meyer Cherry Fruit PasteGeneric109232$6.99
NARutherford & Meyer Fig Fruit PasteGeneric109242$6.99
NARutherford & Meyer Apricot Fruit PasteGeneric109244$6.99
NACeriello Homestyle Marinara Sauce 425g 15ozGeneric104231$6.99
NACastellino Grilled Artichoke Halves 184gGeneric163145$6.99
NACeriello Diavolo Sauce 15 OZGeneric129874$6.99
NATorres Black Truffle Potato Chips Large Bag 4 OZGeneric163825$6.99
NAEdmond Fallot Walnut Dijon Mustard 7.4ozGeneric138458$6.99
NAMacleod Brewing King's Taxes 22 OZGeneric164339$6.99
NAMacleod Brewing Jackie Tar 22 OZGeneric164340$6.99
NARodolphe le Meunier Crottin de TouraineGeneric164423$6.99
NAPicandine Cabecou Affine 2 pack 70gGeneric138755$6.99
NAL'Amourette Extra Smooth Chocolat Noir 91% CacaoGeneric146955$6.99
NAMolonay Tubilderborst Savory KetchupGeneric146527$6.99
NAPotter's Crackers Caramelized Onion 5 OZGeneric147026$6.99
NAPotter's Crackers Toasted Oat Gluten Free 5 OZGeneric147037$6.99
NAPotter's Crackers Classic White 5 OZGeneric147551$6.99
NAViski Professional Mesh Cone StrainerGeneric162655$6.99
NAChevrefeuille Chevre with Shallots & ChivesGeneric162727$6.99
NAMark & Stephen's Coarse Grain Mustard with Roasted Garlic and White Wine 10 OZGeneric151286$6.99
NAMark & Stephen's Ancho Chili Jalapeno Mustard 10 OZGeneric151287$6.99
NAMolonay Tubilderborst Spicy KetchupGeneric149301$6.99
NAMolonay Tubilderborst Curry KetchupGeneric149302$6.99
NABonnie's Jams Black & Blue 5ozGeneric159695$6.99
NALlano Seco Cannellini Beans 12OZGeneric158257$6.99
NAFallot Provencale Mustard 7ozGeneric160698$6.99
NAEdmond Fallot Blackcurrant Dijon MustardGeneric160699$6.99
NAFilotea Pappardelle Nests Egg Pasta 8.5ozGeneric160533$6.99
NAFilotea Spaghetti alla Chiarra 8.8ozGeneric160580$6.99
NAPeccatucci Sesamo CroccantiGeneric160594$6.99
NATrue Large Double Jigger 1 oz and 2 ozGeneric159925$6.99
NAFilotea Tagliatelle Nests Egg Pasta 8.5ozGeneric159882$6.99
NACrottin La Tradition by P. Jacquin 60gGeneric160441$6.99
NAKing Harbor Brewing IPA 22 OZGeneric161638$6.99
NATrident Bar SpoonGeneric154993$6.99
NAFine Cheese Company Red Hot Chili CrackersGeneric157481$6.99
NAL'Amourette 72% Dark Chocolate w/ Cayenne Chili & CinnamonGeneric157498$6.99
NAFine Cheese Company Fig CrackersGeneric157485$6.99
NAAmarena Fabbri Cherries 120gGeneric165295$6.99
NAOOlala Porcini & Rosemary Chips 5oz 5 OZGeneric165306$6.99
NAOolala Saffron & Olive Oil Chips 5oz 5 OZGeneric165307$6.99
NAFine Cheese Co. Oaten Walnut BiscuitsGeneric165308$6.99
NAFresh Tomato Juice QtUnknown138282$6.99
NADaily's mojito mix 1LUnknown157834$6.99
NAPop Art Jalapeno PopcornWallys Wine & Spirits151869$6.99
NAMichel Cluizel Milk Chocolate Bar 70gMichel Cluizel Chocolate134406$6.99
NATrou Du Cru Mini Epoisse 60 GrComte Jura80127$6.99
NAMichel Cluizel 85% Cocoa Chocolate Bar 70gMichel Cluizel Chocolate20195$6.99
NVChandon Brut 187MLDomaine Chandon145675$6.99
NVChandon Brut American Summer 187MLDomaine Chandon163496$6.99
NARoses Lime Juice 750MLRose's (L. Rose & Co.)11300$6.99
NALord Nut Levington Rebel Mary PeanutsWally's Gift Baskets151370$6.99
NALord Nut Levington Mamma Mia PeanutsWally's Gift Baskets151371$6.99
NAEpic Wine Tags 50 PackEpic Wine Accessories11327$6.99
NATorn Ranch Raspberry Pome Frais 4pcTorn Ranch (dried fruit)150289$6.99
NAFine Cheese Natural Crackers 5ozFine Cheese Company31463$6.99
NAFine Cheese Company Charcoal Crackers 150gFine Cheese Company25188$6.99
NAFine Cheese Company Wholemeal Crackers 150gFine Cheese Company25190$6.99
NAFine Cheese Company Rosemary Crackers 150gFine Cheese Company17991$6.99
NAFine Cheese Company Olive Oil Crackers 150gFine Cheese Company17990$6.99
NAFresh Squeezed Lemonade QuartWally's Wine & Spirits14106$6.99
NADona Juana Chorizo Blanco 4 OzDona Juana (sausage)41116$6.99
NARustic Bakery Wild Mushroom Truffle Flatbread 6ozRustic Bakery23385$6.99
NARustic Bakery Sweet Onion Creme Fraiche Flatbread 5 OzRustic Bakery23413$6.99
NARustic Bakery Pecan, Rosemary & Cranberry Pan Forte Crostini 4ozRustic Bakery103203$6.99
NARustic Bakery Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib & Almond Pan Forte Crostini 5 OZRustic Bakery130572$6.99
NARustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread 6 OZRustic Bakery130686$6.99
NAFallot Tarragon Dijon Mustard 7.4ozFallot Company21431$6.99
NAFallot Dijon Mustard 7.4 OzFallot Company16198$6.99
NAFallot Old Fashion Seed Mustard 7.4ozFallot Company16199$6.99
NVModern Times Universal Friend 22 OZUNKNOWN164100$6.99
20122012 Spinelli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN158785$6.99
NALa Marca Prosecco 187MLUNKNOWN158927$6.99
NAOcean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice 64 OZOcean Spray136677$6.99
NADrake's Denogginizer Double IPA 22 OZDrake's Brewing Co.127043$6.99
NAHarvest Song Tea Rose Petal Jam 10ozHarvest Song Foods32901$6.99
NAThe Savannah Bee Co. Tupelo Honey In Hexagon Jar 3ozSavannah Bee Company33837$6.99
NARental 6 Foot TableGeneric103512$7.00
NAMother Earth Sin Tax Imperial Stout 22 OZGeneric153389$7.39
NAGrok Grana Padano Chips Medium Bag 60gGeneric142187$7.49
NAFreigeist Geisterzug Gose 500MLGeneric148231$7.49
NAFlat Tail Rough Cut IPA 22 OZGeneric162890$7.49
NAFlat Tail 6am Stout 22 OZGeneric162891$7.49
NVStock Vermouth Dry 750MLStock Spirits Group101538$7.49
NAFee Brothers Grapefruit Bitters 4 OZFee Brothers104563$7.49
NASanta Barbara Olive Co.Martini Pimento Stuffed Olives 10 OZSanta Barbara Olive Company11221$7.50
NASpiegelau Festival Whisky On The RocksGeneric15654$7.50
NAPotter's Carmelized Onion Crisps 5 OZGeneric149962$7.50
NAPotter's Crisps Rosemary 5 OZGeneric162194$7.50
NAPotter's Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps 5 OZGeneric149961$7.50
20082008 Victor Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLGeneric137070$7.99
NATraou Mad de Pont-Aven PaletsGeneric140375$7.99
NAOriginal Beans Esmeraldes 42% Milk Choc BarGeneric141743$7.99
NARaincoast Crisps Gluten Free Oat Crisps 6 OZGeneric146153$7.99
NAPotomac Upala Nib & Salt 70% Cacao BarGeneric146936$7.99
NAFresco Chocolate 212 Dominican Republic Light Roast, Subtle Conche 72% BarGeneric152917$7.99
NAFresco Chocolate 220 Papua New Guinea Medium Roast, Medium Conche 69% BarGeneric152918$7.99
NAGuayeco Guava JamGeneric152861$7.99
NAPotomac Upala 70% Nib BarGeneric162661$7.99
NAXochitl Stone Ground Salted Corn Chips 16 OZGeneric149198$7.99
NARitual Chocolate Bar Belize 75%Generic149866$7.99
NAWe Love Jam BBQ Sauce 16 OZGeneric149044$7.99
NALe Secret de LysGeneric18660$7.99
NATraou Mad de Pont-Aven Les Galettes 100gGeneric162689$7.99
NAArnaud Pitted Green Olives w/ Herbs de ProvenceGeneric164474$7.99
NARaincoast Crisps Gluten Free Rosemary 6 OZGeneric164023$7.99
NARitual Chocolate Bar Fleur de Sel 70% CacaoGeneric163325$7.99
NACerignola Red Olives 8 OZGeneric111555$7.99
NALesley Stowe's Raincoast Crisps Cranberry Hazelnut 6oz 6 OZGeneric115355$7.99
NALesley Stowe's Raincoast Crisps Salty Date and Almond Crackers 6oz 6 OZGeneric110198$7.99
NAPrism Picks Clear 250 CtGeneric148194$7.99
NAPrism Picks Black 250 CtGeneric148195$7.99
NARitual Choc Bar Balao 75%Generic147885$7.99
NARitual Chocolate Bar Madagascar 75%Generic147887$7.99
NARaincoast Crisps Gluten Free Cranberry Oat Crisps 6 OZGeneric148453$7.99
NAHeidi's Happy Medium Salsa 16 OZGeneric148307$7.99
NAHeidi's Salsa Chupacabra's Revenge Hot! 16 OZGeneric148309$7.99
NAHeidi's Salsa Original Mild 16 OZGeneric148310$7.99
NAYvan Valentin Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier Truffles 6pc bagGeneric135756$7.99
NAYvan Valentin White Chocolate Truffles 6pc bagGeneric135757$7.99
NAMixed Country Olives 8 OZGeneric129875$7.99
NALesley Stowe Raincoast Crisp Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crackers 6 OZGeneric124187$7.99
NAYarra Valley Dairy Marinated Feta 6 OZGeneric122753$7.99
NASpring River Farm Original Gourmet ThinKrisp Combo PakGeneric119171$7.99
NASpring River Farm Original Parmesan ThinKrispsGeneric118947$7.99
NAAlain Milliat Apricot Nectar 330MLGeneric133984$7.99
NAGragnano Tagliatelle 500GRGeneric134133$7.99
NAGaeta Olives 8 OZGeneric124438$7.99
NAFine Cheese Company English Wheat FingersGeneric157488$7.99
NAEffie's Homemade CocoacakesGeneric155588$7.99
NARitual Chocolate MaranonGeneric156380$7.99
NARitual Chocolate Novo Coffee 65%Generic156383$7.99
NAPotomac Chocolate Cuyagua, Venezuela 70%Generic161225$7.99
NAPotomac Chocolate 70% Upala, Costa RicaGeneric161226$7.99
NAPotomac Chocolate San Martin Peru 70%Generic161227$7.99
NATorronificio del Casale with Chocolate & Hazelnuts 2.65ozGeneric159829$7.99
NAOlive & Sinclair Mexican Style Chocolate - Cinnamon ChiliGeneric159814$7.99
NASeattle & Co. Garlic Dill Mustard 4 OZGeneric160597$7.99
NAMustard & Co. Honey Curry 4 OZGeneric160598$7.99
NAMatin Apricot Jam 13ozGeneric160587$7.99
NAHarvest Song Apricot & White Cherry 300gGeneric160588$7.99
NAMatin Chestnut Jam 220gGeneric160567$7.99
NARick's Picks With Relish 11 OZGeneric160511$7.99
NAWhole Red Datterino Tomatoes Extra Sweet in Juice 350gGeneric160581$7.99
NARoots & Branches Olive Oil Crackers 7 OZGeneric158411$7.99
NARoots & Branches Herbed Crackers 7 OZGeneric158412$7.99
NABelching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout 22 OZGeneric158479$7.99
NAMustard & Co. Classic Mustard 4 OZGeneric158770$7.99
NAVosges Matcha Green Tea 3ozGeneric159664$7.99
NABespoke Garlic & Thyme Crackers 6 OZGeneric159606$7.99
NARoots & Branches Rosemary Olive Oil 7 OZGeneric159519$7.99
NALogsdon Seizoen Bretta 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic159339$7.99
NARoots & Branches Sesame Crackers 7 OZGeneric159288$7.99
NACinzano Bianco Vermouth 750MLCinzano Vermouth12855$7.99
Multi VintageSutter Home Fre Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine 750MLSutter Home Winery151891$7.99
NAPlastic Plate BlackUnknown139098$7.99
NAOolala Black Truffle Chips 5oz 5 OZGeneric165153$7.99
NAKing Harbor The Quest 22 OZGeneric165173$7.99
NVChoroyo Sawasawa Sprkling Sake 250MLUnknown147256$7.99
NAPeppadews Mild Whole Sweet Piquante Peppers 14ozPeppadew102833$7.99
NAMitica Marcona Almonds Bag 4 OZMitica131490$7.99
NAChampagne StopperWally's Wine & Spirits12227$7.99
NAStemware Brush CleanerWally's Wine & Spirits30678$7.99
NADe Kuyper Cinammon Schnapps 1LDeKuyper John & Son12724$7.99
NVBols Candy Cane Liqueur 1LBols Amsterdam106082$7.99
NAMatin Des Pyrenees Mandarine Jam 13ozMatin des Pyrenees124997$7.99
NAMichel Cluizel 70% Cocoa Single Estate Vila Gracinda Dark Chocolate Bar 70gMichel Cluizel Chocolate19673$7.99
NAMichel Cluizel 67% Cocoa Single Estate Los Ancones Dark Choc Bar 70grMichel Cluizel Chocolate19670$7.99
NAMichel Cluizel 64% Cocoa Single Estate Maralumi Dark Choc Bar 70 grMichel Cluizel Chocolate19672$7.99
NVAvery The Kaiser 22 OZAvery Brewing Company131542$7.99
20152015 Stone Old Guardian Barleywine 22 OZStone Brewing Co.161781$7.99
20152015 Stone Old Guardian Extra Hoppy 22 OZStone Brewing Co.161782$7.99
NACastelvetrano Sicilian Olives 7ozCastelvetrano Sicilian Olives15349$7.99
NAHarvest Song Sour Cherry Jam 10ozHarvest Song Foods32910$7.99
NAHarvest Song Apricot Preserve 10ozHarvest Song Foods32009$7.99
NAConnetable Sardine FilletsConnetable Canning Facility31732$7.99
NVCampo Azul Blanco Tequila 200MLCampo Azul Tequila156042$7.99
Multi VintageMionetto Prosecco 375ML (Half Bottle)Mionetto Wines160806$7.99
NARental 8 Foot TableUnknown139089$8.00
NATrappistes Rochefort 10 330MLTrappistes Rochefort105417$8.29
NVVilla Sandi Fresco 750MLVilla Sandi164535$8.41
NAAlmanac IPA 22 OZAlmanac158206$8.49
NVTelegraph California Farmhouse Ale 750MLTelegraph Brewing104783$8.49
NVLost Abbey Carnevale Saison 750MLPort Brewing Company105855$8.49
NASmog City Cali Love 22 OZGeneric164980$8.49
NAHigh Water Brewing Campfire Stout 22 OZGeneric144389$8.49
20142014 2014 Stone Double Bastard 22 OZStone Brewing Co.159672$8.49
20102010 De Struise Tsjeeses 330MLGeneric133007$8.69
NAButter of Parma Delitia 8 OZGeneric132195$8.99
20092009 Domaine des Persenades Cotes de Gascogne Generic127941$8.99
NABertagni Porcini Mushroom and Truffle TrianglesGeneric135900$8.99
NAThe Glencairn GlassGeneric135545$8.99
NAEl Segundo Two 5 Left DIPA 22 OZGeneric148644$8.99
NAMichel Cluizel Crystallized Mint Leaves with Chocolate 2.5ozGeneric163789$8.99
NAMonograno Felicetti Matt Spaghetti (Durum Wheat Variety) 500g 500GRGeneric164532$8.99
NAMonograno Felicetti Matt Penne Ritorte (Durum Wheat Variety) 500g 500GRGeneric164533$8.99
NAMonograno Felicetti Matt Fusiloni (Special Durum Wheat) 500g 500GRGeneric164534$8.99
NATrentasette Black Olive Pate 180gGeneric163144$8.99
NAL'Abeille Occitane Honey Pearls w/ LemonGeneric164236$8.99
NATrentasette Italian Basil Pesto 180gGeneric164279$8.99
NACasina Rossa Squashed Green Olives with LemonGeneric144506$8.99
NACasina Rossa Squashed Green Olives SpicyGeneric143824$8.99
NACasina Rossa Squashed Green Olives Truffled FlavouredGeneric143825$8.99
NAFormaticum Cheese Log JournalGeneric147040$8.99
NARitrovo Abruzzese Sugo al Pomodoro Pasta SauceGeneric146526$8.99
NAOriginal Beans Cru VirungaGeneric141744$8.99
NAOriginal Beans Piura Porcelana 75% Dark Chocolate BarGeneric141741$8.99
NACheese Paper Retail PackGeneric137177$8.99
NADick Taylor Belize, Toledo Craft Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric151625$8.99
NADick Taylor Madagascar Craft Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric151626$8.99
NADick Taylor Fleur de Sel Craft Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric151630$8.99
NADick Taylor Dominican, Finca Elvesia Craft Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric151627$8.99
NADick Taylor Maple Coconut Craft Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric151631$8.99
NAEl Segundo Hop Tanker DIPA 22 OZGeneric151787$8.99
NABowties Pasta 5 color 8.7OZGeneric152311$8.99
NAV Chocolates Assorted Chocolate Caramels (No Nuts) 4pc 2 OZGeneric152412$8.99
NAFinnriver Sparkling Pear Cider 500MLGeneric149636$8.99
NATieton Holiday Cheer Cider 500MLGeneric161412$8.99
NALes Confitures a L'Ancienne Figue 7.52ozGeneric162686$8.99
NALes Confitures a L'Ancienne Confit de Rose 9.52ozGeneric162687$8.99
NALes Confitures a L'Ancienne Mure 9.52ozGeneric162688$8.99
NAYellow Mini Datterino Tomatoes in Juice 350gGeneric160582$8.99
NADried & True Spicy Teriyaki 2 OZGeneric160658$8.99
NABellocq Size 2 Tea Filter BagsGeneric160752$8.99
NAQuince & Apple Shallot Confit with Red Wine 6ozGeneric159737$8.99
NAMustapha's Preserved Beldi Lemons 370mlGeneric160320$8.99
NAMast Brothers Belize 70% CacaoGeneric155899$8.99
NACascina Brarola Carnaroli Rice 500GRGeneric154607$8.99
NACastellino Grilled Olives 6.5oz 6.5OZGeneric164916$8.99
NAB. Toffee Cello Bag Dark Chocolate Toffee 4 OZGeneric156311$8.99
NAB. Toffee Cello Bag Milk Chocolate Toffee 4 OZGeneric156312$8.99
NACuervo Strawberry Margarita Mx 1LUnknown145240$8.99
NVFunaguchi Kikusui 200MLUnknown144301$8.99
NVHitotoki RoseUnknown164542$8.99
NVAriel Cabernet Sauvignon Non Alcoholic Wine 750MLAriel Vineyards103185$8.99
NVAriel Chardonnay Non Alcoholic Wine 750MLAriel Vineyards103186$8.99
NATerrys Toffee Lavenilla 4oz BoxTerry's Toffee18294$8.99
NATerrys Toffee Mccalls Classic 1/4lb BoxTerry's Toffee18300$8.99
NATerry's Toffee Peanut Butter 4 OZTerry's Toffee134083$8.99
NATerry's Toffee McCall's Dark Chocolate 1/4lb BoxTerry's Toffee109757$8.99
NAMatin Des Pyrenees Morello Cherry Jam 13ozMatin des Pyrenees124998$8.99
NAMatin Des Pyrenees Raspberry Jam 13ozMatin des Pyrenees134175$8.99
NAMatin Des Pyrenees Fig Jam 13ozMatin des Pyrenees103169$8.99
NADroga Money on Honey 4pcWally's Gift Baskets159554$8.99
NADroga Peanut Butter Bots 4pcWally's Gift Baskets157578$8.99
NADroga Nutty Puddles 4pcWally's Gift Baskets157580$8.99
NAGiacomino Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce 24 OzGiacomino Drago17993$8.99
NAGiacomino Pomodoro Pasta Sauce 24 OzGiacomino Drago18003$8.99
NAAmedei Italian Milk Chocolate Bar Toscano Brown 50gAmedei Italian Chocolate24776$8.99
NAAmedei Italian White Chocolate With Pistachios Bar 50gAmedei Italian Chocolate24226$8.99
NAAmedei Mandorle Italian Dark Chocolate 70% Bar With Almonds 50gAmedei Italian Chocolate25340$8.99
NASmoked Salmon Michel Cordon Bleu 4ozMichel Cordon Bleu Smoked Fish81124$8.99
NADa Vinci Pumpkin Liqueur non alcoholic 750MLDa Vinci Gourmet33581$8.99
NAFabrique Duck Mousse with Port Wine Pork Free 7ozFabrique Delices103856$8.99
NALes Moulins Mahjoub Natural Meski Olives & Wild Herbs 200gLes Moulins Mahjoub (gourmet foods)32586$8.99
NALes Moulins Mahjoub Bitter Orange Marmalade Slices 265gLes Moulins Mahjoub (gourmet foods)32588$8.99
NALes Moulins Mahjoub Natural Meski Olives With Lemon & Fennel 125gLes Moulins Mahjoub (gourmet foods)32587$8.99
NALost Abbey Avant Garde 750MLLost Abbey164351$8.99
NVPretty Things Fringe 22 OZPretty Things164298$8.99
NATorn Ranch Lemon Pome Frais 6pcTorn Ranch (dried fruit)150314$9.00
NVSaturday Tasting 11/21 LOLA WinesWallys Wine & Spirits165292$9.17
NVSaturday Tasting 10/10 Nik's Picks from Around the WorldWallys Wine & Spirits165247$9.17
NVSaturday Tasting 10/17 Bordeaux ValuesWallys Wine & Spirits164970$9.17
NVSaturday Tasting 11/14 Gundlach BundschuWally's Wine & Spirits Events165049$9.17
NVSaturday Tasting 10/24 Hugel Alsatian WinesWally's Wine & Spirits Events165246$9.17
NAB Nektar Necromangocon Mango Black Pepper Mead 500MLGeneric150044$9.19
NADe Molen Cease & Desist Imperial Russian Stout 330MLGeneric139855$9.29
NAFabrique Duck Foie Gras Torchon With ArmagnacFabrique Delices34127$9.37
NVHair of the Dog Blue Dot Double IPA 22 OZHair of the Dog108073$9.89
NAFrancois Pralus Le 100% Criollo Dark Chocolate BarFrancois Pralus121289$9.95
NAFrancois Pralus FortissimaFrancois Pralus141738$9.95
NAFrancois Pralus Melissa 45% Milk Chocolate BarFrancois Pralus141739$9.95
NVCampo Azul Reposado Tequila 200MLCampo Azul Tequila156041$9.99
20122012 La Playa Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLLa Playa150777$9.99
20142014 Grayson Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGrayson Cellars165029$9.99
20142014 Grayson Cellars Chardonnay 750MLGrayson Cellars163979$9.99
NAGigantic Saboteur Baltic Porter 22 OZGigantic Brewing Co.162953$9.99
NADe Molen Tsarina Esra 330MLDe Molen145399$9.99
NAClif Family Kitchen Pistachio & Almonds 4ozClif Family Winery and Farm161014$9.99
NAClif Family Kitchen Smoked Paprika Almonds w/ Sea Salt 4 OZClif Family Winery and Farm159786$9.99
NVAlmanac Emperor Norton Hoppy Apricot Tripel 22 OZAlmanac165149$9.99
20122012 Fortant Dry Muscat Coastal Select 750MLFortant156829$9.99
20112011 Garofoli Verdicchio Guelfoverde Frizzante 750MLGarofoli Wines150653$9.99
NAFabrique Delices All Natural Truffle Mousse Pork Free 7ozFabrique Delices33820$9.99
20122012 Los Vascos Sauvignon Blanc 750MLLos Vascos155557$9.99
NAMichel Cordon Bleu Smoked Sturgeon 4ozMichel Cordon Bleu Smoked Fish81123$9.99
NAWineaway Stain Remover 12 OzWineaway Stain Remover51132$9.99
NAPrivate Preserve 19 G CanPrivate Preserve26416$9.99
NASavory Farm Black Truffle Butter Tub 3ozSavory Farm105055$9.99
NVSt. George Terroir Gin 200MLSt George Spirits152687$9.99
NVSt. George Dry Rye Gin 200MLSt George Spirits152688$9.99
NAPeychauds Bitters 10 Oz Bottle 10 OZPeychaud's Bitters19744$9.99
NAHarvest Song Artisanal Preserve Fresh Walnuts 18ozHarvest Song Foods29692$9.99
NAMascaro Family Farms Marinara Dolce Pasta Sauce 24 OZGeneric150815$9.99
NADe Molen Heaven & Hell 330MLGeneric138905$9.99
NAWine Dossier Cellar Notes 20-Sheet RefillGeneric141997$9.99
NATrue Aerating Pour SpoutGeneric140661$9.99
NAMorning Glory Confections Chocolate, Bourbon & Pecan Artisan Brittle 5 OZGeneric142444$9.99
NAWine Dossier Trip Notes 20-Sheet RefillGeneric141999$9.99
NAEchire French Sweet Butter Unsalted 250gGeneric142148$9.99
NAGrace & I Raspberry and P Champagne PreserveGeneric144303$9.99
NAGrace & I Persimmon PreserveGeneric145139$9.99
NAWine Life Preserving SprayGeneric149817$9.99
NAMarou Chocolate Tien Giang Bio 70% Dark Chocolate Bar. "A full bodied chocolate withGeneric150116$9.99
NAMarou Dam Lang 74% Dark Chocolate Bar. "A rare and delicate chocolate made inGeneric150118$9.99
NAMarou Ba Ria 76% Dark Chocolate Bar. "A bold and fruity chocolate made fromGeneric150119$9.99
NAMarou Ben Tre 78% Dark Chocolate BarGeneric150120$9.99
NADandelion Madagascar Ambanja 70% Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric149072$9.99
20102010 Monser Busuioca De Bohotin 750MLGeneric149321$9.99
NABowties Pasta Farfalle Pasta Italia Morelli 8.7OZGeneric152312$9.99
NADandelion Chocolate Mantuano, Venezuela. 2 OZGeneric151671$9.99
NAL'Epicurien Fig & Grap Jam 330gGeneric162680$9.99
NAMast Brothers Cow Milk Chocolate BarGeneric162800$9.99
NAMast Brothers Madagascar ChocolateGeneric162801$9.99
NAMast Brothers Peru 75%Generic162802$9.99
NANeptune Ice Ball Tray - 2.25" diameterGeneric162654$9.99
NAPommery Moutarde de Meaux 100g JarGeneric164239$9.99
NAMaldon Smoked Sea SaltGeneric164006$9.99
NAChevredou 120gGeneric162449$9.99
NAAlmanac Golden Gate Gose 750MLGeneric155174$9.99
NADivina Castelvetrano Olives 170gGeneric164429$9.99
NASmog City Groundwork Coffee Porter 22 OZGeneric156931$9.99
NAMonkish Crux 750MLGeneric163371$9.99
NAAskinosie San Jose Del Tambo Ecuador 70% 3 OZGeneric163009$9.99
NAOlympic Provisions Pork Pistachio Pate 8oz 8 OZGeneric163004$9.99
NAGrace & I Kadota Fig Preserve 9ozGeneric163569$9.99
NAAlain Hess Delice de Pommard w/ HerbesGeneric163726$9.99
NANana Mae's Gravenstein apple, raisin, & fig Mostarda 8.5ozGeneric163682$9.99
NAMorning Glory Confections Chai Tea Cashew Artisan Brittle 5 OZGeneric134489$9.99
NASpecial April Grilled Cheese "The Wright Grilled Cheese"Generic162912$9.99
NASpecial Aprill Grilled Cheese "Sweet & Spicy Grilled Cheese"Generic162913$9.99
NAAlain Milliat White P Nectar 330MLGeneric133983$9.99
NAMorning Glory Confections Fleur de Sel & Peanut Artisan Brittle 5 OZGeneric127886$9.99
NABoat Street Pickled Figs in Sweet Syrup 9 OZGeneric133464$9.99
NAAlain Milliat Strawberry Nectar 330MLGeneric133985$9.99
NAMascaro Family Foods Marinara Verde Pasta Sauce 24 OZGeneric153937$9.99
NAMascaro Family Foods Marinara Forte Spicy Arrabiata Pasta Sauce 24 OZGeneric153936$9.99
NAPastificio Poschiavo Spaghetti 500GRGeneric154900$9.99
NAAskinosie Davao Dark Milk Chocolate & Fleur de Sel Sea Salt Bar 62%Generic156454$9.99
NAAskinosie Tenende, Tanzania 72% Dark Chocolate BarGeneric156453$9.99
NAAskinosie Honduras 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 85gGeneric156451$9.99
NAFabrique Delices Black Pepper Pate 3 OZGeneric157495$9.99
NAFine Cheese Company Toast For Cheese - Apricots, Pistachios, Sunflower SeedsGeneric157487$9.99
NAMustapha's Capers Non-Pareil 320gGeneric160318$9.99
NAMustapha's Caperberries 320gGeneric160319$9.99
NARozsavolgyi Csokolade Trincheras Rio Caribe 95% 25gGeneric161229$9.99
NADandelion Chocolate San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic 2 OZGeneric160984$9.99
NAMarou Chocolate Treasure Island 75% 80gGeneric160946$9.99
20132013 Grayson Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric159321$9.99
NAOriginal Beans Mini Bar Collection PackGeneric159674$9.99
20102010 Cycles Gladiator Merlot 750MLHahn Estates Winery148879$9.99
20132013 Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc 750MLMason Cellars156410$9.99
20142014 Brander Sauvignon Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Brander Vineyard163393$9.99
19881988 Ravenswood Zinfandel Vintner's Blend 750MLRavenswood Winery153187$9.99
NAMartini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth 750MLMartini & Rossi26148$9.99
NAMartini & Rossi Dry Vermouth 750MLMartini & Rossi26144$9.99
NANoilly Prat Dry Vermouth 750MLNoilly Prat (vermouth)26157$9.99
NVHitotoki JunmaiUnknown164543$9.99
NAModern Times Lost Horizon 22 OZGeneric165339$9.99
NADelice de Pommard Cassis 100gGeneric165155$9.99
NASilicone Stoppers 4-packUnknown105967$9.99
NAAndante Dairy Pianoforte in St.Marcellin Crock 3.5ozGeneric164719$9.99
NVOyaji Gokuraku JGJUnknown154260$9.99
NARiedel Ouverture Spirit 6408/19Riedel Glas Austria14873$9.99
NARiedel Ouverture Tequila 6408/18Riedel Glas Austria52107$9.99
NARiedel Ouverture Redwine 4608/00Riedel Glas Austria14812$9.99
NARiedel Ouverture Champagne Glass 6408/48Riedel Glas Austria124953$9.99
NVRiedel Overture Beer Glass 6408/11Riedel Glas Austria24269$9.99
NARiedel Ouverture Bordeaux Magnum 6408/90Riedel Glas Austria20898$9.99
NALe Creuset Screwpull Wine Pump Replacement Stoppers - Set ofScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset144996$9.99
NASpiegelau Rogue Stout 21 1/6 oz 4991661Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory154622$9.99
NASpiegelau Vino Grande Bordeaux 4510065Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory21497$9.99
NASpiegelau Vino Grande Champagne 4510075Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory51171$9.99
NASpiegelau Vino Grande Cognac Snifter 4510018Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory51004$9.99
NASpiegelau Vino Grande Martini 4510025Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory51026$9.99
NASpiegelau Vino Grande Burgundy 4510071Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory51038$9.99
NASpiegelau Classic Longdrink 9000162Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory51046$9.99
NASpiegelau Stemmed Pilsener 13 1/2 oz 4991674Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory52056$9.99
NASpiegelau Classic Whiskey Tumbler 9000165Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory54149$9.99
NASpiegelau Beer Classics Lager 17 oz 4991684Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory106168$9.99
NASpiegelau Beer Classics Wheat Beer 17 oz 4991085Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory106169$9.99
NASpiegelau Tall Pilsner Glass 11 2/3 oz 4991680Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory100999$9.99
NASpiegelau Vino Grande White Wine 4510062Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory102594$9.99
NASpiegelau Classic India Pale Ale Glass 19 oz 4991682Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory149744$9.99
NASpiegelau Red VG 4510071Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory140374$9.99
NAMatin des Pyrenees Rose Petal Jam 370gMatin des Pyrenees135458$9.99
NAAvery The Beast Grand Cru AleAvery Brewing Company140779$9.99
NAPlatine Bakery Platinos (6 cookies)Platine Cookies110015$9.99
NAPlatine Bakery Camees (6 cookies)Platine Cookies110016$9.99
NAAngostura Aromatic Bitters 4 OZAngostura Bitters19748$9.99
NAMitica Fig Almond Cake 8ozMitica103220$9.99
NAVignalta Salle Alle Erbe Delle Marlunghe (herb seasoned Sea Salt) 300gVignalta11568$9.99
NABesace Chevre Affine 120 GrBesace de Chevre23652$9.99
NACyrstal & Glass Cleaning SolutionWally's Wine & Spirits30676$9.99
NACheese Knives Wood Handle Set Of 3Wally's Wine & Spirits27674$9.99
NAFresh Squeezed Orange Juice QuartWally's Wine & Spirits19697$9.99
NAFresh Squeezed Lime Juice QuartWally's Wine & Spirits15556$9.99
NAFresh Squeezed Sweet And Sour QuartWally's Wine & Spirits14498$9.99
NAFresh Squeezed Lemon Juice QuartWally's Wine & Spirits14221$9.99
NADona Juana Chorizo Bilbao 16 OZDona Juana (sausage)110194$9.99
20112011 Di Prisco Greco di Tufo 750MLUNKNOWN159534$10.00
NALa Fin Du Monde 750MLUnibroue inc.16102$10.00
NAIce Tub Rental DepositUnknown164185$10.00
20072007 Di Majo Norante Molise Apianae 500MLGeneric181585$10.00
NAGreat Lakes Pumpkin Spirit 750MLGeneric146454$10.00
NAHof ten Dormaal Zure van Tildonk Sour Blonde Ale 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic154095$10.39
NVRiedel Bottle CleanerRiedel Glas Austria22573$10.45
NA5J Cinco Jotas Jamon Iberico de BellotaGeneric88313$10.63
20092009 Victor Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLGeneric144284$10.99
NAChocoHigos Dark Chocolate Covered Figs 140gGeneric142133$10.99
NALogsdon Kili Wit 750MLGeneric143731$10.99
NAVermont Creamery BijouGeneric141553$10.99
NALiefmans Cuvee Brut 750MLGeneric140960$10.99
NAPerail PapillonGeneric141761$10.99
NAGragnano Fusilloni Pasta 500GRGeneric138928$10.99
NVUpright Brewing Four 750MLGeneric137283$10.99
NVUpright Brewing Five 750MLGeneric136602$10.99
NVUpright Brewing Six 750MLGeneric136603$10.99
NAMitca Lemon DelightsGeneric162376$10.99
NAMitica Orange Delights 140gGeneric162377$10.99
NALa Catedral De Navarra Red Sweet "Piquillo" PeppersGeneric162300$10.99
NAGriottines Morello Cherries 57g Small JarGeneric162690$10.99
20122012 Victor Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLGeneric152325$10.99
NASicilfrutti Soft Orange and Almond Torrone of Sicily 150gGeneric152514$10.99
NALa Trappe Koningshoeven Tripel 750MLGeneric119324$10.99
NAPanevino No 6 Grissini Sea Salt & Olive Oil 4 OZGeneric123840$10.99
NAPanevino Fiscalini Cheddar Grissini 4 OZGeneric124446$10.99
NAFriend In Cheeses Onion JamGeneric148318$10.99
NAConadria Fig & Fennel Jam by Friend in Cheeses Jam CompanyGeneric148080$10.99
NAMurai Sake Tokubetsu Honjozo 300MLGeneric116869$10.99
NACreminelli Salame Casalingo 5ozGeneric105136$10.99
20142014 2014 Troy Cider MMXIV 500MLGeneric164212$10.99
NATrois Dames / Jester King / Crooked Stave Sin Frontera # 3 330MLGeneric164300$10.99
NASeggiano Red Pesto SauceGeneric154772$10.99
NAMillcreek Cacao Roasters Orange Peel 70% Dark Chocolate BarGeneric155941$10.99
NAMillcreek Cacao Roasters Pure 70% Dark Chocolate BarGeneric155943$10.99
NAAskinosie Dark Chocolate & Jeni's Malted Milk CollaBARation BarGeneric156455$10.99
NAThe Gracious Gourmet Rosemary Pear SpreadGeneric156757$10.99
NAThe Gracious Gourmet Balsamic Four-Onion Spread 8 OZGeneric156755$10.99
NASlitti Disk Mini Tortina Dark Chocolate with Almonds 80gGeneric159677$10.99
NAFruition Brown Butter Milk Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric159270$10.99
NAFruition Rustic Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric159271$10.99
NAFruition Hispaniola Bar 2 OZGeneric159273$10.99
NAWe Love Jam Tart Cherry & Apricot Jam 8 OZGeneric158768$10.99
NAThe Gracious Gourmet Spiced Sour Cherry Spread 8.3ozGeneric160972$10.99
NAThe Gracious Gourmet Date Apricot Spread 8ozGeneric160973$10.99
NAThe Gracious Gourmet Black Olive Tapenade 7ozGeneric160974$10.99
NAThe Gracious Gourmet Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade 7ozGeneric160975$10.99
NABrouwers Verzet Oud Bruin 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic160796$10.99
NALa Perla Fluido Mini Pocket 70gGeneric159757$10.99
NARick's Picks The People's Pickle 24 OZGeneric160509$10.99
NVRYO JGJUnknown154259$10.99
NAFresh Cranberry Juice QuartUnknown157968$10.99
NAKarma Agave SyrupUnknown156740$10.99
NVOni Onikara 330MLUnknown135968$10.99
NVBunny Spkl Junmai Natural 300MLUnknown147191$10.99
NABison Kermit The Hop 22 OZGeneric165172$10.99
NAMateo & Bernabe 29 Daniel 500MLGeneric164669$10.99
20132013 Boekenhoutskloof The Wolftrap 750MLBoekenhoutskloof Wine162512$10.99
20132013 Hitching Post Pinot Noir Hometown 375ML (Half Bottle)Hitching Post Winery159698$10.99
20142014 Honiig Sauvignon Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Honig Vineyard and Winery164254$10.99
NAOmmegang 3 Philosophers 750MLOmmegang Abbey Brewery127808$10.99
19741974 Stonegate Petite Syrah 750MLUNKNOWN153347$10.99
NAAngostura Orange Bitters 4 oz 4 OZAngostura Bitters104530$10.99
20122012 Cycles Gladiator Merlot 750MLCycles Gladiator159717$10.99
NACasa Madaio Tozzetti Bufala Butter CrackersCasa Madaio156324$10.99
NACocktail Blinis 16 Cocktail Blinis -- Caspian Caviar Ltd.14115$10.99
NACapriole Wabash CannonballCapriole Goat Farm (Indiana)18290$10.99
20122012 Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc 750MLVeramonte Alto de Casablanca Estate Winery156910$10.99
20122012 Veramonte Red Blend 750MLVeramonte Alto de Casablanca Estate Winery156862$10.99
NARedondo Iglesias Dry Cured Serrano Ham 4ozRedondo Iglesias (foods)41117$10.99
NVIl Conte D' Alba Stella Rosa 750MLIl Conte D'Alba31327$10.99
NALes Moulins Mahjoub Spicy Sundried Tomato SpreadLes Moulins Mahjoub (gourmet foods)32595$10.99
NAAlmanac Citra Sour 375ML (Half Bottle)Almanac164880$10.99
NAAlmanac Simcoe Sour 375ML (Half Bottle)Almanac165331$10.99
NAAlmanac Dogpatch Sour 375ML (Half Bottle)Almanac150128$10.99
NAEvil Twin Pils Al Pastor 22 OZEvil Twin Brewing165104$10.99
NAKnee Deep Simtra *Limit 3 per customer* 22 OZKnee Deep Brewing Co.144388$10.99
NAEight Seconds Canadian Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)Frank-Lin Distillers112109$11.00
NASpecial April Grilled Cheese "The Jerky Grilled Cheese"Generic162902$11.00
NASpecial April Grilled Cheese "The Onion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe"Generic162862$11.00
NVBruery Autumn Maple 750MLThe Bruery109447$11.39
NALiefmans Goudenband 750MLGeneric120847$11.49
NAAlesmith Wee Heavy 750MLAleSmith Brewing Co.119322$11.49
NVAlesmith Speedway Stout 750MLAleSmith Brewing Co.109467$11.99
NVAlesmith Old Numbskull Barleywine 750MLAleSmith Brewing Co.109468$11.99
20112011 Antinori Santa Cristina 750MLAntinori148162$11.99
NASpinosi Fettuccini Egg Pasta 250 GramsSpinosi Pasta15566$11.99
NASpinosi Tagliolini Egg Pasta 250 GramsSpinosi Pasta15567$11.99
NASpinosi Tagliatelle Egg Pasta 250 GramsSpinosi Pasta15555$11.99
20142014 Riff Lageder Pinot Grigio 750MLLageder Alois165009$11.99
20142014 Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau Villages 750MLDuboeuf (Georges) Wines158874$11.99
NALa Chouffe Blonde Biere 750MLLa Chouffe151871$11.99
NAWe Love Jam Blenheim Apricot 9 OZGeneric130843$11.99
NANavarino Icons Mini Green Peppers 440gGeneric163021$11.99
NAPinot Cherries Jam by Friend in Cheeses Jam CompanyGeneric148079$11.99
NAJenkins Jellies Guava Pepper JellyGeneric148463$11.99
NABar Au Chocolat Duarte Province, Dominican Republic 60% Milk Chocolate Bar 60gGeneric164019$11.99
NABar Au Chocolat Bahia, Brazil 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 65gGeneric164018$11.99
NABoon Oude Gueze 750MLGeneric156916$11.99
NAOlli Salumeria Norcino SalamiGeneric154306$11.99
NABar Au Chocolat Chiapas, Mexico 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 65gGeneric164021$11.99
NABar Au Chocolat Maranon Canyon, Peru 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 65gGeneric164022$11.99
NACascina Brarola Ostigliato Riso Rosa 500g 500GRGeneric163954$11.99
NACascina Brarola Riso Nero Integrale 500g 500GRGeneric163955$11.99
NACascina Brarola Riso Rosso 500g 500GRGeneric163956$11.99
NAL'Epicurien Pistachio Curd 320gGeneric162681$11.99
NALa Catedral de Navarra TomatoesGeneric162298$11.99
NAL'Epicurien Shallots Confit 7.05ozGeneric162679$11.99
NASeattle Chocolate Assorted Truffles 6ozGeneric161672$11.99
NVChamdeville Brut 750MLGeneric149211$11.99
NAOlli Salumeria Molisana Peppercorn & Garlic 6 OZGeneric137385$11.99
NAOlli Salumeria Napoli Applewood Smoked 6 OZGeneric137386$11.99
NAOlli Salumeria Toscano with fennel pollen and sangiovese wine. 6 OZGeneric150330$11.99
NAWe Love Jam Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce 9 OZGeneric150805$11.99
20102010 Val de L' Ours Chardonnay 750MLGeneric141388$11.99
NAJenkins Jellies Hell Fire Pepper JellyGeneric142219$11.99
NAMaldon Sea SaltGeneric142370$11.99
NAOlli Salumeria Calabrese Salami 6 OZGeneric144442$11.99
NAJenkins Jellies Fiery Fig Pepper JellyGeneric145989$11.99
NAWe Love Jam Elephant Heart Plum 9oz 9 OZGeneric160596$11.99
NAFresco Chocolate 100% Peru Bar 231Generic159816$11.99
NALa maison du piment Piment d'EspeletteGeneric160401$11.99
NAPrairie Ale Prairie Hop 500MLGeneric158562$11.99
NADandelion Chocolate Butuo, Liberia 2 OZGeneric157372$11.99
NABoon Kriek 750MLGeneric157458$11.99
NAPernicious Pickling Co. Pickled Cauliflower Sweet Hurry Curry 16 OZGeneric155422$11.99
NAPernicious Pickling Co. Pickled Carrots Ginger & Spice 16 OZGeneric155423$11.99
NAPernicious Pickling Co. Red Onions Sweet 'n Sour 16 OZGeneric155424$11.99
NASeggiano Raw Basil PestoGeneric154771$11.99
NVManischewitz Winery Concord Grape Wine Kosher Magnum 1.5LManischewitz Winery13329$11.99
NAFresh Watermelon Juice QtWallys Wine & Spirits123872$11.99
20132013 Qupe Chardonnay Y Block 375ML (Half Bottle)Qupe Winery159920$11.99
NACentro Tartufi Molise Aceto Balsamico al Tartufo Bianco 40mlGeneric164658$11.99
20142014 Patient Cottat Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric165171$11.99
NVHakushika Junmai Sake PKUnknown144291$11.99
NVJinro 24 Soju 750MLUnknown143817$11.99
NVMidnight Sun Panty Peeler 22 OZUnknown140207$11.99
20132013 Caymus Conundrum 375ML (Half Bottle)Caymus Vineyards160378$11.99
20112011 Conundrum 375ML (Half Bottle)Caymus Vineyards148178$11.99
20132013 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 375ML (Half Bottle)Au Bon Climat Winery160730$11.99
20132013 Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Frogs Leap Winery154559$11.99
NAVacuvin Champagne SaverVacu-Vin146211$11.99
NAVermont Creamery Bonne BoucheBonne Bouche33938$11.99
20132013 Los Vascos Chardonnay 750MLLos Vascos159686$11.99
NVGovino Stemless Wine Goblet Convienient 4-pack UnbreakableGovino105165$11.99
NVGovino Stemless Champagne Flute 4packGovino139822$11.99
NAEvil Twin Mission Gose 22 OZEvil Twin Brewing165103$11.99
20142014 Villa des Anges Old Vine Rose 750MLVilla des Anges162321$11.99
20132013 Paradou Luberon Rouge 750MLCave de Paradou162540$11.99
NVRiedel H2o Water Glass 0414/01Riedel Glas Austria23434$12.49
NVRiedel H2o Whisky Glass 0414/02Riedel Glas Austria23435$12.49
NVRiedel H2o Long Drink 0414/03Riedel Glas Austria23436$12.49
NVRiedel O Martini Glass 0414/77Riedel Glas Austria27003$12.49
NARiedel O Syrah 0414/30Riedel Glas Austria54422$12.49
NARiedel O Oaked Chardonnay 0414/97Riedel Glas Austria54423$12.49
NARiedel Wine Zinfandel 44815Riedel Glas Austria51178$12.49
NARiedel O Cabernet/Merlot 0414/0Riedel Glas Austria54421$12.49
NVRiedel O Champagne Glass 0414/08Riedel Glas Austria103638$12.49
NARiedel O Viognier Chardonnay 0415/05Riedel Glas Austria62376$12.49
NARiedel O Spirit Fortified Wines Cask Aged Brandies 0414/60Riedel Glas Austria19165$12.49
NARiedel O Pinot Noir Nebbiolo 0414/07Riedel Glas Austria61039$12.49
NARiedel Vinum Gourmet Glass 6416/21Riedel Glas Austria14767$12.49
NARiedel O Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc/Zinfandel/Sangiovese 0414/15Riedel Glas Austria60878$12.49
NVRiedel O Champagne NEW 0414/28Riedel Glas Austria154637$12.49
NARiedel BIG O Cabernet 414/00Riedel Glas Austria154640$12.49
NARiedel SWIRL White Wine 0450/33Riedel Glas Austria154643$12.49
NARiedel SWIRL Red Wine 0450/30Riedel Glas Austria154644$12.49
NARiedel COCA COLA Glass 0414/21Riedel Glas Austria154645$12.49
NARiedel BIG O Syrah 414/41Riedel Glas Austria154641$12.49
NARiedel BIG O Pinot Noir 414/67Riedel Glas Austria154642$12.49
NATimmermans Pumpkin Lambicus 750MLGeneric146274$12.49
NATub Deposit ChargeGeneric10444$12.50
NVSherman & Hooker Shebang! Cuvee VI 750MLGeneric148503$12.99
NAMeredith Dairy Marinated Feta 7 OZGeneric148317$12.99
NAYuzu MarmaladeGeneric148161$12.99
NANavarino Icons Whole Kalamata Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 360gGeneric163022$12.99
NAMcEvoy Ranch Tuscan Table OlivesGeneric162981$12.99
20142014 Pomerols Picpoul de Pinet 750MLGeneric163125$12.99
NAStories of Greek Origins Organic Wild Mint 20gGeneric163031$12.99
NAVermont Creamery Cremont 5 OZGeneric131509$12.99
NARitrovo Selections Miller Farms Almonds with Truffle & Salt 8 OZGeneric132517$12.99
NAAdami Prosecco 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic164368$12.99
20142014 Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 750MLGeneric164382$12.99
20102010 Villa San Juliette Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric145807$12.99
NALogsdon Seizon Bretta 750MLGeneric143730$12.99
NACreminelli Soppressata SalameGeneric138022$12.99
20112011 La Merika Chardonnay 750MLGeneric149561$12.99
NAV Chocolates Milk & Dark Chocolate Frogs (40pcs)Generic151661$12.99
NAV Chocolates Thin Mints Milk & Dark (20pcs) 6 OZGeneric151662$12.99
NAMarcona Almond ButterGeneric162584$12.99
NALogsdon Aberrant 750MLGeneric162319$12.99
20132013 Terra Vega Cabernet Kosher 750MLGeneric162466$12.99
20142014 Terra Vega Chardonnay Kosher 750MLGeneric162465$12.99
NAFleur de Sel Sal de Ibiza Refill Bag 150gGeneric162685$12.99
NARodolphe Le Meunier Beurre de Baratte (Fleur de Sel Butter)250gGeneric154956$12.99
NAAntica PiemonteseTorrone 05 Morbido con Nocciole E Ciliegie 80gGeneric156170$12.99
20112011 Herencia Altes Garnatxa negra 750MLGeneric157904$12.9991
20122012 The Chardonnay Project 750MLGeneric159059$12.99
NARodolphe Meunier Fleur de Sel Butter 250gGeneric159060$12.99
NVLa Colombe Nizza Blend (can)Generic159954$12.99
NVNagaragawa Sparkling Nigori 300MLUnknown140528$12.99
20092009 Dolcemente Kosher White 750MLUnknown140336$12.99
20092009 Dolcemente Kosher Red 750MLUnknown140292$12.99
20122012 Hess Select Chardonnay Monterrey 750MLHess Collection154493$12.99
NVHakushika JG PkUnknown144290$12.99
NVNihon Sakari Goukn Honjozo 330MLUnknown145362$12.99
NAV Chocolate White Chocolate Polar Bear PawsGeneric165298$12.99
NAEl Segundo Power Plant TIPA 22 OZGeneric161630$12.99
NABellwether Sheep Milk Basket Ricotta 12ozBellwether Farms139555$12.99
20062006 Yarden Sauvignon Blanc Kosher 750MLYarden Wines112079$12.99
20092009 St Supery Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 375ML (Half Bottle)St Supery Winery158144$12.99
NVDomaine Saint Michelle Brut 750MLChateau St Michelle14729$12.99
NVBaron Herzog Brut 750MLBaron Herzog Winery110344$12.99
20132013 Baron Herzog Sauvignon Blanc Kosher 750MLBaron Herzog Winery158052$12.99
20142014 Hahn Pinot Noir California 750MLHahn Estates Winery163909$12.99
20132013 Hahn GSM Red Blend 750MLHahn Estates Winery160614$12.99
NABombay Sapphire Gin 375ML (Half Bottle)Bombay Distillery17528$12.99
NABoissiere Dry Vermouth 1LBoissiere Vermouth10295$12.99
20132013 Bonterra Viognier 750MLBonterra Vineyards164601$12.99
20132013 Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCycles Gladiator161174$12.99
NVLindisfarne Mede 500MLUNKNOWN161571$12.99
19881988 Lyeth Red Blend 750MLUNKNOWN153128$12.99
20122012 Adorno Pinot Nero Rose Giullare 750MLUNKNOWN151781$12.99
NAAmedei Italian Dark Chocolate Bar 75% Cocoa 9 50gAmedei Italian Chocolate24216$12.99
NVHarveys Cream Jerez (sherry) Bristol 750MLHarveys (sherry)14819$12.99
20132013 Elio Perrone Moscato 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN157843$12.99
NASerendipitea Organic Strictly Strawberry Tea 1.8ozSerendipitea159893$12.99
NAChabichou Poitou 150 GrChabichou Poitou Goat Cheese83322$12.99
NASotaroni 12 Years Aged Pedro Ximenez Sweet Wine Vinegar 250mlPedro Ximenez (aged wine vinegar)43691$12.99
NASelles Sur Cher 150 GSelles Sur Cher41071$12.99
20132013 Andre Brunel Grenach VDP 750MLDomaine Brunel (Andre)165011$12.99
20122012 Barkan Chardonnay Kosher 750MLBarkan158001$12.99
NADekuyper Apple Pucker Schnapps 750MLDeKuyper John & Son104824$12.99
NABols Creme De Cacao Brown 1LBols Amsterdam21148$12.99
NVRoederer Estate Brut 375ML (Half Bottle)Roederer Estate (Anderson Valley)152045$12.9990
20142014 Domaine Du Tariquet Rose 750MLDomaine du Tariquet165002$12.99
20112011 Tortoise Creek Zinfandel 750MLTortoise Creek148947$12.99
20122012 Ch Pesquie Cotes de Ventoux 750MLChateau Pesquie164975$12.99
NAKoningshoeven La Trappe Quadrupel 750MLDe Koningshoeven Brewery109792$12.99
NAEPIC Brewing Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout 22 OZEPIC Brewing150131$12.99
20142014 Quattro Mani Montepulciano 750MLQuattro Mani165036$12.99
NATelegraph Reserve Wheat Ale 750MLTelegraph Brewing146078$12.99
20142014 Charles Smith Kung Fu Riesling 750MLCharles Smith Wines164600$12.99
NVBordelet Sidre Doux Tendre, Off dry sparkling apple cider 750MLBordelet Eric152469$13.49
NAFabrique Delices Duck Foie Gras with TruffleGeneric88631$13.75
NAO Med Moscatel White Wine Vinegar 250mL 250MLGeneric163780$13.99
NAO Med Rose Vinegar 250mL 250MLGeneric163781$13.99
NAO Med Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Vinegar 250mL 250MLGeneric163782$13.99
NAINNA Fresno Chili Jam 10ozGeneric163397$13.99
NAINNA Pink Lady Apple JamGeneric163398$13.99
NASqirl Rhubarb & Meiwa Kumquat JamGeneric163768$13.99
NAINNA Hayward Kiwi 10oz JamGeneric163852$13.99
20132013 Feudo Montoni Nero d'Avola La Marza N 750MLGeneric164333$13.99
NAParadox Salted Sumac Sour 500MLGeneric164296$13.99
NANavarino Icons Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Dip 500g 500GRGeneric163020$13.99
NANavarino Icons Crushed Roasted Eggplant 500gGeneric163019$13.99
NAAux Anysetiers du Roy Oregano 1oz JarGeneric162683$13.99
NAValerie Confections Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam 8 OZGeneric162803$13.99
NAThe Preservatory Figs & Walnut Wine PreserveGeneric149038$13.99
NAThe Preservatory Raspberry with Merlot & PeppercornsGeneric149039$13.99
NAWeaver's Dragonwell Green Tea BagsGeneric140720$13.99
NAFusilli di Gragnano Pasta 500GRGeneric140556$13.99
NASqirl Seascape Strawberry & Rose Geranium JamGeneric147016$13.99
NALa Colombe Monaco Blend (bag) 12OZGeneric159938$13.99
NVLa Colombe Monte Carlo Decaf (can)Generic159957$13.99
NARick's Picks Smokra Okra 15 OZGeneric160063$13.99
NAVinegar of Banyuls 6yr Oak Aged 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic160393$13.99
NARick's Picks K.O. Pickle 24 OZGeneric160510$13.99
NALe Bon Garcon Salted Caramels Small Box 4 OZGeneric161031$13.99
NASpecial Pastrami SandwichGeneric159135$13.99
NAAshby Dark Chocolate CreamsGeneric158719$13.99
NAHatch Chile Chicken SandwichGeneric158428$13.99
NADandelion Chocolate Camino Verde, Ecuador 100% Bar 2 OZGeneric158345$13.99
NAThe Preservatory Craft Beer JamGeneric156463$13.99
NASqirl Wild Blackberry & Meyer Lemon JamGeneric156039$13.99
NAK.L. Keller California Honey Basque Pepper 8 OZGeneric155072$13.99
NVLVP Sangria Rose 750MLGeneric154616$13.99
NVLVP Sangria Red 750MLGeneric154615$13.99
NADubonnet Rouge Apetitif Wine 750MLDubonnet Aperitif26098$13.99
20082008 Alvear Fino 500MLAlvear Winery (sherry)160062$13.99
20142014 Hahn GSM Red Blend 750MLHahn Estates Winery165228$13.99
20132013 Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLBaron Herzog Winery164329$13.99
20122012 Baron Herzog Zinfandel Kosher 750MLBaron Herzog Winery159215$13.99
20132013 Baron Herzog Cabernet Jeunesse 750MLBaron Herzog Winery155399$13.99
20132013 Baron Herzog Chardonnay 750MLBaron Herzog Winery156574$13.99
NVStones English Ginger Wine 750MLStones (U.K.)25509$13.99
20122012 La Crema Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 375ML (Half Bottle)La Crema Winery152968$13.99
NASqirl June & Rich Lady P JamGeneric165028$13.99
NAGres d'Alsace aux Truffes 125gGeneric164892$13.99
NAParadox Tamarind Lime Sour 500MLGeneric164711$13.99
NAParadox Salted Watermelon Sour 500MLGeneric164712$13.99
NAParadox Mango Chili Sour 500MLGeneric165226$13.99
NAPlastic Champagne Flute 12pk 5oz ClearUnknown144505$13.99
NVKuromatsu-Hakushika Sake 720MLUnknown162220$13.99
20092009 Ferraton 'Samorens' Cotes du Rhone 750MLUNKNOWN159049$13.99
NAPlatine CookiesPlatine Cookies17567$13.99
NVFlorio Dry Marsala 750MLFlorio16926$13.99
NAFleur De Sel de Camargue 125 GrFleur de Sel16118$13.99
NASpinosi Fettuccini Black Squid Ink Pasta 250 GramsSpinosi Pasta15561$13.99
NVLa Colombe Monaco Blend (can)Wally's Gift Baskets159955$13.99
NAAnchorage Galaxy IPA 750MLAnchor Brewing Company143716$13.99
NALincet Chaource Wood Box 250 GrChaource Cheese80107$13.99
NARevillon Raspberry Chocolate TwigsRevillon Chocolate Twigs160953$13.99
20132013 Bishops Peak Chardonnay 750MLBishops Peak Rock155562$13.99
20142014 Laurenz V Sophie Gruner Veltliner 750MLLaurenz V165291$13.99
NVGovino 16 oz Beer Glass 4-packGovino157363$13.99
20122012 Teal Lake Shiraz Kosher 750MLTeal Lake155015$13.99
20112011 Teal Lake Chardonnay Kosher 750MLTeal Lake155016$13.99
NALes Moulins Mahjoub Artichoke Spread 185gLes Moulins Mahjoub (gourmet foods)32580$13.99
NARichard Donnelly Sea Salt Caramels Box 5 PiecesRichard Donnelly of Donnelly Fine Chocolates33980$13.99
NAJerez Sherry Vinegar 25 Years 375ML (Half Bottle)Jerez Sherry Vinegar48802$13.99
NAPommery Pop 187MLChampagne Pommery23114$13.99
20142014 Chateau Puygueraud Futures 750MLChateau Puygueraud163288$13.99
20122012 Fortant Cabernet Sauvignon Coastal Select 750MLFortant156828$13.99
20122012 Santadi Grotta Rossa 750MLCantina di Santadi164461$13.99
20112011 Sartarelli Verdicchio di Castelli dei Jesi Classico 750MLSartarelli154019$13.99
NVMidnight Sun TREAT Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter 22 OZGeneric140825$14.59
NARiedel O To Go White Wine Sake Daiginjo Glass 0414/22Riedel Glas Austria27545$14.95
NAFresh Squeezed Pom JuiceUnknown151563$14.99
20112011 Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast 750MLHess Collection151823$14.99
20122012 Hess Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast 750MLHess Collection159869$14.99
NVTozai Typhoon 720MLUnknown154531$14.99
NADelice de Pommard w/ Truffle 100gGeneric165305$14.99
NARodolphe Le Meunier Couronne de Fontenay 200gGeneric164736$14.99
20142014 Le Charmel Provence Rose 750MLGeneric164753$14.99
NAAllepia 'Nduja Spread 6 OZGeneric161832$14.99
NAMoser Charmant w/ Truffle 4 OZGeneric164891$14.99
NAMother Earth Autumn Ale 22 OZGeneric165066$14.99
20132013 Chaparral Chardonnay 750MLAu Bon Climat Winery163978$14.99
20112011 Chaparral Chardonnay 750MLAu Bon Climat Winery151226$14.99
20142014 Mt Hermon Moscato Kosher 750MLYarden Wines164871$14.99
20132013 A to Z Pinot Gris 750MLA - Z Wineworks156411$14.99
20132013 A to Z Chardonnay Oregon 750MLA - Z Wineworks164157$14.99
20142014 A to Z Riesling Orgeon 750MLA - Z Wineworks164159$14.99
20142014 A to Z Oregon Pinot Gris 750MLA - Z Wineworks165221$14.99
20122012 Jaffurs Syrah Santa Barbara County 375ML (Half Bottle)Jaffurs Wine Cellars159905$14.99
20122012 Mason Sauvignon Blanc 750MLMason Cellars148212$14.99
20132013 Mason Sauvignon Blanc 750MLMason Cellars159886$14.99
20142014 Hitching Post Pinks Rose 750MLHitching Post Winery163908$14.99
NAQuady Vya Extra-Dry Vermouth 375ML (Half Bottle)Quady Winery147297$14.99
NVQuady Vya Sweet Vermouth 375ML (Half Bottle)Quady Winery147296$14.99
20122012 Planeta Sicila Rosso La Segreta 750MLPlaneta154076$14.99
NATrue Flask Stainless Steel 6 ozGeneric141726$14.99
NAWine Dossier Tasting Notes 48-Sheet RefillGeneric141998$14.99
NATrue Wine Glass Chams - Charming WineryGeneric140660$14.99
NAUinta Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale 750MLGeneric140778$14.99
NAUinta Labyrinth Black Ale 750MLGeneric137127$14.99
NAAnchorage Brewing Whiteout Wit 750MLGeneric139852$14.99
NAFerme du Jouvence CamembertGeneric144489$14.99
NATutto Calabria Hot Spread SauceGeneric150029$14.99
NAHerbes de Provence 1oz JarGeneric162682$14.99
NAMuraglia Intense Extra Virgin Olive Oil Colorful Tin 250MLGeneric152560$14.99
NALa Catedral De Navarra AsparagusGeneric162299$14.99
NALuigi Guffanti Burro in Acqua 150gGeneric162445$14.99
NAEdmond Fallot Moutarde en Grains Jar 250gGeneric162674$14.99
NAStories of Greek Origins Kalamata Olive Paste 180gGeneric163024$14.99
NAScalia White Anchovies 7 OZGeneric129915$14.99
NALa Favorita Pesto al Tartufo 130gGeneric164240$14.99
20142014 Broadbent Gruner Veltliner 1LGeneric164078$14.99
NALa Dispensa di Amerigo Tomato Sauce w/ Onion & Pancetta 200g 7 OZGeneric164415$14.99
NALa Favorita Truffled Red SauceGeneric164433$14.99
NAINNA Quince Shrub 375mL 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic163853$14.99
NVFlor Prosecco Rose 750MLGeneric164034$14.99
NAINNA Blenheim Apricot Shrub 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic163399$14.99
NAINNA Meyer Lemon Shrub 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic163400$14.99
20142014 Les Charmes Godard Blanc Futures 750MLGeneric163283$14.99
20142014 Saracco Moscato d'Asti 750MLGeneric163785$14.99
NAThree Jerks Original Filet Mignon Beef JerkyGeneric154990$14.99
NAThree Jerks Chipotle Adobo Filet Mignon Beef JerkyGeneric154991$14.99
NASeggiano Organic Balsamic Vinegar 250MLGeneric154770$14.99
NVValdespino Single Vineyard Fino Sherry 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic154650$14.9994
NAFermin Iberico Chorizo Chub 7 OZGeneric155113$14.99
NAThree Jerks Memphis Brand BBQ Filet Mignon Beef JerkyGeneric155320$14.99
20122012 Chilensis Reserve Pinot Noir 750MLGeneric156120$14.99
NAFermin Iberico Salchichon Chub 7 OZGeneric155953$14.99
20112011 Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric156387$14.99
20122012 Anne Amie Muller Thurgau Cuvee A 750MLGeneric158024$14.99
NASeggiano Cherry TomatoesGeneric158256$14.99
NABasque Black Cherry JamGeneric159246$14.99
NAFruition Chocolate Coated Almonds with Smoked Sea Salt 5 OZGeneric159275$14.99
NAFruition Brown Butter Bourbon CaramelsGeneric159274$14.99
Multi VintageShebang Cuvee III by Bedrock 750MLGeneric159071$14.99
NVCanals Canals Cava Brut 750MLGeneric159683$14.99
20112011 Jamieson Ranch Whiplash Red 750MLGeneric159374$14.99
NASettle Chocolate Truffles 5ozGeneric161663$14.99
NABee Raw Clover HoneyGeneric160600$14.99
NATcho Hot & Cold Drinking Chocolate Crumbles 250gGeneric160605$14.99
NABellocq The Queen's Guard Bag 3oz 3 OZGeneric160750$14.99
NABellocq Breakfast Bag 3 OZGeneric160751$14.99
NAMorello Wild Plum JamGeneric160682$14.99
NAGaido Millefiori Honey 250gGeneric160683$14.99
NADolce Alveare Oregano Blossom Honey 250gGeneric160684$14.99
NADolce Alveare Orange Blossom Honey 250gGeneric160685$14.99
NAM. Gilles Hervy Fleur de Sel 150gGeneric160399$14.99
NAWilliam Di Carlo Torrone Alle Mandorle 7oz 7 OZGeneric159831$14.99
NAAgrimontana Fruita Gelees (Fruit Jellies) JarGeneric159754$14.99
NALa Dispensa Di Amerigo Ragu Bolognese Meat Sauce 200g 7 OZGeneric159836$14.99
20142014 Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Duckhorn Wine Company164065$14.99
NAPearl Caramel Vodka 750MLPearl Vodka Distillery138639$14.99
NANew Belgium Lips Of Faith Le Terroir 22 OZNew Belgium Brewing Company136386$14.99
NANew Belgium "Lips of Faith" Transatlantique Kriek 22 OZNew Belgium Brewing Company105991$14.99
NAWally's Single Bottle Wood BoxWally's Gift Baskets155643$14.99
NABols Melon Liqueur 1LBols Amsterdam33120$14.99
NALeroux Peppermint Schnapps 750MLLeroux Liqueurs & Brandy Cordials31908$14.99
NABols Triple Sec 1LBols Amsterdam124297$14.99
NABols Creme De Cacao White 1LBols Amsterdam13187$14.99
NABols Creme De Menthe Green 1LBols Amsterdam13191$14.99
NABols Creme De Menthe White 1LBols Amsterdam13192$14.99
NADe Kuyper Pucker Watermelon 1LDeKuyper John & Son11099$14.99
NABacardi Limon Rum 750MLBacardi & Co. Ltd. Distillery12278$14.99
NABacardi Light Rum 750MLBacardi & Co. Ltd. Distillery12315$14.99
NVMoet & Chandon Brut Imperial 187MLMoet & Chandon109720$14.99
NAGaido Acacia HoneyAcacia Honey19560$14.99
20132013 Joseph Drouhin Macon Villages 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin160992$14.99
20112011 Palazzino Chianti Cl Argenina 750MLPalazzino Il Podere165370$14.99
20102010 Esprit de Chevalier 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Chevalier163312$14.9991
20122012 Fonterutoli Badiola 750MLCastello Fonterutoli164792$14.99
20062006 Masi Pinot Grigio Masianco Masi Agricola S.p.A. (Italy)29331$14.99
20122012 Joseph Drouhin Macon-Villages 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin151195$14.99
NAOrtiz Anchovies In Olive Oil No Skin 95gOrtiz (anchovies)25158$14.99
NAEtruria Chestnut HoneyEtruria Gourmet (Italian Foods)158609$14.99
NAEtruria Millefiori HoneyEtruria Gourmet (Italian Foods)158610$14.99
20122012 Pfeffingen Dry Estate Riesling 750MLUNKNOWN158789$14.99
20132013 Estezargues 'Grande Vignes' Blanc 750MLUNKNOWN158697$14.99
19911991 Pesenti Zinfandel Family Reserve 750MLUNKNOWN153183$14.99
20112011 Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBonterra Vineyards151981$14.99
20122012 Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBonterra Vineyards161074$14.99
NVBauchant XO Raspberry Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Bauchant Maison Roullet Fransac108334$14.99
NAAngostura Bitters 9.7oz 6.5OZAngostura Bitters157985$14.99
20122012 Chateau Routas Viognier 750MLRoutas150910$14.99
20062006 Odoardi Savuto Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN146900$14.99
20142014 Sartarelli Verdicchio Classico 750MLSartarelli164107$14.99
NVE&J XO Brandy 750MLE&J Gallo158745$14.99
20122012 Domaine Lafage Bastide Miraflors IGP Cotes Catalanes 750MLDomaine Lafage164680$14.9991
20132013 Abbaye St. Hilaire Rose 750MLSaint Hilaire155037$14.99
20132013 Colosi Rosso 750MLColosi165010$14.99
20142014 Tasca d'Almerita Regaleali Le Rosa 750MLTasca D'Almerita163338$14.99
NVGrandin Rose 750MLGrandin121714$14.99
20122012 Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo 750MLTommasi164697$14.99
20092009 Chateau de l' Hoste Blanc Entre Deux Mers 750MLChateau de L'Hoste123848$14.99
NVValdo Prosecco Brut DOC 750MLValdo130274$14.99
20112011 Gassier Cercius Cotes du Rhone Rouge 750MLMichel Gassier147007$14.99
20112011 Domaine Saint-Mitre Papillon Blanc 750MLDomaine Saint-Mitre150911$14.99
20122012 Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLVarner Wine157427$14.99
20132013 Bernardus Sauvignon Blanc 750MLBernardus Winery and Vineyard161795$14.99
NALangres Germain 200gLangres Chalancey Farmhouse Cheese84448$14.99
NALes Moulins Mahjoub Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 370mlLes Moulins Mahjoub (gourmet foods)128417$14.99
NABee Raw Blueberry Honey From Maine 10ozBee Raw Honey104949$14.99
NABee Raw Wild Raspberry Honey From Maine 10ozBee Raw Honey32609$14.99
NABee Raw Basswood Honey From New York 10ozBee Raw Honey32599$14.99
NABee Raw Buckwheat HoneyBee Raw Honey144697$14.99
NAFabrique Rillettes Du Perigord Pork Free 7ozFabrique Delices34126$14.99
NAAndante Dairy Acapella 4ozAndante104228$14.99
NARadici Extra Virgin Oil Small 250MLRadici of Tuscany Organics163328$15.00
NAPetrossian Salmon Roe 50gPetrossian32159$15.00
NAWally's Foie Gras Truffle TorchonGeneric88675$15.00
NAUtility Can Deposit ChargeUnknown138648$15.00
20142014 Vino dei Fratelli Moscato 750MLGeneric164692$15.99
20142014 Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc 750MLFerrari Carano Vineyards (Sonoma)165217$15.99
20132013 Kendall Jackson Chardonnay Vintners Reserve 750MLKendall Jackson Vineyard and Winery156465$15.99
20122012 Rombauer Zinfandel 375ML (Half Bottle)Rombauer Vineyards158424$15.99
20142014 Muga Rose 750MLMuga Bodegas162382$15.99
NVAlvear Amontillado 750MLAlvear Winery (sherry)124287$15.99
20132013 Walter Hansel Sauvignon Blanc 750MLWalter Hansel156402$15.99
20142014 Brander Sauvignon Blanc 750MLBrander Vineyard163392$15.99
20132013 Dry Creek Vineyard Fume Blanc 750MLDry Creek Vineyards161328$15.99
20142014 Honig Sauvignon Blanc 750MLHonig Vineyard and Winery163653$15.99
20142014 Walter Hansel Sauvignon Blanc 750MLWalter Hansel165064$15.99
NVKijafa Danish Cherry Wine 750MLKijafa Danish Cherry Wine100312$15.99
19971997 Chiarlo Moscato D Asti Nivole 1.5LGeneric160175$15.99
NARozsavolgyi Csokolade Rio Caribe 76%Generic161230$15.99
NVPere Ventura Rose 750MLGeneric159502$15.99
NAFruition Maranon Dark Chocolate Bar 2 OZGeneric159272$15.99
NABoon Geuze Mariage Parfait 750MLGeneric158715$15.99
NABook The Sonoma Police Report funny, odd tales from the wine countryGeneric158153$15.99
NAJeni's Honey Butterscotch SauceGeneric155568$15.99
NVPere Ventura Cava Brut 750MLGeneric156539$15.99
NABarr Hill Pure Raw Honey Caledonia SpiritsGeneric157015$15.99
20102010 Chateau Laclaverie 750MLGeneric157601$15.99
20132013 Spellbound Petite Sirah 750MLGeneric163403$15.99
NADupont Cidre Bouche Brut Organic Cider 750MLGeneric163316$15.99
NARiso Buono Carnaroli Gran Riserva 450gGeneric163959$15.99
20142014 Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi 750MLGeneric164361$15.99
NASeagrams Gin Extra Dry 750MLGeneric116492$15.99
NACreminelli Salame Tartufo 8ozGeneric110259$15.99
20132013 FX Barc Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric161787$15.99
NABrooklyn Slate Co Wood Cheese KnifeGeneric146239$15.99
NAFleur de NuitGeneric150972$15.99
NATimmermans Oude Gueuze 750MLGeneric140130$15.99
NAGrace & I Hawaiian PressGeneric140698$15.99
20132013 Donnafugata Anthilia 750MLDonnafugata Historic Cellars162753$15.99
20142014 Alesmith Decadence Wheatwine 750MLAleSmith Brewing Co.158463$15.99
20142014 E&M Berger Gruner Veltliner 1LE & M Berger164324$15.99
NARabitos Royale Whole Figs Dipped In Chocolate Large BoxRabitos Royale20301$15.99
20122012 Chateau d Aiguilhe 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Aiguilhe154188$15.99
NVStolichnaya Vodka 375ML (Half Bottle)Stolichnaya Russian Vodka156078$15.99
20122012 Bishops Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBishops Peak Rock157845$15.99
20132013 Chapoutier Bila Haut Cotes du Roussillon 750MLChapoutier Michel155983$15.99
20102010 Chapoutier Bila Haut Rouge 750MLChapoutier Michel145150$15.99
20142014 Bartenura Pinot Grigio Kosher 750MLBartenura Wines164386$15.99
20102010 Bartenura Pinot Grigio Kosher 750MLBartenura Wines137205$15.99
NADekuyper Apple Pucker Schnapps 1LDeKuyper John & Son10418$15.99
NADomecq Brandy Presidente 750MLDomecq Sherry11402$15.99
20142014 Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin158859$15.99
NASandeman Sherry Armada Cream 750MLSandeman12921$15.99
NASandeman Sherry Don Fino 750MLSandeman12920$15.99
NASandeman Sherry Amontillado 750MLSandeman25223$15.99
20072007 Robert Foley Pinot Blanc 750MLRobert Foley Vineyards157273$15.99
20102010 Selvagrossa Muschen 750MLUNKNOWN147220$15.99
NVLa Montecchia Fior D Arancio Vino Spumante Dolce 750MLUNKNOWN138966$15.99
20112011 Ghiaccio Forte Morellino di Scansano Vigne del Passero 750MLUNKNOWN148745$15.99
20132013 Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio 750MLUNKNOWN157964$15.99
20112011 Schlumberger Pinot Blanc Prince des Abbes 750MLDomaine Schlumberger150950$15.99
20142014 Feudi di San Gregor Falanghina 750MLFeudi di San Gregorio165343$15.99
20132013 Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina 750MLFeudi di San Gregorio164375$15.99
NAEmilio Lustau Manzinilla Jerez Papirusa Solera Reserva 750MLEmilio Lustau26170$15.99
NABlandys Madeira Rainwater 750MLBlandy's15337$15.99
Multi VintageFreixenet Excelencia Cava Kosher 750MLFreixenet Sparkling Wines155381$15.99
20132013 Mormoraia Vernacchia di San Gimignano 750MLMormoraia163731$15.99
20142014 Mormoraia Vernaccia Di San Gim 750MLMormoraia165216$15.99
NAEmilio Lustau Amontillado Jerez Los Arcos Solera Reserva 750MLLustau (Emilio)15315$15.9993
NVNV Lustau Light Fino Sherry Jarana 750MLLustau (Emilio)102908$15.99
NVRamos Pinto White Port 750MLRamos (Adriano) Pinto123742$15.99
NAAlmaden Burgundy 5 Liters 5LAlmaden Vineyards10173$15.99
NAAlmaden California Mountain Chablis (5 Liter Box) 5LAlmaden Vineyards54135$15.99
20142014 Colome Torrontes 750MLBodega Colome162500$15.99
NABruery Gypsy Tart 750MLThe Bruery164862$15.99
NVBruery TerreuxTonnellerie Rue 750MLThe Bruery165239$15.99
20122012 San Felice Contrada 750MLSan Felice163941$15.99
20122012 Capezzana Barco Reale 750MLTenuta di Capezzana165209$15.99
20092009 Recanati Merlot Kosher 750MLRecanti Winery and Vineyards137232$15.99
NAUnio Siurana Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mlAbbae/Hacienda Queiles101571$15.99
NAJolly Pumpkin Luciernaga (The Firefly) 750MLJolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales124512$15.99
NAJolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura Limit 4 bottles per customer 750MLJolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales136084$15.99
NABitter Truth Bittermens Grapefruit Bitters 88 Proof 200MLBitter Truth Bitters123250$15.99
20122012 Jf Merieau Hexaganols Sauvignon blanc 750MLJean-Francois Merieau162541$15.99
NALa Marca Prosecco 750MLLa Marca109484$15.9990
20132013 La Vieille Ferme Rouge 1.5LLa Vieille Ferme164364$15.99
20142014 La Vieille Ferme Blanc 1.5LLa Vieille Ferme164457$15.99
NVRiedel Large Microfiber ClothRiedel Glas Austria134993$16.00
NVTozai Lvng Jewel 720MLUnknown139892$16.99
NVHideyoshi-Namacho Honjozo Distiinguished Warlord 300MLUnknown139950$16.99
NASavini Tartufi ArtichokeTruffle Spread 90gGeneric164655$16.99
NAAdami Prosecco Gica 750MLGeneric164743$16.99
20132013 Tamellini Soave 750MLGeneric165093$16.99
NATruffle Brothers Black Truffle Oil 60mlGeneric165144$16.99
NATruffle Brothers White Truffle Oil 60mlGeneric165145$16.99
20132013 Poiron Domeaine des Quatre Routes Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie 750MLGeneric164902$16.99
20142014 Collestefano Verdicchio 750MLGeneric165008$16.99
NATahoe Mountain Apricot Saison 500MLGeneric164976$16.99
20142014 Occhipinti Tami Nero d'Avola 750MLGeneric165371$16.99
NVCharles Bove Brut Rose Touraine 750MLGeneric165373$16.99
20132013 Mondavi Moscato d Oro 375ML (Half Bottle)Robert Mondavi Winery161096$16.99
20132013 Yarden Sauvignon Blanc Kosher 750MLYarden Wines158882$16.99
20132013 Ponzi Pinot Gris 750MLPonzi Vineyards154614$16.99
20142014 Ponzi Pinot Gris 750MLPonzi Vineyards164039$16.99
20142014 Chateau Doisy Vedrines Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy Vedrines163211$16.99
NAUrbani White Truffle Balsamic Vinegar 50MLGeneric147086$16.99
20102010 LA Cetto Chardonnay Private Reserve 750MLGeneric145710$16.99
20072007 Domaine Jean Perrier et Fils Roussette de Savoie "Cru Monthoux" 750MLGeneric145262$16.99
NAMorello Austera Amarena Sour Cherries in SyrupGeneric152807$16.99
NAA lAncienne Cocoa PowderGeneric152501$16.99
NAStories of Greek Origins Kalamata Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 280gGeneric163023$16.99
20132013 Malat Gruner Veltliner Crazy Creatures 750MLGeneric163986$16.99
NACol di Salici Prosecco 750MLGeneric163989$16.99
20122012 Domaine de L'Harmas Cotes du Rhone 750MLGeneric164183$16.99
NALa Vecchia Dispensa Nobili Sapori Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. 250ml 250MLGeneric163948$16.99
20142014 Erste Neue Muller Thurgau 750MLGeneric163896$16.99
20142014 Erste + Neue Pinot Grigio 750MLGeneric163897$16.99
NVBele Casel Prosecco Extra Dry 750MLGeneric163289$16.99
20122012 Tineta 750MLGeneric153903$16.99
NATea Towel 20" x 28" 100 % Cotton Made in FranceGeneric155613$16.99
NARodolphe Le Meunier CamembertGeneric159501$16.99
NABellocq Tea Majorelle Mint Box 3.5ozGeneric160073$16.99
NVArt of Caramel Vanilla Bean Cocoa Nib Canister 7 OZGeneric159987$16.99
NAMarabissi Panforte Nero 250gGeneric160593$16.99
20122012 Fontodi Chianti Classico Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Fontodi Estate Winery164206$16.99
NADa Morgada Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mlDa Morgada41227$16.99
NALa Favorita Truffle Honey 100grTartuflanghe104230$16.99
NATartufLanghe Truffle Honey 50grTartuflanghe105871$16.99
20122012 Tenuta Pederzana 'Gibe' Lambrusco 750MLUNKNOWN158102$16.99
20112011 Corsa Teroldego Sella Ronda Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN151297$16.99
20142014 Stolpman Sauvignon Blanc 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate164002$16.99
20102010 Firriato Chiaramonte Nero D' Avola 750MLFirriato Winery148886$16.99
NVNv Sandeman Madeira Fine Rich 750MLSandeman12924$16.99
NAAmedei Chuao Single Cru Italian Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa Bar 50gAmedei Italian Chocolate24214$16.99
NAOrtiz Bonito in Oil Glass Jar 6ozOrtiz (anchovies)130694$16.99
20132013 Collestefano Verdicchio 750MLUNKNOWN156393$16.99
NAChampagne Star ScrewpullScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset26440$16.99
NVSofia Sparkling Wine Mini-Can 4-pack boxSofia154345$16.99
20142014 Bartenura Moscato Kosher 750MLBartenura Wines163826$16.99
20132013 Bartenura Moscato Kosher 750MLBartenura Wines155138$16.99
20132013 Bishops Peak Pinot Noir 750MLBishops Peak Rock164256$16.99
20032003 Darenberg Wines The Footbolt Old Vine Shiraz Mclaren Vale 750MLD'Arenberg Winery18109$16.99
20122012 Vietti Barbera D'alba Tre Vigne 750MLVietti Winery151703$16.99
20142014 Vietti Moscato D'asti 750MLVietti Winery161598$16.99
NAHana Hou Hou Sparkling Infused Sake 300MLMarumoto Sake Brewery Co.118490$16.99
NABitter Truth Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters 88 Proof 200MLBitter Truth Bitters123251$16.99
NABitter Truth Creole Bitters 200MLBitter Truth Bitters134396$16.99
NAThe Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas' Own Decanter Bitters 200MLBitter Truth Bitters127462$16.99
NABitter Truth Lemon Bitters 200MLBitter Truth Bitters123249$16.99
20092009 Valduero Crianza 375ML (Half Bottle)Bodegas Valduero144972$16.99
20122012 Petit Aout "le Memoire Neuve" Hauts-Alpes Mollard 750MLPetit Aout156804$16.99
20122012 Aia Vecchia Lagone 750MLAia Vecchia164749$16.99
NAPort BA Santa's Little Helper 375ML (Half Bottle)Port Brewing Company164529$16.99
20122012 Castano Solanera 750MLBodegas Castano165040$16.9994
NABee Raw Star Thistle Honey From Colorado 10ozBee Raw Honey32606$16.99
NABee Raw Meadowfoam Honey from OregonBee Raw Honey149857$16.99
NASlitti Il Girotto Fondente (Hot Cocoa Stick) 4pcSlitti Italian Chocolate159755$16.99
NAMichel Cordon Bleu Smoked Salmon 8 OZMichel Cordon Bleu Smoked Fish123843$16.99
20142014 Lost Abbey Agave Maria LM1 375ML (Half Bottle)Lost Abbey155372$16.99
20112011 Cantina Frentana Trebbiano 750MLCantina Frentana157956$16.99
NADolin Vermouth de Chambery ROUGE 750MLDolin105196$16.99
NAThe Wine Lovers Guide To Auctions By Ursula HermacinskiBook: The Wine Lovers Guide to Auctions31479$17.95
NAJam Bags by Bonnie LeeGeneric154955$17.95
NAK.L. Keller Black Truffle Mustard 6 OZGeneric155146$17.99
NABellocq The Queen's Guard Yellow Box 3oz 3 OZGeneric160749$17.99
NABellocq Afghani Chai Yellow Box 3.5ozGeneric160744$17.99
NABellocq Le Hammeau Yellow Box 2oz 2 OZGeneric160747$17.99
NARodolphe Meunier Bouche de Touraine 210gGeneric160442$17.99
NALeBlanc Champagne Vinegar 16 OZGeneric160392$17.99
NAToccalmatto/ Prairie Okie Matilde 750MLGeneric161443$17.99
NARiso Buono Artemide Gran Riserva 450gGeneric163960$17.99
20142014 Domaine Les Fouques Rose Cuvee de L'Aubigue 750MLGeneric163927$17.9990
20122012 Nal Margreid Schiava Galea 750MLGeneric164108$17.99
NAPropolis Sathi 750MLGeneric164295$17.99
20092009 Spinetta Burson Max 750MLGeneric164330$17.99
NAPropolis Grannum 750MLGeneric162892$17.99
NACreminelli Wild Boar SalamiGeneric124457$17.99
NAArtisan Salt Company Cyprus Black Lava Mediterranean Black Salt FlakesGeneric124345$17.99
NANeromania Candied Orange Peels Dipped in Dark Chocolate 150gGeneric152515$17.99
20092009 Richter Estate Riesling Qba 750MLGeneric161150$17.99
20122012 Chateau Camplay Kosher 750MLGeneric162463$17.99
20092009 Jerusalem Hills Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLGeneric137035$17.99
NASabatino Black Truffle Oil 100MLGeneric137183$17.99
20132013 Hagafen Sauvignon Blanc Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars155080$17.99
20122012 Beckmen Cuvee Le Bec 750MLBeckmen Vineyards160767$17.99
20112011 Terlato-Chapoutier Shiraz-Viognier 750MLTerlato Vineyard155039$17.9993
20102010 Yarden Muscat Kosher 500MLYarden Wines152484$17.99
20122012 Qupe Syrah Central Coast 750MLQupe Winery159918$17.99
20112011 Sterling Merlot Vintners Collection 750MLSterling Vineyards153926$17.99
20122012 Sterling Merlot Vintners Collection 750MLSterling Vineyards156476$17.99
NAFresh White Cranberry Juice QuartUnknown163404$17.99
NASpagnol Prosecco 750MLGeneric164945$17.99
NALa Favorita Tagliatelle Egg Pasta w/ Truffles 8.82ozGeneric164923$17.99
NARodophe Le Meunier Pyramide de Fontenay 210gGeneric164737$17.99
NAPropolis Beltane Saison 750MLGeneric164621$17.99
NVOni No Shitaburui 500MLUnknown154262$17.99
NVDe Proef & Left Hand Wekken Sour Cherry Stout 750MLDe Proefbrouwerij164938$17.99
NADeschutes Jubel 2015 22 OZDeschutes Brewery162556$17.99
NABlue Ice Idaho Potato Vodka 750MLBlue Ice (vodka)40031$17.99
NAKetel One Vodka 375ML (Half Bottle)Ketel One (vodka)11852$17.99
NACruzan Pineapple Rum 750MLCruzan Rum Distillery107342$17.99
NVSorelle Bronca Prosecco 750MLaaa103574$17.99
NAJameson Irish Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)John Jameson & Son Distillery117608$17.99
20092009 Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Gigault145278$17.9990
20142014 Rose de Haut Bailly 750MLChateau Haut Bailly162585$17.99
NAP Jacquin Fromage de Chevre Tradition du Berry ValencayJacquin Valencay (cheese)21439$17.99
NAAmedei Italian Dark Chocolate Porcelana Bar 70% Cocoa 50gAmedei Italian Chocolate24213$17.99
20142014 Pieropan Soave 750MLPieropan Az. Vitivinicola Leonildo163991$17.99
20112011 Fattoria Alois Aglianico 'Campole' 750MLUNKNOWN159319$17.99
NVStella Rosa Moscato Rose 750MLUNKNOWN158096$17.99
20132013 Cantina Tramin Pinot Grigio 750MLUNKNOWN158305$17.99
20102010 Villa Huesgen 9 Generations Riesling 750MLUNKNOWN159213$17.99
NALustau Deluxe Cream Capataz Andres 750MLLustau (Emilio)19172$17.99
20132013 Bertani Soave Sereole 750MLBertani Winery163900$17.99
20122012 Galil Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLGalil158881$17.99
NAGonzalez Byass Winery Fino Jerez Tio Pepe 750MLGonzalez Byass Winery22716$17.99
20122012 HALL Merlot Napa Valley 375ML (Half Bottle)Hall Winery158142$17.99
20122012 Chateau Beaumont Futures 750MLChateau Beaumont161730$17.99
20132013 Brigaldara Valpolicella 750MLBrigaldara165214$17.99
20132013 Botasea Rose di Palmina 750MLPalmina Winery157403$17.99
20132013 Wines of Substance Cabernet Sauvigon by Charles Smith 750MLCharles Smith Wines162865$17.9993
20122012 Jadot Steel Chardonnay 750MLLouis Jadot155714$17.99
20142014 Reichsrat Von Buhl Rose 750MLReichsrat Von Buhl162378$17.99
20142014 Terres Dorees Beaujolais Blanc Jean Paul Brun 750MLJean-Paul Brun165274$17.99
20102010 Pfeiffer "Three Chimneys" Cabernet/Merlot 750MLPfeiffer Winery150642$17.99
20122012 FX Barc Chinon 750MLFX Barc162986$17.99
20122012 Carillon Bourgogne Aligote 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon161105$17.99
20122012 Chateau Croix Mouton 750MLChateau Croix-Mouton148953$17.99
20142014 Chateau Puy Blanquet Futures 750MLChateau Puy Blanquet163602$17.99
Multi VintageDuet Dessert Sherry with Natural Hazelnut Essences 500MLSonoma Valley Portworks146927$17.99
20122012 Chateau Puy Blanquet Futures 750MLChateau Puy Blanquet149327$18.99
20102010 Hugel Pinot Blanc 750MLHugel153958$18.99
20132013 Brassfield Estate Pinot Gris 750MLBrassfield Winery159294$18.99
20122012 Brassfield Eruption Red 750MLBrassfield Winery152170$18.99
20122012 Brassfield Estate Pinot Gris 750MLBrassfield Winery150107$18.99
20132013 Brassfield Estate Eruption Red 750MLBrassfield Winery163159$18.99
20142014 Wagner-Stempel Rose 750MLWagner Stempel162380$18.99
20122012 Reuscher-Haart Riesling Piesporter 1LReuscher-Haart156528$18.99
20122012 Gundlach Bundschu Mountain Cuvee 750MLGundlach Bundschu159565$18.99
NAThe Savannah Bee Co. Tupelo Honey in Tower Jar 12.6ozSavannah Bee Company154184$18.99
NAMerula Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml TinMerula Olive Oil32381$18.99
NASelezione Tartufi Truffle Acacia Honey 90gSelezione Honey33998$18.99
20112011 San Felice Chianti Classico 750MLSan Felice163936$18.99
NASanta Margherita Prosecco 750MLSanta Margherita118262$18.99
20132013 Ramon Cardova Rioja Kosher 750MLRamon Cordova162608$18.99
20132013 Girardin Bourgogne Rouge Cuvee St Vincent Pinot Noir 750MLDomaine Girardin (Vincent)164974$18.99
20132013 Selvapiana Chianti Classico 750MLSelvapiana Winery164744$18.99
NVPaola Rinaldini 'Pronto' Lambrusco 750MLUNKNOWN158838$18.99
20122012 Barberani 'Castagnolo' Orvieto 750MLUNKNOWN158194$18.99
20122012 Cellario Moscato 750MLUNKNOWN158695$18.99
20132013 Cellario Moscato 750MLUNKNOWN158723$18.99
20102010 Scammacca Del Murgo Etna Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN148659$18.99
20142014 La Scolca Gavi D Gavi White LB 750MLLa Scolca164599$18.99
20132013 Pecchinino 'San Luigi' Dogliani Dolcetto 750MLPecchenino Agricultural Company158704$18.99
NAEtruria Organic Honey Vinegar 250mlEtruria Gourmet (Italian Foods)25143$18.99
NAEtruria Apricot Vinegar 250MLEtruria Gourmet (Italian Foods)158605$18.99
20142014 La Croix de Beaucaillou Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou163793$18.99
Multi VintageBartenura Prosecco Kosher 750MLBartenura Wines154561$18.99
20142014 Barberani 'castagnolo' Orvieto 750MLBarberani165215$18.99
NASauza Blanco Tequila 750MLSauza Tres Generaciones (tequila)117280$18.99
NAChandon American Summer Blanc de Noirs 750MLDomaine Chandon157017$18.99
20142014 Chateau Coutet Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Coutet163214$18.99
NAMichel Cluizel Grand Cru Dark Chocolate Squares 80 Gr (16 pieces)Michel Cluizel Chocolate20252$18.99
20122012 A Mano Appassito Primitivo Imprint Mark Shannon Futures 750MLGeneric164860$18.99
20122012 Vincent Girardin Cuvee Saint Vincent Bourgogne Blanc 750MLGeneric164760$18.99
NAB. Toffee Signature Canister Dark Chocolate Toffee 9 OZGeneric156309$18.99
NAB. Toffee Signature Canister Milk Chocolate Toffee 9 OZGeneric156310$18.99
20122012 Hartford Court Pinot Noir Russian River 375ML (Half Bottle)Hartford Court Winery158331$18.99
20122012 Gainey Merlot 750MLGainey Vineyard161465$18.99
20132013 Rusack Sauvignon Blanc 750MLRusack Winery156088$18.99
20142014 Sidebar Sauvignon Blanc High Valley 750MLRamey Wine Cellars162518$18.99
20132013 Rombauer Chardonnay 375ML (Half Bottle)Rombauer Vineyards158000$18.99
20132013 Hagafen Riesling Lake County Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars162643$18.99
20132013 Domaine Drouhin Chardonnay Oregon 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Drouhin Oregon164973$18.99
20142014 Fevre Chablis 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Fevre (Wm)165187$18.99
20112011 Arzuaga Crianza 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic162574$18.99
NARozsavolgyi Csokolade Porcelana 71% 70gGeneric162602$18.99
NABittermens Xocoatl Mole Bitters 5 OZGeneric150211$18.99
NABittermens Elemakule Bitters 5 OZGeneric150213$18.99
NABittermens Boston Bittahs 5 OZGeneric150215$18.99
NABittermens Burlesque Bitters 5 OZGeneric150216$18.99
NABittermens Orange Cream Citrate Extract 5 OZGeneric150217$18.99
NAThe Bitter End Memphis Style BBQ Bitters 2 OZGeneric150220$18.99
NAThe Bitter End Jamaican Jerk Bitters 2 OZGeneric150222$18.99
NAThe Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters 2 OZGeneric150223$18.99
NAThe Bitter End Moroccan Bitters 2 OZGeneric150224$18.99
NAThe Bitter End Thai Bitters 2 OZGeneric150225$18.99
NABittermens Orchard Street Celery Shrub Extract 5 OZGeneric150218$18.99
NAThe Bitter End Chesapeake Bay Bitters 2 OZGeneric150226$18.99
NAMarco Paolo Chocolate Truffles 4 piecesGeneric149899$18.99
20142014 Elena Walch Pinot Grigio 750MLGeneric164145$18.99
20112011 Cascina la Ghersa Gavi Il Poggio 750MLGeneric164182$18.99
20132013 Terredora Falanghina 750MLGeneric163985$18.99
NALa Vecchia Dispensa Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. 250MLGeneric163949$18.99
NALa Vecchia Dispensa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250mL 250MLGeneric163934$18.99
NALa Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic IGP Square Bottle 250mL 250MLGeneric163935$18.99
NVSabatino Tartufi Honey & Truffle 4.5ozGeneric159618$18.99
NAMichele Gaido Tarassaco "Dandelion" HoneyGeneric155150$18.99
20122012 Baron Herzog Vouvray Kosher 750MLGeneric155105$18.99
NACustom Freight Charge 19Generic137433$19.00
NVGovino Dishwasher Safe 16 oz Wine Glass 4-packGovino164623$19.95
NABee Raw Sourwood Honey from North Carolina 10ozBee Raw Honey107071$19.99
20112011 Barons de Rothschild Bordeaux Blanc 750MLDomaine Rothschild (Barons) and the Catena Family147262$19.99
NASideways The Book By Rex PickettBook: Sideways. The Ultimate Road Trip. The Last Hurrah.15134$19.99
20132013 Rothschild Bordeaux Blanc 750MLDomaine Rothschild (Barons) and the Catena Family162589$19.99
20122012 Baron de Rothschild Bordeaux Blanc 750MLDomaine Rothschild (Barons) and the Catena Family151982$19.99
20112011 Baron de Rothschild Bordeaux Rouge 750MLDomaine Rothschild (Barons) and the Catena Family151983$19.99
NAThree Vodka 750MLThree Vodka15761$19.99
NVTrader Vic's Macadamia Nut Liquor 750MLTrader Vic158744$19.99
20132013 Reata Pinot Noir Three County by Jamieson Ranch 750MLJamieson Canyon Winery164864$19.99
19711971 Pedroncelli Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLPedroncelli Winery152963$19.99
20062006 Blavia Cotes de Blaye 750MLMahler-Besse137110$19.99
NVSt. George Pear Brandy 200MLSt George Spirits154814$19.99
20112011 Prazo de Roriz 750MLPrat & Symington164679$19.99
NVScharffenberger Brut Sparkling Mendocino County 750MLScharffenberger Cellars28072$19.99
NACharbay Green Tea Vodka 750MLCharbay Winery and Distillery17482$19.99
20122012 Chateau de Chantegrive Rouge 750MLChateau Chantegrive161752$19.99
20112011 Chateau Fourcas Hosten 750MLChateau Fourcas-Hosten154324$19.99
NAPinnacle Gin 750MLPinnacle111188$19.99
20122012 Gundlach Bundschu Gewurztraminer 750MLGundlach Bundschu159212$19.99
20132013 Baileyana Chardonnay Grand Firepeak 750MLBaileyana162434$19.99
20122012 True Myth Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBaileyana159214$19.99
NV2 Gingers Irish Whiskey 750MLKilkerran160622$19.99
20132013 Attems Sauvignon Blanc 750MLAttems156392$19.99
20122012 Botani Dry Moscatel 750MLJorge Ordonez154821$19.9990
20122012 Victoria Ordonez Moscatel # 1 375ML (Half Bottle)Jorge Ordonez155780$19.9995
NABuffalo Trace White Dog Whiskey 125 Proof 375ML (Half Bottle)Buffalo Trace125927$19.99
20102010 Lapeyere Jurancon Sec 750MLLapeyere156808$19.99
20092009 Nugan Estate Chardonnay Frasca's Lane Vineyard 750MLNugan Estate150894$19.9990
20142014 Leitz Riesling Dragonstone QbA 750MLLeitz165344$19.99
20132013 Leitz Riesling "Dragonstone" 750MLLeitz156527$19.99
NVChateau Laubade Floc de Gascogne 750MLChateau de Laubade165357$19.99
20132013 Guy Saget Marie de Beauregard Chinon 750MLGuy Saget164271$19.99
20112011 Friedrich Becker Pinot Noir Estate 750MLFriedrich Becker156632$19.99
20102010 Boisson Cotes du Rhone Villages Chateau la Cote 750MLJean-Pierre Boisson156900$19.99
NVDomaine de la Louvetrie "Atmospheres" Brut 750MLDomaine de la Louvetrie157344$19.99
20122012 Weingut Ott Gruner Veltliner Am Berg 750MLWeingut Ott155636$19.9991
20132013 Alain Chavy Bourgogne Blanc Futures 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy163502$19.99
20112011 Elizabeth Spencer Cabernet Sauvignon 375ML (Half Bottle)Elizabeth Spencer Wines157342$19.99
20112011 Domaine Alain Chavy Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy153529$19.99
20122012 Domaine Alain Chavy Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy156235$19.99
20082008 Simcic Sauvignonasse 750MLVina Simcic122911$19.99
20132013 Luli Chardonnay Santa Lucia Highlands 750MLLuli Wines161068$19.9990
20092009 Hesketh Protagonist Shiraz 750MLHesketh Wines145976$19.99
20092009 Hesketh Shiraz "The Usual Suspects" 750MLHesketh Wines145922$19.99
20142014 Chateau Doisy Daene Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy-Daene163382$19.99
20092009 Maier Family Cenote Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLSt. Helena Road Winery144059$19.99
20142014 Abbazia di Novacella Kerner 750MLAbbazia di Novacella163898$19.99
NACoravin A65 Capsules 2-PackGeneric151488$19.99
NAAmi du Chambertin 250gGeneric137089$19.99
NATrue Countour Shaker Stainless Steel 18.5 oz includes Cap & StrainerGeneric141725$19.99
20092009 Terra Burdigala Roc de Jean Lys Bordeaux Superieur 750MLGeneric145855$19.9989
20092009 Dr. Burklin-Wolf Estate Riesling 750MLGeneric143441$19.9989
NAOenophilia WIne JournalGeneric142000$19.99
20102010 Domaine Pepiere Muscadet Les Gras Moutons 750MLGeneric146701$19.99
NAFortessa Sommelier Wooden Handle Bottle Opener with leather caseGeneric151694$19.99
NASan Giuliano Sicilian Bitter Orange MarmaladeGeneric152556$19.99
NAPommery Moutarde De Meaux Jar 250gGeneric162677$19.99
20112011 Villa Ponciago Fleurie 750MLGeneric161187$19.99
20122012 Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric153412$19.99
20132013 DeConciliis Falanghina 750MLGeneric163891$19.99
NAO Med Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250mL 250MLGeneric163778$19.99
NAO Med Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250mL 250MLGeneric163779$19.99
NATahoe Mountain Viejo Rojo 500MLGeneric162951$19.99
20122012 Campi Nuovi Montecucco Sangiovese 750MLGeneric164334$19.99
NADick Taylor 76% Single Origin Drinking Chocolate 8 OZGeneric159678$19.99
20132013 Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric164343$19.99
20132013 Domaine de la Semellerie Chinon 750MLGeneric164465$19.99
20132013 Borgo Del Tiglio Mille Uve Venezi eGiulia Bianco 750MLGeneric164509$19.99
19831983 Innocenti Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 750MLGeneric125771$19.99
NASabatino White Truffle Oil 100MLGeneric133795$19.99
NANavarino Icons Organic Fig Marmalade 330gGeneric163028$19.99
NANavarino Icons Lemon Marmalade 330gGeneric163029$19.99
NAStories of Greek Origins Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO 500mL 500MLGeneric163016$19.99
NANavarino Icons Olive Spoon Sweet 330gGeneric163030$19.99
20122012 Jamieson Ranch Chardonnay Riata Carneos 750MLGeneric163148$19.99
20122012 Coquard Loison Fleurot Bourgogne Rouge Futures 750MLGeneric163203$19.99
NAMother Of Pearl Spoon Small RoundGeneric51096$19.99
20132013 LOLA Pinot Noir North Coast 750MLGeneric157826$19.99
20132013 Lola Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric159317$19.99
NVMagisso Carafe Mini - Naturally Cooling CeramicsGeneric158808$19.99
NVMagisso Serving Cup set of 2 - Naturally Cooling CeramicsGeneric158809$19.99
20102010 La Cetto Nebiolo Private Reserve 750MLGeneric161707$19.99
20092009 La Cetto Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve 750MLGeneric161706$19.99
NALe Bon Garcon Salted Caramels Large Box 8 OZGeneric161032$19.99
20112011 Inception Pinot Noir Central Coast 750MLGeneric160908$19.99
NASlitti Gianera Hazelnut Fondant Spread 200gGeneric160899$19.99
NASlitti Riccosa Hazelnut Spread 200gGeneric160900$19.99
NAPedro Ximenez Dry Vinegar 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic160395$19.99
NAFine Cheese Co. Classic Crackers BoxGeneric159804$19.99
NALeblanc Huile de Noix Walnut Oil 8 OZGeneric160483$19.99
NAAgrmontana Amarene Sour Cherries 13.7ozGeneric160570$19.99
NAAgrmontana Albicocche Candied Apricots w/ Syrup 13.7ozGeneric160571$19.99
20122012 Chateau Citran 750MLChateau Citran161749$19.99
20132013 Bouchard Bourgogne Blanc Reserve 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils162825$19.99
NALillet Rose Apertif 750MLLillet (aperitif)144507$19.99
NALillet Red Aperitif Wine 750MLLillet (aperitif)12922$19.99
NALillet White Aperitif Wine 750MLLillet (aperitif)12923$19.99
20122012 Firestone Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLFirestone Vineyard164471$19.99
20132013 Hitching Post Pinot Noir Hometown 750MLHitching Post Winery160653$19.99
20132013 Talley Pinot Noir Estate 375ML (Half Bottle)Talley Vineyard162577$19.99
20122012 Benessere Pinot Grigio 750MLBenessere Estate Vineyard160949$19.99
20122012 Dry Creek Vineyard Heritage Zinfandel 750MLDry Creek Vineyards154968$19.99
20112011 Dry Creek Vineyard Merlot Sonoma 750MLDry Creek Vineyards153413$19.99
20122012 Chateau St Michelle Riesling Eroica 750MLChateau St Michelle151451$19.9991
20132013 Chateau Ste Michelle Eroica Riesling 750MLChateau St Michelle161640$19.99
20142014 Mensch California White by Covenant Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines163883$19.99
20132013 Mensch California Red by Covenant - Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines154602$19.99
20132013 A to Z Pinot Noir Oregon 750MLA - Z Wineworks164959$19.99
20112011 A to Z Pinot Noir Oregon 750MLA - Z Wineworks146969$19.9990
20132013 Qupe Chardonnay Y Block 750MLQupe Winery162453$19.99
NVQuady Vya Sweet Vermouth 750MLQuady Winery25304$19.99
NAQuady Vya California Extra Dry Vermouth 750MLQuady Winery10914$19.99
20132013 Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc 750MLMatanzas Creek Winery162564$19.99
20122012 Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir 375ML (Half Bottle)Robert Sinskey Winery161062$19.99
20142014 Saintsbury Vin Gris of Pinot Noir Carneros 750MLSaintsbury Vineyard163334$19.99
20112011 Justin Chardonnay 750MLJustin Vineyard152880$19.99
20132013 La Crema Chard Sonoma Coast 750MLLa Crema Winery157623$19.99
20122012 Melville Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills Estate 375ML (Half Bottle)Melville Vineyards (Ca.)156340$19.99
20122012 Neyers Sage Canyon Red 750MLNeyers Vineyards157687$19.99
20112011 Kendall Jackson Chardonnay Grand Reserve 750MLKendall Jackson Vineyard and Winery154765$19.99
20132013 Conundrum White Wine 750MLCaymus Vineyards159744$19.99
NARegalis Autumn Porcinis 1ozGeneric164949$19.99
20132013 Domaine de la Fontainerie Vouvray Sec 750MLGeneric164901$19.99
20122012 Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLGeneric164905$19.99
20142014 Sean Minor Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric164906$19.99
NATruffle Brothers Pasta with Porcini 8.7OZGeneric165140$19.99
NARegalis Black Truffle Sauce 85gGeneric165030$19.99
20112011 Landi Lacrima di Morro d'Alba Gavigliano 750MLGeneric164802$19.99
NACentro Tartufi Molise Burro al Tartufo Bianco 80gGeneric164649$19.99
20142014 Herdade do Pesos Bolotas 750MLGeneric164690$19.99
20142014 Boniperti Rosato Rosadisera 750MLGeneric164688$19.99
NAFresh Ice Tea GallonUnknown146133$19.99
NARegalis Black Truffle Sauce 85gGeneric696859209482$19.99
NARiedel Vinum Water Glass 6416/02Riedel Glas Austria120383$19.99
20122012 Les Charmes Godard Blanc 750MLChateau Vieux Certan151223$19.99
20142014 Chateau d Aiguilhe Futures 750MLChateau Aiguilhe163556$19.99
20122012 Antinori Villa Antinori Rosso 750MLAntinori163264$19.99
20102010 Avignonesi Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano 375ML (Half Bottle)Avignonesi149606$19.9991
20132013 MacMurray Ranch Chardonnay Russian River Valley 750MLMacMurray Ranch161665$19.99
20122012 MacMurray Ranch Chardonnay Russian River 750MLMacMurray Ranch151877$19.99
NAMichel Cluizel Almonds Coated With Dark Chocolate 150 Gr Sachet BagMichel Cluizel Chocolate19665$19.99
NVChandon Napa Brut 750MLDomaine Chandon14427$19.9990
NVChandon Brut American Summer 750MLDomaine Chandon163628$19.99
NVChandon Rose American Summer 750MLDomaine Chandon163629$19.99
NAJohn D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum Liqueur 750MLFalernum Liqueur14227$19.99
NAPraline New Orleans Pecan Liqueur 750MLPraline Liqueur40063$19.99
NADr. Mcgillicuddys Vanilla 750MLDr. McGillicuddy's107464$19.99
NALuxardo Marasca Cherries In A Pure Marasca Cherry Syrup 400g "Original MaraschinoLuxardo (Girolamo)30501$19.99
20062006 Attems Pinot Grigio 750MLaaa102699$19.99
NALe Creuset Wine Pump Set Matt BlackScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset163578$19.99
NVFluid Dynamics Brandy Manhattan 200MLGermain Robin160778$19.99
NVFluid Dynamics The 1850 200MLGermain Robin160779$19.99
NVFluid Dynamics The St. Nick 200MLGermain Robin160781$19.99
20142014 Bisson Ciliegiolo Rosato Golfo del Tigulllio 750MLBisson163568$19.99
20112011 Rose de Giscours 750MLChateau Giscours146212$19.99
20112011 Chateau Grand Village 750MLChateau Lafleur St Emilion147157$19.99
20112011 Pecchenino Dolcetto di Dogliani San Luigi 750MLPecchenino Agricultural Company150126$19.99
Multi VintageMarietta Christo Lot 1 750MLMarietta Cellars161351$19.99
20132013 Elio Perrone Moscato 750MLUNKNOWN157842$19.99
20092009 Domaine Du Trapadis Rasteau 750MLUNKNOWN157941$19.99
20142014 Lageder Lagrein Rose 750MLLageder Alois164793$19.99
20142014 Lageder Romigberg Kalt Schiava 750MLLageder Alois164852$19.99
20112011 Alma Rosa Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 750MLAlma Rosa Winery & Vineyards158427$19.99
NVFantinel Prosecco Rose 750MLFantinel100590$19.99
20142014 LIOCO Rose of Carignan 750MLLIOCO (Licklider & OConnor)162565$19.99
NVSandeman Port Founders Reserve 750MLSandeman14966$19.99
20102010 Tommasone Terradei Bianco 750MLUNKNOWN148600$19.99
20092009 Ch. La Mazerolle Bordeaux Rouge 750MLUNKNOWN145374$19.99
NVBorgo Nevo Rebuje Ribolla Gialla Sparkling NV Slovenia 750MLUNKNOWN138989$19.99
NVRain Organic Vodka 750MLRain Vodka25368$19.99
20092009 Poderi Foglia Conca Bianco Falanghina 750MLUNKNOWN128420$19.9990
20092009 Freemark Abbey Chardonnay Napa 750MLFreemark Abbey131115$19.99
NAGeorge Dickel No. 8 Bourbon Whiskey 750MLGeorge Dickel Promotions119530$19.99
NVMumm Napa Brut Prestige 750MLMumm Napa14833$19.9990
NVMumm Napa Brut Rose 750MLMumm Napa104627$19.9990
20112011 Andrea Faccio Gamba di Pernace 750MLUNKNOWN158706$19.99
20132013 Bortolomiol Bandarossa Prosecco 750MLUNKNOWN158961$19.99
20112011 Yves Cheron Cotes du Rhone Domaine Les Eschaffins 'Cairanne' 750MLUNKNOWN159088$19.99
20112011 Domaine de Fenouillet 'Les Terres Blanches' Beaumes de Venise 750MLUNKNOWN158903$19.99
20132013 Luneau-Papin 'Clos des Allees' Muscadet 750MLUNKNOWN159115$19.99
20112011 Del Prete Primitivo 'Nataly' 750MLUNKNOWN159112$19.99
20102010 Clos de Trias Cotes du Ventoux Rouge 750MLUNKNOWN159289$19.99
20132013 Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio 750MLUNKNOWN159500$19.99
NVCocchi Torino Vermouth 750MLUNKNOWN153458$19.99
20112011 Adorno Poggio Marino Barbera 750MLUNKNOWN151782$19.99
20112011 Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLGamla -- Golan Heights Winery162645$19.99
20102010 Brancaia Tre Toscana IGT 750MLBrancaia154014$19.99
NVHidalgo Alameda Cream Sherry 500MLVinicola Hidalgo159446$19.99
NARamos Pinto Lagrima Port 750MLRamos (Adriano) Pinto119255$19.99
20142014 Matteo Correggia Roero Arneis 750MLMatteo Correggia Azienda Agricola164799$19.99
20122012 Michel & Stephane Ogier d'Ampuis Cotes du Rhone Villages Plan de Dieu Le 750MLDomaine Ogier (Michel) Winery155134$19.99
NVBlandy's Alvada 5 years old Rich Madeira 500MLBlandy's112173$19.99
NAWallys Custom Wood CrateWally's Wine & Spirits18833$19.99
20122012 Pfeffingen Dry Scheurebe 750MLPfeffingen Wine Estate150645$19.99
NAAmarula Marula Cream Liqueur 750MLAmarula40148$19.99
20132013 Chave Mon Coeur Cotes du Rhone 750MLDomaine Chave JL (Jean Louis)163739$19.99
NVPlantation Blanco Rum 750MLPlantation Trinidad Rum156079$19.99
NAWallys Wooden Sixpack CrateWally's Wine & Spirits52142$20.00
NAGlassware Rack DepositUnknown143746$20.00
20022002 Francis Tannahill Gewurztraminer Dragonfly 750MLFrancis Tannahill Winery181066$20.00
20022002 Yarden Syrah Kosher 750MLYarden Wines158178$20.00
20072007 PrimaTerra Cinque Terre Carlaz 750MLGeneric184015$20.00
20012001 Zuani Collio Goriziano Vigne Bianco 750MLGeneric181796$20.00
20062006 Primaterra Tonos Rosso 750MLGeneric158175$20.00
20042004 Villa Sparina Montej 750MLGeneric181784$20.00
20092009 Araldica Gavi La Luciana 750MLGeneric181507$20.00
20012001 Schneider Vineyards Cabernet Franc 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic181132$20.00
NAFresh Squeezed Grapefruit Gal 1 GALUnknown101750$20.99
NAPropolis Quad Folius 750MLGeneric164622$20.99
20122012 Ramey Chardonnay Russian River 375ML (Half Bottle)Ramey Wine Cellars158432$20.99
20132013 Ceretto Moscato D'Asti 750MLCeretto159785$20.99
20092009 Chateau Poujeaux 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Poujeaux132168$20.99
NARamos Pinto Collector 750MLRamos (Adriano) Pinto12310$20.99
NAGalliano Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Galliano Liquore -- Liquore Galliano14013$20.99
NACachaca Ypioca Crystal 1LCachaca10375$20.99
20112011 Gunther Steinmetz Riesling Brauneberger Juffer Feinherb 750MLGunther Steinmetz150430$20.99
NABruery Tart of Darkness 750MLThe Bruery145291$20.99
20082008 Marques de Riscal Reserva 750MLMarques de Riscal162356$20.99
NAVirtue Percheron Normandy Style Cider 750MLGeneric153468$21.69
NAHook's 20 year Aged CheddarGeneric88636$21.88
20122012 Milziade Antano Rosso di Montefalco 750MLGeneric163803$21.99
20122012 Ferraris Grignolino d'Asti Vigna del Casot 750MLGeneric163887$21.99
20142014 50 by 50 Pinot Noir Rose Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric163474$21.99
20132013 Valle di Lazzaro Rosato 750MLGeneric164325$21.99
20132013 Dido, La Universal White 750MLGeneric164176$21.99
20122012 Dido, La Universal Red 750MLGeneric164175$21.99
20132013 Coronica Malvasia, Croatia 750MLGeneric162969$21.99
NAStories of Greek Origins Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO 200mL 200MLGeneric163017$21.99
20122012 Viandante Chardonnay by Skywalker Vineyards 750MLGeneric151107$21.99
20122012 Bodega Bouza Tannat Reserva 750MLGeneric158912$21.9990
20122012 Chateau La Tour de By 750MLGeneric160549$21.99
20122012 Ramey Claret 375ML (Half Bottle)Ramey Wine Cellars161186$21.99
20132013 Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 750MLAu Bon Climat Winery165345$21.99
20142014 Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc 750MLFrogs Leap Winery163172$21.99
20132013 Boniperti Rosato Rosadisera 750MLGeneric164689$21.99
20132013 Trinity Pinot Noir 750MLGeneric164674$21.99
20132013 Trinity Hills Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric164673$21.99
20112011 Domaine Duseigneur Lirac Antares 750MLGeneric164798$21.99
20132013 Dievole Chianti Classico 750MLGeneric165094$21.99
NATruffle Brothers Pasta with Truffle 8.7OZGeneric165139$21.99
20112011 Chateau des Tours Vaucluse 750MLGeneric165368$21.99
20122012 Marc Deschamps Pouilly Fume Les Porcheronnes 750MLGeneric165395$21.9991
20132013 Mer Soleil Chardonnay Silver 750MLMer Soleil Vineyard163662$21.99
20122012 Azienda Calcagno Etna Rosato Arcuria 750MLUnknown154062$21.99
20102010 Grifalco Aglicanico del Vulture Grifalco 750MLUnknown153884$21.99
20102010 Meerlust Chardonnay 750MLMeerlust Rubicon159224$21.99
20132013 Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)159900$21.99
20112011 Beckmen Syrah Estate 750MLBeckmen Vineyards155769$21.9991
20132013 Lail Blueprint Sauvignon Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Lail Vineyards161086$21.99
NABombay Gin 750MLBombay Distillery11679$21.99
NABeefeater Gin 750MLBeefeater11671$21.99
20132013 Belle Glos Pinot Noir Meiomi 750MLBelle Glos158488$21.99
20102010 Chateau Tour du Moulin 750MLChateau L'Eglise Clinet152051$21.99
NAFonseca Bin 27 Tawny Port 750MLFonseca29111$21.99
20142014 Chateau Branaire Ducru Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Branaire Ducru163795$21.99
NAPimms #1 Cup Liqueur 750MLPimms11696$21.99
NAEverclear Grain Alcohol 151 Proof 750MLEverclear Grain Alcohol12866$21.99
20142014 Le Marquis de Calon Segur Futures 750MLChateau Calon Segur163447$21.99
20142014 Chateau Pegau Pink Pegau Vin du France 750MLDomaine Pegau164590$21.99
20132013 El Felino Cabernet Sauvignon Vina Cobos 750MLVina Cobos158159$21.99
20132013 El Felino Chardonnay 750MLVina Cobos154346$21.99
NAGosling's Black Seal Rum 750MLGosling's Export (Bermuda) Limited12455$21.99
20092009 Chateau Tertre Daugay 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Tertre Daugay133367$21.9990
20102010 Chateau Filhot 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Filhot137824$21.99
NACorkpops Wine OpenerWally's Wine & Spirits15754$21.99
20132013 Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc Kosher 750MLGoose Bay160809$21.99
20142014 Braida Il Fiore Langhe Bianco 750MLBraida165261$21.99
20142014 Braida Moscato d' Asti Senza Nome 750MLBraida165260$21.99
NVPlantation Blanco Rum 1LPlantation Trinidad Rum162944$21.99
20132013 La Ghibellina 'Mainin' Gavi di Gavi 750MLUNKNOWN158845$21.99
20122012 Lavau Rasteau 750MLUNKNOWN159048$21.99
20122012 Mengoba Brezo Blanco Bierzo 750MLUNKNOWN158646$21.99
NVManhattan Margarita 750MLUNKNOWN165328$21.99
20082008 Poderi Foglia Conca Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN128421$21.99
NASoho Lychee Liqueur 750MLSoho Lychee Liqueur32756$21.99
20122012 Los Vascos Carmenere Grande Reserve 750MLLos Vascos159684$21.99
20122012 Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve 750MLLos Vascos161578$21.99
20142014 Domaine Renardat Fache Bugey Cerdon 750MLRenardat Fache165273$21.99
20012001 Salceda Reserva 750MLVina Salceda33140$21.99
20122012 Two Hands Brilliant Disguise Moscato 500MLTwo Hands Wines154428$21.99
NAGranier Mon Pastis 750MLGranier Mon Pastis Aperitif110080$21.99
20112011 Vallana Spanna 750MLVallana Antonio165318$21.99
NAThe Bruery Rueuze 750MLThe Bruery146871$21.99
NAThe Bruery Oude Tart 750MLThe Bruery145812$21.99
NABruery Sour in the Rye 750MLThe Bruery148007$21.99
20122012 Montes Alpha Chardonnay 750MLMontes156438$21.99
20132013 Montes Alpha Chardonnay 750MLMontes160711$21.99
20132013 Terre Nere Etna Rosso 750MLTerre Nere164526$21.99
20132013 Pazo de Barrantes Albarino 750MLPazo de Barrantes162706$21.99
20082008 Capafons Osso Sirsell 750MLCapafons-Osso161447$21.99
20122012 Faiveley Macon Villages 750MLDomaine Faiveley160875$21.99
20122012 Faiveley Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Faiveley160383$21.99
20112011 Bibich R6 Riserva, Croatia 750MLBibich Wines162973$21.99
20132013 Luli Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 750MLLuli Wines158641$21.99
NVTozai Snow Maiden Junmai 720MLDaimon Shuzo125780$21.99
20132013 Broglia Gavi di Gavi 750MLBroglia163343$21.99
20122012 Finca Villacreces Pruno 750MLFinca Villacreces158061$21.9993
20132013 Thierry Germain Roches Neuves Saumur Rouge Champigny 750MLRoches Neuves162985$21.99
20112011 Montepeloso A Quo 750MLMontepeloso152092$21.99
NVBordelet Sidre Argelette, Off dry deluxe sparkling apple cider 750MLBordelet Eric152471$22.49
NAHof ten Dormaal Barrel Aged Bruichladdich 750MLGeneric157830$22.49
20132013 Dona Fatima White Jampal 750MLGeneric164677$22.99
NASavini Tartufi Peschiole al Tartufo 180gGeneric164650$22.99
NV24-DO Satsuma Shiranami Shochu 750MLUnknown143616$22.99
20132013 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 750MLAu Bon Climat Winery160729$22.99
20132013 Mayacamas Chardonnay 375ML (Half Bottle)Mayacamas Vineyards164734$22.99
20122012 Ridge Zinfandel Lytton Springs 375ML (Half Bottle)Ridge Vineyards158470$22.99
20122012 Ridge Geyserville 375ML (Half Bottle)Ridge Vineyards157873$22.9990
20122012 Chateau Doisy Vedrines 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy Vedrines148801$22.99
20122012 Zilliken Riesling Saarburg Rausch Kabinett 750MLZilliken Estate153609$22.99
20132013 Planeta Frappato 750MLPlaneta164219$22.99
20132013 Bouchard Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils164544$22.99
20122012 Bouchard Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils158556$22.99
20112011 Bouchard Bourgogne Rouge Pinot 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils147888$22.99
NAWild Turkey 101 Bourbon 750MLWild Turkey10253$22.99
20122012 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 375ML (Half Bottle)Schramsberg Winery161073$22.99
20092009 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 375ML (Half Bottle)Schramsberg Winery150871$22.9991
20112011 Markham Merlot 750MLMarkham Vineyards150010$22.99
20132013 Beckmen Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Ynez Valley 750MLBeckmen Vineyards157959$22.99
20142014 Hagafen Riesling Lake County Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars165037$22.99
20132013 Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir Oregon 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Drouhin Oregon164972$22.99
20132013 Domaine Grand Jura Trousseau 750MLGeneric160478$22.99
NALa Nicchia Crunchy Capers 30gGeneric160686$22.99
NAFine Cheese Company Pickled Pears 350gGeneric159805$22.99
20122012 Stephan Aviron Cote de Brouilly 750MLGeneric160921$22.99
20122012 Stephane Aviron Morgon Cote Py 750MLGeneric160922$22.99
20122012 Stephane Aviron Chenas 750MLGeneric160923$22.99
20122012 Stephane Aviron Moulin a Vent 750MLGeneric160924$22.99
20102010 Podernuovo A Palazzone Therra 750MLGeneric161586$22.99
20122012 Sonoma Loeb Chardonnay Sonoma County 750MLGeneric159310$22.99
20122012 Sonoma Loeb Pinot Noir Sonoma County 750MLGeneric159312$22.99
20122012 Balnaves The Blend 750MLGeneric159734$22.99
20112011 Chateau La Tour de By 750MLGeneric155646$22.99
NAEleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500MLGeneric162807$22.99
NAPommery Moutarde Royale au Cognac 250gGeneric162678$22.99
20112011 Rodenbach Vinatge 2011 750MLGeneric152236$22.99
NASabatino Tartufi Truffle & Salt 4ozGeneric159620$22.99
20142014 Les Valentines Rose Provence 750MLGeneric163227$22.99
NVBordelet Poire Granit 750MLBordelet Eric155704$22.99
NAAngostura Bitters 16 OZAngostura Bitters124104$22.99
20112011 Ronco del Gnemiz Rosso di Jacopo Colli Orientali del Friuli 750MLUNKNOWN148672$22.99
20122012 Diego Conterno Barbera d'Alba 750MLUNKNOWN158705$22.99
20082008 Mas Bruguiere Pic St Loup L'Arbouse 750MLUNKNOWN158406$22.99
20112011 Tascante 'Ghiaia Nera' Etna Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN159040$22.99
NVCocchi Americano 750MLUNKNOWN153456$22.99
NASandeman Sherry Royal Coregidor 500MLSandeman25461$22.99
20092009 Drouhin Montagny Blanc 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin137009$22.99
20122012 Gavilan Chardonnay Chalone Vineyard 750MLChalone Vineyard (Ca.)153877$22.99
NAEtruria Blood Orange Oil 250MLEtruria Gourmet (Italian Foods)158606$22.99
NAEtruria Sorrento Lemon Oil 250MLEtruria Gourmet (Italian Foods)158607$22.99
20132013 Braida Il Baciale Monferrato 750MLBraida165263$22.99
20132013 Braida Barbera Montebruna 750MLBraida165258$22.99
20132013 Monte Bernardi Chianti Classico Fiasco 1LMonte Bernardi Vineyard164717$22.99
20112011 Badia a Coltibuono Chianti Classico l'Altro 750MLBadia a Coltibuono Abbey150103$22.99
NVNoval Black 750MLQuinta do Noval119345$22.99
NVRoederer Estate Brut 750MLRoederer Estate (Anderson Valley)14863$22.9991
20102010 Ca' Del Baio Langhe Nebbiolo 750MLCa' Del Baio138553$22.99
20122012 Amancaya Cabernet Malbec 750MLAmancaya164546$22.99
20122012 Benanti Rosso Di Verzella 750MLGuiseppe Benanti163835$22.99
20132013 Benanti Bianco di Caselle 750MLGuiseppe Benanti163840$22.99
20122012 Mongeard Mugneret Bourgogne Rouge 750MLDomaine Mongeard-Mugneret159596$22.99
NVFX Barc L' Evanescence Montluis sur Liore 750MLFX Barc162984$22.99
20132013 Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Blanc Les Setilles 750MLOlivier Leflaive164322$22.99
20112011 Domaine de la Butte Bourgueil Haut de la Butte 750MLJacky Blott149954$22.99
20142014 Ritual Pinot Noir 750MLVeramonte Alto de Casablanca Estate Winery164531$22.99
20122012 Primus Red Blend 750MLVeramonte Alto de Casablanca Estate Winery164527$22.99
NAAllagash Confluence 750MLAllagash Brewing Co.150528$22.99
NAAllagash Curieux 750MLAllagash Brewing Co.149815$22.99
20122012 Chateau Fourcas Hosten Futures 750MLChateau Fourcas-Hosten161790$22.99
20112011 Chateau de Chantegrive Rouge 750MLChateau Chantegrive154344$22.99
20132013 Jose Palacios Petalos Bierzo 750MLPalacios164856$22.99
NAFabrique Delices Duck Foie Gras MousseFabrique Delices33819$22.99
20142014 Jose Palacios Camins del Priorat 750MLPalacios164858$23.99
20132013 HALL Sauvignon Blanc Napa 750MLHall Winery156487$23.99
20142014 Red C Sauvignon Blanc Kosher 750MLRed C Wines162921$23.99
20132013 Onix Classic 750MLOnix Priorat161036$23.99
20102010 Chateau Puygueraud 750MLChateau Puygueraud138284$23.99
20142014 Esclans Whispering Angel Rose 750MLChateau d'Esclans161792$23.99
20122012 Gamble Family Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGamble Family Vineyards155432$23.99
20122012 Gamble Family Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGamble Family Vineyards159705$23.99
20122012 Bruno Giacosa Barbera D Alba 750MLBruno Giacosa162196$23.9992
NAFour Roses Straight Bourbon 750MLFour Roses104559$23.99
20132013 Margerum M5 Rhone Blend 750MLMargerum Wine Co.165198$23.99
20112011 Margerum LIBERTINE Sauvignon Blanc 750MLMargerum Wine Co.144129$23.99
20142014 Margerum Sauvignon Blanc Libertine 750MLMargerum Wine Co.162760$23.99
20122012 Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko Santorini 750MLDomaine Sigalas152637$23.9990
NAGabriel-Glas StandArt glassGabriel-Glas152357$23.99
20142014 La Bastide Blanche Bandol Rose 750MLBastide Blanche164168$23.9992
20142014 Bermejos Listan Rose 750MLBodega Los Bermejos164036$23.99
20132013 Los Bermejos Dry Malvasia from Canary Islands 750MLBodega Los Bermejos156920$23.99
20102010 Caparzo Brunello di Montalcino 375ML (Half Bottle)Tenuta Caparzo164707$23.99
20122012 Felsina Chianti Classico 750MLFelsina164463$23.99
20122012 Stags Leap Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 375ML (Half Bottle)Stags Leap Winery165219$23.99
20132013 Tenuta San Guido Le Difese 750MLSassicaia Estate Winery & Vineyards163727$23.9990
20132013 Guado al Tasso Vermentino 750MLAntinori163672$23.99
NAChopin Vodka 375ML (Half Bottle)Chopin Vodka40029$23.99
20142014 Domaine de Chevalier Rouge Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Chevalier163861$23.99
20112011 Frescobaldi Nipozzano Chianti 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de164874$23.99
20112011 Frescobaldi Tenuta Castiglioni 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de157551$23.99
20142014 Braida Brachetto D'acqui 750MLBraida165259$23.99
20122012 Gavilan Pinot Noir Chalone Vineyard Estate 750MLChalone Vineyard (Ca.)153428$23.99
20122012 Foradori Teroldego Rotaliano 750MLForadori Azienda Agricola165097$23.99
Multi VintageMarietta Arme Lot 1 750MLMarietta Cellars161399$23.9991
NAGraham Six Grapes Port 750MLGraham's Port25866$23.99
20132013 G. B. Burlotto Pelaverga 750MLUNKNOWN157841$23.99
20112011 Oremus Dry Furmint, Mandolas 750MLOremus Estate158455$23.99
20132013 Casanova Di Neri Sant Antimo 750MLCasanova Neri164747$23.99
20132013 Seghesio Zinfandel Sonoma 750MLSeghesio Family Vineyards160285$23.9992
20122012 Alma Rosa Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills 750MLAlma Rosa Winery & Vineyards158547$23.9991
20132013 San Giusto Chianti Classico 750MLFattoria San Giusto a Rentennano164520$23.99
20142014 Storm Sauvignon Blanc Santa Ynez Valley 750MLGeneric163308$23.99
NVDeConciliis Selim Sparkling 750MLGeneric163894$23.99
NALe Creuset 8 oz. Mini Round Cocotte Marseille BlueGeneric135075$23.99
NALe Creuset 8 oz. Mini Round Cocotte Red CherryGeneric135076$23.99
20082008 Dingac Vinarija Postup, Croatia 750MLGeneric149740$23.99
NAViski Professional Crystal Mixing Glass 500ml lead freeGeneric162656$23.99
NASabatino Black Truffle Tagliatelle Pasta and SauceGeneric141667$23.99
NVDomaine de Vodanis Sparkling Vouvray Petillant Brut 750MLGeneric143446$23.99
NAAntica Torroncini Misti Morbidi 200gGeneric156172$23.99
NASea Cider Pippins 750MLGeneric161391$23.99
NALa Nicchia Caper Powder 35gGeneric160687$23.99
NACongedi Monocultivar EVOO Coratina 500mL 500MLGeneric160577$23.99
20132013 Biale Zinfandel Black Chicken 375ML (Half Bottle)Biale Vineyards162743$23.99
20132013 Red C Sauvignon Blanc Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines154982$23.99
20132013 Yarden Chardonnay 750MLYarden Wines162658$23.99
20132013 Hagafen Chardonnay Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars162624$23.99
20122012 Hagafen Chardonnay Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars150767$23.99
20122012 Cliff Lede Sauvignon Blanc 750MLCliff Lede Vineyards149620$23.9989
20132013 Tenuta Sette Ponti Crognolo 750MLSette Ponti Estate164493$23.99
NAAlvear Solera Cream 500MLAlvear Winery (sherry)17402$23.9995
20122012 Stony Hill Gewurztraminer 750MLStony Hill Vineyard155026$23.99
20102010 Stony Hill Semillon de Soleil 375ML (Half Bottle)Stony Hill Vineyard155027$23.99
20132013 Melville Chardonnay Sta Rita Hills 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)158714$23.99
20122012 Melville Syrah Vernas 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)158530$23.9994
20122012 Coppola Zinfandel Directors Cut 750MLFrancis Coppola Winery156620$23.99
20142014 Marisa Cuomo Bianco Ravello 750MLGeneric165254$23.99
20132013 Chateau du Breze Saumur Blanc Clos de Midi 750MLGeneric165336$23.99
20132013 Moretto Lambrusco Monovitigno 750MLGeneric164770$23.99
20102010 Azienda Calcagno Etna Rosso Arcuria 750MLUnknown154063$23.99
NAWindows On the World Wine Course ZralyUnknown52038$24.95
NAThe Art of The Bar BookGeneric109149$24.95
20052005 Olivier Leflaive Chassagne Montrachet 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic106255$24.99
20132013 Duroche Bourgougne Rouge Futures 750MLGeneric163078$24.99
NVOenophilia Wine Bottle Tumblers- Set of 4 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic118950$24.99
20112011 Domaine De Montbourgeau L'etoile 750MLGeneric163911$24.99
NALa Vecchia Dispensa Condiment w/ Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. 100ml 100MLGeneric163947$24.99
20132013 DeConciliis Fiano Donnaluna 750MLGeneric163893$24.99
20142014 Liquid Farm Rose Vogelzang Vineyard 750MLGeneric163306$24.99
NVNapa Valley Vodka Distillers Blend 750MLGeneric142321$24.99
20052005 Domaine Prieure St. Christophe Vin de Savoie 750MLGeneric145912$24.99
20092009 Prieure St.-Christophe Savoie 750MLGeneric147845$24.99
NABOSKA Life Cheese Knife SoftGeneric8713638018362$24.99
20102010 Fabre Montmayou Malbec Gran Reserve 750MLGeneric150735$24.99
NABOSKA Life Cheese Knife SoftGeneric150745$24.99
NASal de Ibiza Fleur de Sel Cork Top 150GGeneric162684$24.99
NAGriottines Morello Cherries 400gGeneric162691$24.99
20122012 Chateau de Parsac Bordeaux Kosher 750MLGeneric160645$24.99
NAAntonio Mattei Biscotti di Prato 500g 500GRGeneric160651$24.99
20112011 Pizzorno Select Blend 750MLGeneric161273$24.99
20132013 Woodstock Mclaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric160827$24.99
20122012 Woodstock Mclaren Vale Shiraz 750MLGeneric160825$24.99
NACorkfish Cork removal toolGeneric158339$24.99
NAAntica Piemontese Torrone Morbido ricoperto di cioccolato fondente 200gGeneric156171$24.99
20132013 Holman Cellars Unchartered White 750MLGeneric155428$24.99
20102010 La Violette du Manoir du Gravoux 750MLGeneric157599$24.99
19971997 Mendelson Dessert Wine 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic157328$24.99
20062006 Beck-Hartweg Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Frankstein 750MLUnknown131266$24.99
NVBailly-Lapierre Rose Cremant 750MLUnknown135627$24.99
NVHan Soju Fire 720MLUnknown163548$24.99
NVHan Soju Teq 720MLUnknown163549$24.99
NVHan Solju Citrus 720MLUnknown163550$24.99
NADassai 50 Sparkling Nigori 330MLUnknown147645$24.99
20132013 Girolamo Russo Etna a Rina 750MLGeneric165327$24.99
20142014 Dirupi Valtellina Ole 750MLGeneric165379$24.99
20122012 Rubrica White by Luis Duarte 750MLGeneric165245$24.99
20142014 Balo Vineyards Pinot Noir White (Vin Gris) 750MLGeneric164766$24.99
20142014 Foresti Rossese di Dolceacqua 750MLGeneric164800$24.99
NALa Favorita Truffle Spread 80g 3 OZGeneric164957$24.99
NAPebeyre Truffle Mayonnaise 6.34ozGeneric165022$24.99
20142014 Occhipinti Sp68 Rosso 750MLGeneric165108$24.99
20112011 Grosjean Freres Cornalin Valle D'Aosta 750MLUnknown154006$24.99
NAHellfire Club Bloody Mary Mix 1LUnknown156771$24.99
NVJoto Junmai 720MLUnknown150105$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Brandy Cognac Snifter 6416/18Riedel Glas Austria14738$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Single Malt 6416/80Riedel Glas Austria14739$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Port 6416/60Riedel Glas Austria14740$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Montrachet 6416/97Riedel Glas Austria52055$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige 6416/48Riedel Glas Austria14724$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Grappa 6416/70Riedel Glas Austria17089$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Syrah/Shiraz 6416/30Riedel Glas Austria14864$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon /Merlot Bordeaux Glass 6416/0Riedel Glas Austria26244$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Martini 6416/77Riedel Glas Austria15612$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Cognac Hennessy 6416/71Riedel Glas Austria51051$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Pinot Noir Burgundy Red 6416/07Riedel Glas Austria14642$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Viognier Chardonnay 6416/05Riedel Glas Austria14644$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Chianti Zinfandel Riesling Grand Cru 6416/15Riedel Glas Austria14645$24.99
NARiedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc 6416/33Riedel Glas Austria14698$24.99
20122012 Iron Horse Chardonnay Estate 750MLIron Horse Vineyards151853$24.99
20122012 La Crema Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLLa Crema Winery152967$24.99
20112011 Falcone Syrah Paso Robles 750MLFalcone Family Vineyards155764$24.99
20132013 Flora Springs Sauvignon Blanc Soliloquy 750MLFlora Springs Winery162601$24.99
20132013 Ferrari Carano Chardonnay 750MLFerrari Carano Vineyards (Sonoma)160294$24.99
20112011 Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLSonoma Cutrer Vineyards146223$24.99
20122012 Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLSonoma Cutrer Vineyards152213$24.99
20132013 Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLSonoma Cutrer Vineyards163036$24.99
20142014 Neyers Zinfandel Vista Luna 750MLNeyers Vineyards164399$24.99
20142014 Planeta Etna Bianco 750MLPlaneta164217$24.99
NVOld Forester Bottled in Bond 100 proof 750MLOld Forester Bourbon162977$24.99
NAJack Daniels Whiskey 750MLJack Daniels Distillery10168$24.99
NARinquinquin P Aperitif 750MLRinquinquin26757$24.99
NAByrrh Aperitif Liqueur 750MLByrrh61475$24.99
20112011 Palacios Remondo La Montesa 750MLPalacios Remondo Wine160710$24.99
NATanqueray Gin 750MLTanqueray11701$24.99
20122012 Carpe Diem Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLDominus Estate Winery162562$24.99
20112011 Newton Claret 750MLNewton Vineyard157016$24.99
20132013 Newton Chardonnay Red Label 750MLNewton Vineyard162084$24.99
20122012 Arrowood Chardonnay Sonoma County 750MLArrowood Vineyards157361$24.99
20102010 Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLDry Creek Vineyards155429$24.99
20112011 Copain Pinot Noir Les Voisins 375ML (Half Bottle)Copain Winery154451$24.99
20122012 Malibu Vineyards Syrah 750MLMalibu Estate Vineyards160758$24.99
20112011 Malibu Vineyards Syrah 750MLMalibu Estate Vineyards159113$24.99
20122012 Hill Family Barrel Blend 750MLHill Family Estate155419$24.99
20122012 Freemark Abbey Chardonnay Napa Valley 750MLFreemark Abbey152886$24.99
NVGeorge Dickel Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky No.12 750MLGeorge Dickel Promotions23392$24.99
NABelvedere Vodka 375ML (Half Bottle)Belvedere Vodka Distillery40028$24.99
NAGeorge Dickel Rye Whisky 750MLGeorge Dickel Promotions147987$24.99
20112011 Ronco del Gnemiz Schiopettino Colli Orientali del Friuli 750MLUNKNOWN148671$24.99
19981998 Terreno Chianti Classico 750MLUNKNOWN150727$24.99
20062006 Marchesi Di Gresy Monferrato Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN151578$24.99
NVAbsentroux Absinthium Apertif 750MLUNKNOWN164759$24.99
20122012 Nanfro Cerasualo 750MLUNKNOWN163401$24.99
NVHamilton Demerara Rum (86 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN162988$24.99
NVPau Maui Hawaiian Vodka 750MLUNKNOWN160872$24.99
NVPaolucci Amaro Ciociaro 750MLUNKNOWN160797$24.99
20122012 Tenuta Pederzana 'Grasparossa' Lambrusco 750MLUNKNOWN158103$24.99
NVDry Fly Barrel Reserve Gin 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN152752$24.99
20092009 Casanuova delle Cerbaie Rosso di Montalcino UNKNOWN300001$24.99
NVBig House Bourbon Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN159552$24.99
20122012 I Custodi Pistus 750MLUNKNOWN159520$24.99
20112011 Pietracupa Greco di Tufo 750MLUNKNOWN159529$24.99
20112011 Anna Maria Abbona 'Maioli' Dogliani Dolcetto 750MLUNKNOWN158840$24.99
20122012 Les Vins de Vienne Viognier 750MLUNKNOWN159050$24.99
20092009 Casanuova delle Cerbaie Rosso di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN158972$24.99
20122012 Reinhold Haart Piesport Kabinett 750MLUNKNOWN158788$24.99
20122012 Gilles Robin Crozes-Hermitage Cuvee Papillon 750MLUNKNOWN158663$24.99
20112011 Feraud-Brunel Rasteau 750MLUNKNOWN158662$24.99
NVSalers Aperitif 750MLUNKNOWN156948$24.99
20112011 Favati Fiano Di Avellino Pietr 750MLUNKNOWN155796$24.99
NVCampo Azul Blanco Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN156001$24.99
NVReyka Icelandic Vodka 750MLReyka Vodka/Icelandic Water24709$24.99
20102010 Foradori Teroldego Rotaliano 750MLForadori Azienda Agricola151392$24.99
20122012 Schloss Schonborn Hattenheim Pfaffenberg Riesling Kabinett 750MLSchloss Schonborn151817$24.99
20082008 La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi 750MLLa Rioja162924$24.99
20112011 Rocca Di Montegrossi Chianti Classico 750MLRocca di Montegrossi149922$24.99
20132013 Braida Brachetto d'Acqui 750MLBraida154705$24.99
20142014 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 750MLSanta Margherita163704$24.99
20132013 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 750MLSanta Margherita155403$24.99
20092009 Frescobaldi Nipozzano Chianti Classico 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de152925$24.99
NABlandys Sercial Madeira 5 Yr 750MLBlandy's14972$24.99
NABlandys Malmsey Madeira 5 Yr 750MLBlandy's14973$24.99
NABlandys Bual Madeira 5yearold 750MLBlandy's15335$24.99
NAEmilio Lustau Palo Cortado Jerez Peninsula Solera Reserva 750MLEmilio Lustau26169$24.9996
20122012 Pio Cesare Dolcetto 750MLPio Cesare157839$24.99
20142014 Txakoli Txomin Etxaniz 750MLTxomin Etxaniz Winery162699$24.99
20142014 Txakoli Txomin Etxaniz Rose 750MLTxomin Etxaniz Winery164360$24.99
20092009 Dom Rene Rostaing Coteaux du Languedoc Puech Noble 750MLRostaing Rene153582$24.9990
NALustau East India Sherry 750MLLustau (Emilio)15309$24.9996
20132013 Catena Chardonnay 750MLCatena Family Wines158418$24.99
20142014 Le Dragon de Quintus Futures 750MLChateau Haut Brion163367$24.99
NACaptain Morgan Black Spice Rum 750MLCaptain Morgan Rum Co.143890$24.99
NASauza Tequila Gold Extra 1LSauza Tres Generaciones (tequila)12213$24.99
20092009 Prieler Chardonnay Ried Sinner 750MLPrieler Weingut134234$24.99
NAEpoisses Berthaut 250 GrEpoisses Berthaut41194$24.99
20132013 MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLMacMurray Ranch163134$24.99
20142014 Chateau Ormes de Pez Futures 750MLChateau les Ormes de Pez163284$24.99
NARemy Passoa Fruit Liqueur 750MLRemy Martin Estate101968$24.99
NVRoederer Estate Brut Rose 750MLRoederer Estate (Anderson Valley)14861$24.99
NALe Creuset Screwpull Waiter's Friend CorkscrewScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset112749$24.99
NALe Creuset Screwpull Cooler Sleeve BlackScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset133768$24.99
NALe Creuset Screwpull Foil Cutter Black NickelScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset26439$24.99
NVPimms Blackberry & Elderflower Liqueur 750MLPimms158399$24.99
20122012 Ornellaia Le Volte 750MLTenuta dell Ornellaia157454$24.9990
NACointreau Liqueur 80 Proof 375ML (Half Bottle)Remy Cointreau40024$24.99
NVMassenez Wild Raspberry Brandy 375ML (Half Bottle)Massenez159022$24.99
NVSchonauer Apfelschnapps Liquor 750MLSchonauer Distillery142790$24.99
NAKahlua Coffee Liqueur 750MLKahlua13859$24.99
NAMidori Melon Liqueur 750MLMidori (Australia)14085$24.99
NVBlack Bottle Fine Old Scotch 750MLBlack Bottle Scotch Whisky125085$24.99
20132013 Chateau Lalande Borie Futures 750MLChateau Lalande Borie156540$24.99
20082008 Chateau Fourcas Borie 750MLChateau Lalande Borie134652$24.99
NVCasa Noble Tequila Reposado 375ML (Half Bottle)Casa Noble158516$24.99
20102010 Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva 750MLChateau Gigault157953$24.9990
NACutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLCutty Sark10510$24.99
20132013 Punta Crena Vermentino 750MLPunta Crena164771$24.99
20092009 Beck-Hartweg Riesling Vieilles Vignes 750MLBeck-Hartweg (Yvette et Michel)145908$24.99
20092009 Chateau Arnauton Cuvee Grand Sol 750MLChateau Armauton122832$24.999191
20122012 Luce Della Vite Lucente 750MLLucente163981$24.99
NVBallast Point Fugu Horchata Vodka 750MLBallast Point Spirits160642$24.99
20092009 Chateau La Reverence 750MLChateau la Reverence124292$24.9990
20112011 Chateau Puy Blanquet 750MLChateau Puy Blanquet144851$24.99
20082008 Baron de Ley Reserva 750MLBaron de Ley153722$24.99
20112011 Ch Fuisse Morgon Charmes 750MLChateau Fuisse154401$24.99
NAFrancois Pralus Barre Infernale Lait (Milk Choc w/ Praline & Hazelnuts)Francois Pralus142470$24.99
NAFrancois Pralus Barre Infernale Noire (Dark Choc w/ Praline & Almonds)Francois Pralus142471$24.99
20122012 Wittmann Riesling Trocken 750MLWittmann153790$24.99
20142014 Mar de Frades Albarino 750MLMar de Frades Winery164042$24.99
20072007 Drei Dona Notturno Forli Igt 750MLDrei Dona120025$24.99
20132013 Chateau Doisy Daene Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy-Daene155582$24.99
20122012 Francois Carillon Bourgogne Chardonnay 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon155387$24.99
20102010 Francoise Carillon Beaune Les Paules Rouge 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon156243$24.99
20112011 Francois Carillon Beaune Les Paules Rouge 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon156244$24.99
NVFrancois Chidaine Montluis Brut Nature Methode Traditionenlle 750MLFrancois Chidaine164900$24.99
NAMerlet Triple Sec 750MLMerlet138049$24.99
20092009 Weingut Heymann-Lvwenstein Riesling Schieferterrassen 750MLWeingut Heymann-Lvwenstein144985$24.99
20122012 Jean Paul Brun Cotes de Brouilly Terres Dorees 750MLJean-Paul Brun156109$24.99
20122012 Chateau Miraval Blanc 750MLChateau Miraval155382$24.99
20142014 Miraval Rose Provence 750MLChateau Miraval162327$24.99
NAMyers Rum Dark 750MLMyers Rum12497$24.99
20122012 Lucia Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 375ML (Half Bottle)Lucia Vineyards160956$24.9990
NVBuffalo Trace Cream Liqueur 750MLBuffalo Trace163980$24.99
20132013 Alponhse Mellot Sancerre La Moussiere Rose 750MLAlphonse Mellot164269$24.99
NADolin Vermouth de Chambery Dry 750MLDolin105194$24.99
20132013 Bruno Giacosa Dolcetto D'alba 750MLBruno Giacosa162195$24.9991
20132013 Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis 750MLBruno Giacosa155216$24.99
20102010 Conde Valdemar Inspiracion 750MLBodegas Valdemar161223$24.99
NAOuzo #12 750MLOuzo #1216592$24.99
20142014 Gamble Family Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGamble Family Vineyards165005$24.99
20122012 Gundlach Bundschu Chardonnay Estate 750MLGundlach Bundschu159109$24.99
20122012 Faiveley Bourgogne Rouge 750MLDomaine Faiveley164293$24.99
20132013 Faiveley Bourgogne Rouge 750MLDomaine Faiveley164229$24.99
20122012 Massolino Langhe Chardonnay 750MLMassolino Giovanni155411$24.99
NVScharffenberger Brut Rose 750MLScharffenberger Cellars107319$24.9990
20102010 Pelissero Barbera d'Alba Piani 750MLGiorgio Pelissero Agricultural Co.149433$24.99
20112011 Buehler Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLBuehler Vineyards149993$24.99
NATitos Texas Vodka 750MLTito's Handmade Texas Vodka29198$24.99
NASommeliers Washing Kit3 Brush Set For Decanter Stemware GobletBrookstone (wine accessories)30677$24.99
20132013 Kim Crawford Spitfire Sauvignon Blanc 750MLKim Crawford Wines158491$24.99
20112011 Penner Ash Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 375ML (Half Bottle)Penner Ash Wine Cellars150243$24.99
NAAcetaia Malpighi Prelibato White Balsamic Vinegar 200mlAcetaia Malpighi32371$24.99
NAFrancoli Grappa 3 Year Oak Age 750MLFrancoli Grappa103519$24.99
NAFrancoli Grappa Di Riesling 3 year 375ML (Half Bottle)Francoli Grappa128712$24.99
NVKiuchi No Shizuku (Distilled Hitachino White Ale) 200MLHitachino Ale151446$24.99
20122012 Decoy Red Sonoma County 750MLDecoy by Duckhorn162479$24.99
NVDamrak Gin 750MLDamrak100328$24.99
NASlitti Tartufi al CognacSlitti Italian Chocolate160141$24.99
20112011 Happy Canyon Piocho 750MLHappy Canyon Vineyards164005$24.99
20142014 Neyers Chardonnay 304 Sonoma 750MLNeyers Vineyards164400$25.00
20062006 Chateau d'Aiguilhe 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic190022$25.00
NACheese Plate for 2Generic149454$25.00
NAEdelstein The Patron WayGeneric149348$25.00
NAEquipment Rental DepositGeneric103514$25.00
20142014 Sigalas Santorini Assyrtico 750MLGeneric164174$25.99
20112011 Domaine de Montvac Vacqueyras 750MLGeneric164181$25.99
20102010 Tooth and Nail The Possessor 750MLGeneric149476$25.99
20112011 Deschamps Pouilly Fume Les Vignes de Berge 750MLGeneric162223$25.99
20092009 Marques de Vargas Rioja Reserva 750MLGeneric162435$25.99
NAValerie Confections 6pc Assorted Dark Chocolate ToffeeGeneric144886$25.99
NASea Cider Prohibition 750MLGeneric161390$25.99
20122012 Bernabeleva Navaherreros Tinto 750MLGeneric161038$25.99
NAMarshall's Farm Natural Honey w/ Wildflower Honeycomb 8oz 8 OZGeneric160094$25.99
20122012 Bouza Albarino 750MLGeneric159912$25.99
20102010 Porto Carras Magnus Baccata 750MLGeneric158800$25.99
20132013 Granbazan Ambar Albarino 750MLGeneric156481$25.99
20112011 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay Los Alamos Vineyard 750MLAu Bon Climat Winery160732$25.99
20112011 Clos Pepe Chardonnay Estate Barrel Fermented 750MLClos Pepe Vineyards149982$25.99
20102010 Calcagno Nerello Macallese Feudo di Mezzo 750MLUnknown154064$25.99
NVRokkasen Jyunmai Extra Dry 720MLUnknown157895$25.99
20122012 Hess Cabernet Sauvignon Allomi Vineyard 750MLHess Collection158030$25.99
20142014 La Ginestraia Pigato 750MLGeneric164951$25.99
20142014 La Ginestraia Vermentino 750MLGeneric164950$25.99
20042004 Marques del Puerto Gran Reserva 750MLGeneric165001$25.99
20142014 Granbazan Albarino Ambar 750MLGeneric164898$25.99
20112011 Fiddlehead Sauvignon Blanc Happy Canyon 750MLFiddlehead Cellars158825$25.99
20132013 Walter Hansel Chardonnay Estate 750MLWalter Hansel165063$25.99
20132013 Ponzi Pinot Noir La Tavola Oregon 750MLPonzi Vineyards164763$25.99
20112011 Yarden Pinot Noir Kosher 750MLYarden Wines164866$25.99
20122012 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard 375ML (Half Bottle)Ken Wright Cellars152317$25.99
20122012 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Savoya Vineyard 375ML (Half Bottle)Ken Wright Cellars152319$25.99
20102010 Meerlust Merlot 750MLMeerlust Rubicon159225$25.99
NABoodles Gin 750MLBoodles11687$25.99
20132013 Chateau Guiraud Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Guiraud155581$25.99
20132013 Ornellaia Le Volte 750MLTenuta dell Ornellaia163710$25.99
20132013 Heidi Schrock Gelber Muskateller 750MLHeidi Schrock156506$25.99
NVHacienda Sotol Chihuahua Blanco 750MLHacienda Chihuahua Tequila101577$25.99
20142014 Chateau Larcis Ducasse Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Larcis Ducasse163794$25.99
20142014 Chateau Cantemerle Futures 750MLChateau Cantemerle163420$25.99
20122012 Vall Llach Embruix 750MLCeller Vall Llach164285$25.99
20132013 Jermann Pinot Grigio 750MLJermann (Silvio) Wines161631$25.99
20122012 Jermann Pinot Grigio 750MLJermann (Silvio) Wines150996$25.99
20112011 Canalicchio di Sopra Rosso di Montalcino 750MLCanalicchio di Sopra154980$25.9990
20102010 Corsa 'Cima Coppi' Brut Rose 750MLUNKNOWN157931$25.99
20122012 Stolpman Syrah Ballard Canyon Estate 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate160818$25.9990
NVChairman's Reserve Rum 750MLUNKNOWN158677$25.99
20122012 Chateau Maucaillou Futures 750MLChateau Maucaillou161731$25.99
20132013 Freemark Abbey Chardonnay Napa Valley 750MLFreemark Abbey162371$25.99
20102010 Juve y Camps Millesime 750MLJuve y Camps161202$25.99
20132013 Sigalas Santorini Assyrtico 750MLDomaine Sigalas158343$25.99
20112011 Doisy Daene Blanc Sec 750MLChateau Doisy-Daene155528$25.99
20092009 Chateau Tauzinat L Hermitage 750MLChateau Tauzinat L'Hermitage123811$25.99
20062006 Vigneti Massa Monleale 750MLVigneti Massa115348$25.99
20112011 Vigneti Massa Derthona 750MLVigneti Massa161487$26.99
20142014 Chateau Moulin St Georges Futures 750MLChateau Moulin St. Georges163701$26.99
20052005 Graham Beck Brut Zero 750MLGraham Beck146550$26.99
20092009 Trenza Tinto 750MLTrenza Winery150078$26.99
NVMinato Futsuu-Shu 720MLNaba Shoten Brewery125779$26.99
20122012 Brovia Roero Arneis 750MLFratelli Brovia152574$26.99
20142014 Domaine de la Perrieres Sancerre Guy Saget 750MLGuy Saget164246$26.99
20102010 Chateau Lanessan 750MLChateau Lanessan137819$26.99
20082008 Domaine Skouras Megas Oenos Red Blend 750MLSkouras152640$26.99
20092009 Viticcio Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLFattoria Viticcio Estate147030$26.99
NATio Pepe Sherry Kosher 750MLGonzalez Byass Winery104470$26.99
20132013 Chateau de Sales Futures 750MLChateau Sales157888$26.99
20142014 Chateau de Sales Futures 750MLChateau Sales163601$26.99
20132013 Dragonette Sauvignon Blanc Happy Canyon 750MLDragonette Cellars164073$26.99
20122012 Chateau De Sales Futures 750MLChateau Sales149326$26.99
20112011 Chateau de Chantegrive Blanc Cuvee Caroline 750MLChateau Chantegrive144346$26.99
20102010 Chateau Puygueraud Cuvee George 750MLChateau Puygueraud138285$26.99
NABaileys Irish Cream Liqueur 750MLBaileys Irish Cream13116$26.99
20122012 Palmina Malvasia Bianca 750MLPalmina Winery163884$26.99
NVAngostura Amaro 750MLAngostura Bitters161771$26.99
20052005 Rolet L ' Etoile Blanc Chardonnay Arbois 750MLUNKNOWN158407$26.99
20092009 Domaine La Roubine Vacqueryras 750MLUNKNOWN158856$26.99
20122012 Castello di Verduno Pelaverga Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN159575$26.99
20142014 Alois Lageder Moscato Giallo 750MLLageder Alois164853$26.99
NASandemans Royal Ambrosante Sherry 500MLSandeman25236$26.99
NASandemans Royal Esmaralda Sherry 500MLSandeman15467$26.99
20122012 Tenuta Sarno Fiano Di Avellino 750MLUNKNOWN157549$26.99
NVBlackwell Rum 750MLUNKNOWN156504$26.99
20142014 Barr Hill Gin 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN156440$26.99
NACrystal Stir Sticks 6Wally's Wine & Spirits103609$26.99
20102010 Frescobaldi Ammiraglia Pietraregia Morellino di Scansano 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de157557$26.99
NAEmilio Lustau Moscatel Jerez Emilin Solera Reserva 750MLEmilio Lustau26174$26.9996
20102010 Domaine Rene Rostaing Coteaux du Languedoc Puech Noble 750MLRostaing Rene153583$26.99
20112011 Bussola Valpolicella Ca De Laito Valpolicella 750MLBussola (Tommaso) Winery165316$26.99
NATibvrtini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500MLTibvrtini104938$26.99
NAMargai Balsamic Condimento 5 Years Aged 250MLOlio & Olive140702$26.99
NAAbsolut Vodka Vanilla 750MLAbsolut (vodka)15577$26.99
NAStolichnaya Ohranj Vodka 750MLStolichnaya Russian Vodka133009$26.99
NAStolichnaya Vodka 750MLStolichnaya Russian Vodka12018$26.99
NAStolichnaya Citros Vodka 750MLStolichnaya Russian Vodka61484$26.99
20122012 Duckhorn Merlot Napa Valley 375ML (Half Bottle)Duckhorn Wine Company158990$26.99
20082008 Quinta do Noval Late Bottle Vintage 750MLQuinta do Noval158498$26.99
20112011 La Braccesca Vino Nobile di Montepulcino 750MLAntinori163670$26.99
NAPatron Citronge Liqueur 750MLPatron Spirits Company13307$26.99
20092009 Vieille Julienne Cotes du Rhone Lieu Dit Clavin 750MLDomaine Vieille Julienne143893$26.9990
NAClear Creek Apple Brandy 2year 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery10060$26.99
20042004 Chateau La Vieille Cure Futures 750MLChateau Vieille Cure157387$26.9990
20092009 Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva 750MLChateau Gigault122793$26.99
NABombay Sapphire Gin 750MLBombay Distillery11682$26.99
NAFernet Branca Liqueur 750MLBranca Liqueur Fernet13500$26.99
NACampari Aperitif Liqueur 750MLCampari12848$26.99
NACynar Artichoke Aperitif 1LCynar (aperitif)105501$26.99
20132013 Planeta Etna Rosso 750MLPlaneta164216$26.99
20142014 Chateau Barde Haut Futures 750MLChateau Barde Haut163557$26.99
20142014 Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc 750MLCraggy Range Winery163879$26.99
20122012 Talley Chardonnay Estate 750MLTalley Vineyard156588$26.99
20112011 Talley Chardonnay Estate 750MLTalley Vineyard149416$26.9990
NATruffle Brothers Truffle Honey 110gGeneric165142$26.99
20142014 Chateau Peyrassol Cote de Provence Rose 750MLGeneric162326$26.99
20122012 Deschamps Pouilly Fume Les Champs de Cri 750MLGeneric165426$26.9994
NVLa Perle Cremant de Bourgogne Rose 750MLUnknown154594$26.99
20112011 Baron Widmann Weiss Alto Adige Bianco 750MLUnknown153891$26.99
20092009 Ronco Severo Refosco del Peduncolo 750MLUnknown152467$26.99
NVICH Silk Deluxe Junmai 500MLUnknown140238$26.99
20122012 Grgich Hills Fume Blanc 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar155717$26.99
20122012 Stony Hill White Riesling 750MLStony Hill Vineyard155022$26.99
NAMoser Truffle CheeseGeneric153943$26.99
20112011 Chateau de Lamarque 750MLGeneric154376$26.99
20132013 Trail Marker Wine Co Chardonnay Legan Vineyard 750MLGeneric159448$26.99
NAMas d'en Gil Agredolc Vinegar 250mL 250MLGeneric160397$26.99
20072007 Rijckaert Arbois Grand Elevage VV Savagnin 750MLGeneric161155$26.99
NAJohn E. Fitzgerald Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750MLGeneric147421$26.99
NALeblanc Huile de Noisette 8 OZGeneric162675$26.99
20122012 Stephane Aviron Julienas 750MLGeneric162705$26.99
20132013 Le Boncie Chiant Le Cinque 750MLGeneric164079$26.99
20122012 Scarbolo Pinot Grigio Ramato XL 750MLGeneric163322$26.99
20132013 Berthet Bondet Cotes du Jura Rouge Trio 750MLGeneric163132$26.99
20132013 Berthet Bondet Jura Chardonnay Balanoz 750MLGeneric163133$26.99
NANavarino Icons Pure Greek Honey w/ Honeycomb 400gGeneric163027$26.99
NAYvan Valentin Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier Truffles 1/2lb boxGeneric135758$26.99
NAIrish Mist Liqueur 750MLIrish Mist120196$27.00
NVZwack Slivovitz 3 Year Old Plum Brandy 750MLZwack Fruit Brandy Distillery25303$27.99
NABarbancourt 8 year Rum 750MLRhum Barbancourt12364$27.99
20102010 Domaine Carneros Brut 750MLDomaine Carneros Winery161002$27.99
NVClear Creek Cassis Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery156373$27.99
NVClear Creek Cherry Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery156374$27.99
NAJ & B Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLJ&B Scotch (Justerini & Brooks)10660$27.99
20092009 Damilano Barolo Lecinquevigne 750MLDamilano153815$27.99
20122012 Chateau d Aiguilhe 750MLChateau Aiguilhe154080$27.99
20142014 Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc 750MLDuckhorn Wine Company164024$27.99
NVChandon Etoile 750MLDomaine Chandon110174$27.99
NAAbsolut Vodka 750MLAbsolut (vodka)101148$27.99
NAOlio & Olive Cardum Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mlOlio & Olive32664$27.99
20122012 Catena Malbec 750MLCatena Family Wines161385$27.99
NAEmilio Lustau Pedro Ximenez Jerez San Emilio Solera Reserva 750MLLustau (Emilio)26175$27.9989
NAFresh Squeezed Orange Juice GallonWally's Wine & Spirits17363$27.99
20122012 Jermann Chardonnay 750MLJermann (Silvio) Wines161676$27.99
NVProhibition 13 Moonshine 750MLUNKNOWN162625$27.99
20132013 Corsa Pinot Grigio 750MLUNKNOWN158634$27.99
NATimion Organic Extra Virgin Olive 500mL 500MLGeneric163018$27.99
20112011 Chateau de Parsac Bordeaux Kosher 750MLGeneric148227$27.99
20122012 Mas d'en Comte White Wine 750MLGeneric158062$27.99
NARodenbach Caractere Rouge 750MLGeneric152232$27.99
20102010 Tegernseerhof Riesling Federspiel Terrassen 750MLGeneric147439$27.99
NVHolly's Garden Blanc de Noirs NV 750MLGeneric145878$27.99
20122012 Girolamo Russo Etna a Rina 750MLGeneric160841$27.99
20132013 Bedrock Syrah North Coast 750MLGeneric161708$27.99
NASelezione Artichokes and Truffle Spread 3.2ozGeneric160573$27.99
20052005 Chateau Porto Carras 750MLGeneric158801$27.99
20132013 Stony Hill Riesling 750MLStony Hill Vineyard160763$27.99
20132013 Ridge Zinfandel Three Valleys 750MLRidge Vineyards164809$27.99
20142014 Sidebar Kerner 750MLRamey Wine Cellars162554$27.99
20122012 Calera Pinot Noir Central Coast 750MLCalera Wine Company153454$27.9990
20122012 Domaine Eden Chardonnay 750MLMt Eden Vineyards159600$27.99
20122012 Cobblestone Chardonnay 750MLCobblestone Vineyards159963$27.99
20122012 Landmark Chardonnay Overlook 750MLLandmark Vineyards158124$27.99
20132013 Landmark Chardonnay Overlook 750MLLandmark Vineyards165186$27.99
20132013 Melville Pinot Noir Vernas Vineyard 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)162367$27.99
20132013 CADE Sauvignon Blanc 750MLPlumpjack Winery155180$27.99
NVIzumo Fuji Junmai 720MLUnknown155708$27.99
NV20-DO Satsuma Otome Shochu 750MLUnknown143617$27.99
NATartuflanghe Olio con Tartufo 100ml 100MLGeneric164651$27.99
20132013 Feuillet Petite Arvine 750MLGeneric164772$27.99
20122012 Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc 750MLLang & Reed Wine Company159648$27.99
20132013 Paradigm Rose 750MLParadigm Winery154566$27.99
20112011 Cru Cabernet Sauvignon by Vineyard 29 375ML (Half Bottle)Vineyard 29157917$27.99
20102010 Montevertine Pian Del Ciampolo 750MLMontevertine Az Agr146196$27.99
20122012 Robert Craig Affinity 375ML (Half Bottle)Robert Craig163482$27.99
20122012 Ampelos Viognier 750MLAmpelos Cellars149430$27.99
20122012 Ojai Chardonnay Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLOjai Vineyard152714$27.9992
20122012 Gunderloch Dry Riesling Nierstein 750MLCarl Gunderloch154899$27.99
20122012 Tenuta Sette Ponti Crognolo 750MLSette Ponti Estate163326$27.99
20122012 Prats & Symington Post Scriptum 750MLPrat & Symington164588$27.99
20112011 Sans Liege The Offering 750MLSans Liege Wines152069$27.99
20132013 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Merry Edwards Wines161053$27.99
20122012 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Merry Edwards Wines151638$27.99
NVGioia Luisa Lemoncello 750MLGioia Wine151621$27.99
20092009 Domaine Gardies Clos des Vignes Rouge 750MLDomaine Gardies152492$27.99
20082008 Marques de Murrieta Reserva 750MLMarques de Murrieta161361$27.99
20092009 Marques de Murrieta Capellania 750MLMarques de Murrieta161714$27.99
20082008 Marques de Murrieta Capellania 750MLMarques de Murrieta161605$27.99
20142014 Victoria Ordonez Moscatel # 2 375ML (Half Bottle)Jorge Ordonez164032$27.99
20132013 Ehlers Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750MLEhlers Estate155062$27.99
20102010 Domaine le Couroulu Vacqueyras Cuvee Classique 750MLDomaine le Couroulu152267$27.99
20092009 Alpha Box & Dice Dead Winemaker's Society Dolcetto 750MLAlpha Box & Dice146097$27.99
20112011 Cave Fayolle Crozes-Hermitage "Sens" 750MLCave Fayolle156894$27.99
20102010 Chateau Puy Blanquet 750MLChateau Puy Blanquet138224$27.99
20122012 J.J. Christoffel Riesling Urziger Wurgarten Kabinett 750MLJ.J. Christoffel Erben156772$27.99
NABoudier Williams Pear Liqueur 750MLBoudier139568$28.75
20082008 Tenuta di Arceno Arcanum Il Fauno Di Arcanum 750MLTenuta di Arceno151140$28.9994
20122012 Nikolaihof Gruner Veltliner Hefeabzug 750MLNikolaihof156518$28.99
20132013 Seguin Pouilly Fume 750MLChateau De Seguin164787$28.99
NASavannah Bee Company All-Natural Orange Blossom Honeycomb Square 12OZSavannah Bee Company111512$28.99
20122012 Planeta Cometa 750MLPlaneta163899$28.99
20142014 Robert Sinskey Vin Gris of Pinot Noir 750MLRobert Sinskey Winery162553$28.99
20122012 Jaffurs Syrah Santa Barbara County 750MLJaffurs Wine Cellars159904$28.99
NAPlantin Black Truffle Mustard 120gGeneric164926$28.99
NVDewatsuru Junmai Nigori 720MLUnknown155934$28.99
NVFukuchitose Yamahai Junmai 720MLUnknown155706$28.99
20132013 Stags Leap Wine Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 750MLStag's Leap Wine Cellars157889$28.99
20122012 Notary Public Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Ynez Valley 750MLGeneric158779$28.99
20072007 Costa Lazaridi Oenotria 750MLGeneric159139$28.99
NASelezione Truffle Flour 180gGeneric160575$28.99
NAJohn Stetson Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 750MLGeneric144970$28.99
NATemecula Valley Honey Company Raw HoneycombGeneric150532$28.99
20122012 Potel Aviron Fleurie VV 750MLGeneric162704$28.99
NAPiana degli Ulivi Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250mLGeneric163933$28.99
NAPiana degli Ulivi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mlGeneric163958$28.99
NAIl Boschetto Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200ml 200MLGeneric164238$28.99
20102010 Casanuova delle Cerbaie Rosso di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN158973$28.99
20102010 Domaine Berthet-Rayne Cairanne 'Castel Rouge' 750MLUNKNOWN158848$28.99
20102010 Casanuova delle Cerbaie Rosso di Montalcino UNKNOWN300002$28.99
20092009 Colpetrone Sagrantino Montefal 750MLColpetrone165012$28.99
20142014 Reverdy Hippolyte Sancerre 750MLReverdy Hippolyte165294$28.99
20112011 Poliziano Vino Nobile Montepulciano 750MLPoliziano Winery159811$28.99
20022002 Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia 375ML (Half Bottle)Lopez de Heredia Family159219$28.99
20062006 Lopez de Heredia Vina Cubillo 750MLLopez de Heredia Family157672$28.99
NARomana Sambuca Liqueur 750MLRomana14231$28.99
NAWine Spectator Ultimate Guide To Buying Wine, Edition 8,Book: Wine Spectator52006$29.95
NABread Bags by Bonnie LeeGeneric154954$29.95
NABranca Menta Aperitif Liqueur 750MLBranca Menta Liqueur13499$29.95
19991999 Kuleto Sangiovese 750MLKuleto Estate Winery157282$29.99
20132013 Penner Ash Viognier 750MLPenner Ash Wine Cellars159656$29.99
20092009 Chateau Clarke Baron de Rothschild 750MLChateau Clarke122791$29.99
20112011 Emilio Moro Tinto 750MLBodegas Emilio Moro161201$29.99
20102010 Cavallotto Barbera d'Alba Vigna del Cuculo 750MLCavallotto Fratelli154864$29.99
20102010 Breggo Chardonnay Anderson Valley 750MLBreggo Cellars144141$29.99
NARittenhouse Rye Bonded Whiskey (100 Proof) 750MLRittenhouse Rye Whiskey28082$29.99
NAV6 Vodka Made In Florida 750MLV6 Vodka28312$29.99
NADewar's White Label Scotch 750MLDewar's10527$29.99
NADewars 12 year Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLDewar's10448$29.99
20122012 Chateau Siran Futures 750MLChateau Siran161718$29.99
NACharbay Pomegranate Aperitif 750MLCharbay Winery and Distillery104718$29.99
20122012 Chateau Coufran Futures 750MLChateau Coufran161773$29.99
20102010 Levendi Chardonnay Sweeney Ranch 750MLLevendi Estates155340$29.99
20122012 Chateau Labegorce 750MLChateau Labegorce161761$29.99
20122012 Chateau de Camensac 750MLChateau Camensac161751$29.99
NAJoseph Cartron Framboise 750MLJoseph Cartron103479$29.99
NVJoya Azul Joven Mezcal 750MLJoya Azul Tequila155161$29.99
20092009 Garofoli Podium Verdicchio 750MLGarofoli Wines145573$29.99
NAHaymans Old Tom Gin 750MLHayman Distillers111616$29.99
NACofia Hazelnut Espresso Vodka 750MLCofia Hazelnut Espresso Vodka107758$29.99
20112011 Bruno Giacosa Dolcetto D'alba 750MLBruno Giacosa152924$29.99
NAAzunia Tequila Platinum 750MLAzunia Tequila111347$29.99
NVPhilipponnat Reserve Royal 375ML (Half Bottle)Philipponnat159922$29.99
20132013 2013 Cascade Strawberry 750MLCascade Brewery156464$29.99
NACascade Apricot Sour Ale 750MLCascade Brewery122706$29.99
20132013 2013 Cascade The Vine 750MLCascade Brewery157677$29.99
20132013 2013 Cascade Kriek 750MLCascade Brewery157678$29.99
NACascade Cranberry 750MLCascade Brewery160652$29.99
NVGioia Luisa Lemoncello Cream 750MLGioia Wine151622$29.99
20102010 Gundlach Bundschu Merlot 750MLGundlach Bundschu155434$29.99
20112011 Gundlach Bundschu Merlot 750MLGundlach Bundschu160346$29.99
20122012 Achaval Ferrer Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLAchaval Ferrer154619$29.99
20082008 Gramona Imperial Gran Reserva 750MLGramona164040$29.99
NVDry Fly Straight Triticale Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)Dry Fly Spirits152712$29.99
20122012 Buoncristiani Triad Blanc Napa Valley 750MLBuoncristiani148752$29.99
NACrop Organic Tomato Vodka 750MLCrop Organic Spirits112013$29.99
NABuffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 750MLBuffalo Trace32436$29.99
NAVacuvin Wine Gift Set Wine Saver Pump, 2 Stoppers, 2 Wine Server CrystalsVacu-Vin152452$29.99
20112011 Jadot Santenay Clos De Malte 750MLLouis Jadot161493$29.99
NAKrol Lemon Raspberry Vodka 750MLKrol106873$29.99
20132013 L. Crochet Sancerre Croix Roy 750MLDom. Lucien Crochet162238$29.99
20122012 Schaefer Frohlich Riesling Trocken Felseneck Kabinett 750MLSchafer-Frohlich153897$29.99
20082008 Domaine Fourrier Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Fourrier151427$29.99
20122012 Schnaitmann Dry Lemberger ** 750MLSchnaitmann154907$29.99
20112011 Chidaine Montluis Les Choisilles 750MLFrancois Chidaine163276$29.9994
20132013 Francois Chidaine Montluis Les Choisilles 750MLFrancois Chidaine164899$29.99
20122012 Olivier Leflaive Meursault 375ML (Half Bottle)Olivier Leflaive160919$29.99
20132013 Keller Riesling Trocken Von der Fels 750MLWeingut Keller161112$29.99
20122012 Keller Riesling Trocken Von der Fels 750MLWeingut Keller153665$29.99
20122012 Blindfold White by The Prisoner Wine Co. 750MLThe Prisoner Wine Co.149995$29.9993
20122012 Guy Saget Le Domaine Saget Pouilly 750MLGuy Saget164270$29.99
20102010 Daniel Rion Nuits St. Georges Vieilles Vignes 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Daniel Rion & Fils154055$29.99
20142014 Ch Sainte Marguerite Rose Provence 750MLChateau Sainte Marguerite164695$29.99
NAWesterhall Plantation Rum 750MLWesterhall Rum128729$29.99
20112011 Castello di Romitorio Rosso di Montalcino 750MLCastello di Romitorio155179$29.99
20142014 Boulay Sancerre Chavignol Tradition 750MLGerard Boulay165272$29.99
20122012 Domaine Matrot Meursault Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Matrot164778$29.99
20112011 Pierre Matrot Meursault 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Matrot156565$29.99
20052005 Mt. Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 375ML (Half Bottle)Mt. Horrocks Winery146525$29.99
20082008 ARIS Petit Verdot 375ML (Half Bottle)Sonoma Valley Portworks154989$29.99
20122012 WillaKenzie Pinot Noir Gisele Oregon 750MLWillaKenzie Estate Winery161245$29.99
20122012 Atalon Paulines Cuvee Napa 750MLAtalon Winery165309$29.99
20092009 Maier Family Meritage Red 750MLSt. Helena Road Winery165038$29.99
20072007 Maier Family Meritage Red 750MLSt. Helena Road Winery124969$29.99
20122012 Alpha Omega Chardonnay Unoaked 750MLAlpha Omega159764$29.99
20122012 Stags Leap Winery Merlot 750MLStags Leap Winery165218$29.99
20102010 Chateau Lilian Ladouys 750MLChateau Lilian Ladouys138549$29.99
20072007 Mas D'en Compte Red wine 750MLGeneric154835$29.9992
20102010 Chateau La Vieux Chantre Kosher 750MLGeneric155102$29.99
20102010 Area Code Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley 750MLGeneric156846$29.99
20132013 Cornelissen Contadino Etna Rosso 750MLGeneric160476$29.99
20062006 Three Monkeys Port Napa Valley 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic161360$29.99
20132013 Habit Sauvignon Blanc McGinley Vineyard 750MLGeneric161296$29.99
20132013 Magna Mater Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric161453$29.99
20132013 Hudson Bellamy Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric160907$29.99
20122012 Triton Tridente Prieto Picudo 750MLGeneric161213$29.99
20122012 Inception Viognier Camp Four Vineyard 750MLGeneric160909$29.99
20132013 Tensley Syrah Santa Barbara County 750MLGeneric159345$29.99
20122012 Area Code Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric159485$29.99
20132013 Domaine du Grand Cros L'Esprit Provence Rose 750MLGeneric158854$29.99
20112011 Gb Burlotto Barolo 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic164099$29.99
20132013 Manni Nossing Kerner 750MLGeneric164230$29.99
20142014 Clos Cibonne Rouge Tibouren 750MLGeneric164524$29.99
20132013 Clos Cibonne Rose Tradition 750MLGeneric164523$29.99
20142014 Abbaye Clos Beylesse Rose 750MLGeneric164446$29.99
NACavalli Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500MLGeneric163946$29.99
20102010 Franco Toros Pinot Grigio 750MLGeneric163804$29.99
NAIberico Jamon Sliced 4 OZGeneric100450$29.99
NAHulivia 08 Puglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL 500MLGeneric163147$29.99
NAFive Olive Oil Ultra Premium Extra Virgin 200MLGeneric151582$29.99
NAFive Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin 200MLGeneric151583$29.99
20122012 Raventos I Blanc De Nit Rose Brut 750MLGeneric162532$29.99
20122012 L' Ecu Muscadet Orthogneiss 750MLGeneric162652$29.9991
20112011 Poggerino Chianti Classico 750MLGeneric162241$29.99
20122012 Hollywood Classic Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric152326$29.99
20112011 Raventos i Blanc de Nit Rose 750MLGeneric151715$29.99
NAFortessa Funnel Screen StandGeneric151695$29.99
NARadici Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500MLGeneric150599$29.99
NABittermens Commonwealth Tonic Cordial 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic150206$29.99
NABittermens New Orleans Coffee Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic150207$29.99
NABittermens Amere Sauvage Genetian Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic150205$29.99
NAVINOAIR Premier Gift SetGeneric141527$29.99
20082008 Chateau Jean Faux Bordeaux Superieur 750MLGeneric140819$29.99
NAAkvinta Vodka 750MLGeneric141984$29.99
NAArtisan Classic Salt SamplerGeneric142371$29.99
NACrown Royal Maple Finish Whiskey 750MLGeneric147260$29.99
20132013 Rombauer Zinfandel 750MLRombauer Vineyards164012$29.99
20122012 Falcone Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley 750MLFalcone Family Vineyards150628$29.99
20122012 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLJustin Vineyard157396$29.99
20132013 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLJustin Vineyard165185$29.99
20062006 L'Aventure Roussane 750MLL'Aventure Vineyard158963$29.99
20122012 Landmark Pinot Noir Overlook 750MLLandmark Vineyards154400$29.99
20132013 Landmark Pinot Noir Overlook 750MLLandmark Vineyards165169$29.99
20132013 Frogs Leap Chardonnay 750MLFrogs Leap Winery163182$29.99
20132013 Frogs Leap Zinfandel 750MLFrogs Leap Winery163180$29.99
20112011 Cobblestone Sparkling Wine 750MLCobblestone Vineyards151826$29.99
20112011 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay Cuvee Noire 750MLBrewer Clifton151566$29.99
20122012 Chappellet Chardonnay Napa Valley 750MLChappellet Winery158891$29.99
20132013 Calera Pinot Noir Central Coast 750MLCalera Wine Company165016$29.99
20122012 Neyers Chardonnay Carneros District 750MLNeyers Vineyards152642$29.99
20132013 Ridge Zinfandel East Bench 750MLRidge Vineyards163342$29.99
20122012 Hartford Court Chardonnay Russian River 750MLHartford Court Winery158335$29.99
20132013 Trefethen Chardonnay 750MLTrefethen Vineyards162360$29.99
20122012 Montalbera Laccento Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato 750MLUnknown154703$29.99
NVKurakakukushi Tohji 720MLUnknown152021$29.99
NVChiyomusubi Toku-J 720MLUnknown154257$29.99
20112011 La Torre Rosso di Montalcino 750MLUnknown154584$29.99
NARiedel Extreme Pinot Noir Nebbiolo 4444/07Riedel Glas Austria51165$29.99
NARiedel Extreme Cabernet Merlot 4444/0Riedel Glas Austria51166$29.99
NARiedel Extreme Riesling / Sauvignon Blanc 4444/05Riedel Glas Austria51170$29.99
NARiedel Vinum XL Syrah 6416/41Riedel Glas Austria154689$29.99
NARiedel Veritas New World Shiraz 6449/30Riedel Glas Austria158755$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Old World Syrah 6449/41Riedel Glas Austria158756$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Cabernet 6449/0Riedel Glas Austria158757$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Old World Pinot Noir 6449/07Riedel Glas Austria158758$29.99
NARiedel Veritas New World Pinot Noir 6449/67Riedel Glas Austria158759$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Riesling 6449/15Riedel Glas Austria158760$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Viognier Chardonnay 6449/05Riedel Glas Austria158761$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Chardonnay 6449/97Riedel Glas Austria158762$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Moscato Coupe 6449/09Riedel Glas Austria158763$29.99
NARiedel Veritas Champagne 6449/28Riedel Glas Austria158764$29.99
NARiedel Extreme Chardonnay 4444/97Riedel Glas Austria51175$29.99
NARiedel Extreme Champagne 4444/08Riedel Glas Austria52044$29.99
NARiedel Extreme Syrah/Shiraz 4444/30Riedel Glas Austria14849$29.99
20122012 Mer Soleil Chardonnay Reserve 750MLMer Soleil Vineyard155473$29.99
20142014 Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc 750MLCakebread Cellars164525$29.99
NARiedel Vinum XL Cabernet Glass 6416/00Riedel Glas Austria104510$29.99
NARiedel Vinum XL Pinot Noir Glass 6416/67Riedel Glas Austria104511$29.99
20132013 Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc 750MLCakebread Cellars156915$29.99
NASabatino Black Truffle Oil in Square Jar 3.2oz 100MLGeneric165020$29.99
NACalcagno Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500MLGeneric164795$29.99
20122012 Costa Lazaridi Oenotria 750MLGeneric164850$29.99
20122012 Le Ragnaie Rosso Di Mont 750MLGeneric164635$29.99
NVJoto Nigori 720MLUnknown146071$29.99
20052005 Calabretta Etna Rosso 750MLGeneric165319$29.99
NATruffle Brothers Truffle Rice Jar 228gGeneric165160$29.99
20122012 Beckmen Syrah Purisima Mountain Vineyard 750MLBeckmen Vineyards157958$29.99
20122012 Dry Creek Vineyard Chardonnay Estate Block 750MLDry Creek Vineyards161364$29.99
20142014 The Tribe Chardonnay Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines164868$29.99
20132013 Hagafen Pinot Noir Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars158889$29.99
20032003 Relic Syrah 750MLRelic Wines157314$29.99
20112011 Hitching Post Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLHitching Post Winery163197$29.99
20122012 Hitching Post Pinot Noir First Light 750MLHitching Post Winery150144$29.99
20132013 Firestone Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills 750MLFirestone Vineyard164472$29.99
20132013 Saldo Zinfandel 750MLOrin Swift Cellars162605$29.99
20092009 Meerlust Rubico 750MLMeerlust Rubicon162252$29.99
20102010 Yarden Merlot Kosher 750MLYarden Wines164865$29.99
20072007 Yarden Blanc de Blancs Kosher 750MLYarden Wines148145$29.99
20112011 Robert Craig Mt. George Cuvee Napa Valley Red 750MLRobert Craig153880$29.99
20122012 Newton Cabernet Sauvignon Red Label 750MLNewton Vineyard158293$29.99
20132013 Ojai Viognier Ice Wine Roll Ranch Vineyard 375ML (Half Bottle)Ojai Vineyard156287$29.99
20132013 Ojai Riesling Ice Wine Kick On Ranch Vineyard 375ML (Half Bottle)Ojai Vineyard156288$29.99
20072007 Prager Royal Escort Port 375ML (Half Bottle)Prager Winery (St. Helena CA)147004$29.99
20122012 La Sirena Moscato Azul 750MLLa Sirena Wine155328$29.99
20122012 Smith Madrone Chardonnay 750MLSmith Madrone Vineyards157866$29.99
20122012 Smith Madrone Riesling 750MLSmith Madrone Vineyards157868$29.99
20122012 Frank Family Zinfandel 750MLFrank Family Vineyards161160$29.99
20132013 Livio Felluga Pinot Grigio 750MLLivio Felluga162509$29.99
NVFernet-Vallet Apertivo Liqueur 750MLFernet153418$29.99
NVNormandin Mercier Pineau des Charentes Blanc 750MLNormandin Champagne152218$29.99
NVNormandin Mercier Pineau des Charentes Rose 750MLNormandin Champagne160037$29.99
NAPernod Pastis Aperitif Liqueur 750MLPernod Ricard (Pernod and Ricard)14182$29.99
NAMaker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey 750MLMakers Mark Bourbon Distillery10191$29.99
20032003 Evan Williams Single Barrel #4571958 F Rickhouse 7th Floor 750MLEvan Williams Distilling Co.154971$29.99
20062006 Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 750MLEvan Williams Distilling Co.164475$29.99
20102010 Chateau Doisy Vedrines 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy Vedrines138160$29.99
NAAlvear Winery Oloroso Montillamoriles Asuncion 500MLAlvear Winery (sherry)13111$29.9990
NVAlvear Winery Amontillado Montillamoriles Carlos VII 500MLAlvear Winery (sherry)13102$29.999190
20122012 Chateau Montlandrie 750MLChateau L'Eglise Clinet149292$29.99
20062006 La Rioja Alta Vina Arana 750MLLa Rioja158431$29.99
20122012 Schloss Schonborn Hattenheim Alte Reben Riesling Trocken 750MLSchloss Schonborn151819$29.99
NVAperol 750MLAperol24823$29.99
NAGreat Divide Barrel Aged Old Ruffian 750MLGreat Divide Brewing Co.162948$29.99
20112011 Numanthia Termes 750MLNumanthia158426$29.99
20092009 Numanthia Termes 750MLNumanthia146179$29.9991
NVSelveray Blanco Rum 750MLUNKNOWN156248$29.99
NVAmargo-Vallet 750MLUNKNOWN155471$29.99
NVGiffard Pamplemousee Rose Liqueur 750MLUNKNOWN155592$29.99
20112011 Judean Hills Red Tzsora Vineyards Kosher 750MLTzora Vineyards164968$29.99
20062006 Chateau Haut Lariveau 750MLChateau Haut Lariveau123851$29.99
20122012 Stolpman L'Avion Roussanne 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate163788$29.9992
20122012 Stolpman Grenache Ballard Canyon Estate 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate160817$29.99
20112011 Stolpman L Avion Roussanne 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate160816$29.9992
20132013 Pieropan Soave Calvarino 750MLPieropan Az. Vitivinicola Leonildo163992$29.99
20092009 Stolpman Sangiovese Estate 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate149790$29.99
20102010 Oremus Tokaji Late Harvest Furmint 375ML (Half Bottle)Oremus Estate158456$29.99
20112011 Siro Pacenti Rosso di Montalcino 750MLPacenti Siro150832$29.99
20102010 Chateau Cambon La Pelouse 750MLChateau Cambon La Pelouse138158$29.99
20122012 San Giusto Chianti Classico 750MLFattoria San Giusto a Rentennano158440$29.99
NVMedley Bros. Heritage Collection Bourbon Whiskey (102 proof) 750MLWathen's Bourbon156943$29.99
20122012 Laroche Chablis St. Martin 750MLDomaine Laroche156485$29.99
20132013 Laroche Chablis St. Martin 750MLDomaine Laroche162666$29.99
20112011 Chateau Maucaillou 750MLChateau Maucaillou154372$29.99
NVRefind Lemoncello 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN163313$29.99
NVRefind Gin 750MLUNKNOWN163294$29.99
NV666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka 750MLUNKNOWN164818$29.99
20082008 Scarpa Nebbiolo d'Alba Bric du Nota 750MLUNKNOWN150373$29.99
NVClyde May Alabama Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN150925$29.99
NVKoval Chrysanthemum Honey Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN152343$29.99
20102010 Tercic Merlot Collio 750MLUNKNOWN149926$29.99
NVGD Vajra Spumante NS Della Neve 750MLUNKNOWN148258$29.99
NVCampo Azul Serie Select Reposado Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN109566$29.99
NVHamilton Pot Still Jamaican Gold Rum 750MLUNKNOWN162987$29.99
NVGiffard Lychee Liqueur 750MLUNKNOWN160394$29.99
NVGuillaumette Genepi Liqueur (90 proof) 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN159878$29.99
NVGiffard Banana Liqueur 750MLUNKNOWN162716$29.99
NVConcannon Irish Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN162074$29.99
NVTemptation Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN151770$29.99
NVKappa Pisco 750MLUNKNOWN151646$29.99
NVInfuse Chili Pepper Vodka 750MLUNKNOWN151994$29.99
20102010 Wasmund's Single Malt Spirit (124 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN159494$29.99
NVSun Liquor Gun Club Gin (100 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN159496$29.99
20132013 Il Monticello 'Groppolo' Vermentino 750MLUNKNOWN158837$29.99
20112011 Domaine Chevallon Gigondas 750MLUNKNOWN158818$29.99
20092009 Romeo del Castello 'Allegracore' Etna Rosso 750MLUNKNOWN159114$29.99
20092009 Domaine du Haut Bourg Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu Signature 750MLUNKNOWN159248$29.9990
20112011 Cave de Chante Perdrix St. Joseph Empreinte 750MLUNKNOWN159249$29.99
20122012 Tercic Chardonnay 750MLUNKNOWN158329$29.99
NVBlandy's Sercial Madeira 10 Year 500MLBlandy's161519$29.99
NABulleit Rye Whiskey 750MLBulleit Bourbon136419$29.99
NVLustau Solera Reserva Brandy 750MLEmilio Lustau157513$29.99
NABlandys Verdelho Madeira 10 Year 500MLBlandy's163183$29.99
NVBlandy's Bual Madeira 10 Yr 500MLBlandy's163184$29.99
20122012 Prieler Chardonnay Ried Sinner 750MLWeingut Prieler154807$29.99
20092009 Canalicchio Rosso Di Montalcino 750MLCanalicchio di Sopra143122$29.99
20112011 Querciabella Chianti Classico 750MLQuerciabella Winery164788$29.99
NVBillecart Salmon Brut Reserve 375ML (Half Bottle)Billecart Salmon Champagne122906$29.9991
19711971 David Bruce Petit Sirah 750MLDavid Bruce Winery152745$29.99
NACastelines Fruite Noir Virgin Olive Oil AOP 500mL 500MLCastelas139433$29.99
20122012 Tenuta San Guido Le Difese 750MLTenuta San Guido156486$29.99
20082008 Fontodi Chianti Classico 750MLFontodi Estate Winery140385$29.99
NABruno Paillard Premiere Cuvee 375ML (Half Bottle)Bruno Paillard101875$29.99
20122012 Massena Moonlight Run 750MLMassena Winery151957$29.9991
NARomana Sambuca Black Italian Liqueur 750MLRomana12949$29.99
NATuaca 70 Proof 750MLTuaca Liquore14395$29.99
NADamiana Guaycura Liqueur 750MLDamiana Liqueur11130$29.99
NAPatron X.o. Cafe Liqueur 750MLPatron Spirits Company10820$29.99
NAGoldschlager Cinnamon Liqueur 750MLGoldschlager Schnapps Liqueur13627$29.99
NABarbancourt White Rhum 750MLRhum Barbancourt118212$29.99
NVRon Del Barrilito 2 Star Rum 750MLBarrilito Rum Factory137651$29.99
NADi Saronno Amaretto Liqueur 750MLDi Saronno Amaretto Liqueur13449$29.99
NALuxardo Anisette 750MLLuxardo (Girolamo)110030$29.99
NALuxardo Morlacco Liqueur 750MLLuxardo (Girolamo)149910$29.99
NAHpnotiq Liqueur 750MLHpnotiq40186$29.99
NASortilege Maple Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Sortilege61369$29.99
NATia Maria Coffee Liqueur 750MLTia Maria Coffee Liqueur14379$29.99
20102010 Vieille Julienne Cotes du Rhone Lieu Dit 750MLDomaine Vieille Julienne148990$29.9990
NALe Creuset Screwpull Pocket Model PM-100Screwpull Accessories Le Creuset102907$29.99
NALe Creuset Wine Thermometer Gift SetScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset147760$29.99
NAJameson Irish Whiskey 750MLJohn Jameson & Son Distillery10063$29.99
20102010 BriO de Cantenac Brown Futures 750MLChateau Cantenac-Brown161394$29.99
20142014 Chateau Du Tertre Futures 750MLChateau du Tertre163376$29.99
NVCasa Noble Anejo Tequila 375ML (Half Bottle)Casa Noble158515$29.99
20052005 Lopez Heredia Gravonia White 750MLLopez de Heredia Family164503$29.99
NVQuinta Do Noval Tawny Port 10 Year 750MLQuinta do Noval13734$29.9990
20142014 Chateau Calon Segur Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Calon Segur163693$29.99
NVRoederer Brut Premier 375ML (Half Bottle)Roederer Louis (France)15141$29.999091
NARoyal Trout RoePetrossian129918$29.99
20142014 Chateau Faugeres Futures 750MLChateau Faugeres163345$29.99
NVRiedel Stemless Small Free shipping on all purchases over $100.Riedel15675$29.99
NAKetel One Vodka 750MLKetel One (vodka)11882$29.99
NVBlue Angel Vodka 750MLSkyy Vodka / Skyy Spirits105969$29.99
NVFruit Lab Citry Orange Organic Liqueur 750MLGreenbar Distillery106256$29.99
NAStolichnaya Vanil Vodka 750MLStolichnaya Russian Vodka12645$29.99
NAHacienda Chihuahua Sotol Reposado 750MLHacienda Chihuahua Tequila10172$29.99
20122012 Soter North Valley Chardonnay Willamette Valley 750MLSoter Vineyards160804$29.99
NAPerrier Jouet Champagne Grand Brut 375ML (Half Bottle)Perrier Jouet (France)16594$29.9990
NVChampagne Henriot Tasting with Cellar Master Laurent Fresnet, Wally's BeverlyHenriot165342$30.00
NVFruit Lab Crism Hibiscus Organic Liqueur 750MLGreenbar Distillery106257$30.00
NVFruit Lab Theia Jasmine Organic Liqueur 750MLGreenbar Distillery106258$30.00
20032003 Green Point Shiraz Victoria 750MLGeneric158569$30.00
NVPortal Dry White Port 750MLGeneric158266$30.00
NVFerreira Porto Tawny 750MLGeneric181825$30.00
20032003 Giuseppe Fanti Manzoni Bianco 750MLGeneric181600$30.00
20052005 Olivier Guyot Marsannay Les Favieres 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic183034$30.00
20052005 Azienda I Greppi Bolgheri Greppicante 750MLGeneric181626$30.00
20082008 Azienda I Greppi Bolgheri Greppicante 750MLGeneric181627$30.00
NVTaylor Fladgate 10 Year Old Tawny Port 750MLTaylor Fladgate10893$30.9991
20142014 Chateau Rieussec Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rieussec163218$30.99
20122012 Donnhoff Riesling Trocken Kahlenberg 750MLDonnhoff Estate153802$30.99
20092009 Chateau La Vieille Cure 750MLChateau Vieille Cure122846$30.99
20142014 Chateau Gloria St Julien Futures 750MLChateau Gloria163584$30.99
20122012 Jermann Sauvignon Blanc 750MLJermann (Silvio) Wines162701$30.99
20102010 Jermann Sauvignon Blanc 750MLJermann (Silvio) Wines152629$30.99
20122012 Henri Boillot Bourgogne Blanc 750MLUNKNOWN155526$30.99
20092009 Chateau Moulin Haut Laroque 750MLChateau Moulin Haut Laroque122868$30.99
NATaiheikai Tokubetsu Junmai 720MLHuchu Homare Brewery118485$30.99
20112011 Chateau Doisy Daene 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy-Daene144357$30.99
NVDry Fly Port Finish Wheat Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)Dry Fly Spirits152717$30.99
20112011 Chateau Haut-Beausejour 750MLChateau Haut Beausejour156938$30.99
20122012 Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese feinherb Uralte Reben 750MLSelbach-Oster156777$31.99
20122012 Colome Malbec 750MLBodega Colome159463$31.99
20142014 Hamilton Russell Chardonnay 750MLHamilton Russell162510$31.99
20132013 Buoncristiani Triad Blanc Napa Valley 750MLBuoncristiani163097$31.99
20122012 Chateau Clarke Baron de Rothschild 750MLChateau Clarke160167$31.99
20132013 Moreau Bernard Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Bernard Moreau160964$31.99
20112011 Charlopin Bourgogne Rouge 750MLCharlopin-Parizot164169$31.99
20122012 Poliziano Vino Nobile Montepulciano 750MLPoliziano Winery164745$31.99
20112011 Tua Rita Perlato del Bosco 750MLTua Rita Winery152926$31.99
20122012 JJ Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 750MLJJ Prum152229$31.99
20112011 Kracher Cuvee BA 375ML (Half Bottle)Kracher Welsch Alois164842$31.99
NVBodgas Hidalgo La Gitana En Rama Manzanilla 750MLVinicola Hidalgo151834$31.99
20122012 Chateau Gruaud Larose 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Gruaud Larose154197$31.99
20132013 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey155263$31.99
NAJelinek Czechoslovakian Slivovitz 5year Kosher 750MLJelinek Rudolf (brandy)11232$31.99
NANocello Walnut Liqueur 750MLNocello Walnut Liqueur14155$31.99
20072007 Donnhoff Riesling Kreuznacher Kahlenberg Kabinett 750MLDonnhoff Estate122917$31.999190
NVHenriot Brut Souverain 375ML (Half Bottle)Henriot158518$31.99
20122012 Beaucastel Coudoulet Rouge 750MLChateau Beaucastel161587$31.99
20142014 Echo de Lynch Bages Futures 750MLChateau Lynch Bages163286$31.99
20112011 Heidi Schrock Grauburgunder 750MLHeidi Schrock156505$31.99
NAFonseca 10 Yr Tawny Port 750MLFonseca23694$31.99
20142014 Chateau Doisy Vedrines Futures 750MLChateau Doisy Vedrines163210$31.99
20102010 Yalumba Handpicked Shiraz/Viognier 750MLYalumba160179$31.9993
NARicard Pastis Aperitif Liqueur 750MLRicard Pastis Aperitif Liqueur12953$31.99
20142014 Abstract Red by Orin Swift 750MLOrin Swift Cellars165265$31.99
20112011 Walter Hansel Chardonnay Esate 750MLWalter Hansel156400$31.9990
20132013 The Tribe White Blend by Covenant Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines154943$31.99
NVChiyokotobuki Jyunmai Ginjyo 720MLUnknown147307$31.99
NVBMD Glen Ice Vodka 750MLUnknown134619$31.99
NATruffle Brothers Truffle SaltGeneric165143$31.99
20122012 Ar.Pe.Pe Valtellina Rosso 750MLGeneric165124$31.99
NAPierre Ferrand Orange Curacao 750MLUnknown152923$31.99
20112011 Calera Viognier Estate Mt Harlan 750MLCalera Wine Company151034$31.9992
20122012 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay Sta Rita Hills 750MLBrewer Clifton159159$31.99
20112011 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay Sta Rita Hills 750MLBrewer Clifton163722$31.99
20122012 Melville Syrah Sta Rita Hills Estate 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)154801$31.9995
20092009 Rombauer Merlot 750MLRombauer Vineyards149804$31.99
NVAll Saints Sparkling Shiraz 750MLGeneric159024$31.99
NAHulivia 05 EVOO from Marche 500mL 500MLGeneric160578$31.99
NAHulivia 07 EVOO from Lazio 500mL 500MLGeneric160579$31.99
20102010 Chateau Laffitte Laujac 750MLGeneric157903$31.99
20142014 Chateau Leoube Le Secret Rose 750MLGeneric163225$31.99
NAHulivia 03 Sicily Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL 500MLGeneric163146$31.99
NAGlutton for Pleasure by Bob Blumer - Personally Signed CopyGeneric134142$31.99
20132013 Overnoy-Crinquand Arbois-Pupillin Ploussard 750MLGeneric163914$31.99
NADon Amado Mezcal Plata 750MLGeneric119684$32.00
20102010 Fontodi Chianti Classico 750MLFontodi Estate Winery149221$32.00
NARiedel Syrah Decanter 1430/13Riedel Glas Austria27546$32.95
NARiedel Martini Pitcher 41414Riedel Glas Austria32794$32.95
NARiedel Decanter Swirl 1450/13Riedel Glas Austria150161$32.95
NASabatino White Truffle Oil in Square Jar 3.2oz 100MLGeneric165021$32.99
NAMaison Pebeyre Truffle Honey 250gGeneric164927$32.99
20132013 Feuillet Fumin 750MLGeneric164773$32.99
NVHakutsuru Sho-Une Junmai Ginjo 720MLUnknown127825$32.99
NVMiya Onigoroshi 720MLUnknown146117$32.99
20132013 Chappellet Chenin Blanc 750MLChappellet Winery158894$32.99
20132013 Grgich Hills Fume Blanc 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar165268$32.99
20122012 DuMol Chardonnay Russian River 375ML (Half Bottle)DuMol Wines162876$32.99
20142014 Huet Vouvray Haut Lieu Sec 750MLDomaine Huet165229$32.99
20132013 Domaine Vacheron Sancerre 750MLVacheron159499$32.99
20132013 Frank Family Chardonnay 750MLFrank Family Vineyards160612$32.99
20112011 Montevertine Pian del Ciampolo 750MLMontevertine Az Agr149060$32.99
20122012 Montevertine Pian Del Ciampolo 750MLMontevertine Az Agr156864$32.99
20132013 Planeta Etna Eruzione 750MLPlaneta164218$32.99
20122012 Carmes de Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec148800$32.99
20052005 Louis Eugene Vin Blanc 750MLGeneric127942$32.99
NVNiege Ice Cider Wine 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic128433$32.99
20132013 Sandhi Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 750MLGeneric163763$32.99
20112011 Domaine de Montbourgeau L'etoile "En Banode" 750MLGeneric163912$32.99
20132013 50 by 50 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric163473$32.99
NAEfe Klasik Turkish Raki 750MLGeneric137626$32.99
20132013 Aequorea Viognier Spanish Springs Vineyard 750MLGeneric160821$32.99
20142014 Chateau Lagrange Futures 750MLChateau Lagrange163388$32.99
20092009 Badia Coltibuono Cultus Boni 750MLBadia a Coltibuono Abbey164751$32.99
20112011 Frescobaldi Rufina Nipozzano Vecchie Viti Riserva 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de157659$32.9992
20122012 Chateau Poujeaux Futures 750MLChateau Poujeaux161719$32.99
20122012 Gouges Bourgogne Blanc 750MLHenri Gouges Estate160941$32.99
20112011 Goose Bay Pinot Noir Kosher 750MLGoose Bay148345$32.99
20122012 Goose Bay Pinot Noir Kosher 750MLGoose Bay164784$32.99
20122012 Tenuta Aglaea Thalia 750MLUNKNOWN157913$32.99
20122012 Numathia Termes 750MLNumanthia165039$32.99
NVCrater Lake Rye Whiskey 750MLCrater Lake Bendistillery160870$32.99
NAAmaro Montenegro 750MLMontenegro S.p.A.23929$32.99
NAGrahams 10yr Port 750MLGraham's Port120121$32.99
20132013 Foradori Manzoni Fonatanasanta 750MLForadori Azienda Agricola165095$32.99
NVSuze Aperitif 1LUNKNOWN158652$32.99
NVVikingfjord Chocolate & Raspberry 750MLUNKNOWN159206$32.99
NVBoudier Creme de Cassis 750MLUNKNOWN151623$32.99
NVJames E. Pepper 1776 Rye Whiskey (100 Proof) 750MLUNKNOWN152997$32.99
20112011 Ronco Gnemiz Friulano 750MLUNKNOWN149924$32.9991
20092009 La Montecchia Ireneo Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLUNKNOWN149986$32.99
20122012 Donnhoff Riesling Trocken Roxheimer Hollenpfad 750MLDonnhoff Estate153800$32.99
NALuxardo Maraschino Liqueur 750MLLuxardo (Girolamo)14016$32.99
NABarenjager Honey Liqueur 750MLBarenjager Honey Liqueur13126$32.99
NACherry Heering Liqueur 750MLHeering Liqueur13298$32.99
NAMassenez Creme De Peche 750MLMassenez18090$32.99
NAMassenez Creme De Gingerbread 750MLMassenez61781$32.99
NACuarenta Y Tres Licor 43 750MLCuarenta & Tres13651$32.99
NABriottet Creme De Framboise 750MLGerard Briottet14189$32.99
NATorn Ranch Pome Frais 12pc CollectionTorn Ranch (dried fruit)159521$32.99
NAChinaco Blanco Tequila 750MLChinaco Tequila10204$32.99
20112011 Stags Leap Winery Merlot 750MLStags Leap Winery154034$32.99
20122012 Diel Rose de Diel 750MLSchlossgut Diel156775$32.99
20112011 Antinori Chianti Riserva 750MLMarchesi Antinori164235$32.99
20142014 Chateau Lafleur Gazin Futures 750MLChateau Lafleur-Gazin163600$32.99
20122012 Francois Villard Saint Peray 'Version' 750MLFrancois Villard158668$32.99
20092009 Chateau Rayne Vigneau 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rayne Vigneau122954$32.99
20112011 Chateau De Sales 750MLChateau Sales144849$32.99
NVSt. George Green Chile Vodka 750MLSt George Spirits162978$32.99
NVDry Fly Washington Bourbon Whiskey (101 proof) 375ML (Half Bottle)Dry Fly Spirits152713$32.99
20122012 Chave St. Joseph Offerus 750MLChave Hermitage Rouge163738$32.99
20112011 Bodegas Renacer Enamore 750MLBodega Renacer153817$32.99
20112011 Luca Pinot Noir 750MLLuca Wines154625$33.9991
20102010 Domaine de la Mordoree Lirac Cuvee de Reine des Bois 750MLDomaine Mordoree144990$33.9994
20112011 Selbach-Oster Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spatlese 750MLSelbach-Oster156529$33.99
NASchott Zwiesel Boston Shaker 700mlSchott Zwiesel151693$33.99
20122012 J.J. Christoffel Riesling Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese 750MLJ.J. Christoffel Erben156773$33.99
20132013 Chateau Latour Martillac Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Latour Martillac156118$33.99
NVCutty Sark Prohibition Edition Blended Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLCutty Sark152885$33.99
NASchladerer Himbeer Liqueur 750MLSchladerer Fruit Brandies14278$33.99
NADrambuie Scotch Liqueur 750MLDrambuie Scotch whisky13477$33.99
20122012 Rex Hill Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon 750MLRex Hill Vineyards and Winery159657$33.99
20102010 Chateau Maucaillou 750MLChateau Maucaillou148033$33.9989
20112011 Vinja Barde Malvasia Istriana 750MLUNKNOWN158836$33.99
20122012 Schloss Lieser Niederberg Riesling Spatlese 750MLSchloss Lieser (Weingut)155143$33.99
20132013 J.J. Prum Riesling Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)JJ Prum161045$33.99
20122012 Desparada Cabernet Sauvignon Purist 750MLGeneric160957$33.99
20102010 Aaron Petite Sirah 750MLGeneric150026$33.99
20132013 Borgo Del Tiglio Collio Bianco 750MLGeneric164510$33.99
20142014 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 750MLCloudy Bay Winery160862$33.99
NAAverna Amaro Liqueur 750MLAverna40057$33.99
Multi VintageCain Cuvee NV10 750MLCain Vineyard & Winery162316$33.99
20122012 Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner 750MLHitching Post Winery160955$33.99
20112011 Foxen 7200 Volpino Sangiovese 750MLFoxen Vineyard155665$33.99
20132013 Foxen Chardonnay Bien Nacido Vineyard Block UU 750MLFoxen Vineyard160832$33.99
20142014 Rombauer Chardonnay 750MLRombauer Vineyards164395$33.99
20132013 Rombauer Chardonnay 750MLRombauer Vineyards158651$33.9993
20132013 Melville Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills Estate 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)164882$33.99
20122012 Melville Pinot Noir Estate Sta Rita Hills 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)157717$33.9992
NVGinjyo Otokoyama Ginjyoshu 720MLUnknown135960$33.99
20122012 Dirupi Valtellina Superiore 750MLGeneric165378$33.99
NARiedel Vitis Pinot Noir 40307Riedel Glas Austria32943$34.00
NARiedel Vitis Montrachet 40397Riedel Glas Austria32947$34.00
20122012 Kuenhoff Riesling Kaiton Alto Adige 750MLUnknown154866$34.99
NAModern Spirits Tea Vodka 750MLModern Spirits Vodka16341$34.99
NVNovo Fogo Cachaca Silver 750MLUnknown125984$34.99
NVYoizuru Tokubetsu Junmai Dancing Crane 720MLUnknown130827$34.99
NVMaboroshi Junmai Ginjo 720MLUnknown145446$34.99
20102010 Sesta Brunello 750MLGeneric164702$34.9994
20132013 Patz & Hall Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLPatz & Hall157772$34.99
20122012 Saintsbury Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLSaintsbury Vineyard163408$34.99
20092009 Iron Horse Brut 750MLIron Horse Vineyards158861$34.99
20112011 Grgich Hills Chardonnay Estate 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar153842$34.99
20102010 Domaine Eden Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLMt Eden Vineyards159549$34.99
20122012 Domaine Eden Pinot Noir 750MLMt Eden Vineyards159745$34.99
20132013 ZD Chardonnay 45th Anniversary 750MLZD Wines159638$34.99
20102010 Cobblestone Te Muna Pinot Noir New Zealand 750MLCobblestone Vineyards148985$34.99
20112011 Trefethen Merlot 750MLTrefethen Vineyards155892$34.99
20122012 Flora Springs Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLFlora Springs Winery162600$34.99
20122012 Hartford Court Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLHartford Court Winery153250$34.99
20122012 Ridge Petite Sirah Lytton Estate 750MLRidge Vineyards158476$34.99
20112011 Ponzi Pinot Noir Oregon 750MLPonzi Vineyards150953$34.99
20142014 Vacheron Sancerre 750MLVacheron163565$34.99
NVVeuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut 375ML (Half Bottle)Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin15358$34.9991
20112011 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLYarden Wines162023$34.99
20122012 Ravenswood Zinfandel Belloni Russian River 750MLRavenswood Winery162821$34.99
20102010 Moraga Bel-Air White 375ML (Half Bottle)Moraga Winery144725$34.99
20132013 Frank Family Pinot Noir 750MLFrank Family Vineyards160613$34.99
20122012 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 750MLSchramsberg Winery160920$34.99
20102010 Schramsberg Cremant 750MLSchramsberg Winery161085$34.99
20112011 Schramsberg Rose 750MLSchramsberg Winery160769$34.99
NACarpano Antica Formula Vermouth 1LCarpano Distillery10513$34.99
NAWoodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 750MLWoodford Reserve Distillery16301$34.99
NAJefferson's Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750MLJefferson Bourbon61672$34.99
NAMartin Millers Gin Westbourne 750MLMartin Millers Gin61387$34.99
NAPlymouth Gin 750MLPlymouth Gin Distillery10407$34.99
20122012 Gunderloch Riesling Nackenheim 750MLCarl Gunderloch154935$34.99
20082008 Cloudy Bay Riesling Riesling Late Harvest 375ML (Half Bottle)Cloudy Bay Winery150923$34.99
20122012 Psi Ribera del Duero 750MLDominio de Pingus164859$34.99
20122012 Zilliken Rausch Riesling Spatlese 750MLZilliken Estate153612$34.99
20122012 Clos de l Oratoire Futures 750MLChateau Clos L'Oratoire152805$34.99
20132013 Cascade Blackcap Raspberry 750MLGeneric158702$34.99
20102010 Molino di Sant' Antimo Brunello 750MLGeneric164109$34.9993
20122012 Carne Humana Napa Valley Red 750MLGeneric163171$34.99
NAMuraglia Green Jug 500mL 500MLGeneric163932$34.99
NAHacienda Guzman Manzanilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 500GRGeneric164052$34.99
NAHacienda Guzman Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 500GRGeneric164053$34.99
20132013 Overnoy-Crinquand Arbois-Pupillin Trousseau 750MLGeneric163915$34.99
20072007 Bodegas M Tempranillo 750MLGeneric130208$34.99
NAStories of Greek Origins Organic Thyme Honey 420gGeneric163026$34.99
NACastelines Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil AOP 500mL 500MLGeneric162820$34.99
20102010 Viandante Pinot Noir by Skywalker Vineyards 750MLGeneric151109$34.99
NAPrimitivizia MugolioGeneric144929$34.99
20132013 Epoch White 750MLGeneric160790$34.9990
20082008 Three Monkeys Reverb Napa Valley Red 750MLGeneric161357$34.99
20112011 Bleauces Coteaux du Layon 750MLGeneric160670$34.99
20112011 Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir 750MLGeneric159295$34.99
NADaRosario White Truffle Olive Oil 8 OZGeneric159507$34.99
20132013 Trail Marker Wine Co Pinot Noir Saveria Vineyard 750MLGeneric159465$34.99
20122012 David Duband Bourgogne Rouge 750MLGeneric158944$34.99
20122012 Peter Paul Pinot Noir Gravenstein 750MLGeneric155201$34.99
20052005 Domaine De La Vougeraie Gevrey Chambertin 375ML (Half Bottle)30699$34.99
20132013 Catena Alta Chardonnay 750MLCatena Family Wines164280$34.99
20092009 Selvapiana Chianti Riserva Rufina Bucerchiale 750MLSelvapiana Winery147858$34.99
20122012 Jamet VDP 750MLDomaine Luc & Jamet (Jean Luc & Jean Paul Jarnet)164425$34.99
20112011 Ogier la Rosine 750MLDomaine Ogier (Michel) Winery155200$34.99
20112011 Monte Bernardi Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLMonte Bernardi Vineyard164851$34.99
20122012 I Clivi Malvasia 750MLUNKNOWN158846$34.99
20102010 Domaine La Fourmone Gigondas Cuvee Cigaloun 750MLUNKNOWN158819$34.99
20122012 Siro Pacenti 'PS' Rosso di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159207$34.99
20092009 Lucien Crochet 'Croix du Roy' Sancerre Rouge 750MLUNKNOWN159095$34.99
NVXicaru Espadin Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN159238$34.99
20112011 Le Colombier Vacqueyras 'Cuvee G' 750MLUNKNOWN158830$34.99
20122012 Alain Jaume Domaine Grand Veneur 'Clos de Sixte' Lirac 750MLUNKNOWN159047$34.99
NVSun Liquor Barrel Aged Rum 750MLUNKNOWN159497$34.99
NVWestchester Wheat Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN160977$34.99
NVJardesca Blanco Apertif 750MLUNKNOWN162823$34.99
NVSingani 63 750MLUNKNOWN159547$34.99
NVGiffard Menthe Pastille 1LUNKNOWN160396$34.99
NABelvedere RED Vodka Limited Editions is our partnership with (RED) and the launch of 750MLBelvedere Vodka Distillery140938$34.99
20112011 Ronco del Gnemiz Chardonnay 750MLUNKNOWN149925$34.99
20082008 Molino D'Sant Antimo Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN152176$34.99
20102010 Castellaro Bianco Pomice 750MLUNKNOWN148184$34.99
20092009 Fratelli Alessandria Barbera 750MLUNKNOWN147584$34.99
NVGrandma Tommie's Apple Pie Liqueur 750MLUNKNOWN164939$34.99
NVCutler's Vodka 750MLUNKNOWN164940$34.99
NVHamilton 151 proof Demarara Rum 750MLUNKNOWN162989$34.99
NVBreckenridge Bitters (72 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN153932$34.99
NVBlume Marillen Apricot Eau-de-Vie (80 proof) 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN153954$34.99
NARitrovo Selections Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena Aged 6 Years 250mlMaletti Family (balsamic vinegar)24760$34.99
20042004 Stonescape Azalea Springs Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLUNKNOWN157100$34.99
19961996 Tayland Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLUNKNOWN157410$34.99
NVYacht Club Vodka 750MLUNKNOWN157398$34.99
20102010 Charlopin Bourgogne Blanc 750MLUNKNOWN156299$34.99
20122012 Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvigon 750MLSequoia Grove Vineyards163834$34.99
20112011 Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLSequoia Grove Vineyards157343$34.99
20092009 Firriato Harmonium Nero D' Avola 750MLFirriato Winery148885$34.99
NVBernheim 7 year Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey (Hand Selected Barrel #5132812 Y 750MLBernheim Distillery24652$34.99
NVAnchor Old Tom Gin 750MLAnchor Brewing Company159822$34.99
NAAnchor Junipero Gin 750MLAnchor Brewing Company10120$34.99
NAAuchentoschan Classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLAuchentoshan Distillery109399$34.99
20142014 Chateau Fleur Cardinale Futures 750MLChateau Fleur Cardinale163558$34.99
20142014 Chateau Coutet Futures 750MLChateau Coutet163212$34.99
20032003 Chateau Coutet 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Coutet62289$34.999295
20062006 Usseglio Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Tradition 375ML (Half Bottle)Usseglio Pere et Fils (Pierre)102929$34.99
20132013 Bacio Divino Pazzo Napa Valley Red 750MLBacio Divino162937$34.99
20122012 Soter North Valley Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 750MLSoter Vineyards160802$34.99
NVDomaine Chandon Etoile Rose 750MLDomaine Chandon156105$34.99
20112011 Artadi Vinas de Gain 750MLArtadi Bodegas157644$34.99
20112011 Valdicava Rosso Di Montalcino 750MLValdicava148602$34.99
NACrusoe Organic Spiced Rum 750MLGreenbar Distillery123782$34.99
NAZubrowka Bison Grass Vodka Classic 750MLZubrowka Bison Brand110183$34.99
NVRiedel Stemless Large Free shipping on all purchases over $100.Riedel15671$34.99
NVCiroc Amaretto 750ml 750MLCiroc Vodka150644$34.99
NAGrey Goose Vodka Le Orange 750MLGrey Goose11025$34.99
NACiroc Vodka Coconut 750MLCiroc Vodka117970$34.99
NAGrey Goose Vodka Le Citron 750MLGrey Goose40126$34.99
NAHacienda Chihuahua Sotol Anejo 750MLHacienda Chihuahua Tequila12746$34.99
NAAgavero Tequila Liquor 750MLAgavero40380$34.99
NAVedrenne Myrtille Blueberry 750MLVedrenne103483$34.99
NAThienelt Echte Kroatzbeere Blackberry Liqueur 750MLThienelt13486$34.99
NABushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey 750MLOld Bushmills Distillery10397$34.99
NAFrangelico Hazelnut Liqueur 750MLFrangelico Hazelnut Liqueur13513$34.99
NAChambord Black Rasberry Liqueur 750MLChambord Castle13285$34.99
NVBols Genever Gin 750MLBols Amsterdam103942$34.99
NAZaya 12 year Rum 750MLZacapa Rum40051$34.99
NABallantine's 12 year Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLBallantine's Distillery112617$34.99
NAClear Creek Mirabelle Eau De Vie 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery62150$34.99
NAClear Creek Blu Plum Brandy 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery11967$34.99
NAClear Creek Eaux De Vie Pomme 8year 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery11965$34.99
NVDeanston Virgin Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky (92.6 Proof) 750MLDeanston Distillery156101$34.99
NVJameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey 750MLJohn Jameson & Son Distillery164213$34.99
20122012 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste154194$34.99
20102010 Chateau Du Tertre 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau du Tertre141138$34.9992
20142014 La Croix de Beaucaillou Futures 750MLChateau Ducru Beaucaillou163702$34.99
20142014 Chateau d Armailhac Futures 750MLChateau D'Armailhac163220$34.99
20082008 Chateau La Grave a Pomerol 750MLChateau la Grave152846$34.99
NACorralejo Tequila Blanco 750MLCorralejo40419$34.99
20122012 Chateau Latour Martillac Rouge 750MLChateau Latour Martillac161765$34.99
20102010 Tenuta Caparzo Brunello di Montalcino 750MLTenuta Caparzo163996$34.9993
20102010 Emblem Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley by Michael Mondavi 750MLMichael Mondavi148211$34.99
NALa Marca Prosecco Brut 1.5LLa Marca160061$34.99
NVHigh West American Prairie Whiskey 750MLHigh West Spirits162630$34.99
NAHigh West Oat Vodka 750MLHigh West Spirits111144$34.99
20102010 Chateau Doisy Daene 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy-Daene138554$34.99
20092009 Chateau Doisy Daene 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy-Daene122839$34.99
NAGabriel Boudier Saffron Infused Gin 750MLBoudier129274$34.99
20102010 Zuccardi Tito Red Blend 750MLFamilia Zuccardi151567$34.99
NVCampo Azul Anejo Tequila 750MLCampo Azul Tequila109565$34.99
NVChristian Drouin Pommeau de Normandie 750MLChristian Drouin151624$34.99
20142014 Chateau Bourgneuf Futures 750MLChateau Bourgneuf163599$34.99
20112011 Ch Fuisse Pouilly Fuisse Tete de Cru 750MLChateau Fuisse154399$34.9992
20082008 Marchesi di Barolo Barbera d' Alba Ravera 750MLMarchesi di Barolo148954$34.99
NARhum Clement Creolle Shrubb 750MLRhum Clement109028$34.99
20092009 Diel Goldloch Ries Kabinett 750MLSchlossgut Diel132420$34.99
20092009 Paolo Bea San Valentino Umbria Rosso 750MLPaolo Bea159514$34.99
20072007 Beck-hartweg Riesling Vendange Tardive 500MLBeck-Hartweg (Yvette et Michel)133207$34.99
NVCyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750MLCyrus Noble Bourbon164931$34.99
NVDer Lachs Danzig Goldwasser 750MLDer Lachs137631$34.99
20122012 Keller Riesling Spatlese Kirchspiel 750MLWeingut Keller153682$34.99
20122012 Domaine Fourrier Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Fourrier155881$34.99
NVDomaine Grand Guilhem Rancio 5 year (Organic) 750MLDomaine Grand Guilhem156897$34.99
20122012 Schaefer Frohlich Riesling Trocken Schiefergestein 750MLWilli Schaefer153818$34.99
NVJoya Azul Reposado Mezcal 750MLJoya Azul Tequila155162$34.99
NAKarlsson Gold Potato Vodka 750MLKarlsson's Vodka103219$34.99
NABatavia Arrack Van Oosten Java Red Rice Distillate 750MLBatavia Arrack32425$34.99
NAChambord Blackberry Vodka 750MLChambord Liqueur127089$34.99
NAFour Roses Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750MLFour Roses104560$34.99
NACrop Farmers Gin Organic 93.4 750MLCrop Organic Spirits124095$34.99
20122012 Gundlach Bundschu Pinot Noir 750MLGundlach Bundschu159108$34.99
NAVacuvin Cocktail Set Shaker, Muddler Set, Recipe SticksVacu-Vin152455$34.99
20082008 Chateau l Hospitalet de Gazin 750MLJP Moueix139389$34.99
NAHenry Mckenna Single Barrel 10 year Bonded Bourbon Whiskey 750MLHenry McKenna112317$34.99
20112011 Jadot Moulin a Vent Chateau des Jacques Clos de Rochegres 750MLLouis Jadot154426$34.9992
NVBlack Bull Kyloe Blended Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLDuncan Taylor & Co. Ltd.159017$34.99
20122012 Chateau Olivier Rouge 750MLChateau Olivier161767$34.99
NACharbay Vodka 750MLCharbay Winery and Distillery109710$34.99
20102010 Aia Vecchia Sor Ugo 750MLAia Vecchia163680$34.99
20032003 Movia Veliko Rosso Rdece 750MLMovia Winery Estate162561$34.99
20082008 Chateau Clarke Baron de Rothschild 750MLChateau Clarke135340$34.99
NVRise and Shine! BasketWally's Gift Baskets47632$35.00
NAParkers Wine Buyers Guide 7th Editiona103008$35.00
NVBespoke Lemon Zest Candle 16 OZGeneric159608$35.00
20052005 Chateau La Prade 750MLGeneric190175$35.00
NAMassiglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic152811$35.00
20072007 Agusti Torello Mata Brut Nature Gran Reserva 750MLGeneric148982$35.99
NVR & L Legras Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic140197$35.99
20132013 Storm Sauvignon Blanc Presquile Vineyard 750MLGeneric164210$35.99
20112011 Emiliana Coyam 750MLGeneric160848$35.9991
20132013 Bedrock Evangelho Vineyard - Heritage - Contra Costa County 750MLGeneric159081$35.99
20122012 Alma Fria Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric158086$35.99
20122012 Alma Fria Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric158085$35.99
20102010 CentAnni BuoniAnni Sangiovese 750MLGeneric155672$35.99
20112011 Clos Marsalette Rouge Futures 750MLGeneric155766$35.9993
20112011 Tamarack Cellars Cabernet Sauvigon 750MLGeneric157682$35.99
20062006 Hubert Weber Merlot 750MLGeneric157369$35.99
20132013 Chateau Suduiraut Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Suduiraut155266$35.99
20122012 Lail Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon 375ML (Half Bottle)Lail Vineyards161081$35.99
Multi VintageCain Cuvee NV 11 750MLCain Vineyard & Winery163652$35.99
20122012 Talley Pinot Noir Estate 750MLTalley Vineyard156587$35.99
20122012 Walter Hansel Pinot Noir Estate 750MLWalter Hansel160930$35.99
20112011 Storybook Mountain Zinfandel Estate Mayacamas Range 750MLStorybook Mountain Vineyards155461$35.99
20082008 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills 750MLBrewer Clifton111507$35.9991
20112011 Foxen Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley 750MLFoxen Vineyard148909$35.99
20122012 Sebella Chardonnay by Hanzell 750MLHanzell Vineyards150231$35.99
20122012 Calera Chardonnay Mount Harlan 750MLCalera Wine Company153455$35.9994
20132013 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc 750MLSpottswoode Vineyard/Winery156468$35.99
NVSnap Organic Ginger Liqueur 750MLUnknown130647$35.99
20062006 Carmelo Patti Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric165355$35.99
20112011 Vinha Paz Reserva 750MLGeneric165178$35.99
NVAma No To Heavens Door 720MLUnknown155705$35.99
NVShichida Junmai 720MLUnknown152028$35.99
NVIchishima Junmai 720MLUnknown159906$35.99
NABecherovka Carlsbad Liqueur 750MLBecherovka10452$35.99
NAAgwa Coca Leaf Liqueur 750MLAgwa10345$35.99
NAPyrat Planters Gold Xo Reserve Rum 750MLPyrat (rum)12325$35.99
20112011 Silvio Grasso Barolo 750MLSilvio Grasso165341$35.99
20122012 Chateau Les Ormes de Pez Futures 750MLChateau les Ormes de Pez148774$35.99
20142014 Blanc de Lynch Bages Futures 750MLChateau Lynch Bages163290$35.99
20122012 Pio Cesare Barbera Alba Fides 750MLPio Cesare159796$35.99
20122012 Baron de Rothschild Bordeaux Kosher 750MLBaron Philippe de Rothschild164337$35.99
20102010 Pesquera 750MLPesquera (Alejandro Fernandez Tinto) Bodegas153405$35.99
20122012 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Charlopin Parizot (Philippe)163931$35.99
20132013 Kalleske Merchant Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLKalleske Wine159721$35.99
20122012 Kalleske Moppa Shiraz 750MLKalleske Wine159719$35.99
20132013 Barda Pinot Noir 750MLChacra161222$35.99
20112011 Chateau Siran 750MLChateau Siran154325$35.99
20122012 Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Rouge 750MLChateau Larrivet161763$35.99
20132013 Fourrier Bourgogne Rouge Futures 750MLDomaine Fourrier162415$35.99
20082008 Cervoles Red 750MLCervoles Celler164540$35.99
20122012 Cervoles White 750MLCervoles Celler164541$35.99
20122012 Chateau Lafleur Gazin Futures 750MLChateau Lafleur-Gazin149325$35.99
NVLos Bermejos Malvasia Dulce 500MLBodega Los Bermejos163109$35.99
NVThe Irishman Founder's Reserve Small Batch Irish Whiskey 750MLThe Irishman Irish Whiskey156629$36.99
NVNux Alpina Walnut Liqueur Product of Austria 375ML (Half Bottle)Destillerie Purkhart112037$36.99
NAPages Vedrenne Parfait Amour 750MLPages Vedrenne135157$36.99
20122012 Thierry Germain Roches Neuves Saumur Blanc l' Insolite 750MLRoches Neuves161788$36.99
20062006 Alpha Box & Dice Fog Nebbiolo 750MLAlpha Box & Dice146102$36.99
NVMerlet Apricot Liqueur 750MLMerlet164659$36.99
20102010 Chateau Rayne Vigneau 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rayne Vigneau138557$36.99
20122012 Chateau La Cabanne 750MLChateau Cabanne161757$36.99
NAZirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur 375ML (Half Bottle)Zirbenz (Josef Hofer Family Distillery)30480$36.99
20122012 Chateau Chasse Spleen Futures 750MLChateau Chasse-Spleen161722$36.99
NVSt. George Spiced Pear Liqueur 750MLSt George Spirits154977$36.99
NAPig's Nose 5 year Blended Scotch Whiskey 750MLPig's Nose Whisky30785$36.99
NADomaine de Canton Ginger 750MLDomaine de Canton101966$36.99
NVDry Fly Cask Strength Straight Wheat Whiskey (120 Proof) 375ML (Half Bottle)Dry Fly Spirits152715$36.99
NACasacde Blueberry Sour Ale 750MLCascade Brewery150638$36.99
20122012 Chateau Larcis Ducasse 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Larcis Ducasse154211$36.9995
NADistillery No. 209 Gin 750MLGin Distillery No. 20918614$36.99
20092009 Chateau Tertre Daugay 750MLChateau Tertre Daugay124215$36.99
20122012 Henri Gouges Bourgogne Rouge 750MLHenri Gouges Estate160935$36.99
20122012 LIOCO Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLLIOCO (Licklider & OConnor)155515$36.99
20132013 Lageder Gewurtztraminer 750MLLageder Alois164854$36.99
20142014 Barr Hill Vodka 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN156441$36.99
NVBummer & Lazerus Dry Gin (92 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156450$36.99
NVJ.R. Ewing Private Reserve 4 year Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN156868$36.99
20142014 Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin (barreled in american oak casks) 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN155792$36.99
20092009 Chateau Sigalas Rabaud 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Sigalas Rabaud122899$36.99
NAWathen's Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 750MLWathen's Bourbon25367$36.99
NAAviation Gin 750MLAviation Gin27637$36.99
20102010 G.D. Vajra Barolo 'Albe' 750MLUNKNOWN159260$36.9991
NVSuerte Tequila Blanco 750MLUNKNOWN158400$36.99
20092009 Efe Fresh Grapes Raki 750MLEfes Beverage Group152486$36.99
NAGodiva Liqueur Chocolate 750MLGodiva Chocolatier Inc.13618$36.99
NVGrey Goose Le Melon Vodka 750MLGrey Goose156503$36.99
NAGrey Goose Vodka 750MLGrey Goose14074$36.99
NALinie Norwegian Aquavit 750MLLinie Aquavit14007$36.99
20142014 Chateau Cantenac Brown Futures 750MLChateau Cantenac-Brown163419$36.99
NVToranoko Toraya Toranoko 720MLUnknown135962$36.99
NADassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo 720MLUnknown147635$36.99
20142014 Ch Guillhem Tournier Bandol Rose 750MLGeneric164797$36.99
NATartuflanghe Crema di Funghi Porcini con Tartufo 90gGeneric164652$36.99
NABook "Been Doon So Long" a Randall Graham VinthologyBonny Doon Vineyard111592$36.99
20082008 Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs 750MLSchramsberg Winery149246$36.99
20102010 Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs 750MLSchramsberg Winery158029$36.99
20102010 Yalumba Paradox Shiraz 750MLYalumba160178$36.99
NAHendricks Scottish Gin 750MLHendricks (gin)40027$36.99
NAKnob Creek 9 year Bourbon Whiskey 750MLKnob Creek26781$36.99
NARussell's Reserve Small Batch 10 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750MLWild Turkey40072$36.99
NABellocq Dragonwell TinGeneric160074$36.99
NVCa del Bosco Cuvee Prestige 750MLGeneric163984$36.99
20102010 Presquile Chardonnay Solomon Hills Vineyard 750MLGeneric145830$36.99
NABotanist Islay Gin Scotland 750MLGeneric143918$36.99
NAMarco Paolo Chocolate Truffles 9 piecesGeneric149900$36.99
20122012 Lloyd Chardonnay Sonoma 750MLGeneric154302$37.49
NABenedictine Liqueur 750MLBenedictine Liqueur13151$37.49
NAB & B Liqueur 750MLB & B Liqueur13101$37.99
NAStrega Liqueur 750MLStrega Liqueur14010$37.99
NAR. Jelinek Czechoslovakian Slivovitz 10year Kosher 750MLJelinek Rudolf (brandy)10062$37.99
NALe Creuset Screwpull Champagne Crown Sparkling Wine StopperScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset51059$37.99
20142014 Chateau La Grave A Pomerol Futures 750MLChateau la Grave163703$37.99
20112011 Chateau de France Blanc 750MLChateau France154357$37.99
20112011 Eric et Joel Durand Cornas Premices 750MLUNKNOWN158666$37.99
NASquare One Vodka Cucumber 750MLSquare One Organic Spirits130162$37.99
NVOOLA Gin (94 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN152178$37.99
NVMonkey Shoulder Batch 27 Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN154027$37.99
NVTempus Fugit Gran Classico Bitter 750MLUNKNOWN156863$37.99
NVLustau Almacenista Palo Cortado de Jerez. Solera matured by Vides. 750MLEmilio Lustau103283$37.9993
20142014 Chateau Marojallia Futures 750MLChateau Marojallia163585$37.99
20122012 Gini Soave Salvarenza 750MLGini164310$37.99
20122012 Chateau Cantemerle Futures 750MLChateau Cantemerle161720$37.99
NVLustau Almacenista Fino Puerto Obregon 750MLLustau (Emilio)17160$37.9992
20092009 Larner Vineyard Syrah 750MLGeneric155685$37.99
20122012 Deovlet Chardonnay Solomon Hills Vineyard 750MLGeneric155745$37.9992
20112011 Chateau Clarisse 750MLGeneric155615$37.99
20122012 Chateau Clarisse Puisseguin St Emilion 750MLGeneric160059$37.99
20112011 A A Badenhorst Family Red 750MLGeneric159974$37.9993
20112011 Aaron Trespasser 750MLGeneric160820$37.99
20112011 Aaron Petite Sirah Paso Robles 750MLGeneric160819$37.99
20132013 Aequorea Pinot Noir Seafarer 750MLGeneric160822$37.99
20112011 Deovlet Chardonnay Zotovich Vineyard 750MLGeneric150357$37.9991
NABlack Slate Co Cheese Board 5x18Generic137174$37.99
20102010 Meliora Chardonnay Sta Rita Hills 750MLGeneric141813$37.99
NATanqueray #10 Gin 750MLTanqueray10028$37.99
20102010 Kunstler Stielweg Riesling Old Vine 750MLKunstler Family144158$37.99
20132013 Robert Sinskey Abraxis Vin de Terroir Scintilla 750MLRobert Sinskey Winery163167$37.99
20132013 The Tribe Proprietary Red by Covenant Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines154944$37.99
20102010 Pax Syrah The Hermit North Coast 750MLPax Wine Cellars156700$37.99
20132013 Occhipinti Frappato 750MLGeneric165109$37.99
NVFukucho Moon Water-JG 720MLUnknown142151$37.99
20112011 Chateau des Tours Cotes Rhone 750MLGeneric165367$37.99
NVGoriki JGJ 720MLUnknown154258$37.99
20142014 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc 750MLSpottswoode Vineyard/Winery163818$37.99
20122012 Frogs Leap Merlot 750MLFrogs Leap Winery163181$37.99
20122012 Talbott Chardonnay Sleepy Hollow Vineyard 750MLTalbott Vineyards157663$37.99
20092009 Iron Horse Russian Cuvee 750MLIron Horse Vineyards155444$37.99
20112011 Grgich Hills Zinfandel 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar165267$37.99
20112011 Mi Sueno Chardonnay Los Carneros 750MLMi Sueno163140$37.99
20042004 Aglieta POMO 750MLAglieta119372$37.99
20112011 Dragonette Grenache 750MLDragonette Cellars152546$37.99
20112011 Chateau de Camensac 750MLChateau Camensac154373$37.99
20122012 Chateau Olivier Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Olivier161717$37.99
20102010 Chateau Godeau 750MLChateau Godeau138036$37.99
20102010 Chateau La Croix Taillefer 750MLChateau La Croix Taillefer137820$37.99
20092009 Northstar Merlot 750MLNorthstar Winery158906$37.99
20122012 Chanin Chardonnay Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLChanin Wine Company155280$37.99
20112011 Stags Leap Winery Petite Syrah 750MLStags Leap Winery161709$37.99
NVToyo Bijin Junmai Ginjo Okaraakuchi 720MLSumikawa Shuzoba126416$37.99
20122012 Chateau Bourgneuf Futures 750MLChateau Bourgneuf149324$37.99
20102010 White Rock Claret 750MLWhite Rock Vineyards161425$37.9990
20142014 Chateau Doisy Daene Futures 750MLChateau Doisy-Daene163381$37.99
20012001 Faustino I Gran Reserva 750MLFaustino155261$38.99
20112011 Mas Doix Salanques 750MLMas Doix155163$38.9993
20122012 Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Faiveley160918$38.99
20102010 Fanti Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164958$38.9994
20122012 Walter Hansel Pinot Noir South Slope 750MLWalter Hansel165072$38.99
20112011 Wallter Hansel Chardonnay Cuve Alyce 750MLWalter Hansel161159$38.99
20112011 Walter Hansel Pinot Noir Cahill Lane 750MLWalter Hansel156401$38.99
NVTori Kai Premium Soju 750MLTori Kai12281$38.99
20092009 Qupe Roussanne Hillside Estate Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLQupe Winery151009$38.99
20072007 Qupe Syrah Hillside Estate Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLQupe Winery151008$38.99
20102010 Yalumba Fine Dry Red 1 A 750MLYalumba160180$38.9993
NADeus Brut Des Flanders 750MLGeneric145634$38.99
NABellocq Breakfast Blue Caddy 3oz 3 OZGeneric160748$38.99
NABellocq Dragonwell Blue Traveler Caddy 3oz 3 OZGeneric160746$38.99
NABellocq Ashram Afternoon Yellow Traveler Caddy 2.5ozGeneric160743$38.99
NABellocq White Wolf Blue Traveler Caddy 2oz 2 OZGeneric160742$38.99
20092009 Amfora Cabernet Sauvignon by Erzetic 750MLGeneric158804$38.99
20082008 Amfora Rdece (Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot) by Erzetic 750MLGeneric158805$38.99
NAMalpighi Chocolate with Condiment Balsamic FillingGeneric154456$38.99
20102010 Chateau Filhot 750MLChateau Filhot137823$38.99
20122012 Bridesmaid Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBridesmaid Wines163115$38.99
NAHerradura Silver Tequila 750MLHerradura Tequila12115$38.99
NAHouse Of Hemery Cognac VSOP 750MLHouse of Hemery129629$39.00
20132013 The Prisoner 750MLOrin Swift Cellars159548$39.95
20122012 Thorn Merlot Napa Valley 750MLOrin Swift Cellars161525$39.99
20132013 Hirsch Pinot Noir Bohan Dillon 750MLHirsch Vineyard (Sonoma Coast)164969$39.99
20122012 Hirsch Pinot Noir Bohan Dillon 750MLHirsch Vineyard (Sonoma Coast)158648$39.99
20122012 Honig Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLHonig Vineyard and Winery161195$39.99
20122012 Dry Creek Vineyard Mariner Meritage 750MLDry Creek Vineyards161363$39.99
20132013 Red C Proprietary Red Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines162694$39.99
20122012 Broadley Pinot Noir Claudias Choice Oregon 750MLBroadley Vineyards161791$39.99
20102010 Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volant 750MLBonny Doon Vineyard155662$39.99
20122012 Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir 750MLRobert Sinskey Winery164522$39.99
20112011 Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir 750MLRobert Sinskey Winery155397$39.99
20132013 Illumination Sauvignon Blanc 750MLQuintessa Winery156855$39.99
20112011 Corison Cabernet Sauvignon 375ML (Half Bottle)Corison Winery162633$39.99
20132013 Lail Blueprint Sauvignon Blanc 750MLLail Vineyards161084$39.9990
19991999 Harrison Claret 750MLHarrison Vineyards157136$39.99
20052005 Goulee By Cos Destournel 750MLChateau Cos D'Estournel23788$39.99
20092009 Goulee by Cos d'Estournel 750MLChateau Cos D'Estournel123006$39.99
20032003 Chateau Barde Haut 750MLChateau Barde Haut157951$39.99
NVJefferson's Small Batch Chef's Collaboration Whisky 750MLJefferson Bourbon154892$39.99
NVJim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey (95 proof) 750MLJim Beam Distilling Co.156628$39.99
NVJim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask Bourbon Whiskey 750MLJim Beam Distilling Co.160692$39.99
NVMaker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey 750MLMakers Mark Bourbon Distillery126863$39.99
NVMaker's Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Whisky 375ML (Half Bottle)Makers Mark Bourbon Distillery159668$39.99
NVJim Beam Signature Craft 12 year Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750MLJim Beam Distilling Co.152254$39.99
NAWild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon Whiskey (108 proof) 750MLWild Turkey10259$39.99
NASam Houston American Straight Whiskey 750MLSam Houston Bourbon10325$39.99
NAHenri Bardouin Pastis Liqueur 750MLHenri Bardouin Pastis10754$39.99
20122012 Boekenhoutskloof Chocolate Block 750MLBoekenhoutskloof Wine158579$39.99
NAMagellan Gin 750MLMagellan Gin19222$39.99
NVPlymouth Navy Strength Gin (114 proof) 750MLPlymouth Gin Distillery154529$39.99
NVCitadelle Reserve Gin 750MLCitadelle Gin158391$39.99
NABombay Sapphire Gin 1LBombay Distillery12508$39.99
20112011 Sandrone Barbera D Alba 750MLSandrone (Luciano) Winery156929$39.99
20122012 Luciano Sandrone Barbera d'Alba 750MLSandrone (Luciano) Winery158908$39.99
20122012 Petrolo Boggina 750MLPetrolo Winery164327$39.99
20082008 Radikon Ribolla Gialla 500MLGeneric165100$39.99
20082008 Radikon Oslavje 500MLGeneric165101$39.99
20082008 Radikon Jakot 500MLGeneric165102$39.99
NATruffle Brothers Truffle Rice Bag 456gGeneric165146$39.99
20102010 Prevostura Lessona 750MLGeneric164687$39.99
20102010 Col d'Orcia Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164791$39.99
NAAdami Prosecco Cartizze 750MLGeneric164855$39.99
20122012 Balo Vineyards Pinot Noir Anderson Valley 750MLGeneric164767$39.99
20112011 Grand Cros L'esprit Provence Rose 1.5LGeneric165400$39.99
NATruffle Brothers Truffle Polenta 400gGeneric165161$39.99
NVTempleton Rye Whiskey 750MLUnknown134893$39.99
NVTensei Song Sea JG 720MLUnknown163529$39.99
20042004 Mer Soleil Late Harvest 375ML (Half Bottle)Mer Soleil Vineyard109753$39.99
20002000 Neyers Syrah Cuvee d'Honneur 750MLNeyers Vineyards157309$39.99
20122012 Ramey Chardonnay Russian River 750MLRamey Wine Cellars159343$39.99
20092009 Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLAu Bon Climat Winery160731$39.99
NADistillery No. 209 Kosher Gin 750MLRudd Oakville Estate137297$39.99
20122012 Ramey Claret 750MLRamey Wine Cellars154846$39.9991
20122012 Ridge Zinfandel Lytton Springs 750MLRidge Vineyards158469$39.99
20132013 Ridge Lytton Springs 750MLRidge Vineyards164806$39.99
20132013 Ridge Geyserville 750MLRidge Vineyards163341$39.99
20122012 Jordan Chardonnay 750MLJordan Vineyard & Winery155229$39.99
20102010 El Molino Pinot Noir 375ML (Half Bottle)El Molino Winery154870$39.9990
20092009 Stony Hill Chardonnay 750MLStony Hill Vineyard152289$39.99
20102010 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee 750MLIron Horse Vineyards158860$39.99
20122012 DuMol Pinot Noir Russian River 375ML (Half Bottle)DuMol Wines162877$39.99
20122012 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay Cuvee Blanche 750MLBrewer Clifton152999$39.99
20122012 Brewer Clifton Pinot Noir Cuvee Verte 750MLBrewer Clifton160701$39.99
20102010 Cobblestone Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Single Vineyard 750MLCobblestone Vineyards157725$39.99
20122012 Etude Pinot Noir 750MLEtude Wines159042$39.99
20112011 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc 750MLSpottswoode Vineyard/Winery144805$39.99
20092009 Gridley Cabernet Franc 750MLGeneric154513$39.99
NASchneider Weisse Tap X Mein Cuvie Barrique 750MLGeneric154685$39.99
20112011 Peter Paul Pinot Noir Mill Station Road 750MLGeneric154727$39.99
20092009 Larner Vineyard Grenache 750MLGeneric155686$39.99
20102010 Chateau La Colonne Kosher 750MLGeneric155103$39.99
20122012 Habit Red Bordeaux Blend 750MLGeneric157708$39.99
19941994 Chateau Rimbaud 750MLGeneric157925$39.99
20132013 Liquid Farm Chardonnay White Hill 750MLGeneric158529$39.99
20132013 Sonoma Loeb Chardonnay Envoy 750MLGeneric159311$39.99
20102010 Balnaves Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric159735$39.99
20122012 WALT Pinot Noir Blue Jay 750MLGeneric160681$39.99
NAMuraglia Itense Light Blue Jug 500MLGeneric160664$39.99
NAMuraglia Mild Polka Dot Jug 500MLGeneric160665$39.99
NAMuraglia Intense EVOO Red Jug 500MLGeneric160666$39.99
20122012 Vincenet Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard 750MLGeneric160322$39.99
20122012 Vincent Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard 750MLGeneric160323$39.99
NATrignac Belgian Tripel aged in Cognac Casks 750MLGeneric160433$39.99
20122012 Three Monkeys Chardonnay Dutton Ranch 750MLGeneric161355$39.99
20102010 JA Ferret Pouilly Fuisse Sous Vergisson 750MLGeneric161647$39.9992
20102010 Truett Hurst Petite Sirah Burning Man Old Vine 750MLGeneric145157$39.99
NVArt in the Age Sage Spirit 750MLGeneric147284$39.99
20092009 Clos Marsalette Blanc 750MLGeneric147692$39.99
20102010 Couloir Pinot Noir Londer Vineyard 750MLGeneric147533$39.99
20112011 Wicker Vineyards Chardonnay 750MLGeneric147677$39.99
NASt. George Terroir Gin 750MLGeneric146123$39.99
NVLairds Apple Brandy 100 proof 750MLGeneric141875$39.99
NAPaddlewood Hand Crafted Large SpoonsGeneric151332$39.99
20102010 Eldridge Estate Chardonnay North Patch Red Hill 750MLGeneric149365$39.99
NAKoval Chicago Rye Organic 750MLGeneric149446$39.99
NACompagnia del Montale Balsamic di Modena IGP Aged 6 years 250MLGeneric152539$39.99
20112011 Hans Wirsching Ipshofer Kronsberg Silvaner Spatlese Dry 750MLGeneric152394$39.99
20122012 Jamieson Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon Double Lariat 750MLGeneric162548$39.99
NAHacienda Guzman Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 500GRGeneric164054$39.99
20122012 Simon Bize Les Perrieres Bourgogne Rouge 750MLGeneric163007$39.99
NVGonet Medeville Brut Tradition 750MLGeneric163135$39.9992
20132013 Chateau Saint-Roch kerbuccio Maury Sec Futures 750MLGeneric163443$39.9995
20082008 Cava Amethystos Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric164173$39.99
NAWild Scotsman Vatted Malt Whisky 750MLGeneric134151$39.99
NASnow Leopard Polish Vodka 750MLGeneric134091$39.99
20102010 Chateau la Clare Bordeaux Kosher 750MLGeneric148228$39.99
20102010 Domaine de Fontbonau Cotes du Rhone 750MLGeneric148169$39.9991
NVLa Sorciere Bleue Absinthe 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic148275$39.99
NVEl Dorado 12 year Rum 750MLGeneric107100$39.99
NAHangar One Vodka Mandarin Orange 750MLHangar One Vodka40175$39.99
NACiroc Vodka 750MLCiroc Vodka40382$39.99
NVCiroc P Vodka 1LCiroc Vodka156538$39.99
NVAbsolut Peppar Vodka 1LAbsolut (vodka)160948$39.99
NAChopin Vodka 750MLChopin Vodka12502$39.99
NAPotocki Vodka 750MLPotocki Wodka/Vodka60605$39.99
NAEffen Vodka Black Cherry 750MLEffen/EFFEN Vodka16396$39.99
NADel Maguey Mezcal Vida 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.130459$39.99
20092009 Hudson Vineyards Pick Up Stix 750MLHudson Vineyard141337$39.9992
20132013 Brown Estate Chaos Theory 750MLBrown Estate Vineyards159563$39.99
20122012 Brown Estate Zinfandel 750MLBrown Estate Vineyards153443$39.9990
20122012 Gamba Zinfandel Old Vine 750MLGamba Vineyards and Winery155431$39.99
20122012 Gamba Zinfandel Old Vine Starr Road 750MLGamba Vineyards and Winery163126$39.99
20102010 Jim Barry McRae Wood Shiraz 750MLJim Barry Wines160466$39.99
20102010 Chateau Teyssier 750MLChateau Teyssier155285$39.9992
20142014 Chateau Monbousquet Futures 750MLChateau Monbousquet163559$39.99
20112011 Chateau Lalande-Borie 750MLChateau Lalande Borie156937$39.99
NACazadores Reposado Tequila 750MLCazadores Tequila15198$39.99
NACorralejo Tequila Reposado 750MLCorralejo15996$39.99
20102010 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey138162$39.99
20132013 Chateau Lafleur Gazin Futures 750MLChateau Fleur Gazin157887$39.99
20092009 Chateau Guiraud 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Guiraud122877$39.99
20082008 La Parde de Haut Bailly 750MLChateau Haut Bailly144463$39.99
20112011 Chateau Haut Bergey 750MLChateau Haut Bergey157414$39.9990
20042004 Chateau Haut Bergey 750MLChateau Haut Bergey157952$39.99
NAJohnnie Walker Black Blended Scotch Whiskey 750MLJohnnie Walker10671$39.99
NACraft Beer Tasting Set IPA 19 oz, Lager 17 oz, Stemmed Pilsner 13 1/2 oz &Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory150992$39.99
NAGlenfiddich 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenfiddich Distillery10577$39.99
20122012 Chateau Du Tertre Futures 750MLChateau du Tertre148784$39.99
20122012 Chateau Franc Mayne 750MLChateau Franc Mayne161755$39.99
20112011 Chateau Guiraud 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Guiraud144482$39.99
20102010 Chateau Guiraud 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Guiraud138271$39.99
20072007 Chateau Gloria St Julien Futures 750MLChateau Gloria160979$39.99
20142014 Chateau Giscours Futures 750MLChateau Giscours163375$39.99
NAScrewpull Pourer/Aerator/StopperScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset133770$39.99
20122012 Chateau Croizet Bages 750MLChateau Croizet-Bages161750$39.99
NVClear Creek Cavatappi Sangiovese Grappa 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery159138$39.99
NVMarolo Mocato Grappa 375ML (Half Bottle)Marolo165351$39.99
NVMarolo Brunello di Montalcino Grappa 375ML (Half Bottle)Marolo165352$39.99
NVBacardi 1909 Rum 750MLBacardi & Co. Ltd. Distillery152695$39.99
NARon Del Barrilito 3 Star Rum 750MLBarrilito Rum Factory12556$39.99
NAAppleton Estate Rum 12year 750MLAppleton Estate Rum Distillery12267$39.99
NAMandarine Napoleon Liqueur 750MLNapoleon Brandy14021$39.99
NAHerbsaint New Orleans Liqueur 750MLHerbsaint New Orleans Liqueur14418$39.99
NVPiper Heidsieck Brut 750MLPiper Heidsieck15263$39.99
NVBowmore Small Batch Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBowmore Malt Scotch162187$39.99
NAChivas Regal Extra Blended Scotch Whiskey 750MLChivas Brothers Whisky162276$39.99
20112011 Chateau Poujeaux 750MLChateau Poujeaux154369$39.99
20112011 Monte Bernardi Chianti Classico Riserva Sa'Etta 750MLMonte Bernardi Vineyard164715$39.99
20102010 Paolo Scavino Barolo 750MLScavino (Paolo)158107$39.9992
20112011 Paolo Scavino Barolo 750MLScavino (Paolo)164460$39.99
NABlandy Malmsey 15yr 500MLBlandy's60220$39.99
NVLustau Solera Gran Reserva Brandy 750MLEmilio Lustau157514$39.99
20112011 D Angerville Bourgogne Rouge Passetougrain 750MLMarquis d'Angerville157619$39.99
20012001 Feudi di San Gregorio Serpico Futures 750MLFeudi di San Gregorio163888$39.9998
NVBlandy's Malmsey Madeira 10 year old 500MLBlandy's161352$39.99
NAEmilio Lustau Almacenista Olorosa Gallina Jarana 750MLLustau (Emilio)25127$39.9991
20112011 Gros Du Nore Bandol Rouge 750MLDomaine Gros Nore (Alain Pascal)163416$39.9994
20112011 Tenuta San Guido Le Difese 750MLTenuta San Guido149948$39.99
20132013 Ch Simone Les Grandes Carmes de Simone Rose 750MLChateau Simone162324$39.99
20102010 Reserve de la Comtesse 375ML (Half Bottle)Reserve Comtesse Lalande156936$39.99
20102010 Guiseppe Mascarello Barbera Scudetto 750MLGiuseppe Mascarello159826$39.99
20072007 JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett 750MLJJ Prum155141$39.99
20122012 Le Dragon de Quintus 750MLChateau Tertre Daugay148950$39.99
20102010 La Poderina Brunello di Montalcino 750MLLa Poderina163799$39.99
NVNovo Fogo 2 year barrel-aged Cachaca 750MLUNKNOWN156765$39.99
NVFidencio Clasico Mezcal (91 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156766$39.99
NVJ Lassalle Brut Cachet Or 750MLUNKNOWN156732$39.99
NVCaledonia Spirits Elderberry Cordial 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN155794$39.99
20142014 Barr Hill Gin 750MLUNKNOWN155790$39.99
NVOld Bardstown Estate Bottled Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (101 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156361$39.99
20092009 Domaine Denis Pernard Vergelesses 1er cru Sous Fretille 750MLUNKNOWN154430$39.99
20102010 Domaine Alain Gras St Romain Blanc 750MLUNKNOWN154389$39.99
20052005 La Rioja Alta Vina Ardanza 750MLLa Rioja162197$39.99
19941994 Schloss Schonborn Hocheimer Domdechaney Spatlese 750MLSchloss Schonborn150196$39.99
20132013 La Scolca Gavi Di Gavi Black 750MLLa Scolca164785$39.99
20122012 La Scolca Gavi Di Gavi Black Label 750MLLa Scolca156045$39.99
19981998 Staglin Family Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 375ML (Half Bottle)Staglin Family Vineyards157096$39.99
NVOOLA Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey (94 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN152181$39.99
NVSteinshine Corn Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN152169$39.99
NVDon Weber Reposado Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN152551$39.99
NVFew Standard Issue Gin 750MLUNKNOWN152406$39.99
NVSipsmith Gin 750MLUNKNOWN152408$39.99
20102010 Skerk Malvasia 750MLUNKNOWN149669$39.99
NVBone Snapper Rye Whisky (108 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN164987$39.99
NVHochstadter's Rye Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN165118$39.99
NVJourneyman Bilberry Black Hearts Gin 750MLUNKNOWN163052$39.99
NVBainbridge Legacy Vodka 750MLUNKNOWN164105$39.99
NVIwai Japanese Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN164028$39.99
NVRansom Dry Vermouth 750MLUNKNOWN164696$39.99
NVBastille Single Malt French Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN162717$39.99
20112011 Two Sisters Chardonnay Courtneys Vineyard 750MLFoley Estates Vineyard & Winery155752$39.99
20122012 Chateau La Louviere Rouge 750MLChateau Louviere161778$39.99
NABelvedere Vodka 750MLBelvedere Vodka Distillery11751$39.99
NABelvedere Vodka Cytrus 750MLBelvedere Vodka Distillery54258$39.99
NVCutler's Gin 750MLUNKNOWN164935$39.99
20102010 Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLFreemark Abbey152887$39.99
20122012 La Ferme du Mont Gigondas 'Jugunda' 750MLUNKNOWN158833$39.99
NVPierre Gerbais Cuvee de Reserve Extra Brut 750MLUNKNOWN158327$39.99
NVDuke Small Batch Bourbon Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN158398$39.99
NVUisce Beatha Real Irish Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN159144$39.99
NVBellavista Franciacorta Cuvee Brut 750MLUNKNOWN159179$39.99
NVUncle Val's Restorative Gin 750MLUNKNOWN159164$39.99
20102010 Fonterenza Rosso di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159110$39.99
20112011 Domaine du Colombier 'Cuvee Gaby' Crozes Hermitage 750MLUNKNOWN158844$39.99
20072007 Stella di Campalto Rosso di Montalcino UNKNOWN300006$39.99
NVSeven Stills Chocasmoke Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN160354$39.99
NVWhite Oak Akashi Blended Malt Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN159768$39.99
NVAncho Reyes Chile Liqueur 750MLUNKNOWN159401$39.99
20122012 Yves Cuilleron Crozes-Hermitage 'Laya' 750MLUNKNOWN159512$39.9990
20102010 Monte Santoccio Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso 750MLUNKNOWN159537$39.99
NVEl Silencio Espadin Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN159681$39.99
NVThe Hive 8 year Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN159707$39.99
20102010 Schiavenza Barolo 750MLUNKNOWN159636$39.9993
20112011 Campi di Fonterenza Rosso di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159484$39.99
NVSeven Stills Fluxuate Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN162528$39.99
NVDewars 15 year Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN161436$39.99
NVSmith & Cross Traditional Rum (114 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN151767$39.99
NVPurgeist Bierbrand 750MLUNKNOWN152589$39.99
20112011 Passopisciaro Guardiola Bianco 750MLPassopisciaro156694$39.9991
20112011 Passopisciaro Passopisciaro 750MLPassopisciaro156688$39.99
20102010 Clos Lunelles 750MLClos Les Lunelles138757$39.9991
NABallast Point Old Grove Gin 750MLOld Grove Gin111329$39.99
20062006 Pico Madama 750MLPico Madama129727$39.9992
20132013 Chateau Bourgneuf Futures 750MLChateau Bourgneuf157885$39.99
NABoukha Fig Liqueur 750MLBoukha Spirits119402$39.99
NAFrancois Pralus Biologique Dark Chocolate Pyramide Bars 250gFrancois Pralus160139$39.99
20122012 Wittmann Riesling Trocken Westhofener 750MLWittmann153791$39.99
NV1860's Genuine American Vodka 750ML1860's Genuine American Vodka120784$39.99
NAHigh West Silver Whiskey 750MLHigh West Spirits130006$39.99
20102010 Chateau La Croix du Casse 750MLChateau la Croix du Casse163610$39.9991
NVKonteki Tears Daiginjo 720MLKonteki125778$39.99
NACombier Liqueur D'orange 750MLCombier Liqueur d'Orange119563$39.99
20122012 Chateau Croix Mouton 1.5LChateau Croix-Mouton149939$39.99
20092009 Chateau Tour Maillet 750MLChateau Tour Maillet122711$39.9990
20092009 Chateau La Croix Lartigue 750MLChateau La Croix Lartigue122796$39.9991
20132013 Entre Nous Sauvignon Blanc 750MLKristine Ashe Vineyards162604$39.99
NVBallast Point Three Sheets Barrel Aged Rum 750MLBallast Point Spirits135296$39.99
NAPurity Vodka 750MLPurity Vodka135601$39.99
20072007 Agricola Centolani Pietranera Brunello di Montalcino 750MLAgricola Centolani Pietranera144683$39.99
20092009 Clendenen Family Vineyards Pinot Noir Le Bon Climat Vineyard 750MLClendenen Family Vineyards153324$39.99
NAThe King's Ginger Liqueur 750MLThe King's Ginger134845$39.99
20112011 Gunther Steinmetz Riesling Piesporter Falkenberg "Von Den Terrassen" 750MLGunther Steinmetz150431$39.99
20132013 Keller Riesling Auslese Morstein 375ML (Half Bottle)Weingut Keller161117$39.99
20092009 Aaldering Vineyards Pinotage 750MLAaldering Vineyards152098$39.99
20092009 Aaldering Vineyards Cabernet/Merlot 750MLAaldering Vineyards152100$39.99
20092009 Aaldering Vineyards Shiraz 750MLAaldering Vineyards152099$39.99
20112011 Weingut Weiser-Kunstler Riesling Enkircher Ellergrub Spatlese 750MLWeingut Weiser-Kunstler155635$39.99
20082008 Rominger Riesling Saering Grand Cru 750MLDomaine Eric Rominger156892$39.99
20122012 Evening Land Pinot Noir Eola Amity Hills 750MLEvening Land Vineyard164549$39.9993
20122012 Freeman Chardonnay Ryo-fu Russian River 750MLFreeman Winery156254$39.99
20112011 Gundlach Bundschu Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGundlach Bundschu160176$39.99
20112011 Gundlach Bundschu Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGundlach Bundschu160350$39.99
NAAzunia Tequila Reposado 750MLAzunia Tequila111348$39.99
NACascade Blackberry Ale 750MLCascade Brewery163277$39.99
20102010 Alois Trebulanum 750MLFattoria Alois151925$39.9994
NACascade Figaro Ale 750MLCascade Brewery160671$39.99
NACascade Cerise Nouveau 750MLCascade Brewery160673$39.99
20132013 Cascade Noyaux 750MLCascade Brewery157681$39.99
20132013 Cascade Sang Royal 750MLCascade Brewery157906$39.99
NACascade Foudre #1 750MLCascade Brewery159400$39.99
NVJohnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon Whiskey (101 proof) 750MLKentucky Bourbon Distillers105669$39.99
20112011 Chateau Tronquoy Lalande 750MLChateau Tronquoy154351$39.99
20122012 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Russian River 375ML (Half Bottle)Merry Edwards Wines161035$39.99
20122012 Sans Liege Grenache Pickpocket 750MLSans Liege Wines159970$39.99
NAVacuvin Champagne Gift Set Champagne Cooler, Bottle Opener, Champange SaverVacu-Vin152453$39.99
20142014 Alphonse Mellot Sancerre Moussiere 750MLAlphonse Mellot165148$39.99
20132013 Alphonse Mellot Sancerre La Moussiere 750MLAlphonse Mellot163428$39.9994
NVWhipper Snapper Oregon Spirit 750MLKing's Ransom158397$39.99
20122012 Tyler Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 750MLTyler156291$39.9992
20112011 Chateau Bouscaut Rouge 750MLChateau (Lamothe) Bouscaut154354$39.99
20112011 Chateau Olivier Rouge 750MLChateau Olivier154365$39.99
20112011 Chateau La Cabanne 750MLChateau Cabanne154323$39.99
20122012 Chateau Lynch Moussas Futures 750MLChateau Lynch Moussas161727$39.99
19901990 Buehler Cabernet Napa 750MLBuehler Vineyards146603$39.99
20122012 Dragonette Seven Syrah 750MLDragonette Cellars157524$39.99
20112011 Dragonette Seven Syrah 750MLDragonette Cellars158477$39.99
NVSt. George Dry Rye Gin 750MLSt George Spirits151880$39.99
NASt Germain Elderflower Liqueur 750MLSt Germain30059$39.99
20052005 Chateau d' Arche 750MLMahler-Besse111950$39.99
20102010 Chateau de Sales 750MLChateau Sales156927$39.99
NA1800 Silver Select 100 Proof Tequila 750ML1800 Tequila107172$39.99
20112011 HALL Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLHall Winery152429$39.9992
20112011 Roberto Voerzio Langhe Nebbiolo 750MLRoberto Voerzio155304$39.99
20092009 Stemmler Pinot Noir Carneros Estate 750MLStemmler Vineyards145896$39.99
NAAcetaia Malpighi Saporoso Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena 6 year 200mlAcetaia Malpighi32375$39.99
NAMalpighi Orange Balsamic 100MLAcetaia Malpighi162712$39.99
20132013 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLAnthill Farms163651$39.99
20082008 La Mozza I Perazzi Morellino di Scansano 1.5LLa Mozza143291$39.99
NAAggazzoti Nocino Notte Giovanni Liqueur 750MLAggazzotti Pietro10390$39.99
20122012 Penner Ash Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 750MLPenner Ash Wine Cellars160734$39.99
NVLaurent Perrier Brut L-P 750MLLaurent Perrier (France)15127$39.9990
20052005 Olivier Pithon La D18 750MLDomaine Pithon (Olivier)181809$40.00
NATwo Bottle Box SetWally's Gift Baskets47638$40.00
NVSpanish Love BasketWally's Gift Baskets161652$40.00
20012001 Heidi Schrock Ried Vogelsang 750MLHeidi Schrock184068$40.00
20012001 Heidi Schrock Furmint 750MLHeidi Schrock181240$40.00
20012001 Hazy Blur Late Picked Shiraz 375ML (Half Bottle)Hazy Blur Winery158235$40.00
20062006 Domaine de Fenouillet Beaumes-de-Venise Terres Blanches 750MLGeneric184051$40.00
20082008 Ca de Noce Notte di Luna 750MLGeneric184024$40.00
20062006 Frecciarossa Uva Rara 750MLGeneric184060$40.00
20082008 La Molara Fiano di Avellino Jovis 750MLGeneric185019$40.00
20032003 Monte Tondo Recioto di Soave 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic160555$40.00
20002000 Marion Passito Veneto IGT 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic160560$40.00
20012001 Franck Peillot Rousette de Bugey Altesse de Montagnieu 750MLGeneric181909$40.00
20032003 Herman Wiemer Select Late Harvest Johannisberg Riesling 750MLGeneric158281$40.00
20012001 Poggio al Sole Syrah Toscana IGT 750MLGeneric181704$40.00
19991999 Poggio Alla Pietra Petroni Rosso 750MLGeneric181129$40.00
20072007 Donnhoff Riesling 750MLGeneric181977$40.00
20012001 Producteurs Plaimont Cotes de Saint-Mont Blanc Les Vignes Retrouvees 750MLGeneric181913$40.00
20002000 Poggio al Sole Seraselva Toscana IGT 750MLGeneric181703$40.00
19951995 Villa S. Anna Il Vallone 750MLGeneric181782$40.00
20022002 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Sylvaner 750MLGeneric181643$40.00
20052005 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Sylvaner 750MLGeneric181644$40.00
20062006 Azienda Agricola Basilisco Aglianico del Vulture Teodosio 750MLGeneric181523$40.00
20072007 Schola Sarmenti Primitivo Critera Salento IGT 750MLGeneric181742$40.00
20002000 Vinicola Savese Pichierri Primitivo di Manduria Tradizione del Nonno 750MLGeneric181786$40.00
20072007 Caruso and Minini Sachia Sicil ia IGT 750MLGeneric181556$40.00
20062006 Tasca D Almerita Regaleali Cygnus 750MLGeneric181750$40.00
20072007 Abraxas Pantelleria Kuddia del le Ginestre 750MLGeneric181484$40.00
20092009 Cecilia Ansonica 750MLGeneric181564$40.00
20012001 Viticoltori De Conciliis Fiano Donnaluna Paestum IGT 750MLGeneric181582$40.00
20042004 Luigi Maffini Incatenata Paestum IGT 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic181659$40.00
20092009 Ermes Pavese Morgex et de la Salle 750MLGeneric181594$40.00
20052005 Ezio Voyat Chambave La Gazzella 750MLGeneric181595$40.00
20002000 Traslanzas Cigales 750MLGeneric181945$40.00
20022002 Clavidor Verdejo Rueda 750MLGeneric181920$40.00
20012001 Vina Godeval Valdeorras 750MLGeneric181925$40.00
20002000 Ferrando Canavese Bianco Caste llo di Loranze 750MLGeneric181603$40.00
20092009 Ca dei Mandorli Brachetto d Acqui Le Donne dei Boschi 500MLGeneric181533$40.00
20082008 A. Maccia Riviera Ligure di Ponente 750MLGeneric181657$40.00
NVUnion of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos Muscat Samos Nectar 750MLGeneric181479$40.00
20082008 Cantine Lupo Rosa di Cesare Merlot Primolupo Lazio IGT 750MLGeneric181547$40.00
20002000 Scubla Colli Orientali del Friuli Bianco Pomedes 750MLGeneric181743$40.00
20022002 Lost Canyon Syrah Stage Gulch Vineyard 750MLGeneric181109$40.00
20072007 Peter Schandl Pinot BlancGeneric181358$40.00
20062006 Domaine Michel Lafarge Bourgogne Passetoutgrains 750MLGeneric182805$40.00
20022002 Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin Chablis Grand Cru Vaudesir 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182448$40.00
20042004 Deux Montille Saint-Aubin 1er Cru sur Gamay 750MLGeneric182442$40.00
20122012 Chateau La Pointe 750MLGeneric161759$40.99
20112011 Les Terrasses by Alvaro Palacios 750MLPalacios (Alvaro)149747$40.99
NVIxa Silver Organic Tequila 750MLSiete Leguas (7 Leagues)138118$40.99
20132013 Blanc de Lynch Bages Futures 750MLChateau Lynch Bages157610$40.99
20142014 Chateau Langoa Barton Futures 750MLChateau Langoa Barton163377$40.99
20112011 Chateau Chasse Spleen 750MLChateau Chasse-Spleen154343$40.99
20112011 Tablas Creek Esprit Blanc de Tablas 750MLTablas Creek Vineyard156051$41.9990
20092009 Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Rouge Futures 750MLChateau Larrivet143394$41.99
20102010 Emilio Moro Malleolus 750MLBodegas Emilio Moro162903$41.99
NAPrince Lordon Kosher Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLPrince Lordon101993$41.99
20122012 Schnaitmann Pinot Noir Young Vines 750MLSchnaitmann154905$41.99
20092009 Chateau La Tour Blanche 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau La Tour Blanche122956$41.99
20122012 Bodegas Volver Triga 750MLBodegas Volver163465$41.99
20102010 Torres Mas Borras Pinot Noir 750MLBodegas Torres162154$41.99
20122012 Chateau Phelan Segur Futures 750MLChateau Phelan Segur161723$41.99
20122012 Chateau Gloria St Julien 750MLChateau Gloria161756$41.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152614$41.99
NACointreau Liqueur 750MLRemy Cointreau13310$41.99
20142014 Chateau Malescot St Exupery Futures 750MLChateau Malescot St Exupery163586$41.99
20142014 Chateau Figeac Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Figeac163695$41.99
20142014 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte164328$41.99
20072007 Le Vieux Donjon Chateauneuf du Pape 375ML (Half Bottle)Vieux Donjon110396$41.9994
NASandeman Port Tawny 10 Year 750MLSandeman134794$41.99
20102010 Eric Kent Chardonnay San Giacomo Green Acres Hill 750MLEric Kent Wine Cellars148125$41.9991
20122012 Schloss Schonborn Riesling Pfaffenberg GG 750MLSchloss Schonborn156377$41.99
20122012 Linne Calodo Contrarian White 750MLLinne Calodo151168$41.99
20052005 Yalumba Fine Dry Red 1 A Museum Release 750MLYalumba160181$41.99
20122012 Chateau Berliquet 750MLChateau Berliquet149275$41.99
20142014 Chateau Branaire Ducru Futures 750MLChateau Branaire Ducru163587$41.99
20122012 Chateau Doisy Vedrines 750MLChateau Doisy Vedrines148778$41.99
20132013 Chateau Rieussec Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rieussec155583$41.99
NAPure Kentucky Bourbon Xo 750MLPure Kentucky Bourbon14875$41.99
20122012 Shea Pinot Noir Estate Oregon 750MLShea Vineyard164209$41.99
20132013 Roar Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 750MLRoar Wines162362$41.99
20112011 Deovlet Sonny Boy Red Blend 750MLGeneric154623$41.9990
NVChikurin Fukamari JG 720MLGeneric101702$41.99
20102010 Marion Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric164332$42.99
20062006 Convento San Francisco Reserva 750MLGeneric145028$42.9991
20122012 Chateau Villemaurine Futures 750MLGeneric161724$42.99
20132013 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir 750MLDomaine Drouhin Oregon163332$42.99
20122012 Biale Basic Black 750MLBiale Vineyards163572$42.99
20122012 Yalumba "The Virgilius" Viognier 750MLYalumba160138$42.99
NVNanbu Bijin Southern Beauty JG 720MLUnknown154530$42.99
NVYamahoshi Rokkasen Yamahoshi 720MLUnknown135961$42.99
20132013 Terra Gratia Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric165204$42.99
NATruffle Brothers Truffle Sauce 180gGeneric165141$42.99
NARegalis Black Truffle Honeycomb 11ozGeneric165031$42.99
20142014 Teeling Irish Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN155205$42.99
NVLost Spirits Cuban Rum (151 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN159877$42.99
NVCutler's Silver Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN164943$42.99
NVYerlo Rice Spirit (120 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN152488$42.99
NAGeorge Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey 750MLTennessee Dickel Distilling Co.25711$42.99
20052005 Donnhoff Riesling Schlossbockelheimer Felsenberg Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Donnhoff Estate27058$42.99
20102010 Le Petit Haut Lafitte 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte155073$42.9991
20122012 Leflaive Macon Verze 750MLDomaine Leflaive159001$42.99
NAHennessy Cognac VS 750MLHennessy11173$42.99
20132013 Chateau Giscours Futures 750MLChateau Giscours156128$42.99
NAIsle Of Jura 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLIsle of Jura Distillery10648$42.99
20082008 Chateau Haut Bergey 750MLChateau Haut Bergey157415$42.9991
20112011 Chateau Desmirail 750MLChateau Desmirail154441$42.9990
NVSorelle Bronca Prosecco 1.5LSorelle Bronca111696$42.99
20122012 Chateau Latour Martillac Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Latour Martillac161728$42.99
20132013 Chateau Plince Futures 750MLChateau Plince164409$42.99
NVBenanti Noblesse Spumante 750MLGuiseppe Benanti163841$42.99
20052005 Beck-Hartweg Gewurztraminer Frankstein Grand Cru 750MLBeck-Hartweg (Yvette et Michel)147683$42.99
20112011 Courbis Cornas Champelrose 750MLCourbis152635$42.99
20132013 Keller Riesling Kirchspiel RR 750MLWeingut Keller161114$42.99
20122012 Keller Riesling Kirchspiel RR 750MLWeingut Keller153669$42.99
20112011 Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Rouge 750MLChateau Larrivet154320$42.999090
20122012 Chateau Beauregard Futures 750MLChateau de Beauregard161716$43.99
20122012 Dragonette Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills 750MLDragonette Cellars157523$43.99
20082008 Ehlers Estate Merlot 750MLEhlers Estate142356$43.99
20082008 Solomon Hills Vineyard Chardonnay 750MLSolomon Hills Vineyards135042$43.99
20102010 Bien Nacido Vineyards Chardonnay Estate 750MLBien Nacido Vineyards149788$43.99
NAHerradura Reposado Tequila 750MLHerradura Tequila10311$43.99
20122012 Donnhoff Riesling Oberhauser Brucke Spatlese 750MLDonnhoff Estate153813$43.99
20102010 Tollot Beaut Chorey Beaune 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils149578$43.99
20112011 Ramos Pinto Duas Quintas Reserva 750MLRamos (Adriano) Pinto163279$43.99
NVTengoku Matsuno Ginjo Gohyakumangoku 720MLUnknown165206$43.99
20112011 TOR ROCK Grenache Cuvee Cooper 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines149220$43.9992
20122012 Tor Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 375ML (Half Bottle)Tor Kenward Family Wines159062$43.99
20122012 Les Terrasses Alvaro Palacios 750MLPalacios (Alvaro)160947$43.99
20102010 Fiddlehead Pinot Noir Seven Twenty Eight Fiddlestix Vineyard 750MLFiddlehead Cellars158824$43.99
20122012 Talley Chardonnay Rincon Vineyard 750MLTalley Vineyard155718$43.99
20112011 Montevertine Igt Montevertine 750MLMontevertine Az Agr156866$43.99
19921992 Vouvay Demi Sec Clos du Bourg 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic158501$43.99
NAFive Olive Oil Extra Virgin 500MLGeneric151581$43.99
20102010 Fabre Montmayou Grand Vin 750MLGeneric152137$43.9993
20062006 Andre Robert Blanc De Blancs Les Mesnil 750MLGeneric162478$44.99
NVTallarico Vodka 750MLGeneric145323$44.99
NARansom Old Tom Gin 750MLGeneric142361$44.99
NVTanteo Jalapeno Tequila 750MLGeneric146653$44.99
NASabra Coffee Liqueur Kosher 750MLGeneric147036$44.99
NAEfe Raki Black Label 94pf 750MLGeneric147658$44.99
NVArt in the Age Rhubarb 750MLGeneric147285$44.99
20082008 Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLGeneric141987$44.999092
NAMargai Riserva Balsamic Vinegar Aged 12 Years 250MLGeneric138010$44.99
20132013 Coquard Loison Fleurot Chambolle Musigny Futures 750MLGeneric164570$44.99
20122012 Domaine de La Cote Pinot Noir Estate Sta Rita Hills 750MLGeneric163762$44.99
20122012 Simon Bize Les Perrieres Bourgogne Blanc 750MLGeneric163005$44.99
20102010 Overnoy-Crinquand Arbois-Pupillin Chardonnay Vieilles Vignes 750MLGeneric163913$44.99
20122012 Domaine Cecile Tremblay Bourgogne Pinot Noir La Croix Blanche 750MLGeneric163918$44.99
NVGeorge Laval Cumieres Brut Nature 1er Cru 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic163812$44.99
NASabra Orange Chocolate Liqueur 750MLGeneric148375$44.99
20122012 Coquard Loison Fleurot Chambolle Musigny Futures 750MLGeneric163202$44.99
20122012 Chateau La Tour Figeac 750MLGeneric161777$44.99
20122012 Three Monkeys Pinot Noir Maru Hellenthal Vineyard Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric161356$44.99
NVRWC Brut Le Mesnil 750MLGeneric159930$44.99
20112011 Hilliard Bruce Chardonnay 750MLGeneric155082$44.9992
20092009 Robert Craig Chardonnay Durell Vineyard 750MLRobert Craig139358$44.99
20102010 Ojai Syrah Roll Ranch Vineyard 750MLOjai Vineyard157714$44.9993
20132013 Forman Chardonnay Estate 750MLForman Vineyard162609$44.99
20122012 Forman Cabernet Sauvignon La Grande Roche 750MLForman Vineyard159126$44.99
20132013 Forman Cabernet La Grand Roche 750MLForman Vineyard164762$44.99
20122012 Roar Chardonnay Sierra Mar Vineyard 750MLRoar Wines154798$44.99
20132013 Biale Zinfandel Black Chicken 750MLBiale Vineyards162826$44.99
NVSlaughter House American Whiskey 750MLOrin Swift Cellars164245$44.99
20122012 Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Alexander Valley Kosher 750MLBaron Herzog Winery162642$44.99
20102010 Hagafen Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars155079$44.99
20112011 Hagafen Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLHagafen Cellars161713$44.99
20142014 Huet Vouvray Clos du Bourg Demi Sec 750MLDomaine Huet165230$44.99
20062006 Chateau Doisy Vedrines 750MLChateau Doisy Vedrines30861$44.99
NVKnob Creek Rye Whiskey (100 proof) 750MLKnob Creek152522$44.99
NAMichter's Small Batch Bourbon 750MLMichter's Distillery101683$44.99
NAJefferson's Reserve Very Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750MLJefferson Bourbon10358$44.99
NVRussell's Reserve 6 year Straight Rye Whiskey 750MLWild Turkey155572$44.99
20122012 Planeta Chardonnay 750MLPlaneta162222$44.99
20122012 Freestone Pinot Noir by Joseph Phelps 750MLJoseph Phelps Vineyards163112$44.99
20122012 Mayacamas Chardonnay 750MLMayacamas Vineyards159613$44.99
20112011 Landmark Vineyards Damaris Reserve Chardonnay 750MLLandmark Vineyards155551$44.99
20102010 Grgich Hills Zinfandel 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar154082$44.99
20112011 Foxen Syrah Williamson Dore Vineyard 750MLFoxen Vineyard152893$44.9990
NVTengoku Sawahime Junmai Ginjo 720MLUnknown165207$44.99
20122012 Rubrica Red by Luis Duarte 750MLGeneric165244$44.99
NASabatino Tartufi Carpacio Sliced Black Summer TruffleGeneric141949$44.99
NABerry Bros Gin No 3 750MLGeneric144882$44.99
20102010 GD Vajra Barbera d'Alba Superiore 750MLUnknown152468$44.99
NVWemyss Malts Peat Chimney 8 year Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLUnknown150914$44.99
20132013 Cakebread Chardonnay 750MLCakebread Cellars162369$44.99
NARamos Pinto Ervamoira 10 Year Tawny 750MLRamos (Adriano) Pinto25045$44.9991
NATartuflanghe White Truffle Honey 260grTartuflanghe14086$44.99
20112011 Croft 375ML (Half Bottle)Croft Wines149622$44.99
20142014 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion Futures 750MLChateau Les Carmes Haut Brion163449$44.99
20112011 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 375ML (Half Bottle)Switchback Cellars156071$44.99
20122012 Chateau Prieure Lichine Futures 750MLChateau Prieure Lichine149389$44.99
20122012 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Santenay 1er Cru La Comme 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154784$44.99
20112011 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Santenay 1er Cru La Comme 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154780$44.99
20112011 Tollot Beaut Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils156562$44.99
20102010 Canalicchio di Sopra Brunello 375ML (Half Bottle)Canalicchio di Sopra162258$44.99
20102010 Santa Cruz de Artazu 750MLArtazu157706$44.99
20102010 Clos Nardian Bordeaux Blanc 750MLChateau Dome148353$44.9990
NABillecart Salmon Brut Rose 375ML (Half Bottle)Billecart Salmon Champagne10902$44.9992
NVCorsair Gin 750MLUNKNOWN152340$44.99
NVOOLA Waitsburg Barrel-Finished Gin (90 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN152180$44.99
20092009 GD Vajra Freisa Kye Langhe 750MLUNKNOWN148210$44.9991
20062006 San Biagio Rochettevino Barolo 750MLUNKNOWN150501$44.99
NVUncle Val's Botanical Gin 750MLUNKNOWN150763$44.99
NVLost Spirits Polynesian Rum 750MLUNKNOWN162990$44.99
NVAngostura 1919 Trinidad Rum 750MLAngostura Bitters151772$44.99
NABelvedere Vodka Intense Unfiltered 750MLBelvedere Vodka Distillery112063$44.99
NVGrappi Camomile Grappa 750MLUNKNOWN162632$44.99
20112011 Bartolo Mascarello Barbera 750MLUNKNOWN151933$44.99
NVBelle Meade Sour Mash Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN152883$44.99
20122012 Gerard Boulay 'Mont Damnes' Sancerre 750MLUNKNOWN159120$44.99
20112011 Capurro Pisco 750MLUNKNOWN159137$44.99
20072007 Chateau Pradeaux Bandol Rouge 750MLUNKNOWN159091$44.9991
20112011 Gilles Robin St. Joseph Cuvee Andre Pealat 750MLUNKNOWN158664$44.99
NVFew Barrel Aged Gin (93 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN155893$44.99
20112011 Simon Bize Bourgogne Rouge Les Perrieres 750MLUNKNOWN154759$44.99
20122012 Dario Raccaro Collio Friulano 750MLUNKNOWN157546$44.9991
20122012 Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Rouge 750MLUNKNOWN157638$44.99
20122012 Foradori Teroldego Morei 750MLForadori Azienda Agricola165099$44.99
20032003 Shirvington McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLShirvington Wines147384$44.99
NVHenriot Brut Soverain 750MLHenriot17079$44.99
20042004 Donnhoff Riesling Oberhauser Brucke Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Donnhoff Estate21082$44.99
20052005 Hudson Vineyard Pick Up Sticks 750MLHudson Vineyard157176$44.99
20002000 Parador Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLParador Wine157078$44.99
19981998 Melka Metisse 750MLMelka Wines153862$44.99
NAChopin Wheat Vodka 750MLChopin Vodka142315$44.99
20122012 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte154231$44.9995
NADel Maguey Crema De Mezcal 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.12171$44.99
20112011 Chateau Faugeres 750MLChateau Faugeres155523$44.999091
NAHirsch Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750MLHirsch Distillers (Kentucky)103294$44.99
20122012 Chateau La Dominique 750MLChateau Dominique161758$44.99
20092009 Chateau La Fleur de Bouard 750MLChateau Fleur Bouard123758$44.9993
NAGlenmorangie 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenmorangie Company33486$44.99
NAAberfeldy 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLAberfeldy Distillery27149$44.99
NAPinch 15 year Blended Scotch Whiskey 750MLPinch The Dimple Pinch10624$44.99
NAStroh Dark Rum 160 proof 1LStroh Sebastian12595$44.99
NAGrand Marnier Liqueur 750MLGrand Marnier Liqueur13637$44.99
NANonino Grappa Chardonnay 375ML (Half Bottle)Nonino Orazio11185$44.99
20112011 Tempier Bandol 750MLDomaine Tempier154842$44.99
20122012 Tempier Bandol 750MLDomaine Tempier163425$44.99
20012001 Betts & Scholl Grenache 750MLBetts & Scholl157239$44.99
NADouble Cross Luxury Vodka 750MLDouble Cross Vodka138243$44.99
20112011 Roc D'Anglade Blanc 750MLRoc D'Anglade152530$44.99
20102010 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny 750MLDomaine Anne et Herve Sigaut151405$44.99
20092009 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny 750MLDomaine Anne et Herve Sigaut151406$44.99
20112011 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny 750MLDomaine Anne et Herve Sigaut151119$44.99
NAGabriel-Glas Gold Edition mouth-blown glassGabriel-Glas152349$44.99
20122012 Sieur d'Arques Limoux Chardonnay Clocher Gaja (Auction Lot) 750MLSieur d'Arques157386$44.99
20102010 Courosdon St. Joseph Rouge Silice 750MLCoursodon155631$44.99
NV123 Tequila Uno Blanco 750ML1-2-3 Tequila123835$44.99
20122012 Chanin Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict Vineyard 750MLChanin Wine Company155282$44.99
20132013 Jean-Marc Pillot Chassagne Montrachet Futures 750MLDomaine Jean-Marc Pillot163497$44.99
NVChauffe Coeur Rhum Agricole Blanc (108 proof) 750MLChauffe Coeur Rhum128203$44.99
NAPeligroso Silver Tequila 750MLPeligroso Tequila123579$44.99
NVLanson Brut Black Label 750MLLanson Champagne127614$44.9991
20092009 Clos Les Lunelles 750MLClos Les Lunelles123004$44.9993
20102010 Benanti Rovittello Etna Rosso 750MLGuiseppe Benanti163838$44.99
20122012 Clos Haut Peyraguey 750MLChateau Clos Haut Peyraguey161770$44.99
20122012 Cigliuti Briccoserra 750MLCigliuti161144$44.99
20122012 Chateau Marquis de Terme 750MLChateau Marquis de Terme161766$44.99
NAHigh West P Vodka 750MLHigh West Spirits132263$44.99
20102010 Brovia Barolo 750MLFratelli Brovia159525$44.99
NVROOT Herbal Liqueur Certified Organic 750MLRoot Herbal Liqueur112820$44.99
20102010 Fattoria Dei Barbi Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLFattoria dei Barbi163997$44.9994
20102010 Pelissero Barbaresco "Nubiola" 750MLPelissero152426$44.99
20062006 Terre De Trinci Ugolino Sagrantino di Montefalco 750MLTerre De' Trinci157548$44.99
20132013 Lucia Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands 750MLLucia Vineyards162575$44.99
20122012 Lucia Chardonnay Santa Lucia Highlands 750MLLucia Vineyards155006$44.9994
NVCentinela Tequila Reposado 750MLCasa Centinela100989$44.99
20122012 Tyler Chardonnay Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLTyler158739$44.9995
20122012 Louis Jadot Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent Clos de Rochegres, Beaujolais 750MLLouis Jadot157860$44.99
20122012 Louis Jadot Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent Clos Carquelins Beaujolais 750MLLouis Jadot157863$44.99
20122012 Jadot Chateau des Jacques La Rochelle Moulin A Vent 750MLLouis Jadot157864$44.99
20122012 Jadot Chateau des Jacques Morgon Cote de Py 750MLLouis Jadot157865$44.99
NVSans Liege The Prophetess Rhone Blend 750MLSans Liege Wines120903$44.9993
20102010 Dunham Cabernet Sauvignon XVI 750MLDunham Cellars154967$44.99
NAHudson New York Corn Whiskey 92 Proof 375ML (Half Bottle)Tuthilltown Spirits108089$44.99
20062006 B Giacosa Spumante Extra Brut 750MLBruno Giacosa156739$44.99
NVBeluga Noble Vodka 750MLBeluga Vodka126859$44.99
20112011 Buoncristani O.P.C. Red 750MLBuoncristiani163096$44.99
20092009 Buoncristiani OPC Napa Valley Red 750MLBuoncristiani151842$44.9991
20102010 Buoncristiani O.P.C. Red 750MLBuoncristiani160630$44.99
20122012 Gundlach Bundschu Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGundlach Bundschu163111$44.99
20122012 Faiveley Mercury Clos Myglands 750MLDomaine Faiveley162703$44.99
NVSt. George Dry Rye Reposado Gin 750MLSt George Spirits164140$44.99
NASheep Dip Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey 750MLSheep Dip30786$44.99
20112011 Chateau Bouscaut Blanc 750MLChateau (Lamothe) Bouscaut154353$44.99
20112011 Pelissero Barbaresco Nubiola 750MLGiorgio Pelissero Agricultural Co.161454$44.99
20092009 Palmina Undici Sangiovese 750MLPalmina Winery152991$44.99
NVGreat King St Blended Scotch Whisky by Compass Box 750MLCompass Box Delicious Whisky Ltd.141075$44.99
20102010 San Felice Pugnitello 750MLSan Felice163939$44.99
20132013 Lurton y Belondrade Verdejo 750MLBelondrade y Lurton162925$44.99
20122012 HALL Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLHall Winery164396$44.99
20002000 Kuleto Chardonnay 750MLKuleto Estate Winery157226$44.99
NVCounty Fare BasketWally's Gift Baskets47602$45.00
NASherry & Sherry Bodegas ReadUnknown16799$45.00
NVMinato Nama Genshu 720MLUnknown120389$45.99
NVRihaku Orig Purity JG 720MLUnknown163528$45.99
NVJoto Daiginjo 720MLUnknown146070$45.99
NVTomi No Hozan Shochu 750MLUnknown146885$45.99
20132013 Flowers Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLFlowers Vineyard & Winery160607$45.9992
NVHoraisen Wa Junmai Ginjo 720MLUnknown149445$45.99
20122012 Flowers Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLFlowers Vineyard & Winery155508$45.99
20082008 Domaine Baron Arques Limoux 750MLBaron Arques139784$45.99
20032003 Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volant 750MLBonny Doon Vineyard146705$45.99
20102010 Prager Aria White Port 750MLPrager Winery (St. Helena CA)160991$45.99
20102010 Guido Porro Barolo Lazzairasco 750MLGeneric160836$45.99
20112011 Milziade Antano Rosso di Montefalco Riserva 750MLGeneric163802$45.99
20132013 Borgo Del Tiglio Chardonnay 750MLGeneric164516$45.99
20132013 Borgo Del Tiglio Sauvignon 750MLGeneric164517$45.99
20132013 Borgo Del Tiglio Friulano 750MLGeneric164515$45.99
20102010 La Colombina Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric162728$45.9994
20142014 Chateau Pichon Baron Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Pichon Baron163696$45.99
20112011 Domaine Serene Pinot Noir Yamhill Cuvee 750MLDomaine Serene (Oregon)159661$45.99
NVChairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask Rum 750MLUNKNOWN158679$45.99
20092009 Domaine Laroche Les Vaudevey Chablis Premer Cru 750MLDomaine Laroche150091$45.99
20102010 Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva Cru Rancia 750MLFattoria di Felsina156682$45.9995
20132013 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc 750MLMerry Edwards Wines159641$45.9990
20132013 Chateau Doisy Daene Futures 750MLChateau Doisy-Daene155573$45.99
20112011 Clau de Nell Grolleau 750MLClau de Nell151855$45.99
20112011 Clau de Nell Violette 750MLClau de Nell151856$45.99
20122012 Domaine Alain Chavy En Remilly, Saint-Aubin Premier Cru 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy156236$45.99
NAFifty Pounds London Dry Gin 750MLFifty Pounds London Dry Gin135270$46.99
20092009 Finca Villacreces 750MLFinca Villacreces154617$46.99
NACava Don Anastacio Blanco Tequila 750MLCava Don Anastacio132034$46.99
20132013 Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir 750MLHamilton Russell162511$46.99
20092009 Chateau De Sales 750MLChateau Sales122882$46.99
NAPlantation 20th Anniversary Barbados Extra Old Rum 750MLPlantation Trinidad Rum150525$46.99
NVArtenom Reposado Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN152649$46.99
NVCedar Springs Iowa Bourbon 750MLUNKNOWN158021$46.99
NVAuchentoshan American Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLAuchentoshan Distillery158673$46.99
20122012 Low Gap Rye Whiskey Batch 6A 750MLGermain Robin152631$46.99
20122012 Chateau Grand Puy Ducasse Futures 750MLChateau Grand Puy Ducasse161733$46.99
20102010 La Parde de Haut Bailly 750MLChateau Haut Bailly138897$46.99
20112011 Deovlet Pinot Noir La Encantada Vineyard 750MLGeneric151609$46.99
20092009 Tegernseerhof Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Hohereck 750MLGeneric147438$46.99
20112011 Oberto Barolo 750MLGeneric164177$46.99
20112011 Terroir al Limit Torroja Vi de Vila 750MLGeneric161121$46.99
20122012 Terroir al Limit Torroja Vi de Vila 750MLGeneric161122$46.99
Riedel Sommelier Cognac VSOP 400/7151081$46.99
20122012 Zorah Karasi Areni Noir 750MLGeneric157816$46.99
20082008 Yalumba Tri Centenary Vineyard Grenache 750MLYalumba160177$46.9992
20102010 Yalumba The Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLYalumba160154$46.99
20102010 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz 750MLYalumba160153$46.9993
20142014 Chateau Clerc Milon Futures 750MLChateau Clerc Milon163221$46.99
NAAbsente Authentic Absinthe 750MLAbsente10881$47.99
20102010 Harrison Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLHarrison Vineyards160708$47.99
20102010 Beckmen Grenache Purisima Mountain Vineyard 750MLBeckmen Vineyards149018$47.999291
20132013 Talley Chardonnay Rosemarys Vineyard 750MLTalley Vineyard163103$47.9996
20122012 Talley Chardonnay Rosemarys Vineyard 750MLTalley Vineyard155719$47.99
20122012 Bouza Tannat A8 750MLGeneric165354$47.99
20112011 Calera Pinot Noir de Villiers Vineyard 750MLCalera Wine Company155177$47.9993
20072007 Iron Horse Brut Rose 750MLIron Horse Vineyards155331$47.99
20132013 Plumpjack Chardonnay 750MLPlumpjack Winery156676$47.99
20122012 Turnbull Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLTurnbull Wine Cellars157852$47.99
20092009 Trefethen Harmony Chardonnay Reserve 750MLTrefethen Vineyards147349$47.99
20112011 Leviathan Red 750MLGeneric159162$47.9990
20102010 Castiglion Del Bosco Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric163994$47.9994
20122012 Leviathan Red 750MLGeneric164087$47.99
20102010 Pelerin Pinot Noir Rosella's Vineyard 750MLGeneric163945$47.99
20122012 Lasseter Chemin de Fer (Rhone blend - Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah) 750MLGeneric163636$47.99
20112011 Terra Gratia Napa Valley Red 750MLGeneric153297$47.99
20142014 La Chapelle de La Mission Haut Brion Futures 750MLChateau La Mission Haut-Brion163370$47.99
20112011 Domaine des Heritiers Louis Jadot Boucherottes 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152613$47.99
20112011 Chateau Croizet Bages 750MLChateau Croizet-Bages154418$47.99
NVMoet & Chandon Brut Imperial 750MLMoet & Chandon100572$47.9992
20122012 Chateau Fleur Cardinale 750MLChateau Fleur Cardinale148922$47.9993
20042004 Bridesmaid Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBridesmaid Wines163116$47.99
NVBrooklyn Gin 750MLUNKNOWN159776$47.99
20122012 Eric Kent Pinot Noir Small Town 750MLEric Kent Wine Cellars156201$47.99
NVMonkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN155944$47.99
20092009 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos des Porrets St George 375ML (Half Bottle)Henri Gouges Estate141946$47.99
20132013 Chateau Larcis Ducasse Futures 750MLChateau Larcis Ducasse157603$47.99
20142014 Domaine de Chevalier Rouge Futures 750MLDomaine Chevalier163588$47.99
NAPommery Apanage 750MLChampagne Pommery150530$47.99
NVEquipo Navazos La Casa del Inca Pedro Ximenez 750MLNavazos155742$47.99
20112011 Chateau Lafleur Gazin 750MLChateau Lafleur-Gazin144848$47.99
20122012 Orma Bolgheri Futures 750MLPodere Orma164847$48.99
20082008 Cune Imperial Reserva 750MLCune Wines159418$48.99
20062006 Cune Vina Real Gran Reserva 750MLCune Wines159419$48.99
20082008 Cune Vina Real Gran Reserva 750MLCune Wines164805$48.99
20102010 Oberto Barolo 750MLUNKNOWN157561$48.99
NVTaittinger Brut La Francaise 750MLTaittinger15319$48.9990
20112011 Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLAntinori164706$48.99
20022002 Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia 750MLLopez de Heredia Family157684$48.99
NANonino Amaro Liqueur 750MLNonino Orazio24223$48.99
20102010 AP Vin Pinot Noir Garys Vineyard 750MLGeneric147446$48.99
NAFive Unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO 200mL 200MLGeneric163015$48.99
20092009 Storybook Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLStorybook Mountain Vineyards155462$48.99
20122012 Frank Family Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLFrank Family Vineyards160611$48.99
NARiedel Apple Decanter 1460/13Riedel Glas Austria154648$49.90
NVRiedel Decanter Cabernet Single 1440/13Riedel Glas Austria109580$49.95
NAVinum Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot (Bordeaux) Gift SetRiedel Glas Austria159526$49.98
19711971 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBeaulieu Vineyard (BV Wines)153998$49.99
20142014 Lewis Chardonnay Napa Valley 750MLLewis Cellars165188$49.99
20142014 Lewis Chardonnay Sonoma Russian River 750MLLewis Cellars165189$49.99
20092009 Luigi Baudana Barolo Serralunga 750MLUnknown152436$49.99
NAKirk and Sweeney 12 year Dominican Rum 750MLUnknown150439$49.99
NVAngels Envy Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUnknown140520$49.99
NVTengoku Aizu Chusou Junmai 720MLUnknown165208$49.99
20092009 Ca du Rabaja Barbaresco Rabaja 750MLUnknown154020$49.99
NVLeopold Brothers Small Batch Whiskey 750MLUnknown135019$49.99
NVAkira Organic Junmai 720MLUnknown147304$49.99
NVCorsair Small Batch Triple Smoke American Malt Whiskey 750MLUnknown141283$49.99
NVShima Senryo Shochu 720MLUnknown142910$49.99
NAHakushika Gokasennenju Junmai Ginjo 720MLUnknown164153$49.99
NARevolucion Blanco 100 Proof Tequila 750MLUnknown131940$49.99
NAParkers Bordeaux Revised 4th EditionUnknown51020$49.99
19991999 Beringer Nightingale 375ML (Half Bottle)Beringer Vineyards157325$49.99
20122012 Hartford Court Pinot Noir Lands Edge Vineyard 750MLHartford Court Winery158334$49.99
20122012 St Francis Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Alexander Valley 750MLSt Francis Winery163095$49.99
20102010 Tantara Pinot Noir Cuvee Lucia 750MLTantara Winery148386$49.99
20112011 Neyers Cabernet Sauvignon Conn Valley 750MLNeyers Vineyards162481$49.99
20122012 Frogs Leap Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Napa Valley Estate 750MLFrogs Leap Winery157996$49.99
20132013 Darioush Viognier 750MLDarioush Winery163099$49.99
20102010 Falcone Cabernet Sauvignon Mias Vineyard 750MLFalcone Family Vineyards150629$49.99
20122012 Rombauer Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLRombauer Vineyards161071$49.99
20112011 Justin Savant Syrah Cabernet Blend 750MLJustin Vineyard152879$49.99
20112011 Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar158995$49.99
20122012 Chalk Hill Chardonnay Estate Russian River 750MLChalk Hill Vineyards159168$49.99
20122012 Calera Pinot Noir De Villiers 750MLCalera Wine Company162489$49.9995
20072007 Cobblestone Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLCobblestone Vineyards142464$49.99
20062006 Cobblestone Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLCobblestone Vineyards144143$49.9991
20122012 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLChateau Montelena Winery159309$49.99
20122012 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay 750MLChateau Montelena Winery159609$49.99
20102010 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay 3D 750MLBrewer Clifton161169$49.9993
20032003 Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 750MLLail Vineyards157291$49.99
20042004 Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 750MLLail Vineyards157292$49.99
20112011 Smith Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLSmith Madrone Vineyards162998$49.99
20102010 Paradigm Merlot Napa Valley 750MLParadigm Winery154316$49.99
20112011 Cru Cabernet Sauvignon by Vineyard 29 750MLVineyard 29155683$49.99
19981998 Barbour Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBarbour Vineyards13935$49.9990
20122012 Robert Craig Affinity 750MLRobert Craig160867$49.99
20132013 Twomey Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLTwomey Cellars Winery163128$49.99
20122012 Biale Zinfandel Varozza Vineyard 750MLBiale Vineyards159646$49.99
NVStraight Edge Bourbon Whiskey 750MLOrin Swift Cellars161534$49.99
20092009 Macphail Pinot Noir Ferrington Vineyard 750MLMacPhail Family Wines148581$49.99
20122012 Paul Lato Chardonnay Les Bons Amis 750MLPaul Lato Winery154496$49.99
20102010 Beckmen Syrah Purisima Mountain Vineyard 750MLBeckmen Vineyards151033$49.9992
20122012 Lucienne Pinot Noir Doctors Vineyard 750MLHahn Estates Winery157743$49.99
20122012 Lucienne Pinot Noir Smith Vineyard 750MLHahn Estates Winery157744$49.99
20132013 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Freedom Hill 750MLKen Wright Cellars163038$49.99
20132013 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Canary Hill Vineyard 750MLKen Wright Cellars163040$49.99
20132013 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard 750MLKen Wright Cellars163039$49.99
20122012 Patton Valley Pinot Noir Ten Acre 750MLPatton Valley Vineyards164208$49.99
NVNormandin Mercier Pineau des Charentes 15 year Vieux 750MLNormandin Champagne160038$49.99
NVJim Beam Signature Craft 11 year Soft Red Wheat Bourbon Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)Jim Beam Distilling Co.159972$49.99
NVJim Beam Signature Craft 11 year Brown Rice Bourbon Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)Jim Beam Distilling Co.159973$49.99
NAMichter's US1 Bourbon Whiskey 750MLMichter's Distillery18711$49.99
NVOld Forester 1870 Bourbon 750MLOld Forester Bourbon161438$49.99
NAMichter's US1 Unblended American Whiskey 750MLMichter's Distillery119942$49.99
NAMichter's US1 Rye Whiskey 750MLMichter's Distillery107754$49.99
NARowan's Bourbon Whiskey (100 proof) 750MLRowans Creek Bourbon62129$49.99
NABasil Hayden's Bourbon Whiskey 750MLBasil Haydens26772$49.99
NVWillett Pot Still Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 750MLEvan Williams Distilling Co.100272$49.9992
20122012 Corullon 750MLPalacios (Alvaro)161206$49.99
20072007 Chateau Doisy Daene 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Doisy Vedrines101585$49.99
20102010 Chateau Doisy Vedrines 750MLChateau Doisy Vedrines138159$49.99
20112011 Chateau Suduiraut 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Suduiraut144321$49.99
20082008 Chateau Suduiraut 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Suduiraut104916$49.99
NAFive Balsamic Estate Vinegar 200mL 200MLGeneric163014$49.99
20082008 Chateau Beauregard 750MLGeneric135737$49.99
NVAgrapart Le Sept Cru Brut 750MLGeneric163275$49.99
NAColonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750MLGeneric148354$49.9995
NATres Sietes Reposado Tequila 750MLGeneric148530$49.99
NAMichter's US1 Sour Mash Whiskey 750MLGeneric147879$49.99
NAGolden Distillery Samish Bay Single Malt Whiskey 750MLGeneric148730$49.99
NVGodet Cognac Antarctica 750MLGeneric148819$49.99
NVEl Dorado 15 year Rum 750MLGeneric107101$49.99
20122012 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune Blanc 750MLGeneric163006$49.99
20092009 Stella di Campalto Rosso di Montalcino 750MLGeneric163907$49.99
20112011 Gb Burlotto Barolo 750MLGeneric164097$49.99
20132013 Accendo Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric164338$49.99
20102010 Restituta Brunello 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic164449$49.99
NACasamigos Blanco Tequila 750MLGeneric147476$49.99
NACasamigos Reposado Tequila 750MLGeneric147477$49.99
NABulleit 10 year Bourbon Whiskey 750MLGeneric147659$49.99
20092009 Tegernseerhof Riesling Smaragd Steinertal 750MLGeneric147442$49.99
NADad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey 90proof 750MLGeneric147429$49.99
20102010 Leaf St Emilion 750MLGeneric147153$49.99
NVCentinela AnejoTequila 750MLGeneric143047$49.99
NAHigh West Son of Bourye Whiskey 750MLGeneric145814$49.99
NAThree Little Pigs Bloc de Foie Gras 6.5OZGeneric138024$49.99
20092009 Gros Ventre Pinot Noir Baranoff Vineyard 750MLGeneric138748$49.99
NVBig Table Farm Work Horse Red 750MLGeneric151144$49.99
NAMuraglia EVOO Intense Rainbow Jug 500MLGeneric150916$49.99
20122012 Liquid Farm Chardonnay Golden Slope 750MLGeneric153132$49.99
20092009 Tayson Pierce Chardonnay Durell Vineyard 750MLGeneric152636$49.99
20062006 Balthus de Reignac 750MLGeneric152671$49.99
20122012 Habit Pinot Noir La Encantada Vineyard 750MLGeneric152707$49.99
20112011 Betz Besoiliel Red - (Rhone-style) 750MLGeneric153444$49.9991
20132013 Sullivan Chardonnay 750MLGeneric162237$49.99
20132013 Domaine du Pelican Cuvee Trois Cepage 750MLGeneric162243$49.99
20132013 Domaine du Pelican Arbois Chardonnay 750MLGeneric162244$49.99
NVRobert Moncuit Blanc de Blancs Brut 750MLGeneric162242$49.99
20132013 Tensley Syrah Colson Canyon Vineyard 750MLGeneric162302$49.99
20102010 Tayson Pierce Chardonnay Durell Vineyard 750MLGeneric152532$49.99
NATrivelli Tartufi Stainless Steel Truffle SlicerGeneric159297$49.99
20122012 Deovlet Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLGeneric158907$49.9993
NVRemy Massin Brut Cuvee Tradition 750MLGeneric159574$49.99
20122012 Clos des Brusquieres Chateauneuf-du-Pape 750MLGeneric158100$49.99
20102010 Stone Edge Farm Surround Red 750MLGeneric161198$49.99
20122012 Chateau Rauzan Gassies 750MLGeneric161768$49.99
20112011 Chateau Villemaurine 750MLGeneric154322$49.9992
19991999 Lynch Syrah 750MLGeneric157305$49.99
20022002 Jones Family Vineyards The Sisters Red 750MLGeneric157139$49.99
20112011 Chateau La Tour Carnet 750MLGeneric154377$49.99
20122012 Duroche Gevrey Chambertin 750MLGeneric155909$49.99
NAPatron Reposado Tequila 750MLPatron Spirits Company12175$49.99
NAPatron Tequila Silver 750MLPatron Spirits Company12183$49.99
NVBols Barrel Aged Genever Gin 1LBols Amsterdam152405$49.99
NAMetaxa Greek Grand Fine Liqueur 750MLMetaxa11574$49.99
NAZacapa 23 year Rum 750MLZacapa Rum14289$49.99
NALe Creuset Active Ball Metal TM300LScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset163295$49.99
NVClear Creek Eau de Vie of Douglas Fir (95.46 proof) 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery156372$49.99
19901990 Terrabianca Campaccio 750MLTerrabianca Winery153776$49.99
NARemy Martin Cognac Vsop 750MLRemy Martin Estate11457$49.99
NAMaison Surrene Cognac 750MLClos Vougeot11154$49.99
NADon Julio Tequila Blanco 750MLDon Julio Tequila16351$49.99
20062006 Chateau Phelan Segur Futures 750MLChateau Phelan Segur104054$49.99
NAChamucos Blanco Especial Tequila 750MLChamucos Tequila119754$49.99
NAAsombroso El Platino Tequila 750MLAsombroso Tequila54451$49.99
NACasa Noble Crystal Tequila 750MLCasa Noble12186$49.99
20132013 Chateau Guiraud Futures 750MLChateau Guiraud155574$49.99
20102010 Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva 1.5LChateau Gigault157954$49.9990
20092009 Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva 1.5LChateau Gigault145279$49.9990
20112011 Chateau Gloria St Julien 750MLChateau Gloria154332$49.99
20112011 Chateau du Tertre 750MLChateau du Tertre144413$49.99
20112011 Chateau de Fieuzal Rouge 750MLChateau Fieuzal154356$49.99
NAOld Pulteney 12year Single Malt 750MLOld Pulteney Scotch Whisky Distillery10968$49.99
20122012 Chateau Cantenac Brown Futures 750MLChateau Cantenac-Brown149174$49.9993
20082008 Royal Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos "Red Label" 500MLRoyal Tokaji Wine Company157345$49.99
NAJohnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch Whiskey 750MLJohnnie Walker141745$49.99
NAJohnnie Walker Black Blended Scotch Whiskey 1LJohnnie Walker10670$49.99
NVJameson Black Irish Whiskey 1LJohn Jameson & Son Distillery154668$49.99
NAGlen Grant 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlen Grant Scotch Whisky Distillery120187$49.99
NAGlenfiddich Single Malt Reserve 15year 750MLGlenfiddich Distillery12910$49.99
NAHighland Park 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLHighland Park Distillery10639$49.99
20042004 Boyer Martenot Puligny Montrachet 750MLBoyer Martenot Yves153752$49.99
20122012 Goldeneye Pinot Noir 750MLGoldeneye Winery164587$49.99
20112011 Chateau Fleur Cardinale 750MLChateau Fleur Cardinale144565$49.99
19951995 Chateau Faugeres 750MLChateau Faugeres153662$49.99
20092009 Blanc de Lynch Bages 750MLChateau Lynch Bages124554$49.99
20122012 Castel Petit Castel Kosher 750MLCastel Wine C.162911$49.99
20122012 Castel Blanc de Castel Chardonnay Kosher 750MLCastel Wine C.159662$49.99
20122012 La Gravette de Certan 750MLChateau Vieux Certan160980$49.99
20092009 Chateau Coutet 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Coutet122969$49.99
20092009 Vietti Barolo Castiglione 750MLVietti Winery151115$49.9994
20112011 Vietti Barolo Castiglione 750MLVietti Winery162907$49.99
20112011 Mas de Boislauzon Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLMas Boislauzon152841$49.9993
20122012 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Rouge 750MLChateau Malartic Lagraviere149303$49.9994
20122012 Chateau Kirwan Futures 750MLChateau Kirwan148777$49.99
NAPerrier Jouet Champagne Grand Brut 750MLPerrier Jouet (France)15233$49.9990
20122012 Elena Fucci Titolo Aglianico di Vulture 750MLElena Fucci Winery162189$49.99
19961996 Delas Freres Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLDelas Freres156167$49.99
20122012 Domaine Pierre Usseglio et Fils Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc 750MLUsseglio Pere et Fils (Pierre)151380$49.9989
19851985 Robert Pecota Napa Valley Cabernet 750MLPecota Winery (Robert Pecota)146569$49.99
20122012 Duckhorn Merlot Napa Valley 750MLDuckhorn Wine Company159314$49.99
20112011 Goldeneye Pinot Noir 750MLDuckhorn Wine Company159572$49.99
20122012 Soter North Valley Pinot Noir Reserve Willamette Valley 750MLSoter Vineyards160805$49.99
20092009 Camille Giroud Les Peuillets, Savigny-les-Beaune 750MLCamille Giroud Maison153782$49.99
19701970 Chateau Leoville Barton 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Leoville Barton146589$49.99
NAUltimat Polish Vodka 750MLUltimat Polish Vodka40095$49.99
NVChopin Wheat Vodka 1LChopin Vodka162783$49.99
NAChopin Rye Vodka 1LChopin Vodka136812$49.99
NAJewel Of Russia Vodka Classic 1LJewel of Russia10644$49.99
NAChopin Vodka 1 L. 1LChopin Vodka40294$49.99
NAEl Tesoro Silver Tequila 750MLTesoro Tequila de Don Felipe12102$49.99
NALa Pinta Pomegranate Liqueur 750MLLa Pinta11170$49.99
NVFilibuster Dual Cask Rye Whiskey (90 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156483$49.99
NVCharles Goodnight Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey (100 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN157776$49.99
20112011 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru Bourgeots 750MLUNKNOWN154761$49.99
NVMestizo Joven Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN155384$49.99
20122012 Domain Sylvain Cathiard Bourgogne Rouge 750MLUNKNOWN156336$49.99
NVLost Spirits Navy Style Cask Strength Rum (136 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN155625$49.99
20122012 Domaine du Pelican Arbois Chardonnay 750MLUNKNOWN155552$49.99
20122012 Domaine du Pelican Arbois Savignan Ouille 750MLUNKNOWN155553$49.99
NVPaul Dethune Brut 750MLUNKNOWN155736$49.99
20122012 Schloss Schonborn Riesling Marcobrunn GG 750MLSchloss Schonborn156378$49.99
20122012 Schloss Schonborn Erbach Marcobrunn Riesling Spatlese 750MLSchloss Schonborn151818$49.99
20132013 Foradori Nosiola Fonatanasanta 750MLForadori Azienda Agricola165096$49.99
20092009 Domaine Jacob- Girard Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru Les Marconnets 750MLUNKNOWN154429$49.99
NVTemperance Trader Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey (112 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN153844$49.99
20112011 The Hilt Chardonnay The Vanguard 750MLJonata154298$49.9995
20122012 Montevetrano IGT Montevtrano Futures 750MLMontevetrano164581$49.99
20112011 Jonata Todos Red Blend 750MLJonata160657$49.9993
20102010 Paul Autard Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLPaul Autard153562$49.999392
20122012 Stolpman Syrah Hilltops 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate163736$49.99
20102010 Stolpman Syrah Hilltops 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate152220$49.99
20112011 Felton Road Chardonnay Block 2 750MLFelton Road Wines Ltd.153808$49.99
20102010 Siro Pacenti Brunello di Montalcino Pelagrilli Futures 750MLPacenti Siro163360$49.99
20032003 Chateau Roumieu Lacoste 750MLChateau Roumieu Lacoste34434$49.99
NVHenry DuYore's Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN159880$49.99
NVTeeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN162186$49.99
NVPez Gordo Blanco Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN162277$49.99
NVCampo de Encanto Single Vineyard Quebranta Pisco 750MLUNKNOWN151771$49.99
NVPloyez Jacquemart Brut Nv 750MLUNKNOWN151709$49.99
20112011 Domaine Sylvain Cathiard Bourgogne Rouge 750MLUNKNOWN153514$49.99
NVGirvan Grain Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN160864$49.99
NVUsquaebach Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN153419$49.99
20122012 Louis Magnin Roussette de Savoie 750MLUNKNOWN159092$49.99
20082008 Casanuova delle Cerbaie Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN158971$49.99
NVHure Freres Invitation 750MLUNKNOWN158026$49.99
NVSipsmith Sloe Gin 750MLUNKNOWN159148$49.99
20122012 Gerard Boulay 'Clos de Beaujeau' Sancerre 750MLUNKNOWN159118$49.99
20082008 Casanuova delle Cerbaie Brunello di Montalcino UNKNOWN300000$49.99
NVSia Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN159023$49.99
20112011 Tenuta Sant'Antonio Amarone 'Selezione Antonio Castagnedi' 750MLUNKNOWN159038$49.99
NVEl Luchador Silver Tequila (110 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN158939$49.99
NVAmaras Espadin Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN165119$49.99
NVStagecoach True American Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN164944$49.99
NVOld Medley 12 year Bourbon Whiskey (86.8 proof) 750MLWathen's Bourbon156941$49.99
NVHighspire Rye Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN162901$49.99
NVMcKenzie Rye Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN165249$49.99
NVMcKenzie Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN165248$49.99
NVKikori Japanese Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN164603$49.99
19951995 Panther Creek Pinot Noir 750MLUNKNOWN146598$49.99
20082008 Garofoli Podium Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi Superiore 1.5LUNKNOWN144476$49.99
NVBreckenridge Bourbon 750MLUNKNOWN151049$49.99
20102010 Giovanni Montisci Barrosu Cannonau di Sardegna 750MLUNKNOWN151135$49.99
NVWestward Small Batch Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey (90 proof) 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN151368$49.99
20112011 Chateau La Louviere Rouge 750MLChateau Louviere154361$49.99
20112011 Chateau La Louviere 750MLChateau Louviere154359$49.99
20082008 Le Moine Bourgogne Rouge 750MLLe Moine Maison Lucien151776$49.99
19861986 Freemark Abbey Edelwein Late Harvest Riesling 375ML (Half Bottle)Freemark Abbey132802$49.99
20072007 Croft 375ML (Half Bottle)Croft Wines109641$49.99
20112011 Alain Hudelot-Noellat Chambolle-Musigny 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)151127$49.99
20102010 Brancaia Ilatria Maremma Toscana 750MLBrancaia154013$49.99
20102010 Cerbaiona Rosso di Montalcino 750MLCerbaiona Winery149243$49.9992
20122012 Bartolo Mascarello Barbera 750MLBartolo Wines160147$49.99
20142014 Ott Clos Mireille Rose Cotes de Provence 750MLDomaine Ott (Marcel)164090$49.99
20132013 Ott Blanc De Blancs Mireille 750MLDomaine Ott (Marcel)163555$49.99
20132013 Galardi Roccamonfina Terra Di Lavoro Futures 750MLGalardi Fattoria164580$49.99
20122012 Galardi Roccamonfina Terra Di Lavoro Futures 750MLGalardi Fattoria164579$49.99
20142014 Chateau Larcis Ducasse Futures 750MLChateau Larcis Ducasse163470$49.99
20132013 J.J. Prum Riesling Berkasteler Badstube Auslese 750MLJJ Prum161039$49.99
20132013 J.J. Prum Riesling Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese 750MLJJ Prum161040$49.99
20132013 J.J. Prum Riesling Graacher Himmelreich Auslese 750MLJJ Prum161042$49.99
NADeutz Brut Champagne Classic 750MLDeutz Champagne14524$49.999090
NAGosset Brut Excellence 750MLGosset Champagne27146$49.99
NAGosset Brut Rose 375ML (Half Bottle)Gosset Champagne102435$49.999090
20072007 La Poderina Brunello di Montalcino 750MLLa Poderina145237$49.9990
20122012 Chateau Lagrange 750MLChateau Lagrange149253$49.99
20122012 Henru Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos des Porrets St George 375ML (Half Bottle)Henri Gouges Estate160928$49.99
20062006 Chateau Quinault Lenclos 750MLChateau Quinault30990$49.9990
20132013 Ch L If Futures 750MLChateau Pin163871$49.99
20102010 Vall Llach Idus 750MLCeller Vall Llach161446$49.99
20102010 Frescobaldi Chianto classico Riserva Castello di Nipozzano Montesodi 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de157552$49.99
20092009 Marchesi di Frescobaldi Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de158197$49.9990
NAFour Copas Anejo Tequila 750ML4 Copas Tequila32037$49.99
20122012 Donum Chardonnay Carneros Estate 750MLDonum Estate158558$49.99
NVGreat King Street Glasgow Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLCompass Box159384$49.99
20102010 Castello Di Ama Chianti Classico Gran Selezione San Lorenzo 750MLCastello di Ama160963$49.9995
20102010 San Felice Chianti Classico Riserva Gran Seleczione 750MLSan Felice163937$49.99
20082008 Chateau de Pez 750MLChateau Pez134044$49.9989
20122012 Chateau Bouscaut Blanc Futures 750MLChateau (Lamothe) Bouscaut161772$49.99
20112011 Chateau Beauregard 750MLChateau de Beauregard154442$49.99
20102010 Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Rouge 750MLChateau Larrivet138941$49.99
20112011 Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Blanc 750MLChateau Larrivet154326$49.999092
20002000 HDV Hyde de Villaine Napa Valley Red Wine 750MLHdV -- Hyde de Villaine157138$49.99
20122012 Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Blanc 750MLChateau Larrivet161764$49.99
20092009 Massolino Barolo 750MLMassolino Giovanni156512$49.99
20122012 Varner Chardonnay Home Block 750MLVarner Wine157433$49.9994
20112011 Dragonette Sauvignon Blanc Vogelzang Vineyard 750MLDragonette Cellars147967$49.9992
NVSt. George Agricole Rum 750MLSt George Spirits161267$49.99
20022002 Gamble Sauvignon Blanc 1.5LGamble Family Vineyards157288$49.99
NVChartogne Taillet Cuvee St Anne 750MLChartogne-Taillet160985$49.99
20092009 Diatom Chardonnay Clos Pepe 750MLDiatom124210$49.99
NAAzunia Tequila Anejo 750MLAzunia Tequila111349$49.99
NACrystal Head Vodka, by Dan Aykroyd 750MLDan Aykroyd103826$49.99
NACascade Manhattan 750MLCascade Brewery160674$49.99
NAFour Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 750MLFour Roses104561$49.99
20052005 Chateau Tronquoy Lalande Futures 750MLChateau Tronquoy157595$49.99
NVPikesville Rye Whiskey (110 proof) 750MLHeaven Hill164273$49.99
20122012 Tyler Pinot Noir Dierberg Block Five 750MLTyler158737$49.9992
20102010 Yatir Red (Cabernet/Merlot/Shiraz) Kosher 750MLYatir Winery162644$49.99
NVMargerum Amaro Herbal Liqueur 750MLMargerum Wine Co.148740$49.99
20142014 Barden Chardonnay Sta Rita Hills 750MLMargerum Wine Co.165202$49.99
20122012 Lucia Syrah Garys Vineyard 750MLLucia Vineyards158712$49.9995
20122012 Lucia Syrah Susans Hill Pisoni Vineyard 750MLLucia Vineyards158713$49.9995
20122012 Booker White 750MLBooker Vineyards156782$49.9994
20102010 Booker Vineyard White 750MLBooker Vineyards144811$49.9992
20082008 Zerbina Pietramora Riserva 750MLFattoria Zerbina149826$49.99
20072007 Zerbina Pietramora Riserva 750MLFattoria Zerbina142519$49.99
NAFortaleza Blanco Tequila 750MLFortaleza Tequila115975$49.99
20132013 Venica & Venica 'Ronco delle Mele' Sauvignon 750MLVenica & Venica158786$49.99
20102010 La Gerla Brunello Di Montalcino Futures 750MLFattoria La Gerla162182$49.99
20092009 Chateau Bourgneuf 750MLChateau Bourgneuf122880$49.9991
20112011 Chateau Bourgneuf 750MLChateau Bourgneuf144847$49.9990
20092009 Brovia Barolo 750MLFratelli Brovia152927$49.9990
19921992 Eola Hills Termperance Hill Pinot Noir 750MLEola Hills Wine Cellars146590$49.99
NVThe Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum 750MLThe Scarlet Ibis109217$49.99
19781978 Cuvaison Zinfandel 750MLCuvaison157330$49.99
20122012 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLFaust Winery160655$49.9990
20112011 Daou Celestus 750MLDaou Vineyards161277$49.99
20112011 Chateau Plince 750MLChateau Plince160559$49.99
20122012 Chateau Plince Futures 750MLChateau Plince160793$49.99
20082008 Chateau Plince 750MLChateau Plince124311$49.99
NVHigh West 36th Vote Barrelled Manhattan 750MLHigh West Spirits140426$49.99
NAThe Irishman Single Malt 750MLThe Irishman Irish Whiskey110450$49.99
NVThienot Brut 750MLChampagne Thienot156319$49.99
20092009 Bruno Clair Marsannay Vaudenelles 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair153173$49.99
20012001 Tokaj Hetszolo 5 Puttonyos Aszu 500MLHetszolo123844$49.99
20122012 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils Chassagne-Montrachet 750MLDomaine Bernard Moreau156225$49.99
NVChauffe Coeur 7 year Rhum Agricole (94 proof) 750MLChauffe Coeur Rhum157774$49.99
20092009 Domaine de L Aurage Cotes de Castillon 750MLChateau Cadet148372$49.99
20082008 Domaine de L Aurage Cotes de Castillon 750MLChateau Cadet148373$49.99
20072007 Domaine de L Aurage Cotes de Castillon 750MLChateau Cadet148374$49.99
20102010 Montepeloso Eneo 750MLMontepeloso151557$49.99
20082008 Paolo Bea Rosso de Veo Umbria Rosso 750MLPaolo Bea159513$49.99
20112011 Montepeloso Eneo 750MLMontepeloso160739$49.99
NVAvion Tequila Silver 750MLAvion Tequila126871$49.99
20132013 Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet Futures 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy163503$49.99
20122012 Clos Saint Jean Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 750MLClos Saint Jean151088$49.99
NVMikkeller Oloroso Black Cask 375ML (Half Bottle)Mikkeller161432$49.99
20102010 Weingut Markus Huber Riesling Berg 750MLWeingut Markus Huber144988$49.99
20102010 Roc D'Anglade 750MLRoc D'Anglade151712$49.99
NVDevaux Grande Reserve 750MLDevaux154791$49.99
20122012 Cuttings Red by The Prisoner Wine Co. 750MLThe Prisoner Wine Co.161814$49.99
20092009 Francesco Rinaldi & Figli Barolo 750MLFrancesco Rinaldi155251$49.99
20122012 Hewitson Shiraz "The Mad Hatter" 750MLHewitson155639$49.99
20032003 Capezzana Barco Reale di Carmignano 750MLTenuta di Capezzana181548$50.00
20002000 Chateau Haut Bergey 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Haut Bergey190122$50.00
NVMoulin Rouge BasketWally's Gift Baskets47608$50.00
20032003 Lost Canyon Syrah Stage Gulch Vineyard 750MLGeneric181110$50.00
20042004 Cristom Syrah Estate 750MLGeneric181045$50.00
20012001 Polz Gelber Muskateller Erste Lage STK Granitzberg 750MLGeneric181424$50.00
20032003 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Monthelie 750MLGeneric183077$50.00
20062006 Chateau d'Aiguilhe 750MLGeneric190021$50.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 750MLGeneric182029$50.00
20012001 Kurt Darting Durkheimer Steinberg Muskateller Kabinett 750MLGeneric181955$50.00
20052005 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Veltliner 750MLGeneric181648$50.00
20062006 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Veltliner 750MLGeneric181649$50.00
20062006 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Sylvaner 750MLGeneric181645$50.00
20042004 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Sylvaner Vendemmia Tardiva 750MLGeneric181646$50.00
20042004 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Gewurztraminer 750MLGeneric181636$50.00
20062006 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Gewurztraminer 750MLGeneric181638$50.00
20132013 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion Futures 750MLChateau Les Carmes Haut Brion157696$50.99
20112011 Ferrer Bobet 750MLFerrer Bobet164184$50.99
20092009 Chateau Tauzinat L' Hermitage 1.5LChateau Tauzinat L'Hermitage132514$51.99
20132013 Vasse Felix Heytesbury Chardonnay 750MLVasse Felix160497$51.99
20122012 Chateau Rayne Vigneau 750MLChateau Rayne Vigneau161769$51.99
20102010 Chateau Labegorce 750MLChateau Labegorce138400$51.99
20062006 Gramona Brut III Lustros 750MLGramona152391$51.99
20122012 Chateau Figeac 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Figeac153048$51.99
20122012 Gaja CA Marcanda Promis 750MLGaja Winery164308$51.99
20112011 Lasseter Paysage 750MLGeneric163634$51.99
Multi VintageSans Liege The Transcendentalist Red Blend 1.5LGeneric109735$51.9990
20102010 Chateau de Berliquet 750MLChateau Berliquet148037$51.99
20112011 Chateau Rieussec 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rieussec144360$52.99
20052005 Bouchard Beaune Clos St Landry 1er Cru Blanc 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils30823$52.99
20122012 Calera Pinot Noir Ryan Vineyard 750MLCalera Wine Company162488$52.99
20122012 Plumpjack Syrah 750MLPlumpjack Winery156679$52.99
20112011 Talbott Chardonnay Diamond T Estate 750MLTalbott Vineyards152499$52.99
NVAsahi Shochu 720MLUnknown142908$52.99
20062006 Ar.Pe.Pe Sassella Stella 750MLGeneric165126$52.99
20132013 Lutum Chardonnay Gaps Crown 750MLGeneric163150$52.99
20132013 Storm Pinot Noir Presquile Vineyard 750MLGeneric162501$52.99
20132013 Storm Pinot Noir John Sebastiano Vineyard 750MLGeneric162629$52.99
NVJ Lassalle Brut Rose 750MLGeneric141917$52.9991
20132013 Desparada Pinot Noir Suitor Solomon Hills Vineyard 750MLGeneric160958$52.99
20122012 Chateau Monbousquet 750MLChateau Monbousquet148785$52.99
20122012 Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 750MLChateau Pichon Baron160436$52.99
NAMartell Cognac Vsop 750MLMartell & Co.11332$52.99
NVRemy Martin V Eau de Vie 750MLRemy Martin Estate139265$52.99
NVAsombroso La Rosa Reposado Tequila 750MLAsombroso Tequila24618$52.99
20112011 Chateau La Grave a Pomerol 750MLChateau la Grave147158$52.99
20132013 Chateau Pavie Macquin Futures 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin156129$52.99
NVJourneyman Silver Cross Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN163055$52.99
NVWeymss The Hive 12 year Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN156630$52.99
20122012 Lucia Chardonnay Soberanes Vineyard 750MLLucia Vineyards155004$52.9994
NVArdmore Traditional Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLArdmore156444$52.99
20122012 Chateau de Pez 750MLChateau Pez161780$52.99
20052005 Maison Deux Montille Soeur Et Frere Pernand Sous Fretille 750MLDeux Montille Maison31241$52.99
NVAvion Reposado Tequila 750MLAvion Tequila126870$52.99
20082008 Contino Reserva 750MLContino165089$52.99
NAKah Blanco Tequila 750MLKah Tequila134106$52.99
20092009 Bien Nacido Vineyards Syrah Estate 750MLBien Nacido Vineyards149789$52.9990
NANardini Tagliatella Italian Liqueur 1LBortolo Nardini108348$53.25
20122012 Dragonette Pinot Noir Radian Vineyard 750MLDragonette Cellars155379$53.99
20042004 Benanti Serra Della Contessa 750MLGuiseppe Benanti163833$53.99
20102010 Benanti Pietramarina Bianco 750MLGuiseppe Benanti163836$53.99
NVOxley Dry Gin 1LOxley Gin110189$53.99
20102010 Lisini Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLLisini (Donna Elina)162941$53.9994
20142014 Chateau Canon Futures 750MLChateau Canon163467$53.99
20142014 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste Futures 750MLChateau Grand Puy Lacoste163541$53.99
NVElisir M P Roux 1LElisir24926$53.99
20122012 Henschke Keyneston Estate Euphonium 750MLHenschke Keyneton Estate160491$53.99
20142014 Chateau Rauzan Segla Futures 750MLChateau Rauzan/Rausan-Segla163466$53.99
20142014 Alter Ego de Palmer Futures 750MLChateau Palmer163287$53.99
20112011 Pago de Carraovejas, Crianza 750MLGeneric158731$53.99
20122012 Donelan Venus Roussanne/Viognier 750MLGeneric155919$53.9993
20112011 Donelan Syrah Walker Vine Hill 750MLGeneric155920$53.9991
20112011 Donelan Syrah Cuvee Christine 750MLGeneric155921$53.99
20122012 Donelan Chardonnay Nancie 750MLGeneric155923$53.99
20112011 Donelan Venus Roussanne/Viognier 750MLGeneric148680$53.9991
20112011 Donelan Nancie Chardonnay 750MLGeneric148681$53.9992
20102010 Donelan Cuvee Christine Syrah 750MLGeneric148684$53.9995
20112011 Lasseter Amoreux 750MLGeneric163635$53.99
20102010 Donatella Cinelli Colombini Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164530$53.99
20122012 Penfolds Bin 407 750MLPenfolds Wines163300$53.99
20122012 Penfolds Bin 389 750MLPenfolds Wines163299$53.99
20102010 Brewer Clifton Pinot Noir Ampelos 750MLBrewer Clifton153871$53.99
20132013 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Bryce Vineyard 750MLKen Wright Cellars159711$53.99
20122012 Talley Pinot Noir Stone Corral 750MLTalley Vineyard158592$53.9995
20122012 Whitcraft Pinot Noir Pence Ranch Clone 115 750MLWhitcraft Winery155743$53.99
NAHigh West Rendezvous Rye Whiskey 750MLHigh West Spirits111107$54.4994
NVHigh West Barreled Boulevardier 750MLHigh West Spirits150764$54.99
20092009 White Rock Cabernet Sauvignon Laureate 750MLWhite Rock Vineyards161383$54.99
20112011 Moreau C Chablis Vaillon 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau154397$54.99
20072007 Chateau Lafleur Gazin 750MLChateau Lafleur-Gazin156952$54.99
20102010 Chateau Lafleur Gazin 750MLChateau Lafleur-Gazin138222$54.99
20082008 Chateau Doisy Daene 750MLChateau Doisy-Daene135346$54.99
20112011 Alain Chavy Chassagnes Montrachet Les Chenes 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy156563$54.99
NV123 Tequila Dos Reposado 750ML1-2-3 Tequila123836$54.99
20132013 Paul Pernot Puligny Montrachet Futures 750MLDomaine Paul Pernot163489$54.99
20122012 Chanin Pinot Noir Los Alamos Vineyard 750MLChanin Wine Company151596$54.99
NAPeligroso Reposado Tequila 750MLPeligroso Tequila123578$54.99
NVDosnon & Lepage Champagne Recolte Brute Blanche 750MLChampagne Dosnon & Lepage115342$54.99
20132013 Domaine L'Arlot Nuits St Georges le Petit Arlot 750MLDomaine de l'Arlot164500$54.99
20092009 Castello di Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCastello di Romitorio155170$54.9992
20102010 Clos Saint Jean Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 750MLClos Saint Jean149537$54.9990
20112011 Clos Saint Jean Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes 750MLClos Saint Jean151084$54.9994
20092009 Weingut Heymann-Lvwenstein Winninger Uhlen Laubach Riesling 750MLWeingut Heymann-Lvwenstein144986$54.99
20112011 Pierre Matrot Meursault 750MLDomaine Matrot156914$54.99
20112011 Leflaive O Chassagne Montrache 750MLOlivier Leflaive152683$54.99
20132013 Chateau Miraval Rose 1.5LChateau Miraval156370$54.99
20122012 Radio Coteau Pinot Noir La Neblina 750MLRadio-Coteau Wine Cellars155159$54.99
NVLedaig 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLJames MacArthur's Ledaig Whisky Distillery110208$54.99
20112011 Aalto 750MLAalto Wines158444$54.99
NVDrappier Brut Kosher 750MLDrappier Champagne143787$54.99
NADrappier Champagne Carte Blanche Brut 750MLDrappier Champagne109366$54.99
NADrappier Champagne Carte D'or Brut 750MLDrappier Champagne109368$54.99
20122012 Anthill Farms Comtche Vineyard 750MLAnthill Farms159817$54.99
20122012 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Demuith Vineyard 750MLAnthill Farms159818$54.99
20122012 Evening Land Pinot Noir Seven Springs Vineyard 750MLEvening Land Vineyard163766$54.99
NVJoya Azul Gran Reserva 7 Year Anejo Mezcal 750MLJoya Azul Tequila105825$54.99
20112011 Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling "Rotlay" 750MLSelbach-Oster146828$54.99
20112011 Antica Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLAntica Napa Valley158413$54.9992
NVHudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey by Tuthilltown Spirits 375ML (Half Bottle)Tuthilltown Spirits105986$54.99
NVTuthilltown Distillery Hudson Four Grain Whiskey from New York 375ML (Half Bottle)Tuthilltown Spirits134857$54.99
NVPhilipponat Reserve Royal 750MLPhilipponnat21809$54.9990
20122012 Nickel & Nickel Chardonnay Stiling 750MLNickel & Nickel156796$54.99
20132013 Nickel & Nickel Chardonnay Truchard Vineyard 750MLNickel & Nickel160960$54.99
20122012 Ehlers Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLEhlers Estate163100$54.99
20122012 Tyler Chardonnay Sanford and Benedict Vineyard 750MLTyler158738$54.9995
20112011 Tyler Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict 750MLTyler153440$54.9993
20132013 Roar Pinot Noir Sierra Mar Vineyard 750MLRoar Wines162363$54.99
20042004 Pax Syrah Obsidian 750MLPax Wine Cellars157312$54.99
20112011 Terlato-Chapoutier Syrah de Malakoff 750MLTerlato Vineyard155044$54.99
20102010 Nelin 750MLClos Mogador Winery145997$54.9991
20052005 Huet Vouvray 'Le Mont' Demi-sec 750MLDomaine Huet122997$54.999092
20122012 Newton Chardonnay Unfiltered 750MLNewton Vineyard159622$54.99
20122012 GoGi Chardonnay Goldie Sta Rita Hills 750MLAmpelos Cellars158899$54.99
20072007 Bressler Pinot Noir 750MLBressler Vineyards157275$54.99
20062006 Bressler Pinot Noir 750MLBressler Vineyards157274$54.99
NACadenhead Old Raj Gin 750MLCadenhead Wm20401$54.99
NAWild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 750MLWild Turkey10242$54.99
NAJack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey 750MLJack Daniels Distillery13737$54.99
NAR1 Kentucky Rye Whiskey 750MLJim Beam Distilling Co.109279$54.99
NAWoodford Reserve Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey 750MLWoodford Reserve Distillery143966$54.99
NADartigalongue Armagnac XO 750MLDartigalongue11960$54.99
NVTaylor Fladgate 20 Year Old Tawny Port 750MLTaylor Fladgate12094$54.99
20122012 Zilliken Saarburg Rausch Riesling Grosses Gewachs 750MLZilliken Estate153606$54.99
20042004 D.R. Stephens Chardonnay 750MLD R Stephens157203$54.99
20122012 DuMol Chardonnay Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines157781$54.99
20132013 DuMol Chardonnay Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines164062$54.99
20132013 DuMol Syrah Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines164844$54.99
20122012 Plumpjack Merlot 750MLPlumpjack Winery156678$54.99
20122012 Stags Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Artemis 750MLStag's Leap Wine Cellars161729$54.99
20122012 Darioush Chardonnay 750MLDarioush Winery153181$54.9990
20122012 Jayson Chardonnay North Coast by Pahlmeyer 750MLPahlmeyer Winery159902$54.99
20092009 Ramey Chardonnay Hyde Vineyard 750MLRamey Wine Cellars148100$54.99
20112011 Ramey Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLRamey Wine Cellars156417$54.99
20032003 Phelps Cab Sauvignon Napa 750MLJoseph Phelps Vineyards159358$54.99
20042004 Phelps Cab Sauvignon Napa 750MLJoseph Phelps Vineyards159357$54.99
20102010 Tantara Pinot Noir Silacci Vineyard 750MLTantara Winery143914$54.99
20122012 Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLTrefethen Vineyards162546$54.99
20122012 En Route Chardonnay Russian River 750MLFar Niente Winery156801$54.99
20122012 Trefethen Chardonnay Harmony 750MLTrefethen Vineyards156701$54.99
NVNolet's Gin 750MLUnknown136968$54.99
20092009 Azienda Agricola Brezza Barolo Cannubi 750MLUnknown153496$54.99
20102010 Ar.Pe.Pe. Sassella Stella Ret 750MLGeneric165132$54.99
20122012 Borgo Del Tiglio Sauvignon 750MLGeneric164615$54.99
20132013 Quintodecimo Fiano di Avellino Exultet 750MLGeneric164801$54.99
NADassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo 720MLUnknown147632$54.99
NVBereche Brut Reserve 2013 Base 750MLGeneric165238$54.99
20102010 Agostina Pieri Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164093$54.99
20112011 Gb Burlotto Barolo Acclivi 750MLGeneric164265$54.99
20122012 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune Les Bourgeots 750MLGeneric163008$54.99
20082008 Arzuaga Reserva 750MLGeneric148637$54.99
NAAbsolut Elyx Vodka 1LGeneric148587$54.99
NVRusty Blade Barrel Aged Gin 750MLGeneric148273$54.99
20132013 Sadie Family Treinspoor 750MLGeneric163153$54.9993
20132013 Duroche Gevrey Chambertin Futures 750MLGeneric163079$54.99
NACompass Box Orangerie 750MLGeneric119565$54.99
NALeg's Diamond Unaged Rye Whiskey 750MLGeneric145741$54.99
NACorsiglia Marron Glace 8 pieces Gold Foil WrappedGeneric147044$54.99
NAPine Barrens American Single Malt 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic162250$54.99
NVJL Vergnon Eloquence Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs 750MLGeneric162759$54.99
20112011 Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLGeneric152839$54.999191
20112011 Lutum Pinot Noir La Rinconada Vineyard 750MLGeneric152889$54.99
20072007 Clothespin Chardonnay Hudson Vineyard 750MLGeneric157202$54.99
20112011 Hilliard Bruce Pinot Noir Sky 750MLGeneric158815$54.9992
20102010 Giovanni Rosso Barolo Serralun 750MLGeneric160040$54.99
20122012 Dalrymple Cottage Block Pinot Noir 750MLGeneric160484$54.99
20122012 Inniskillin Vidal Pearl Vidal Icewine 375ML (Half Bottle)Inniskillin Wines Inc.161094$54.99
NVTomatin 15 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTomatin Whisky Distillery133003$54.99
NVRoederer Brut Premier 750MLRoederer Louis (France)15140$54.999291
20122012 Migration Chardonnay Heintz Vineyard 750MLMigration156381$54.99
NAAntinori Grappa Tignanello 375ML (Half Bottle)Antinori142816$54.99
20122012 Donnhoff Riesling Trocken Felsenberg Felsenturmchen Grosses Gewachs 750MLDonnhoff Estate153805$54.99
20102010 Usseglio Pere & Fils Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Tradition 750MLUsseglio Pere et Fils (Pierre)145145$54.9993
20102010 Jn Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Maltroye 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Gagnard (Jean Noel)157511$54.99
NAEl Tesoro Reposado Tequila 750MLTesoro Tequila de Don Felipe10115$54.99
NVSlow Hand Six Woods Whiskey 750MLGreenbar Distillery165296$54.99
NABarbancourt 15 year Rum 750MLRhum Barbancourt11080$54.99
NVFacundo Neo Rum 750MLBacardi & Co. Ltd. Distillery158748$54.99
20082008 Domaine de la Vieille Julienne Chateauneuf-du-Pape 750MLDomaine Vieille Julienne151382$54.9993
NVMoet & Chandon Brut Imperial Rose 750MLMoet & Chandon10956$54.99
NABunnahabhain 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBunnahabhain10479$54.99
NAArdbeg 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLArdbeg Distillery40142$54.99
20132013 Tenuta San Guido Guidalberto 750MLSassicaia Estate Winery & Vineyards164303$54.99
NAHudson Single Malt Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)Clear Creek Distillery108088$54.99
20142014 Chateau Gruaud Larose Futures 750MLChateau Gruaud Larose163374$54.99
20082008 Chateau Gloria St Julien 750MLChateau Gloria105115$54.9990
20142014 Chateau Gazin Futures 750MLChateau Gazin163361$54.99
20122012 Chateau d Armailhac Futures 750MLChateau D'Armailhac152794$54.99
NVGlenrothes Select Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenRothes Distillery23342$54.99
20102010 Torbreck "The Struie" Shiraz 750MLTorbreck Vintners152272$54.9993
NALaphroaig 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLLaphroaig Distillery10701$54.99
NVGreen Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 750MLMidleton Distillery154788$54.99
NARedbreast 12 year Irish Whiskey 750MLRed Breast Whiskey40101$54.99
NADon Julio Reposado Tequila 750MLDon Julio Tequila11069$54.99
20092009 Chateau La Grave A Pomerol 750MLChateau la Grave160551$54.99
NAChinaco Reposado Tequila 750MLChinaco Tequila10171$54.99
NAChamucos Reposado Especial Tequila 750MLChamucos Tequila102039$54.99
20112011 Domaine Barons de Rothschild Pauillac Reserve Speciale 750MLChateau Lafite Rothschild160402$54.99
20042004 Hyde de Villaine Syrah 750MLHyde & De Villaine157298$54.99
20052005 Hyde de Villaine Syrah 750MLHyde & De Villaine157299$54.99
NVPol Roger Brut 750MLPol Roger103941$54.999092
NVBillecart Salmon Brut Reserve 750MLBillecart Salmon Champagne122905$54.99
20092009 Catena Alta Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCatena Family Wines151185$54.99
20112011 Catena Alta Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCatena Family Wines161281$54.99
20112011 Castalia Pinot Noir Russian River Rochioli Vineyard 750MLCastalia Wines150386$54.99
20122012 Domaine Hudelot Noellat Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)155906$54.99
20122012 Domaine Hudelot Noellat Chambolle Musigny 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)155905$54.99
20122012 JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 750MLJJ Prum152231$54.99
NABruno Paillard Premiere Cuvee 750MLBruno Paillard18605$54.99
20112011 Paloma Merlot 750MLPaloma Vineyard160987$54.99
NVHure Freres Extra Brut Reserve 750MLUNKNOWN157758$54.99
20122012 Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Clos du Roy 750MLUNKNOWN157639$54.99
20122012 Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Longeroies 750MLUNKNOWN157640$54.99
20122012 Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Blanc 750MLUNKNOWN157641$54.9991
20002000 Mary Moore Merlot 750MLUNKNOWN157457$54.99
NVWillett Cask Strength 2 year Rye Whiskey (109.4 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156940$54.99
NVBereche Brut Reserve (2012 Base) 750MLUNKNOWN155735$54.99
20102010 Luigi Pira Barolo Margheria 750MLLuigi Pira154525$54.99
NACharles Heidsieck Brut Reserve NV 750MLCharles Heidsieck Champagne109303$54.9992
20132013 Montevetrano IGT Montevtrano Futures 750MLMontevetrano164582$54.99
20042004 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 750MLLa Rioja159997$54.9996
20112011 Foradori Granato Teroldego Ig 750MLForadori Azienda Agricola165098$54.99
20082008 Drouhin Nuits St Georges 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin134368$54.99
20102010 Wirra Wirra 750MLWirra Wirra Vineyards160477$54.9992
20102010 Wirra Wirra Dead Ringer Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLWirra Wirra Vineyards160480$54.9993
20052005 Robert Foley Merlot 750MLRobert Foley Vineyards33561$54.99
20102010 Voliero Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN163414$54.99
NVPartida Blanco Tequila 750MLPartida Tequila26755$54.99
NVKirk & Sweeney 18 year Rum 750MLUNKNOWN165121$54.99
NVArkansas Black Applejack 750MLUNKNOWN165090$54.99
20082008 Pacenti Brunello di Montalcino Pelagrilli 750MLUNKNOWN150828$54.99
20082008 Voliero Casato1 Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN149642$54.99
NVDad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Barrels 750MLUNKNOWN152168$54.99
20082008 Giovanni Rosso Barolo Serralunga 750MLUNKNOWN147974$54.99
NVAngostura Cask Collection No. 1 Rum 750MLAngostura Bitters154853$54.99
20092009 Domaine Laroche Les Vaillons Vieilles Vignes Chablis Premer Cru 750MLDomaine Laroche150090$54.99
20062006 Casanuova delle Cerbaie Brunello di Montalcino UNKNOWN333333$54.99
NVCollier & McKeel Tennesee Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN161599$54.99
20082008 Fattoi Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159538$54.9994
20092009 La Gerla Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159527$54.9990
NVMontelobos Joven Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN159399$54.99
20142014 Barr Hill Tom Cat Reserve 750MLUNKNOWN159828$54.99
20052005 Chateau Guiraud 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Guiraud190118$55.00
20032003 Mas de Boislauzon Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLMas Boislauzon190227$55.00
NAZalto WaterZalto149027$55.00
NAZalto DigestifZalto149028$55.00
20132013 Chaetau Rauzan Segla Futures 750MLChateau Rauzan/Rausan-Segla156127$55.99
20142014 Chateau Pavie Macquin Futures 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin163469$55.99
20112011 Switchback Ridge Merlot 750MLSwitchback Cellars156073$55.99
20132013 Chateau Canon Futures 750MLChateau Canon157609$55.99
20112011 Sandhi Chardonnay Sanford and Benedict Vineyard 750MLGeneric151592$55.9993
NVTemahima Daiginjyo 720MLUnknown148303$55.99
19961996 Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch (Erben-Thanisch) Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Spatlese 750MLDr. Thanisch182058$56.00
20102010 Argiano Brunello di Montalcino 750MLArgiano163003$56.9995
20092009 Argiano Brunello di Montalcino 750MLArgiano155591$56.9992
NAGlen Garioch Founders Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlen Garioch Distillery125232$56.99
NABalcones Rumble Whiskey 750MLBalcones Distillery125942$56.99
20092009 Solomon Hills Vineyard Pinot Noir 750MLSolomon Hills Vineyards145049$56.99
20092009 Francesco Rinaldi & Figli Barolo Cannubbio 750MLFrancesco Rinaldi155254$56.99
20102010 Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin 750MLDomaine Faiveley146397$56.99
20102010 DuMol Syrah Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines144844$56.99
20072007 Dumol Syrah Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines105495$56.99
20112011 Dumol Syrah Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines155707$56.99
20122012 Dalrymple Single Site Block CV 90 750MLGeneric160500$56.99
20122012 Dalrymple Bicheno Pinot Noir 750MLGeneric160501$56.99
20032003 Arnaldo Caprai Sagrantino Collepiano 750MLCaprai (Arnaldo) Wines27967$56.99
20082008 Canalicchio di Sopra Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCanalicchio di Sopra148556$56.99
20102010 Schiavenza Barolo Prapo 750MLUNKNOWN159632$56.9993
NASandeman Port Tawny 20 Yr 750MLSandeman14958$56.99
NADelamotte Brut Le Mesnil 750MLDelamotte Champagne142352$56.99
20002000 Crognaleto Santoleri Monte Abruzzo Riserva 750MLUNKNOWN157914$56.99
20112011 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey 750MLChateau Lafaurie Peyraguey154330$56.99
NVGlenfiddich 14 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenfiddich Distillery164977$56.99
20002000 Chateau Sociando Mallet 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic190186$57.00
NAZalto White WineZalto149020$57.00
NAZalto Sweet WineZalto149025$57.00
NAZalto BeerZalto149026$57.00
20132013 Keller Riesling Trocken Kirchspiel GG 750MLWeingut Keller161115$57.99
20092009 Chateau de Pez 750MLChateau Pez143260$57.99
20102010 Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild Vega Sicilia Macan Clasico 750MLGeneric162166$57.99
20062006 Mumm Napa DVX 750MLGeneric156063$57.99
20092009 Iron Horse Ranibow Cuvee Sparkling Wine 750MLIron Horse Vineyards154688$57.99
20122012 Les Pagodes de Cos 750MLChateau Cos D'Estournel149262$57.99
20142014 Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere Futures 750MLChateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere163560$57.99
20132013 Robert Craig Chardonnay Gaps Crown 750MLRobert Craig163829$57.99
20122012 Chateau Giscours Futures 750MLChateau Giscours148873$57.9990
NACorralejo Tequila Anejo Red Bottle 750MLCorralejo10694$57.99
20122012 Ornellaia Le Serre Nuove 750MLTenuta dell Ornellaia163982$57.9992
20122012 Chateau Malescot Saint Exupery Futures 750MLChateau Malescot St Exupery149190$57.99
20142014 Chateau Calon Segur Futures 750MLChateau Calon Segur163446$57.99
20122012 Chateau Troplong Mondot 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Troplong Mondot154232$57.9996
20102010 Robert Foley Merlot 750MLRobert Foley Vineyards150833$57.9991
20102010 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Rouge 750MLHenri Gouges Estate148842$57.99
20122012 Domaine de Chevalier Rouge Futures 750MLDomaine Chevalier149189$57.99
20112011 Catena Alta Malbec 750MLCatena Family Wines155737$57.99
20122012 Chateau Talbot Futures 750MLChateau Talbot152806$57.99
20032003 Boillot Savigny Les Beaune Vergelesse Blanc 750MLChateau Veyry16580$58.9989
20102010 Tollot Beaut Savigny Les Beaune Laviere 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils149580$58.9991
20102010 Schiavenza Barolo Ceretta 750MLUNKNOWN159631$58.9995
20132013 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Malartic Lagraviere155575$58.99
20142014 Chateau Cos d Estournel Futures 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Cos D'Estournel163694$58.99
20132013 Petrolo Bogginanfora Futures 750MLPetrolo Winery164506$58.99
20122012 Chappellet Cabernet Sauvignon Signature 750MLChappellet Winery158892$58.99
20102010 La Serena Brunello 750MLGeneric164857$58.99
20082008 Tenuta Di Biserno Il Pino 750MLGeneric163957$58.99
20112011 Milziade Antano Sagrantino di Montefalco 750MLGeneric163800$58.99
NARiso Buono Carnaroli Gran Riserva Rice 4000gGeneric163972$58.99
20072007 Pazo de Senorans Seleccion de Anada 750MLPazo De Senorans161362$58.99
20102010 La Comtesse Pazo Barrantes 750MLPazo de Barrantes160863$58.99
NAZalto UniversalZalto149021$59.00
NACustom Freight Charge 59Generic137439$59.00
NVCompass Box Cross Oak 750MLGeneric138548$59.99
NAOenophilia Wine Dossier BinderGeneric141996$59.99
20102010 Ledge Vineyards Syrah Adams Ranch Vineyard 750MLGeneric147861$59.9994
NAWilliams Birne Christ Pear Brandy pear in bottle 750MLGeneric142921$59.99
NACognac Edmond Dupuy VSOP Kosher 750MLGeneric143958$59.99
NAWisers Canadian 18 year 750MLGeneric142259$59.99
20092009 Cascina Fontana Barolo 750MLGeneric162239$59.99
20102010 Cascina Fontana Barolo 750MLGeneric162240$59.99
20122012 Angela Estate Pinot Noir Abbott Claim 750MLGeneric162563$59.99
NAStein Bourbon Whiskey 750MLGeneric149854$59.99
NAStein Rye Whiskey 750MLGeneric149855$59.99
NACompagnia del Montale Vigna Oro Balsamic IGPGeneric163380$59.99
NAThe Whisky Lover's Set (2 Hand-Blown Tumblers and 6 Whisky Stones)Generic133150$59.99
20122012 Kale Broken Axel Stagecoach Vineyard Napa Valley 750MLGeneric163108$59.99
20082008 Chateau La Tour Carnet 750MLGeneric135363$59.99
NVLeopold's Navy Strength Gin 114pf 750MLGeneric148268$59.99
20112011 Chateau Clarisse Cuvee Vieilles Vignes 750MLGeneric155616$59.99
20102010 Chateau Marquis d Alesme 750MLGeneric155524$59.99
20112011 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere 750ML154364$59.99
20072007 Three Monkeys Cabernet Sauvignon Stag's Leap 750MLGeneric161358$59.99
20132013 Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric161550$59.99
20132013 Rivers Marie Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric161557$59.99
20122012 Domaine d Eugenie Vosne Romanee 750MLGeneric161698$59.99
NASelezione Black Truffle Slices 3.2ozGeneric160574$59.99
20102010 CentAnni Riserva Sangiovese 750MLGeneric158823$59.99
19991999 Arteis Vintage Brut 750MLGeneric158872$59.99
19951995 Vouvray Moelleux "Le Mont" 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic158499$59.99
20122012 Alma Fria Pinot Noir Holtermann 750MLGeneric158088$59.99
NAPlantin Dry Morel Mushrooms 50gGeneric164924$59.99
NVTensei Thousand Tj Yama 720MLUnknown163530$59.99
NVYamasemi Kingfisher Shochu 750MLUnknown144773$59.99
20132013 Marisa Cuomo Bianco Fiorduva 750MLGeneric165253$59.99
20082008 Chateau Des Tours Vacqueyras 750MLGeneric165369$59.99
20112011 Dirupi Valtellina Riserva 750MLGeneric165380$59.99
20072007 La Torre Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUnknown153799$59.9992
20122012 Lewis Alecs Blend 750MLLewis Cellars158528$59.99
20122012 Brewer Clifton Pinot Noir Trinity 750MLBrewer Clifton158023$59.99
20092009 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay Gnesa 750MLBrewer Clifton148550$59.99
20072007 Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar140366$59.99
20112011 Calera Pinot Noir Mills Vineyard 750MLCalera Wine Company158766$59.9992
20052005 Dumol Syrah Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines30483$59.99
20102010 Mount Eden Cabernet Sauvignon Estate 750MLMt Eden Vineyards157500$59.99
20122012 Mount Eden Pinot Noir Estate 750MLMt Eden Vineyards157499$59.99
20112011 Mount Eden Cabernet Sauvignon Estate 750MLMt Eden Vineyards164537$59.99
20122012 Mount Eden Chardonnay Estate 750MLMt Eden Vineyards164536$59.99
20122012 Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery154786$59.9991
20132013 Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery164723$59.99
19981998 Whitehall Lane Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLWhitehall Lane Winery157109$59.99
20132013 Shafer Merlot 750MLShafer Vineyards164624$59.99
20112011 CADE Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Cuvee 750MLPlumpjack Winery161069$59.99
20142014 Patz & Hall Chardonnay Braughton Vineyard 750MLPatz & Hall163963$59.99
20132013 Melville Pinot Noir Terraces 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)162365$59.99
20132013 Far Niente Chardonnay 750MLFar Niente Winery159315$59.99
20112011 Hartford Court Zinfandel Highwire 750MLHartford Court Winery149386$59.99
20112011 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLJordan Vineyard & Winery162742$59.99
20002000 Kongsgaard Viognier Roussanne 750MLKongsgaard Vineyard157319$59.99
20112011 Beringer Quantum Red Blend 750MLBeringer Vineyards155433$59.99
20122012 El Molino Chardonnay 750MLEl Molino Winery159330$59.99
20002000 Tor Kenward Family Vineyard Chardonnay David Arthur Vineyard Wente Clone 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines157205$59.99
20132013 Tor Chardonnay Hudson Vineyard 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines163188$59.99
20112011 Tor Chardonnay Torchiana 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines148112$59.999291
20122012 Tantara Pinot Noir Dierberg Vineyard 750MLTantara Winery157746$59.99
20092009 Ramey Syrah Rodgers Creek 750MLRamey Wine Cellars146327$59.9994
20122012 Ramey Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLRamey Wine Cellars159346$59.99
19991999 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay 750MLPahlmeyer Winery157228$59.99
20012001 Kongsgaard Viognier Roussanne 750MLKongsgaard Vineyard157281$59.99
NVRussell's Reserve Small Batch Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey (110 proof) 750MLWild Turkey152523$59.99
NVOld Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond Bourbon Whiskey 750MLOld Forester Bourbon164783$59.99
NVMichter's US 1 Toasted Barrel Bourbon 750MLMichter's Distillery158996$59.99
20122012 Bouchard Beaune Clos de la Mousse 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils159157$59.99
20122012 Gratallops, Alvaro Palacios 750MLPalacios (Alvaro)158688$59.99
19861986 Chateau Lascombes 750MLChateau Lascombes156166$59.99
NVFonseca Twenty Year Old Tawny Port 750MLFonseca14964$59.99
20092009 Chateau Rieussec 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rieussec122971$59.9997
20142014 Chateau Rieussec Futures 750MLChateau Rieussec163217$59.99
20092009 Chateau Suduiraut 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Suduiraut122875$59.99
20102010 Chateau Barde Haut 750MLChateau Barde Haut157413$59.999293
20142014 Chateau Beychevelle Futures 750MLChateau Beychevelle163208$59.99
20112011 Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet 750MLChavy Chouet (Hubert)156564$59.99
20122012 Robert Craig Zinfandel Howell Mtn. 750MLRobert Craig163823$59.99
20102010 Montevertine Igt Montevertine 750MLMontevertine Az Agr149057$59.99
20112011 Newton Merlot Unfiltered 750MLNewton Vineyard155470$59.99
20112011 Newton Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered 750MLNewton Vineyard154885$59.99
20112011 Napanook by Dominus 750MLDominus Estate Winery159414$59.99
20102010 Qupe Syrah Bien Nacido Vineyard 1.5LQupe Winery161300$59.9991
20122012 Laetitia Pinot Noir Les Galets 750MLLaetitia Vineyard & Winery162513$59.99
20102010 Andersons Conn Valley Vineyards Right Bank 750MLAnderson Conn Valley Vineyard155502$59.99
20002000 Harrison Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLHarrison Vineyards157021$59.99
19871987 Quivira Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5LQuivira Vineyards13505$59.99
19921992 Paradigm Cabernet 750MLParadigm Winery146597$59.99
NVVeuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut 750MLVeuve Clicquot Ponsardin15357$59.9991
19961996 Ken Wright Whistling Ridge Pinot Noir 750MLKen Wright Cellars146613$59.99
20132013 Roar Pinot Noir Rosellas Vineyard 750MLRoar Wines164885$59.99
20062006 Chateau Kirwan 750MLChateau Kirwan31059$59.99
20122012 Chateau d Aiguilhe 1.5LChateau Aiguilhe154189$59.99
20102010 Chateau Coutet 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Coutet138559$59.99
20082008 Blason de L Evangile 750MLChateau Evangile152842$59.99
20122012 Chateau Montrose 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Montrose154218$59.9992
20092009 Antinori Badia Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 750MLAntinori164705$59.99
NVAnchor Distilling White Christmas (pot distilled 2012 Christmas Ale) 750MLAnchor Brewing Company152907$59.99
NAStolichnaya Elit Vodka 750MLStolichnaya Russian Vodka54301$59.99
20132013 Herradura Wally's Private Reserve Cask Double Barrel Reposado 750MLHerradura Tequila152328$59.99
NAHerradura Anejo Tequila 750MLHerradura Tequila12113$59.99
NVHerradura Ultra Anejo Tequila 750MLHerradura Tequila165353$59.99
20082008 Chateau Petit Village 750MLChateau Petit Village104908$59.99
20102010 Henschke Keyneton Euphonium Red Blend 750MLHenschke Keyneton Estate158433$59.9992
20032003 Cuvee Vatican Chateauneuf Du Pape 750MLCuvee Vatican15118$59.9990
20092009 P. Usseglio Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Tradition 750MLUsseglio Pere et Fils (Pierre)140577$59.9990
20082008 Vega Sicilia Pintia 750MLVega Sicilia Bodegas151393$59.9995
NVDrambuie 15 year Liqueur 750MLDrambuie Scotch whisky152404$59.99
NAPatron Anejo Tequila 750MLPatron Spirits Company12181$59.99
NVBruichladdich Scottish Barley Single Malt Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLBruichladdich Distillery Co. Ltd.154969$59.99
NVClear Creek Apple Brandy Apple In Bottle 750MLClear Creek Distillery22987$59.99
NARoyer Cognac Vs Kosher 750MLRoyer Louis40021$59.99
NVCorralejo 99,000 Horas Anejo Tequila 750MLCorralejo159773$59.99
20142014 Chateau Haut Bailly Futures 750MLChateau Haut Bailly163468$59.99
20122012 Chateau Gruaud Larose 750MLChateau Gruaud Larose149254$59.99
NAGlenrothes Alba Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenRothes Distillery132277$59.99
NVGlenrothes Vintage Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenRothes Distillery165052$59.99
NVGlenrothes Sherry Cask Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenRothes Distillery164163$59.99
NACragganmore 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLCragganmore Distillery10507$59.99
NADeanston 12 year Unchill-filtered Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLDeanston Distillery119557$59.99
NASpringbank 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLSpringbank Distillery10221$59.99
NVMezcal Vago Espadin 750MLUNKNOWN159428$59.99
20102010 Luigi Baudana Barolo Serralunga d'Alba 750MLUNKNOWN159267$59.99
NVCorsair Quinoa Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN162697$59.99
19991999 Moulin Touchais Coteaux du Layon 750MLUNKNOWN159247$59.99
NVBib & Tucker 6 year Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN159172$59.99
NVMestizo Reposado Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN159016$59.99
NVCalavera Reposado Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN158867$59.99
20052005 Lucien Le Moine Bourgogne Rouge 750MLLe Moine Maison Lucien29989$59.99
20112011 San Giusto Chianti Classicio Riserva Baroncole 750MLFattoria San Giusto a Rentennano158441$59.99
NVDon Weber Extra Anejo Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN152552$59.99
NVKirk & Sweeney 23 year Rum 750MLUNKNOWN164391$59.99
NVBackbone Uncut Bourbon Whiskey (115.4 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN164986$59.99
NVPartida Reposado 750MLPartida Tequila26756$59.99
NVIwai Traditional Japanese Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN164029$59.99
NVTaos Lighting Rye Whiskey 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN163983$59.99
20102010 Brizio Brunelle di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN163413$59.99
20082008 Robert Foley Petite Sirah 750MLRobert Foley Vineyards148641$59.9991
20122012 Drouhin Gevrey Chambertin 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin159462$59.99
20102010 Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCasanova Neri162940$59.9996
20112011 Colin Bruno Chassagne Montachet 750MLBruno Colin156547$59.99
20122012 Ponsot Bourgogne Rouge Cuvee du Pinson 750MLDomaine Ponsot164978$59.99
20092009 Siro Pacenti Brunello di Montalcino 'Pelagrilli' 750MLPacenti Siro159209$59.99
20102010 Pacenti 750MLPacenti Siro162183$59.99
20122012 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny Les Bussieres 750MLUNKNOWN156208$59.99
20112011 Marchand Tawse Morey St. Denit Rue de Vergy 750MLUNKNOWN155344$59.99
NVTobermory 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTobermory Distillery24206$59.99
20112011 Jonata La Flor Sauvignon Blanc 750MLJonata157727$59.9992
19921992 Schloss Schonborn Hattenheim Nussbrunnen Riesling Auslese 750MLSchloss Schonborn151814$59.99
NVFew Bourbon Whiskey (93 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN153925$59.99
20102010 Tollot Beaut Aloxe Corton 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils149577$59.99
20112011 Tollot Beaut Aloxe Corton 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils158325$59.99
20102010 Felsina Fontalloro 750MLFattoria di Felsina156684$59.99
20102010 Felsina Cabernet Maestro Raro 750MLFattoria di Felsina156686$59.99
NVLustau Solera Gran Reserva Finest Selection Brandy 750MLEmilio Lustau157515$59.99
20102010 Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de162181$59.99
20122012 Chateau Saint Pierre Futures 750MLChateau St Pierre161725$59.99
20082008 Pio Cesare Barolo 750MLPio Cesare147877$59.99
20102010 Vincent Girardin Meursault Les Narvaux 750MLDomaine Girardin (Vincent)162519$59.99
20112011 Quintarelli Primofiore Rosso 750MLQuintarelli Giuseppe164043$59.99
19991999 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Rouge 750MLDomaine Leroy152392$59.99
20112011 Domaine du Pegau Chateauneuf-du-Pape Cuvee Reservee 750MLDomaine du Pegau151376$59.999393
NANoah's Mill Bourbon 750MLNoah's Mill Distilling Co.62128$59.9996
20092009 Canalicchio di Sopra Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCanalicchio di Sopra155164$59.9992
19951995 Francois Gaunoux Pommard Les Rugiens 750MLDomaine Gaunoux151465$59.99
20092009 Grand Veneur Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLGrande Veneur140177$59.99
20012001 Cellers Capcanes Cabrida Montsant 750MLCapcanes Cellars15533$59.99
20112011 Chateau Talbot 750MLChateau Talbot144784$59.99
20092009 Fattoria Galardi Roccamonfina Terra di Lavoro IGT 750MLGalardi Fattoria153828$59.9993
20122012 Chave St. Joseph Rouge 750MLJL Chave Hermitage163737$59.99
20092009 Bussola Amarone 750MLBussola (Tommaso) Winery165315$59.99
20122012 Castalia Pinot Noir Russian River Rochioli Vineyard 750MLCastalia Wines158094$59.99
20062006 Mugnier Nuits St Georges Clos De La Marechale 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Mugnier JF (Jacques Frederic)100398$59.9991
20132013 J.J. Prum Riesling Graacher Himmelreich Auslese Goldkapsel 375ML (Half Bottle)JJ Prum161046$59.99
20102010 Fontodi Case Via Syrah 750MLFontodi Estate Winery149226$59.99
20062006 Ambullneo Solomon Hills Chardonnay 750MLSolomon Hills Vineyards147370$59.99
20072007 Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCastello di Romitorio143124$59.99
20122012 Keller Riesling R Nierstein Hipping 750MLWeingut Keller161113$59.99
20092009 Francesco Rinaldi & Figli Barolo Le Brunate 750MLFrancesco Rinaldi155253$59.99
20072007 Schnaitmann Uhlbacher Gotzenberg Riesling GG 750MLSchnaitmann155190$59.99
20112011 Domaine Francois Carillon Puligny Montrachet Les Enseigneres 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon151340$59.99
20112011 Coursodon St. Joseph Rouge L'Olivaie 750MLCoursodon155632$59.99
20122012 Wagner Stempel Riesling Hollberg GG 750MLWagner Stempel154901$59.99
20112011 Weingut Odinstal Riesling Basalt 750MLWeingut Odinstal155634$59.99
NABalcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey 750MLBalcones Distillery125941$59.99
NVAvion Anejo Tequila 750MLAvion Tequila126869$59.99
20132013 Jean-Marc Pillot Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot Futures 750MLDomaine Jean-Marc Pillot163498$59.99
20132013 Jean Marc Pillot Chassagne Montrachet Caillerets Futures 750MLDomaine Jean-Marc Pillot163499$59.99
20132013 Jean Marc Pillot Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Vergers Futures 750MLDomaine Jean-Marc Pillot163500$59.99
20122012 Clos St. Jean Chateauneuf du Pape VV 750MLClos St. Jean158684$59.99
20132013 Clos St. Jean Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 750MLClos St. Jean158685$59.99
20112011 Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot Chassagne-Montrachet Les Caillerets 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jean-Marc Pillot151343$59.99
20122012 Dauvissat Chablis 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat155093$59.99
20122012 Chanin Pinot Noir La Rinconada Vineyard 750MLChanin Wine Company155279$59.99
20112011 Dauvissat Chablis 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat148363$59.9990
20112011 Gagnard Blain Chassagne Montrachet 750MLBLAIN GAGNARD156548$59.99
NVLanson Rose Brut 750MLLanson Champagne127932$59.9992
NVLanson Sec White Label 750MLLanson Champagne127936$59.99
20122012 Chateau La Tour Blanche 750MLChateau La Tour Blanche161760$59.99
20112011 Bruno Clair Marsannay Les Grasses Tetes 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair153174$59.99
20122012 Bruno Clair Marsannay Vaudenelles 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair161569$59.99
20112011 Daou Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLDaou Vineyards155767$59.9992
20122012 Wittmann Riesling Trocken Kirchspiel Grosses Gewachs 750MLWittmann153792$59.99
NVRiazul Reposado Tequila 750MLTequila Riazul120858$59.99
20102010 Chateau Bourgneuf 750MLChateau Bourgneuf138220$59.99
20112011 Ch Fuisse Pouilly Fuisse Les Clos 750MLChateau Fuisse156778$59.9993
20112011 Ch Fuisse Pouilly Fuisse Les Combettes 750MLChateau Fuisse156779$59.9992
20102010 Chateau Puy Blanquet 1.5LChateau Puy Blanquet141505$59.99
20102010 Domaine Villeneuve Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes 750MLDomaine de Villeneuve152085$59.9994
NAFortaleza Reposado Tequila 750MLFortaleza Tequila129163$59.99
NVTorres 20 year Brandy 750MLBodegas Torres158938$59.99
20092009 TETRA Napa Valley Red 750MLBighorn Cellars148666$59.9991
NAHigh West Campfire 750MLHigh West Spirits145813$59.9991
20062006 Cyclone Napa Valley Red 750MLState Lane Cellars101511$59.99
20132013 Lucia Pinot Noir Soberanes Vineyard 750MLLucia Vineyards162576$59.99
20112011 Pursued By Bear Syrah Baby Bear 750MLpursued by bear164481$59.9994
20132013 Lucia Pinot Noir Garys Vineyard 750MLLucia Vineyards165047$59.99
NAAnchor Genevieve Gin (94.6 proof) 750MLGenevieve106423$59.99
NAHudson Unaged Corn Whiskey 750MLHudson New York147136$59.99
20112011 Tyler Pinot Noir Bent Rock Vineyard 750MLTyler148413$59.99
20032003 Louis Jadot Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot Clos de la Chapelle 750MLLouis Jadot163256$59.99
20142014 Tequila Ocho Magueyera Reposado 750MLTequila Ocho161089$59.99
20102010 Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les Lavieres 750MLDomaine Faiveley146393$59.99
20112011 Faiveley Meursault 750MLDomaine Faiveley155209$59.99
20122012 Gundlach Bundschu Mountain Cuvee 1.5LGundlach Bundschu158104$59.99
20122012 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Peters Vineyard 750MLAnthill Farms156696$59.99
20122012 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Campbell Ranch 750MLAnthill Farms156697$59.99
20122012 Anthill Farms Pinot Noir Tina Marie Vineyard 750MLAnthill Farms156698$59.99
20052005 Marques de Riscal Gran Reserva 750MLMarques de Riscal162947$59.99
20072007 I Greppi Bolgheri Greppicaia 750MLGreppicaia146198$59.9992
NVPierre Peters Cuvee La Perle Blanc de Blancs 750MLPierre Peters158344$59.99
NVPierre Peters Cuvee de Reserve Blanc de Blancs 750MLPierre Peters158212$59.99
20122012 Chacra 55 750MLChacra150056$59.99
NVAyala Brut Majeur 750MLAyala155777$59.9991
NASan Matias Gran Riserva Anejo Tequila 750MLSan Matias Ranch34151$59.99
20092009 Rothschild Reserve Rouge 750MLDomaine Rothschild (Barons) and the Catena Family145705$59.99
20002000 Kuleto Pinot Noir 750MLKuleto Estate Winery157277$59.99
20122012 Olivier Hillaire Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Classique 750MLDomaine Olivier Hillaire157565$59.99
20092009 O. Hillaire Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Classique Tradtition 750MLDomaine Olivier Hillaire140583$59.9991
20092009 Chateau La Cabanne 750MLChateau Cabanne143266$59.99
20112011 Chateau de Rayne Vigneau 750MLChateau Rayne Vigneau155075$59.99
20092009 Chateau Rayne Vigneau 750MLChateau Rayne Vigneau122953$59.99
20132013 Varner Chardonnay Ampitheatre Block 750MLVarner Wine164479$59.99
20092009 Chateau Haut Condissas 750MLChateau Haut Condissas122870$59.99
NVPeat Monster Blended Scotch Whisky by Compass Box 750MLCompass Box Delicious Whisky Ltd.19749$59.99
NASt George Absinthe Verte 3 Bottle Limit 750MLSt George Spirits34285$59.99
20082008 Willi Schaefer Riesling Estate QbA 750MLWilli Schaefer182054$60.00
20032003 Jadot Santenay Clos de Malte 750MLLouis Jadot190263$60.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Christoffel Erben Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett 750MLJ.J. Christoffel Erben181951$60.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spatlese 750MLJJ Prum182031$60.00
20032003 Alois Trebulanum 750MLLageder Alois184009$60.00
NVHudson Bellamy BasketWally's Gift Baskets157442$60.00
20032003 Hiedler Riesling Gaisberg 750MLHiedler (Weingut)158273$60.00
20092009 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBeringer Vineyards158565$60.00
20052005 Olivier Guyot Marsannay Les Favieres 750MLGeneric183035$60.00
NVL Oustal Blanc (Isabel et Clau de Fonquerle) Naick White 750MLGeneric181474$60.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182024$60.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Christoffel Erben Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181953$60.00
20062006 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181992$60.00
20072007 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer -Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181994$60.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182032$60.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett 750MLGeneric182037$60.00
20092009 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett 750MLGeneric182038$60.00
20012001 Weingut Josef Leitz Rudesheimer Kirchenpfad Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182004$60.00
20042004 Schloss Lieser Niederberg Helden Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182055$60.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182045$60.00
20092009 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182049$60.00
20052005 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Riesling Kaiton 750MLGeneric181641$60.00
20052005 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Gewurztraminer 750MLGeneric181637$60.00
20032003 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Gewurztraminer 750MLGeneric181635$60.00
20092009 Alessandro di Camporeale Benede Sicilia IGT 750MLGeneric181486$60.00
20082008 Masseria Frattasi Taburno Falanghina di Bonea 750MLGeneric181669$60.00
19901990 Allegrini Palazzo della Torre Veronese IGT 750MLGeneric181488$60.00
20092009 Montenidoli Canaiuolo Toscana IGT 750MLGeneric181681$60.00
20052005 Cantine Antonio Caggiano Taurasi Macchia dei Goti 750MLGeneric181500$60.00
20032003 Masseria Felicia Falerno del Massico 750MLGeneric181668$60.00
20002000 Fattoria Corzano e Paterno Il Corzano Toscana IGT 750MLGeneric181577$60.00
20082008 Poderi Foglia Aglianico Gallucio Concarosso 750MLGeneric181700$60.00
20062006 Azienda Agricola Reale Andrea Borgo di Gete Colli di Salerno IGT 750MLGeneric181724$60.00
20092009 Cantine Farro Campi Flegrei 750MLGeneric181546$60.00
20002000 Luc Massy Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric181947$60.00
20072007 Raccaro Friuli Isonzo Rosso 750MLGeneric181716$60.00
20092009 Raccaro Collio Friulano Vigna de Rolat 750MLGeneric183262$60.00
20062006 Sartarelli Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Passito 500MLGeneric185078$60.00
20092009 Raccaro Collio Malvasia Bianca 750MLGeneric185063$60.00
20052005 Baron di Pauli Gewurztminer Exilisi 750MLGeneric160925$60.00
20032003 Erich Salomon/Undhof Riesling Reserve Kremser Kogl 750MLGeneric181464$60.00
20062006 Rudi Pichler Riesling Federspiel 750MLGeneric181413$60.00
19991999 Engel Family Vineyards Merlot 750MLGeneric181061$60.00
20042004 Blain-Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182201$60.00
20022002 Marc Colin et Fils Santenay Les Champs Claude 750MLGeneric182345$60.00
20042004 Deux Montille Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Cru Sous Fretille 750MLGeneric182441$60.00
20022002 Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin Chablis Grand Cru Grenouilles 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182444$60.00
20022002 Maison Albert Bichot Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos Domaine Long -Depaquit 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182194$60.00
20052005 Lucie & Auguste Lignier Morey St. Denis Clos les Sionnieres 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182867$60.00
20042004 Domaine de Courcel Pommard 1er Cru Grand Clos des Epenots 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182389$60.00
20022002 Francois Cazin (Le Petit Chambord) Cour-Cheverny 750MLGeneric181812$60.00
NACustom Bottle EngravingGeneric147500$60.00
20042004 Carmelo Patti Gran Assemblage 750MLGeneric158493$60.9993
20132013 Alter Ego de Palmer Futures 750MLChateau Palmer157625$60.99
20142014 Chateau Leoville Barton Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Barton163590$60.99
20142014 Chateau Clinet Futures 750MLChateau Clinet163589$60.99
NAZalto BordeauxZalto149022$61.00
20092009 Happy Canyon Ten Goal Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLHappy Canyon Vineyards158822$61.99
20112011 Tablas Creek Esprit de Tablas 750MLTablas Creek Vineyard156050$61.9993
20132013 Chateau Rouget Futures 750MLChateau Rouget164410$61.99
20122012 Jadot Beaune Theurons 750MLLouis Jadot157812$61.99
20122012 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte149736$61.9995
20102010 Arietta On The White Keys 750MLArietta Wines157512$61.99
20092009 Chateau Lafon Rochet 750MLChateau Lafon Rochet124248$61.99
NVReserve Wine Club Open Term 1st Month (Includes Shipping)Wally's Wine Club101010$61.99
20092009 Jadot Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136504$61.99
20092009 Chateau Du Tertre 750MLChateau du Tertre123792$61.9992
20132013 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey Futures 750MLChateau Lafaurie Peyraguey155262$61.99
20102010 Chateau Phelan Segur Futures 750MLChateau Phelan Segur147727$61.99
20102010 Drouhin Nuits St Georges 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin146377$61.99
20062006 Caillou Chateauneuf du Pape Safres 750MLChateau Caillou101792$61.99
20112011 Chateau Lagrange 750MLChateau Lagrange154335$61.99
20132013 Hudelot Noellat Nuit St George Futures 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)162426$61.99
20142014 Chateau Leoville Poyferre Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Poyferre163591$61.99
20112011 Torrin Tsundere 750MLGeneric160807$61.9994
20112011 Quinta Vale de Maria Douro 750MLGeneric156270$61.9996
20122012 Quinta Vale do Maria 750MLGeneric163196$61.99
20112011 Brewer Clifton Chardonnay Mount Carmel 750MLBrewer Clifton159161$61.9994
20082008 Buglioni Amarone 750MLGeneric165330$61.99
20122012 Chateau Branaire Ducru 750MLChateau Branaire Ducru149158$61.9990
20102010 Fossacole Brunello di Montalcino 750MLDi Montalcino Brunello163648$61.9993
20132013 Lutum Pinot Noir Gaps Crown 750MLGeneric163149$62.99
20102010 Chateau Villemaurine 750MLGeneric147647$62.99
20122012 Chateau Beausejour Becot Futures 750MLChateau Beau-Sejour Becot148810$62.99
20092009 Drouhin Nuits Saint Georges 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin140228$62.99
20082008 Drouhin Vosne Romanee 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin134373$62.99
NVKnappogue Castle 14 year Irish Single Malt Whiskey 750MLKnappogue Castle Irish Whiskey Distillery150341$62.99
NVEdradour 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLEdradour Distillery100573$62.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Chambolle-Musigny 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152606$62.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Vosne-Romanee 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152608$62.99
20142014 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge Futures 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte163542$62.99
20092009 Ettore Germano Barolo Prapo 750MLGermano151920$62.9994
20122012 Schnaitmann Riesling Lammler GG 750MLSchnaitmann154906$62.99
20132013 Keller Riesling Trocken Hubacker GG 750MLWeingut Keller161116$62.99
20122012 Lutum Pinot Noir Sanford and Benedict 750MLChanin Wine Company159915$62.9994
NAZalto BurgundyZalto149023$63.00
19961996 Clos du Marquis 375ML (Half Bottle)Clos du Marquis190081$63.00
19971997 Fonseca Port 375ML (Half Bottle)Fonseca190301$63.00
20002000 Clos de L'Oratoire 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Clos L'Oratoire190075$63.00
20132013 Hudelot Noellat Vosne Romanee Futures 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)162422$63.99
20102010 Chateau La Cabanne 750MLChateau Cabanne148038$63.99
20102010 Salicutti Brunello di Montalcino 750MLSalicutti Podere / Podere Salicutti Estate163580$64.99
20122012 Pisoni Chardonnay Estate 750MLPisoni Vineyards & Winery158711$64.99
NAStranahan's Small Batch Colorado Whiskey 750MLStranahan's Colorado Small Batch Whiskey33965$64.99
20092009 Los Vascos Le Dix 750MLLos Vascos148491$64.99
20132013 Penner Ash Pinot Noir Estate Willamette Valley Oregon 750MLPenner Ash Wine Cellars164585$64.99
20082008 Marius 750MLChateau Latour144130$64.99
NVDrappier Brut Nature Zero Dosage 750MLDrappier Champagne164735$64.99
20102010 Pursued by Bear Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLpursued by bear154794$64.9993
20112011 Pursued by bear Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLpursued by bear164486$64.99
20102010 Clos Solene Sweet Clementine 375ML (Half Bottle)Clos Solene144839$64.99
20122012 Jadot Gevrey Chambertin 750MLLouis Jadot157804$64.99
20112011 Jadot Puligny Montrachet 750MLLouis Jadot158394$64.99
20122012 Schaefer Frohlich Riesling Trocken Felseneck Grosses Gewachs 750MLWilli Schaefer153821$64.99
20112011 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLMerry Edwards Wines149540$64.99
20112011 Faiveley Chassagne Montrachet 750MLDomaine Faiveley155210$64.99
20132013 Domaine L'Arlot Nuits St Georges Petit Plets 750MLDomaine de l'Arlot164499$64.99
20092009 Chateau Louis 750MLChateau Louis157596$64.9991
20122012 Olivier Leflaive Chassagne Montrachet 750MLOlivier Leflaive160888$64.99
20122012 Francois Carillon et Fils Puligny-Montrachet 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon156355$64.99
20102010 Weingut Odinstal Riesling Spatlese Stufe 7 750MLWeingut Odinstal155633$64.99
20092009 Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot Chassagne Montrachet Les Morgeot 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jean-Marc Pillot151341$64.99
NVAmrut Single Malt Whisky 750MLAmrut Whisky137942$64.99
20002000 Diel Dorsheimer Pittermannchen Riesling Spatlese 750MLSchlossgut Diel133972$64.99
NV123 Tequila Tres Anejo 750ML1-2-3 Tequila123837$64.99
20122012 Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy164116$64.99
19981998 Chateau La Croix de Gay Futures 750MLChateau la Croix de Gay157389$64.99
20092009 Velenosi Ludi Marche Rosso IGT 750MLVelenosi154349$64.99
20092009 Chateau Doisy Daene 750MLChateau Doisy-Daene122838$64.99
20102010 San Filippo Brunello di Montalcino Filippo 750MLTenuta San Filippo162657$64.9993
20112011 Passopisciaro Rampante R 750MLPassopisciaro156689$64.99
20112011 Passopisciaro Chiappemacine C 750MLPassopisciaro156690$64.99
NVRiazul Reposado Tequila 750MLTequila Riazul120857$64.99
20062006 Reserve de la Comtesse 750MLReserve Comtesse Lalande156935$64.99
20112011 Domaine de Chevalier Rouge 750MLDomaine Chevalier154319$64.999492
20092009 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Ovello 750MLProduttori del Barbaresco Cooperativa155484$64.99
20092009 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Rabaja 750MLProduttori del Barbaresco Cooperativa155485$64.99
20092009 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Montefico 750MLProduttori del Barbaresco Cooperativa155486$64.99
20092009 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano 750MLProduttori del Barbaresco Cooperativa155487$64.99
20092009 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Pora 750MLProduttori del Barbaresco Cooperativa155488$64.99
20122012 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion 750MLChateau Les Carmes Haut Brion149013$64.9994
20132013 J.J. Prum Riesling Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Goldkapsel 375ML (Half Bottle)JJ Prum161047$64.99
20112011 Switchback Ridge Petite Sirah 750MLSwitchback Cellars156074$64.9993
NVJacquesson Cuvee 738 750MLJacquesson Vineyards165266$64.99
20072007 Canalicchio di Sopra Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCanalicchio di Sopra143120$64.99
20112011 JL Chave St. Joseph 750MLDomaine Chave JL (Jean Louis)156535$64.9993
20102010 Morlet La Proportion Doree 750MLPierre Morlet148482$64.99
NAMacallan 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLMacallan Distillers Ltd.10710$64.99
20102010 Pio Cesare Barolo 750MLPio Cesare159798$64.99
20102010 Pio Cesare Barbaresco 750MLPio Cesare159801$64.99
20082008 Pio Cesare Barbaresco 750MLPio Cesare159800$64.99
20082008 Frescobaldi Mormoreto 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de149825$64.99
20112011 Tollot Beaut Beaune Clos Du Roi 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils158326$64.99
20112011 Tollot Beaut Savigny Les Beaune Laviere 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils158324$64.99
20092009 Drouhin Beaune Greves 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin136628$64.99
20102010 Bodegas Caro 750MLCaro Bodegas148493$64.9992
20102010 Paul Autard Chateauneuf du Pape Cote Ronde 750MLPaul Autard152634$64.999493
20082008 Chateau Sigalas Rabaud 750MLChateau Sigalas Rabaud135362$64.99
20102010 Numanthia Numanthia 750MLNumanthia163460$64.99
20112011 The Hilt Pinot Noir Old Guard 750MLJonata159449$64.9994
20102010 Luigi Pira Barolo Marenca 750MLLuigi Pira154524$64.99
NVBrenne French Single Malt Whisky Finished in Cognac Barrels - Cask 265 750MLUNKNOWN154556$64.99
20112011 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru Les Marconnets 750MLUNKNOWN154762$64.99
20112011 Confuron Cotetidot Chambolle Musigny 750MLUNKNOWN155674$64.99
20112011 Confuron Cotetidot Gevrey Chambertin 750MLUNKNOWN155673$64.99
20102010 Bosco Agostino Barolo Neirane 750MLUNKNOWN156384$64.99
NVZafra 21 year Master Reserve Rum 750MLUNKNOWN156365$64.99
20062006 Diebolt Vallois Blanc De Blanc 750MLUNKNOWN154301$64.99
NVHamilton 7 year Cask Strength Rum (118 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN163190$64.99
20102010 Valentini Ceralsuole Rosato Futures 750MLUNKNOWN145539$64.99
NVAmaras Cupreata Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN165120$64.99
NVSipsmith VJOP Gin (115 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN165067$64.99
NVBig Peat Small Batch Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN152066$64.99
NVKilchoman Single Malt Scotch Whisky (bottled 2013) 750MLUNKNOWN152342$64.99
20092009 Jules Desjourneys Fleurie Chapele des Bois TVV 750MLUNKNOWN158843$64.99
NVArmorik Single Malt Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN158038$64.99
NVAdmiral Rodney Rum 750MLUNKNOWN158675$64.99
20072007 Chateau des Tours Vacqueyras 750MLUNKNOWN158661$64.99
NVManoir de Montreuil Reserve Calvados 750MLUNKNOWN161427$64.99
NVHaig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN161603$64.99
NVSmooth Ambler Old Scout 10 year Straight Bourbon Whiskey (100 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN151620$64.99
20132013 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge Futures 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte156516$64.99
20122012 Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot Mersault Les Charrons 750MLDomaine Boillot (Jean and Maison Henri)154132$64.99
20122012 Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot Mersault Les Pellans 750MLDomaine Boillot (Jean and Maison Henri)154133$64.99
20122012 Chateau Pontet Canet 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Pontet Canet151197$64.9993
20102010 Artadi Rioja Valdegines 750MLArtadi Bodegas153833$64.9993
20052005 Chateau Coutet 750MLChateau Coutet23720$64.999291
19951995 Michel Colin Deleger Meursault Genevrieres Hospices de Beaune Cuvee 375ML (Half Bottle)Colin Deleger Michel163263$64.99
NVClear Creek McCarthy's Peated Single Malt Whiskey from Oregon 750MLClear Creek Distillery103057$64.99
NAKelt Cognac Vsop 750MLKelt Cognac40160$64.99
NAHine Rare & Delicate Cognac Vsop 750MLHine Cognac (Thomas Hine & C11196$64.99
NAJacopo Poli Grappa Sarpa Di Poli 750MLPoli Distillerie40238$64.99
NABalvenie 12 year Doublewood Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBalvenie Distillery10458$64.99
NVBenromach 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 750MLBenromach Distillery and Malt Whisky Centre162631$64.99
NVMoet & Chandon Ice Imperial 750MLMoet & Chandon140244$64.99
NABollinger Brut Champagne Special Cuvee 750MLBollinger Champagne14947$64.999094
NADalmore Single Malt 12year 750MLDalmore Distillery10517$64.99
NAChartreuse Liqueur Green 750MLChartreuse Liqueur13292$64.99
NAGlendronach 12year Single Malt 750MLGlendronach Distillery10574$64.99
NVLaphroaig Select Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLLaphroaig Distillery158653$64.99
NATalisker 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTalisker Distillery10797$64.99
20142014 Chateau Duhart Milon Futures 750MLChateau Duhart-Milon163209$64.99
20112011 Chateau Giscours 750MLChateau Giscours144508$64.99
NAChinaco Anejo Tequila 750MLChinaco Tequila10655$64.99
20122012 Chateau Langoa Barton 750MLChateau Langoa Barton149159$64.99
20122012 Chateau Clerc Milon Futures 750MLChateau Clerc Milon148786$64.99
20102010 Zind Humbrecht Muscat Goldert 750MLZind Humbrecht152285$64.99
20122012 Zilliken Rausch Riesling Auslese 750MLZilliken Estate153614$64.99
20052005 Muga Prado Enea 750MLMuga Bodegas147436$64.9995
20122012 Conterno Giacomo Barbera Cas Francia 750MLGiacomo Conterno Wines160146$64.99
20132013 Roar Pinot Noir Pisoni Vineyard 750MLRoar Wines164886$64.99
20132013 Talley Pinot Noir Rincon Vineyard 750MLTalley Vineyard164884$64.99
20122012 Hirsch Chardonnay 750MLHirsch Vineyard (Sonoma Coast)158647$64.99
20092009 Paradigm Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLParadigm Winery148661$64.99
20112011 La Sirena Pirate TreasureRed 750MLLa Sirena Wine155371$64.99
20112011 Ojai Syrah Solomon Hills Vineyard Special Bottling 750MLOjai Vineyard157715$64.99
20112011 Ojai Syrah John Sebastiano Vineyard Special Bottling 750MLOjai Vineyard157716$64.99
20122012 Moraga Bel Air White 750MLMoraga Winery159642$64.99
20042004 Moraga Bel Air Estate White 750MLMoraga Winery100965$64.99
20112011 Marc Deschamps Pouilly Fume Les Champs de Cri 1.5LGeneric165396$64.99
20092009 Le Ragnaie Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164634$64.99
NVGuillon Painturaud VSOP 15yr Cognac 750MLUnknown139908$64.99
20102010 Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLCakebread Cellars152953$64.99
20122012 DuMol Chardonnay Isobel 750MLDuMol Wines159725$64.9994
20122012 Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGrgich Hills Cellar165269$64.99
20132013 Melville Pinot Noir Block M 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)162366$64.9995
20142014 Patz & Hall Pinot Noir Cattalini Vineyard 750MLPatz & Hall163964$64.99
20112011 El Molino Pinot Noir 750MLEl Molino Winery159332$64.99
20122012 En Route Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLFar Niente Winery156800$64.99
20122012 Flora Springs Trilogy 750MLFlora Springs Winery162599$64.99
20112011 Mi Sueno Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLMi Sueno163136$64.99
20122012 Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLJoseph Phelps Vineyards159029$64.99
20122012 Shared Notes Les lecons des maitres Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion 750MLGeneric150807$64.99
20122012 Shared Notes Les pierres qui decident Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric150808$64.99
20112011 Lutum Pinot Noir Durell Vineyard 750MLGeneric152890$64.99
20112011 Epoch Veracity 750MLGeneric152809$64.99
20132013 Duroche Gevrey Chambertin Le Clos Futures 750MLGeneric163080$64.99
20132013 Duroche Gevrey Chambertin Champ Futures 750MLGeneric163081$64.99
20122012 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune Les Grands Liards 750MLGeneric163010$64.99
NVLongrow Peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGeneric147883$64.99
NVLouis de Sacy Grand Cru Kosher 750MLGeneric102322$64.99
20102010 Occhipinti Cerasulo di Vittoria 750MLGeneric164041$64.99
20112011 Chateau du Courneau Kosher 750MLGeneric155104$64.99
20112011 Epoch Ingenuity 750MLGeneric160788$64.9995
20092009 Castiglion del Bosco Prima Piet 750MLGeneric161585$64.99
20122012 Thierry Germain Roches Neuves Saumur Rouge Les Memories 750MLGeneric161789$64.9994
NVMagisso Wine Cooler - Naturally Cooling CeramicsGeneric158807$64.99
20102010 Desjourneys Fleurie Les Moriers TVV 750MLGeneric159334$64.9994
NVLola BasketWally's Gift Baskets47631$65.00
NVThe Roederer RoseWally's Gift Baskets154309$65.00
NVIrish Sweepstake BasketWally's Gift Baskets154709$65.00
NVCoppola Zinfandel BasketWally's Gift Baskets157435$65.00
19951995 Chateau Bahans Haut Brion 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Bahans de Haut Brion190026$65.00
20122012 Chateau Coutet 750MLChateau Coutet148829$65.99
20082008 Leeuwin Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLLeeuwin Estate Winery159651$65.9991
20122012 Chateau Pichon Baron 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Pichon Baron154237$65.9993
20102010 Jadot Pommard Epenots 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)145109$65.99
20112011 Fontodi Vigna del Sorbo Chianti Classico 750MLFontodi Estate Winery158793$65.99
20082008 Lisini Brunello di Montalcino 750MLLisini (Donna Elina)152544$65.9992
20122012 Donelan Pinot Noir Two Brothers 750MLGeneric155922$65.99
20102010 Eldridge Estate Pinot Noir Red Hill 750MLGeneric149366$65.99
20112011 E. Guigal Saint-Joseph Lieu Dit Rouge 750MLE. Guigal163744$65.99
20122012 E. Guigal Saint -Joseph Lieu Dit Blanc 750MLE. Guigal163743$65.99
20102010 Bouchard Volnay Clos de Chenes 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils144868$65.99
20092009 d' Eugenie Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine d'Eugenie136445$65.99
20132013 Chateau Clinet Futures 750MLChateau Clinet157698$65.99
20112011 Stonestreet Chardonnay Upper Barn 750MLStonestreet Winery150059$66.9992
20112011 Chateau Dauzac 750MLChateau Dauzac154459$66.99
20102010 Santadi Terre Brune IGT 750MLCantina di Santadi164464$66.99
20122012 Marc Deschamps Pouilly Fume Champs de Cri 1.5LGeneric165437$66.9994
20122012 Chateau La Lagune Futures 750MLChateau Lagune161721$66.99
20112011 Pagodes de Cos 750MLChateau Pagodes de Cos144276$66.99
20132013 Chateau Haut Bailly Futures 750MLChateau Haut Bailly157697$66.99
20142014 Aile d Argent Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Mouton Rothschild163223$66.99
20102010 Chateau Gloria St Julien 750MLChateau Gloria139074$66.99
20122012 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste 750MLChateau Grand Puy Lacoste149176$66.99
20112011 Chateau d Armailhac 750MLChateau D'Armailhac154334$66.99
20042004 Chateau Beausejour Duffau Lagarosse 750MLChateau Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse156586$66.9990
20122012 Malartic Lagraviere Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Malartic Lagraviere161732$66.99
NARiedel Sommeliers Rheingau (reisling) 44001Riedel Glas Austria29061$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Sparkling Wine 4400/8Riedel Glas Austria32385$67.45
NVRiedel Decanter Cabernet Magnum 1440/26Riedel Glas Austria27002$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Vintage Champagne 40028Riedel Glas Austria14801$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Riesling / Zinfandel / Chianti 440015Riedel Glas Austria52112$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Single Malt Scotch Glass 40080Riedel Glas Austria11626$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Water 40020Riedel Glas Austria11631$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Champagne 40008Riedel Glas Austria51158$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Blind Tasting Glass 40015Riedel Glas Austria15993$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Montrachet 4007Riedel Glas Austria51090$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Chablis Chardonnay 44000Riedel Glas Austria14802$67.45
NARiedel Sommelier Sauternes 40055Riedel Glas Austria14803$67.45
20132013 DuMol Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines164063$67.99
20122012 DuMol Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLDuMol Wines157780$67.99
20092009 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino 750MLDi Montalcino Brunello163618$67.99
20082008 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino 750MLDi Montalcino Brunello163617$67.99
20112011 Domaine Leflaive Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Leflaive151837$67.99
20122012 Domaine Leflaive Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Leflaive159002$67.99
NADon Julio Anejo Tequila 750MLDon Julio Tequila12610$67.99
20092009 Jadot Beaune Clos des Ursules 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136507$67.99
20112011 Stolpman Syrah Angeli 750MLStolpman Vineyards Estate149907$67.99
NVDe Bartoli Marsala Superiore 10 Years 500MLDe Bartoli165106$67.99
NAMaestro Dobel 80 Proof 750MLReserva del Maestro106925$68.08
20142014 Chateau Pape Clement Futures 750MLChateau Pape Clement163592$68.99
20112011 Scavino Barolo Monvigliero 750MLScavino (Paolo)164086$68.99
20052005 Fevre Chablis Bougros 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)30611$68.9992
NARiso Buono Artemide Gran Riserva Rice 4000gGeneric163971$68.99
20092009 San Polino Brunello 750MLGeneric164179$68.99
20122012 Borgo Del Tiglio Ronco della Chiesa 750MLGeneric164511$68.99
NAUnion des Grands Crus de Bordeaux Tasting @ The Santa Monica Museum of FlyingGeneric164568$69.00
NACustom Freight Charge 69Generic137436$69.00
NASterling Royal Caviar 30grSterling Caviar12721$69.00
NAPetrossian Royal Transmontanous Farmed Caviar 30grPetrossian135734$69.00
NVTomatin Cu Bocan Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTomatin Whisky Distillery155645$69.99
NVTomatin 12 year French Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTomatin Whisky Distillery159560$69.99
NVGaja Grappa Vignarey 750MLGaja Winery24684$69.99
20002000 Damilano Barolo Riserva 750MLDamilano164426$69.99
20072007 Muller-Catoir Mandelring Scheurebe Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Muller Catoir109669$69.99
NVAuchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLAuchentoshan Distillery21657$69.99
NAOld Potrero 18th Century Whiskey 750MLAnchor Brewing Company10105$69.99
20032003 Clarendon Hills Bakers Gully Syrah 750MLClarendon Hills12593$69.9991
20122012 Blanc de Lynch Bages 750MLChateau Lynch Bages148712$69.99
19971997 Domaine Jean-Noel Gagnard Les Champs Gain 1er Cru, Chassagne-Montrachet 750MLDomaine Gagnard (Jean Noel)151502$69.99
NADon Fulano Reposado Tequila 750MLDon Fulano Tequila40396$69.99
20122012 Cuvee du Vatican Chateauneuf du Pape Reserve Sixtine Blanc 750MLCuvee Vatican151667$69.99
20102010 Cuvee du Vatican Chateauneuf du Pape Reserve Sixtine 750MLCuvee Vatican146105$69.99
20122012 Cuvee du Vatican Chateauneuf-du-Pape Chateau Sixtine 750MLCuvee Vatican158101$69.99
NVHenriot Brut Rose 750MLHenriot31447$69.99
20102010 Low Gap Bavarian Hard Wheat 2 year California Whiskey 750MLGermain Robin152632$69.99
NAHennessy Cognac Vsop 750MLHennessy11182$69.99
NARemy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac 750MLRemy Martin Estate103535$69.99
20112011 Ornellaia Le Serre Nuove 750MLTenuta dell Ornellaia156495$69.99
NAMassenez Pear In Bottle 750MLMassenez18091$69.99
20092009 Vieille Julienne Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLDomaine Vieille Julienne143891$69.999495
20102010 Vieille Julienne Chateauneuf du Pape Trois Sources 750MLDomaine Vieille Julienne148991$69.9996
NABenromach Peat Smoke Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBenromach Distillery and Malt Whisky Centre129842$69.99
NABalvenie 14 year Carribean Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBalvenie Distillery130646$69.99
20072007 Bruichladdich Islay Barley Rockside Farm Single Malt Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLBruichladdich Distillery Co. Ltd.154970$69.99
NVPort Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBruichladdich Distillery Co. Ltd.156261$69.99
NVCask Islay 8 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLCaol Ila Distillery158014$69.99
20122012 Domaine Tempier Bandol Miguoa 750MLDomaine Tempier163426$69.99
NASpiegelau Vino Grande Decanter 7060159Spiegelau Glassware Crystal Glass Factory61190$69.99
20112011 Chateau Langoa Barton 750MLChateau Langoa Barton144547$69.99
20062006 Chateau Langoa Barton 750MLChateau Langoa Barton31055$69.9991
20102010 Chateau La Grave A Pomerol Futures 750MLChateau la Grave139796$69.99
NACasa Noble Anejo Tequila 750MLCasa Noble10936$69.99
20102010 Charbonniere Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes 750MLDomaine Charbonniere146108$69.99
20062006 Chateau Guiraud 750MLChateau Guiraud127435$69.99
20102010 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey 750MLChateau Lafaurie Peyraguey138161$69.99
20052005 Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey 750MLChateau Lafaurie Peyraguey23638$69.99
20002000 HDV Hyde de Villaine Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 750MLHyde & De Villaine157206$69.99
NVTullamore Dew Phoenix Limited Edition Irish Whiskey (110 proof) 750MLTullamore154026$69.99
20112011 Chateau de Fieuzal Blanc 750MLChateau Fieuzal154355$69.99
NAJohnnie Walker Green Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLJohnnie Walker16840$69.99
NVIsle of Jura Brooklyn Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLIsle of Jura Distillery158599$69.99
20012001 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenRothes Distillery152559$69.99
NADalwhinnie 15 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLDalwhinnie Distillery10520$69.99
20082008 Ciacci Brunello di Montalcino Pianrosso 750MLCiacci Piccolomini d'Aragona149654$69.9991
20122012 Castello di Fonterutoli Siepi Futures 750MLCastello Fonterutoli164758$69.99
20102010 Uccelliera Brunello 750MLUccelleria163411$69.99
20082008 Uccelliera Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLUccelleria149640$69.99
20072007 Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de150696$69.9992
20102010 Paolo Scavino 'Carobric' Barolo 750MLScavino (Paolo)158105$69.9994
20122012 Michel & Stephane Ogier Condrieu Les Vieilles Vignes 750MLDomaine Ogier (Michel) Winery156369$69.99
19971997 Poliziano Asinone 750MLPoliziano Winery146538$69.99
20122012 Jermann Dreams Chardonnay 750MLJermann (Silvio) Wines162700$69.99
20122012 Rostaing Cote Rotie Ampodium 750MLDomaine Rostaing (Rene)161108$69.99
20102010 Vall Llach Porrera 750MLCeller Vall Llach156398$69.99
20122012 Drinkward Peschon Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLDrinkward Peschon Wines162714$69.99
20112011 Drinkward Peschon Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLDrinkward Peschon Wines154978$69.99
20092009 Domaine Henri Gouges Nuits Saint Georges Les Chenes Carteaux 750MLHenri Gouges Estate156354$69.99
20082008 Domaine Henri Gouges Nuits Saint Georges Les Chenes Carteaux 750MLHenri Gouges Estate156353$69.99
20072007 Domaine Henri Gouges Nuits Saint Georges Les Chenes Carteaux 1er Cru 750MLHenri Gouges Estate156351$69.99
20122012 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges 750MLHenri Gouges Estate160937$69.99
20082008 Chateau Lagrange 750MLChateau Lagrange105082$69.99
20112011 Chateau d Issan 750MLChateau D'Issan144529$69.99
20052005 Bodegas Salentein Primum Merlot 750MLSalentein Bodegas158670$69.99
20122012 Chateau Larcis Ducasse 750MLChateau Larcis Ducasse149276$69.9995
20102010 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Meursault Les Narvaux 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154781$69.99
NABruno Paillard Brut Rose Premiere Cuvee 750MLBruno Paillard18604$69.9990
20102010 Fattoria Galardi Roccamonfina Terra di Lavoro 750MLGalardi Fattoria151911$69.9997
20112011 Dom Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie Ampodium 750MLRostaing Rene153585$69.9990
20102010 Reserve de La Comtesse 750MLReserve Comtesse Lalande138974$69.99
20112011 Greenock Creek Alices Shiraz 750MLGreenock Creek Winery (Australia)160503$69.99
20112011 Marchand Tawse Chambolle Musigny 750MLUNKNOWN157636$69.99
NVMarca Negra Espadin Mezcal (102.2 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156360$69.99
20142014 Barr Hill Vodka (distilled from Raw Honey) 750MLUNKNOWN155788$69.99
NVDouble Barrel 10 year Blended Scotch Whisky by Douglas Laing (Highland Park & 750MLUNKNOWN155844$69.99
NVMestizo Anejo Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN155385$69.99
NVD'usse Cognac 750MLUNKNOWN154142$69.99
NACharles Heidsieck Brut Rose Reserve 750MLCharles Heidsieck Champagne163526$69.9994
20092009 Chateau Sigalas Rabaud 750MLChateau Sigalas Rabaud122898$69.99
NVCatoctin Creek Roundstone Rye 750MLUNKNOWN162698$69.99
20102010 G.D. Vajra Barolo 'Ravera' 750MLUNKNOWN159262$69.99
20112011 La Pousse DOr Chambolle-Musigny Red 750MLUNKNOWN160610$69.99
NVCorsair Oatrage Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN162696$69.99
NVTequila Joe's Blanco 750MLUNKNOWN162764$69.99
20122012 Francois Villard Condrieu Les Terrasses Du Palat 750MLUNKNOWN158667$69.99
NVCasamigos Anejo Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN158505$69.99
20122012 Yves Cuillereon Condrieu 'La Petite Cote' 750MLUNKNOWN158898$69.99
20122012 Gaja Ca Marcanda Vistamare 750MLUNKNOWN159151$69.99
NVTullibardine Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN159241$69.99
NVJean-Marc Roulot Poire Williams Eau De Vie 375ML (Half Bottle)UNKNOWN159102$69.99
20092009 Tenuta Argentiera Bolgheri 750MLUNKNOWN149683$69.99
NVGD Vajra Barolo Chinato NV 750MLUNKNOWN148259$69.99
20082008 Cascina Chicco Barolo Rocche di Castelleto 750MLUNKNOWN150724$69.9991
NAPartida Anejo Tequila 750MLPartida Tequila26758$69.99
NVFew Rye Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN152410$69.99
NAAngostura 1824 12 year Rum 750MLAngostura Bitters29056$69.99
20122012 Parallel Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLParallel Wines163187$69.99
20112011 Cattleya Syrah Soberanes Vineyard 750MLGeneric150809$69.999492
NVDarroze Les Grands Assemblages 8yr 750MLGeneric147081$69.99
20092009 Chateau Rauzan Gassies 750MLGeneric143269$69.99
NVVesselle Oeil de Pedrix Brut 750MLGeneric162758$69.99
20102010 Le Chiuse di Sotto Brunelli Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric162665$69.99
20122012 Ferrand Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLGeneric162263$69.9995
20132013 Raen Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric162208$69.99
NACoravin 3 Needle Assortment KitGeneric162351$69.99
20122012 Borgo Del Tiglio Chardonnay Selezione 750MLGeneric164512$69.99
20122012 Borgo Del Tiglio Sauvignon Selezione 750MLGeneric164513$69.99
20072007 Borgo Del Tiglio Coliio Rosso Riserva 750MLGeneric164514$69.99
NVPaul Dethune Brut Rose 750MLGeneric164469$69.99
20122012 Tenuta Sette Ponti Oreno 750MLGeneric164232$69.99
20122012 Cobb Pinot Noir Coastlands 1906 Block 750MLGeneric163532$69.99
NAThe Spice Tree Blended Scotch Whisky by Compass Box 750MLGeneric119566$69.99
NAHimalayan Rectangle Salt Platter (8x12x1.5)Generic130117$69.99
20122012 Duroche Gevrey Chambertin Champeaux 1er Cru 750MLGeneric155908$69.99
19971997 Antonin Rodet Volnay Santenots 750MLGeneric155091$69.99
20112011 Torrin The Maven James Berry Vineyard 750MLGeneric156769$69.9993
20112011 Torrin The Banshee 750MLGeneric156781$69.9994
20012001 Lynch Syrah 750MLGeneric157306$69.99
20102010 Cigliuti Barbaresco Serraboella 750MLGeneric161143$69.99
20122012 Fevre Chablis Fourchaume Vaulorent 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)156793$69.99
19941994 Ken Wright Abbey Heights Pinot Noir 750MLKen Wright Cellars146586$69.99
20122012 Bergstrom Pinot Noir Silice Vineyard 750MLBergstrom Wines154311$69.99
20132013 Paul Lato Chardonnay Le Souvenir Sierra Madre Vineyard 750MLPaul Lato Winery163842$69.9996
20102010 Lancaster Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLLancaster Estate159167$69.99
20022002 Behrens Family Winery 'Behrens & Hitchcock' Chien Lunatique Syrah 750MLBehrens & Hitchcock Winery157295$69.99
20092009 Sanford Pinot Noir Rinconada 750MLSanford Winery149338$69.99
20112011 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley 750MLSilver Oak Cellars164248$69.99
19931993 Mt Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLMt Veeder Winery124347$69.9990
19941994 Mt Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLMt Veeder Winery124336$69.99
20112011 Lewelling Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLLewelling Vineyards159094$69.99
20122012 Frank Family Chardonnay 1.5LFrank Family Vineyards158350$69.99
20132013 Petrolo Galatrona Futures 750MLPetrolo Winery164508$69.99
20132013 Tenuta Sette Ponti Oreno 750MLSette Ponti Estate164494$69.99
20032003 Hirsch Riesling Gaisberg Library Release 750MLHirsch (Austria)156523$69.99
20072007 Hirsch Riesling Gaisberg Library Release 750MLHirsch (Austria)156524$69.99
20092009 Hirsch Riesling Gaisberg Library Release 750MLHirsch (Austria)156525$69.99
20102010 Hirsch Riesling Gaisberg Library Release 750MLHirsch (Austria)156526$69.99
20062006 XBouchard Aloxe Corton 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils120732$69.99
NVJack Daniels Barrel Proof Single Barrel Whiskey 750MLJack Daniels Distillery165348$69.99
NVMakers Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey 750MLMakers Mark Bourbon Distillery164473$69.99
20092009 Alion Vega Sicilia 750MLAlion156568$69.99
20142014 Clos Fourtet Futures 750MLChateau Clos Fourtet163544$69.99
19981998 Chateau Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec148693$69.99
20032003 Verget Chablis Caniculus Monte Tonnere 750MLVerget Maison146596$69.99
20112011 Chateau Branaire Ducru 750MLChateau Branaire Ducru144621$69.99
20122012 DuMol Chardonnay Clare 750MLDuMol Wines159723$69.99
20122012 DuMol Chardonnay Chloe 750MLDuMol Wines159724$69.99
20112011 DuMol Chardonnay Clare 750MLDuMol Wines152150$69.9995
20092009 DuMol Chardonnay Clare 750MLDuMol Wines141916$69.99
20112011 Pride Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLPride Mountain Vineyards153429$69.99
20002000 Pride Mountain Merlot 750MLPride Mountain Vineyards157266$69.99
20122012 Hanzell Chardonnay 750MLHanzell Vineyards160548$69.99
20102010 Rombauer Cabernet Sauvignon Diamond Select 750MLRombauer Vineyards161072$69.99
20112011 Lyndenhurst Cabernet Sauvingnon by Spottswoode 750MLSpottswoode Vineyard/Winery158049$69.99
20122012 Darioush Cabernet Franc 750MLDarioush Winery161016$69.99
20122012 Tantara Pinot Noir Zotovich Vineyard 750MLTantara Winery157745$69.99
20012001 Martinelli Chardonnay Martinelli Road 750MLMartinelli Vineyards & Winery (Ca.)153720$69.99
20012001 Martinelli Charles Ranch Chardonnay 750MLMartinelli Vineyards & Winery (Ca.)153719$69.99
20042004 Kongsgaard Viognier Roussanne 750MLKongsgaard Vineyard157321$69.99
20002000 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay 750MLPahlmeyer Winery157229$69.99
20112011 Williams Selyem Chardonnay Unoaked 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery147748$69.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Gewurztraminer Late Harvest 375ML (Half Bottle)Williams Selyem Winery163072$69.99
20132013 Lewis Chardonnay Barcaglia Lane 750MLLewis Cellars164907$69.99
20122012 Williams Selyem Chardonnay Unoaked Russian River 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery154393$69.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Central Coast 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161736$69.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Sonoma County 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161737$69.99
20122012 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru Les Marconnets 750MLGeneric165337$69.99
20102010 Le Chiuse Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164790$69.99
20102010 Ar.Pe.Pe Inferno Fiamme 750MLGeneric165125$69.99
19971997 Ronchi Di Cialla Bianco 750MLGeneric165043$69.99
20122012 Isole Olena Cepparello Futures 750MLIsole Olena165177$69.99
NVNikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whiskey 750MLNikka All Malt150928$69.99
NVNikka Taketsuru Whiskey 750MLNikka All Malt164231$69.99
20092009 Chateau Plince 750MLChateau Plince128257$69.99
20072007 Dolce by Far Niente 375ML (Half Bottle)Dolce Wine148539$69.99
20092009 Brovia Barolo Garblet Sue 750MLFratelli Brovia152928$69.9990
20122012 Wittmann Riesling Auslese Morstein 500MLWittmann153890$69.99
NVCraigellachie 13 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLCraigellachie Distillery160868$69.99
20122012 Bruno Clair Marsannay Les Grasses Tetes 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair161568$69.99
20092009 Diel Pittermannchen Riesling Grosses Gewachs 750MLSchlossgut Diel132418$69.99
20092009 Diel Goldloch Riesling Grosses Gewachs 750MLSchlossgut Diel132419$69.99
NVBalcones Brimstone Whiskey 750MLBalcones Distillery152689$69.99
20102010 Poggio al Scalette il Carbonaione 750MLPoggio Scalette151914$69.99
20092009 Poggio Scalette il Carbonaione 750MLPoggio Scalette151913$69.9994
20112011 Francois Carillon Chassagne Montrachet Chenevottes 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon156245$69.99
20122012 Francois Carillon Chassagne Montrachet Les Chenevottes 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon161107$69.99
20112011 Francois Villard Condrieu "Les Terraces du Palat" 750MLFrancois Villard151959$69.99
20072007 Holdvolgy Tokaji Szamorodni "Eloquence" 500MLHoldvolgy152106$69.99
20132013 Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet Clavoillon Futures 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy163504$69.99
20132013 Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet Folatieres Futures 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy163505$69.99
20122012 Domaine Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet Le Clavaillon 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy156237$69.99
NVKilkerran Bourbon Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLKilkerran153415$69.99
NVPhilipponnat Brut Reserve Rose 750MLPhilipponnat15191$69.9991
20122012 Stonestreet Chardonnay Upper Barn 750MLStonestreet Winery162490$69.9997
20112011 Faiveley Puligny Montrachet 750MLDomaine Faiveley155218$69.99
20102010 Clos Solene Essence de Roussanne 750MLClos Solene141135$69.9992
20092009 Clos Solene Essence de Roussanne 750MLClos Solene127213$69.9989
NALucid Absinthe Superieure 124 Proof 750MLLucid Absinthe Superieure33931$69.99
20102010 Allegrini Amarone 750MLPalazzo Allegrini (Italy)162591$69.99
20112011 Donum Pinot Noir Russian River 750MLDonum Estate158557$69.9991
20112011 Donum Estate Anderson Valley 750MLDonum Estate154817$69.9990
20112011 Donum Pinot Noir Carneros Estate 750MLDonum Estate154816$69.999090
NAGaja Grappa Darmagi 375ML (Half Bottle)Gaja Gaia & Rey (Gaja Angelo)33508$69.99
20072007 Cune Imperial Gran Reserva 750MLCune Wines155453$69.99
NVSheep Dip Islay Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLSheep Dip162943$69.99
20022002 Balblair Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBalblair Distillery154603$69.99
20052005 Chateau De Fargues 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Fargues24392$69.99
NACaol Ila 10yr James MacArthur's Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLJames MacArthur's Ledaig Whisky Distillery148269$69.99
20112011 Alta Maria Pinot Noir 1.5LAlta Maria Vineyards152485$69.99
20082008 Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Blanc 750MLChateau Larrivet135355$69.99
NADewar's Founders 18 Year Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLDewar's131421$69.99
20032003 HDV Hyde de Villaine Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 750MLHdV -- Hyde de Villaine157208$69.99
20022002 HDV Hyde de Villaine Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 750MLHdV -- Hyde de Villaine157207$69.99
20092009 Bonnefond Cote Rotie Colline de Couzou 750MLDomaine Bonnefond142905$69.9992
20042004 Domaine Roulot Auxey Duresses Rouge Premier Cru 750MLDomaine Roulot183777$70.00
20032003 Chateau Rieussec 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rieussec190180$70.00
19931993 Erich Salomon/Undhof Riesling Library Reserve Undhof Kogl 750MLGeneric185074$70.00
20072007 Donnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181970$70.00
19991999 Luc Massy Grand Cru Clos du Boux Epesses 750MLGeneric181946$70.00
20032003 Azienda Agricola Basilisco Aglianico del Vulture 750MLGeneric181521$70.00
20062006 Azienda Agricola Basilisco Aglianico del Vulture 750MLGeneric181522$70.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182051$70.00
19981998 Weller-Lehnert Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182075$70.00
19991999 Weller-Lehnert Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182076$70.00
20042004 Schlossgut Diel Dorsheimer Pittermannchen Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181957$70.00
20072007 Donnhoff Kreuznacher Krotenpfuhl Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181959$70.00
20082008 Weingut Robert Weil Kiedricher Grafenberg Riesling Kabinett trocken 750MLGeneric182065$70.00
20042004 Muller-Catoir Gimmeldinger Mandelgarten Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182009$70.00
20012001 Rudi Pichler Riesling Smaragd Weissenkirchner Achleithen 750MLGeneric181416$70.00
20012001 Rudi Pichler Riesling Smaragd Weissenkirchner Steinriegl 750MLGeneric181418$70.00
20062006 Rudi Pichler Riesling Smaragd Weissenkirchner Steinriegl 750MLGeneric181419$70.00
20022002 Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182445$70.00
20052005 Lucie & Auguste Lignier Chambolle-Musigny Les Bussieres 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182850$70.00
20042004 Domaine Denis Bachelet Cote de Nuits Villages 750MLGeneric182127$70.00
NAHumidor Return DepositGeneric19530$70.00
20052005 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 375ML (Half Bottle)JJ Prum182043$70.00
20052005 Chateau La Gaffeliere 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Gaffeliere190102$70.00
20072007 Donnhoff Riesling Felsenturmchen Spatlese 750MLDonnhoff Estate158543$70.00
20072007 Donnhoff Riesling Tonschiefer trocken 750MLDonnhoff Estate181978$70.00
20002000 Chateau Kirwan 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Kirwan190124$70.00
20012001 Muller-Catoir Haardter Burgergarten Riesling Spatlese Trocken 750MLMuller Catoir182015$70.00
19971997 Nigl Riesling Reid Hochacker Urgesteins 750MLNigl (Weingut)181349$70.00
20112011 Domaine des Heritiers Louis Jadot Vignes Franches 'Clos des Ursules' Monopole 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152612$70.99
20092009 Drouhin Vosne Romanee 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin140230$70.99
20092009 Les Angelots de Gracia 750MLChateau Gracia124521$71.99
20052005 Jim Barry Benbournie Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLJim Barry Wines160467$71.9993
20132013 Chateau Leoville Barton Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Barton155811$71.99
20092009 Chateau de Cosse 750MLGeneric162590$71.99
20112011 Domaine d Eugenie Vosne Romanee 750MLGeneric154457$71.99
20102010 Chateau Louis 750MLChateau Louis138794$71.99
20112011 Moreau Christian Chablis Valmur 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau155224$71.99
20092009 Christian Moreau Chablis Valmur 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau141901$71.99
NVKilkerran Sherry Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLKilkerran158405$72.99
NAJewel of Russia Black Label Vodka 1LGeneric145861$72.99
20122012 Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere Futures 750MLChateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere148923$72.99
20132013 Clos Fourtet Futures 750MLChateau Clos Fourtet157581$72.99
20112011 Chateau Malescot St Exupery 750MLChateau Malescot St Exupery144498$72.999092
20102010 Chateau La Dominique 750MLChateau Dominique139076$72.9993
NANonino Grappa Moscato (proof 82) 750MLNonino Orazio119055$72.99
20122012 Chateau Le Bon Pasteur Futures 750MLChateau Bon Pasteur161775$72.99
20002000 Chateau Musar Rouge 750MLChateau Musar159789$73.99
20112011 Gb Burlotto Barolo Cannubi 750MLGeneric164095$73.99
20112011 Gb Burlotto Barolo Monvigliero 750MLGeneric164096$73.99
NVAndre Verdier Laguiole (6 Pcs.) Steak Knives with knife blockLaguiole Cutlery and Wine Accessories155614$73.99
20102010 Il Poggione Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLTenuta Il Poggione162330$73.9998
20112011 Passopisciaro Porcaria P 750MLPassopisciaro156692$74.99
20112011 Passopisciaro Guardiola G 750MLPassopisciaro156693$74.99
20062006 Jean-Philippe Fichet Les Tessons 750MLDomaine Fichet153736$74.99
20122012 Domaine Barroche Chateauneuf du Pape Signature 750MLDomaine La Barroche160970$74.99
20132013 J.J. Christoffel Riesling Urziger Wurzgarten Auslese*** "Kranklay" 750MLJ.J. Christoffel Erben156774$74.99
20052005 Thienot Brut Vintage 750MLChampagne Thienot156320$74.99
NVAmrut Fusion Pure Malt Whisky, 100 Proof 750MLAmrut Whisky124276$74.99
19891989 Chateau de Meursault Meursault 750MLChateau de Meursault153726$74.99
19921992 Chateau de Meursault Puligny Montrachet Champ Canet 750MLChateau de Meursault153753$74.99
20112011 Domaine Alain Chavy Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Maltroie 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy153531$74.99
19701970 Chateau Haut Batailley 750MLChateau Haut Batailley153667$74.99
20102010 Chateau La Serre 750MLChateau La Serre139004$74.99
19961996 Domaine Bertagna Corton Les Grandes Lolieres Grand Cru 750MLDomaine Bertagna153696$74.99
20102010 Carte Blanch Chardonnay 750MLCarte Blanche150018$74.99
20132013 Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet Les Pucelles Futures 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy163506$74.99
20092009 Bocelli Alcide 750MLAndrea Bocelli Estate165024$74.99
20102010 Francois Villard Cote Rotie "Le Gallet Blanc" 750MLFrancois Villard151960$74.99
20122012 Olivier Leflaive Puligny Montrachet 750MLOlivier Leflaive160886$74.99
20112011 Keller Burgel Spatburgunder Grosses Gewachs Pinot Noir 750MLWeingut Keller153687$74.99
20112011 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny Les Noirots 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Anne et Herve Sigaut151410$74.99
20102010 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny Les Noirots 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Anne et Herve Sigaut151411$74.99
20102010 Nikolaihof Riesling Vom Stein Smaragd 750MLNikolaihof156519$74.99
NAGaja Grappa Gaia & Rey 375ML (Half Bottle)Gaja Gaia & Rey (Gaja Angelo)34402$74.99
NVLaurent Perrier Rose 750MLLaurent Perrier (France)15128$74.9990
NAThe Ultimate Spread Tray Full Moon W Balls 12 CanaryThe Ultimate Spread19991$74.99
NVConnemara Cask Strength Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey (115.8 proof) 750MLConnemara Whiskey156347$74.99
20102010 Chateau Batailley 750MLChateau Batailley154624$74.9995
20102010 Chateau Rayne Vigneau 750MLChateau Rayne Vigneau138555$74.99
20082008 Chateau Rouget 750MLChateau Rouget124312$74.9991
20132013 Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir 750MLPisoni Vineyards & Winery165045$74.99
NAKilkerran Single Malt Scotch Whisky (92 proof) 750MLKilkerran118011$74.99
20122012 Schaefer Frohlich Riesling Trocken Kupfergrube Grosses Gewachs 750MLWilli Schaefer153819$74.99
20092009 Faiveley Chambolle Musigny 750MLDomaine Faiveley143659$74.99
20122012 Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin 750MLDomaine Faiveley160896$74.99
20092009 Ettore Germano Barolo Ceretta 750MLGermano151921$74.9994
20042004 Zerbina Pietramora Sangiovese Riserva 750MLFattoria Zerbina120827$74.99
20122012 Tyler Pinot Noir Bien Nacido N Block 750MLTyler158849$74.9995
20102010 Il Palazzo Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164171$74.99
20122012 Cobb Pinot Noir Coastlands Old Firs Block Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric163570$74.99
NVYuki No Bosha Akita Komachi Daiginjo Sake 720MLGeneric101698$74.99
20072007 Tournesol Proprietors Blend 750MLGeneric142365$74.99
20122012 Beekeeper Zinfandel Old Vines Black Sears Vineyard Howell Mountain 750MLGeneric162545$74.99
20112011 Reuling Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLGeneric149360$74.9992
20092009 Tayson Pierce Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric152384$74.99
20122012 Massiglia Sauvignon Blanc 750MLGeneric152052$74.99
20122012 Cattleya Chardonnay Pratt Vineyard 750MLGeneric154683$74.9990
20122012 Duband Gevrey Chambertin 750MLGeneric158946$74.99
NVPaul Dethune Brut Prestige 750MLGeneric159573$74.99
20122012 Hickinbotham "Trueman" Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric158983$74.99
20122012 Hickinbotham "Brooke Road" Shiraz 750MLGeneric158984$74.99
20122012 Hickinbotham The Revivalist Merlot 750MLGeneric158985$74.99
20122012 Herve Sigaut Chamb Musigny Les Bussieres VV 750MLGeneric161103$74.99
20122012 Chateau Lascombes Futures 750MLChateau Lascombes161726$74.99
20082008 Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere 750MLChateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere105121$74.999393
NAPernod Absinthe 750MLPernod Ricard (Pernod and Ricard)102872$74.99
NVBeefeater Burrough's Reserve Barrel Finished Gin (86 proof) 750MLBeefeater151962$74.99
20122012 Lail Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLLail Vineyards160380$74.99
20112011 Paradigm Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLParadigm Winery163152$74.99
20112011 Araujo Altagracia Red 375ML (Half Bottle)Araujo Estate Wines155534$74.99
20102010 Cain Concept 750MLCain Vineyard & Winery162317$74.99
20012001 Qupe Syrah Hillside Estate Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLQupe Winery151006$74.99
NVPrager Tawny Port Noble Companion 10-Year-Old Tawny Napa Valley 750MLPrager Winery (St. Helena CA)29387$74.99
20102010 Ojai Syrah Solomon Hills Vineyard Special Bottling 750MLOjai Vineyard150349$74.99
20122012 Montevertine Pian Del Ciampolo 1.5LMontevertine Az Agr156865$74.99
20132013 Talley Pinot Noir Rosemarys Vineyard 750MLTalley Vineyard164883$74.99
20122012 Paul Lato Pinot Noir Big Sur 750MLPaul Lato Winery154497$74.99
NAVeuve Clicquot Rose 750MLVeuve Clicquot Ponsardin23448$74.99
20132013 Vacheron Sancerre Les Romains 750MLVacheron165150$74.99
20102010 Le Ragnaie Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164629$74.99
NVRiazul Anejo Tequila 750MLUnknown120856$74.99
20132013 Lewis Chardonnay Reserve 750MLLewis Cellars162475$74.99
NVMasterson's 10 year Rye Whiskey 750MLUnknown140828$74.99
20012001 Martinelli Pinot Noir Martinelli Vineyard 750MLMartinelli Vineyards & Winery (Ca.)154753$74.99
20112011 Rusack ZInfandel Catalina Island Vineyard 750MLRusack Winery152813$74.99
20092009 Trefethen Dragons Tooth Red 750MLTrefethen Vineyards147350$74.99
20032003 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLJordan Vineyard & Winery28760$74.99
20122012 Occidental Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast by Steve Kistler 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery161019$74.99
20122012 Spottswoode Lyndenhurst Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLSpottswoode Vineyard/Winery164878$74.99
20122012 Justin Isosceles 750MLJustin Vineyard164247$74.99
19731973 Ch Montelena Zinfandel 750MLChateau Montelena Winery153995$74.99
20122012 Francois Mikulski Meursault 750MLDomaine Mikulski (Francois)162193$74.99
NAPenderyn Welsch Single Malt 750MLPenderyn Distillery23650$74.99
NAAffettatartufi Truffle Slicer Wood HandleTartuflanghe27188$74.99
20082008 Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 500MLKlein Constantia Estate156364$74.9995
20112011 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Chassagne Montrachet Acegnieres 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154775$74.99
20112011 Chateau Larcis Ducasse 750MLChateau Larcis Ducasse144786$74.99
NVJacquesson Cuvee 737 750MLJacquesson Vineyards162670$74.99
20062006 La Poderina Brunello di Monatalcino Riserva Poggio Abate 750MLLa Poderina149355$74.99
20092009 Chateau Tertre Daugay 1.5LChateau Tertre Daugay133365$74.99
20112011 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion 750MLChateau Les Carmes Haut Brion154318$74.999290
20122012 Chateau Climens 750MLChateau Climens162580$74.99
20142014 Le Clarence de Haut Brion Futures 750MLChateau Haut Brion163368$74.99
20112011 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos des Porrets 750MLHenri Gouges Estate155391$74.99
20112011 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers 750MLHenri Gouges Estate155392$74.99
20102010 Henri Gouges Nuits Saint Georges Les Chenes Carteaux 750MLHenri Gouges Estate148837$74.99
19961996 Giacomo Bologna Braida Barbera Bricco della Bigotta Futures 750MLBraida162797$74.99
20092009 Aldo Conterno Barolo 750MLAldo Conterno158196$74.99
20042004 Rostaing La Bonnette Condrieu 750MLDomaine Rostaing (Rene)153695$74.99
20112011 Michel & Stephane Ogier L'Ame Soeur Terres de Viennae Syrah, IGP Collines 750MLDomaine Ogier (Michel) Winery155211$74.99
20102010 Frescobaldi Castello di Nippozano Mormoreto 750MLFrescobaldi Marchesi de157553$74.99
20112011 Saint Pierre 750MLChateau St Pierre144599$74.99
NVPol Roger Extra Brut Pure 750MLPol Roger159693$74.99
20082008 Azelia Barolo Bricco Fiasco 750MLAzelia Barolo150112$74.9994
20082008 Azelia Margheria Barolo 750MLAzelia Barolo150115$74.9994
20102010 Leroy Bourgogne Aligote 750MLDomaine Leroy154706$74.99
20052005 Clos Des Jacobins 750MLClos Jacobins25157$74.9994
NVHamilton 8 year Cask Strength Rum (124.2 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN163191$74.99
NVOOLA Waitsburg Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN152182$74.99
NVDelirio Anejo Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN159240$74.99
NVBereche Cote Premier Cru 62 Mois de Cave 750MLUNKNOWN158034$74.99
20122012 Domaine Dagueneau Fume de Pouilly 750MLUNKNOWN158957$74.99
NVSt. Lucia 1931 Rum 750MLUNKNOWN158676$74.99
NVEmperor Norton Absinthe (136 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN158722$74.99
20112011 Domaine de la Pousse d'Or Clos d'Audignac 750MLUNKNOWN160638$74.99
NVGrappa di Aleatico Fubbiano 750MLUNKNOWN159424$74.99
19951995 Oddero Barolo 750MLOddero F. Illi150726$74.99
19991999 La Fiorita Catelnuovo dell'Abate Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLLa Fiorita163230$74.99
20122012 Chateau Le Crock Kosher 750MLChateau Crock162641$74.99
20122012 Linne Calodo Perfectionist 750MLLinne Calodo157729$74.9994
NVEl Silencio Joven Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN154032$74.99
NVVieux Pontarlier Absinthe (130 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN153930$74.99
NVLallement Brut Reserve 750MLUNKNOWN155374$74.9995
20122012 Glaetzer Anaperenna Shiraz/Cabernet 750MLGlaetzer Wines Pty Ltd.151956$74.99
20112011 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru Aux Vergelesses 750MLUNKNOWN154763$74.99
20092009 Bouley Volnay Clos des Chenes 750MLUNKNOWN155435$74.99
NVSavart L' Accomplie 750MLUNKNOWN157653$74.99
20062006 Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage 750MLMoet & Chandon161224$74.99
20112011 Chateau La Couspaude 750MLChateau la Couspaude154368$74.9990
20122012 La Chapelle de La Mission Haut Brion 750MLChateau La Mission Haut-Brion148927$74.999090
20022002 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste Futures 750MLChateau Grand Puy Lacoste157388$74.99
20112011 Chateau Guiraud 750MLChateau Guiraud144481$74.99
20102010 Chateau Guiraud 750MLChateau Guiraud138270$74.99
NARedbreast 12 year Cask Strength Irish Whiskey 750MLRed Breast Whiskey144656$74.99
20092009 Blason de L Evangile 750MLChateau Evangile160550$74.9991
NAQuinta Do Noval 20yr Tawny 750MLQuinta do Noval18036$74.9991
20142014 Chateau Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse Futures 750MLChateau Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse163471$74.99
NAGaja Grappa Barolo Sperss 375ML (Half Bottle)Gaja Winery34403$74.99
20122012 Quilceda Creek CVR Columbia Valley Red Wine 750MLQuilceda Creek Vintners Inc.158613$74.99
20082008 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte105206$74.99
20112011 Sauzet Puligny Montrachet Hameau Blagny 750MLDomaine Etienne Sauzet155396$74.99
20112011 Vieux Telegraph Chateauneuf du Pape La Crau 750MLDomaine de Vieux Telegraphe151065$74.99
20122012 Bacio Divino Cabernet Sauvignon Janzen 750MLBacio Divino162938$74.99
20122012 Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve 750MLDomaine Serene (Oregon)165220$74.99
20102010 Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Chaumees 750MLColin Philippe149505$74.9990
20032003 Usseglio Chateauneuf du Pape Tradition 750MLUsseglio Pere et Fils (Pierre)190269$75.00
19931993 Chateau Pichon Baron 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Pichon Baron190174$75.00
20052005 Chateau Beausejour Cuvee 1901 1.5LChateau Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse190034$75.00
19961996 Chateau Bahans Haut Brion 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Bahans de Haut Brion190028$75.00
20002000 Chateau Grand Mayne 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Grand Mayne190115$75.00
20002000 Chateau d'Armailhac 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau D'Armailhac190024$75.00
NAFour Bottle Box SetWally's Gift Baskets47639$75.00
NVBrew Tub BasketWally's Gift Baskets47627$75.00
19951995 Guyon Chambolle Musigny 750MLDomaine Guyon (Antonin)190189$75.00
19891989 Schlumberger Gewurztraminer Cuvee Christine 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Schlumberger156141$75.00
20002000 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion190064$75.00
20002000 Chateau Brane Cantenac 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Brane Cantenac190050$75.00
NAGlobal Encyclopedia Of WineUnknown19367$75.00
20052005 Chateau Rieussec 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Rieussec190183$75.00
20032003 Raptor Ridge Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard 750MLGeneric158584$75.00
20032003 Jadot Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot Clos de la Chapelle Domaine de Duc de Magenta 750MLLouis Jadot190302$75.00
20042004 Jadot Beaune Clos des Ursules 750MLLouis Jadot190004$75.00
20032003 Jadot Beaune Greves Domaine Andre Gagey 750MLLouis Jadot190019$75.00
19951995 Jadot Beaune Les Avaux 750MLLouis Jadot190308$75.00
20062006 Cervoles Estrats 750MLCervoles Celler164539$75.99
20102010 Domaine Blain Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru La Boudriotte 750MLBLAIN GAGNARD149510$75.99
20082008 Huet Le Mont 1ere Trie Moulleux 750MLDomaine Huet165231$75.99
20082008 Huet 1ere Trie Bourg Moelleux 750MLDomaine Huet160452$75.99
20132013 Capichera Vermentino VT 750MLGeneric165262$75.99
NVTori Kai Kome Shochu 720MLUnknown151030$75.99
20122012 Etienne Sauzet Puligny-Montrachet 750MLDomaine Etienne Sauzet156422$75.99
20072007 Pintia 750MLVega Sicilia Bodegas145996$75.9993
19991999 Wilhelm Schwengler Riesling Durnsteiner Von den Alten Steinterrassen 750MLGeneric186001$76.00
20002000 Wilhelm Schwengler Riesling Smaragd Durnstein Von den Alten Steinterrassen 750MLGeneric181468$76.00
NAZalto Carafe No. 75Zalto149848$76.00
20112011 Chateau La Tour Blanche 750MLChateau La Tour Blanche154337$76.99
20112011 Vasse Felix Heytesbury Red Blend 750MLVasse Felix160498$76.99
20112011 Oberto Barolo Alberalla 750MLGeneric164178$76.99
20122012 Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot Puligny-Montrachet 750MLDomaine Boillot (Jean and Maison Henri)154134$76.99
20132013 Chateau Figeac Futures 750MLChateau Figeac157607$76.99
20132013 Chateau Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse Futures 750MLChateau Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse156130$76.99
20102010 Jadot Pommard Grand Epenots 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)145108$76.99
20092009 Jadot Pommard Grand Epenots 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136509$76.99
20112011 Chateau Beau Sejour Becot 750MLChateau Beau-Sejour Becot144348$76.99
NARamos Pinto Bomretiro 20 Year 750MLRamos (Adriano) Pinto12250$77.99
20122012 Chateau Canon 750MLChateau Canon148811$77.99
20112011 Drouhin Vaudon Les Clos, Grand Cru Chablis 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin150812$77.99
20122012 Chateau Rauzan Segla 750MLChateau Rauzan/Rausan-Segla148713$77.99
20122012 Chateau Pavie Macquin 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin149173$77.999394
20102010 Emidio Pepe Trebbiano d'Abbruzzo Riserva 750MLGeneric164331$77.99
NVLaguiole Cheese Knife Set Blue 3pcGeneric162693$77.99
20112011 Montes Purple Angel 750MLMontes155554$77.99
20072007 San Polino Brunello Helichrysum 750MLGeneric164180$78.99
20112011 Valentini Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Futures 750MLGeneric164894$78.99
20122012 Petrolo Galatrona 750MLPetrolo Winery164326$78.99
20132013 Petrolo Campo Lusso Futures 750MLPetrolo Winery164507$78.99
20142014 Chateau Troplong Mondot Futures 750MLChateau Troplong Mondot163344$78.99
20112011 Le Macchiole Paleo Futures 750MLMacchiole Bolgheri Az Agr164311$78.99
20112011 Jermann Dreams Chardonnay 750MLJermann (Silvio) Wines157540$78.9992
20112011 Bramare Cabernet Sauvignon Marchiori Vineyard from Vina Cobos 750MLVina Cobos158156$78.99
NACustom Freight Charge 79Generic137438$79.00
NARiedel Big Apple Decanter 1460/14Riedel Glas Austria154647$79.90
20052005 Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon Trailside 750MLHeitz Cellars161379$79.9990
20092009 GD Vajra Barolo Bricco delle Viole 750MLUnknown152433$79.99
20122012 Valentini Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Futures 750MLGeneric164895$79.99
20102010 Colombini Brunello di Montalcino Progetto Prima Donna 750MLGeneric164612$79.9996
20122012 Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru Aux Vergelesses 750MLGeneric165397$79.99
NVWhistle Pig Rye Whiskey 750MLUnknown127829$79.99
20042004 Dumol Syrah Jack Roberts 750MLDuMol Wines158950$79.99
19971997 Jarvis Cabernet Sauvignon 375ML (Half Bottle)Jarvis Winery Vineyards146612$79.99
20082008 L'aventure Estate Grand Verdot 750MLL'Aventure Vineyard158966$79.99
20112011 CADE Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLPlumpjack Winery161070$79.99
20022002 Selene Wines Chesler Red Blend 750MLSelene Wines157449$79.99
20122012 Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Ulises Valdez 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery159124$79.99
20122012 Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Edward James 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery159116$79.9992
20132013 Kistler Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 750MLKistler Vineyard160961$79.99
20132013 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLCaymus Vineyards163864$79.99
20112011 Trefethen Dragons Tooth Red 750MLTrefethen Vineyards156624$79.99
20012001 Ramey Chardonnay Hyde Vineyard 750MLRamey Wine Cellars157233$79.99
20032003 Tor Kenward Family Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Mast Vineyard Yountville 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines157051$79.99
20112011 Tor Cabernet Napa Valley (Mast, ToKalon, Cimarossa) 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines152509$79.99
20052005 Kongsgaard Viognier Roussanne 750MLKongsgaard Vineyard157322$79.99
20122012 Pahlmeyer Merlot 750MLPahlmeyer Winery159106$79.99
20132013 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay Napa Valley 750MLPahlmeyer Winery164397$79.99
20102010 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino 750MLDi Montalcino Brunello163616$79.999595
NALemorton 6 year Reserve Calvados 750MLLemorton Calvados (brandy)12584$79.99
20112011 Billaud Simon Chablis Vaudesir 750MLBillaud Simon156308$79.99
19971997 Chateau Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec102277$79.9991
20082008 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut104915$79.99
20122012 Gunderloch Riesling Rothenberg GG 750MLCarl Gunderloch154898$79.99
19991999 Guigal Chateauneuf Du Pape 750MLE. Guigal147356$79.99
20132013 Paul Lato Pinot Noir The Prospect Sierra Madre Vineyard 750MLPaul Lato Winery163843$79.9996
20132013 Paul Lato Pinot Noir The Contender Drum Canyon Vineyard 750MLPaul Lato Winery163844$79.99
20132013 Paul Lato Pinot Noir Suerte Solomon Hills Vineyard 750MLPaul Lato Winery163845$79.9997
20082008 Beckmen Purisima Red Wine 750MLBeckmen Vineyards157960$79.999492
20022002 Ojai Syrah Bien Nacido Vineyard 750MLOjai Vineyard135236$79.999290
20022002 Ojai Syrah Thompson Vineyard 750MLOjai Vineyard135237$79.9994
20042004 Ojai Vineyard Syrah Melville 750MLOjai Vineyard32940$79.9994
20102010 Gargiulo Merlot Money Ranch 750MLGargiulo Vineyards152382$79.99
NVLairds 12 Yr Rare Apple Brandy 750MLLaird Family Estate Winery19790$79.99
20122012 Araujo Altagracia Red 375ML (Half Bottle)Araujo Estate Wines162616$79.99
20112011 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 1.5LSchramsberg Winery159823$79.99
NVSuntory Hakushu 12 year Single Malt Japanese Whisky 750MLGeneric142005$79.99
NVConnemara 12 year Peated Irish Whiskey 750MLGeneric147664$79.99
20092009 Marius 750MLGeneric149608$79.99
20082008 Contrade di Taurasi Vigna d' Alto 750MLGeneric164459$79.99
19991999 Beato Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric163232$79.99
20042004 Dumol Syrah Eddies Patch 750MLGeneric27268$79.99
20102010 Roche de Bellene Volnay 1er Cru Les Pitures 750MLGeneric148827$79.99
20072007 Chateau Latour A Pomerol 750MLGeneric134434$79.9990
20122012 Vieux Telegraph Chateauneuf du Pape La Crau 750MLGeneric162923$79.9993
20102010 Longtable The Gathering 750MLGeneric154820$79.9991
20102010 Cobb Pinot Noir Diane Cobb Coastlands 750MLGeneric154454$79.9992
20102010 Curvature Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLGeneric155511$79.99
20112011 Recuerdo Gran Recuerdo 750MLGeneric160029$79.99
20102010 Terroir al Limit Dits Del Terra 750MLGeneric161125$79.99
20112011 Terroir al Limit Dits Del Terra 750MLGeneric161124$79.99
20102010 Terroir al Limit Arbossar 750MLGeneric161123$79.99
20032003 Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 750MLGeneric162168$79.9994
20122012 Domaine d Eugenie Vosne Romanee Clos d Eugenie 750MLGeneric161699$79.99
20122012 Rhys Pinot Noir San Mateo County 750MLGeneric158999$79.99
20112011 Galardi Terra di Lavoro 750MLGalardi Fattoria155286$79.99
20072007 Tardieu Laurent Hermitage Blanc 750MLMaison Tardieu-Laurent122797$79.99
19851985 Castello Di Gabbiano Aria 750MLCastello Gabbiano24085$79.99
20082008 Brancaia Rosso Il Blu 750MLBrancaia154029$79.9990
20092009 Chateau Lagrange 750MLChateau Lagrange124467$79.999091
20092009 Chateau d' Issan 750MLChateau D'Issan124565$79.99
20002000 Chateau La Clemence Pomerol 750MLChateau Clemence128731$79.9991
20132013 Chateau Le Gay Futures 750MLChateau Le Gay157583$79.99
20112011 Drouhin Gevrey Chambertin 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin159142$79.99
20092009 Chateau Climens 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Climens124566$79.9995
20112011 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Puligny Montrachet LeTrezin 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154777$79.99
20092009 Dal Forno Valpolicella 750MLDal Forno165332$79.99
19891989 Chateau De Malle 750MLChateau Malle101816$79.99
20112011 Paolo Scavino Barolo Carobric 750MLScavino (Paolo)164084$79.99
20132013 Braida Barbera Bricco Uccellon 750MLBraida165257$79.99
20112011 Drouhin Chambolle Musigny 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin150875$79.99
20122012 Drouhin Chambolle Musigny 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin159464$79.99
20092009 Drouhin Morey St Denis Clos Sorbe 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin140226$79.99
20072007 Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCasanova Neri143760$79.9993
20092009 Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova 750MLCasanova Neri160457$79.99
20102010 Casanova di Neri Pietradonice 750MLCasanova Neri155290$79.99
20072007 Littorai Lemons Folly White Gewurztraminer Late Harvest 375ML (Half Bottle)Littorai Wines100928$79.99
20102010 Bosco Agostino Barolo La Serra 750MLUNKNOWN156500$79.99
20122012 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Les Fuees, Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru 750MLUNKNOWN156209$79.99
20122012 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Les Noirots, Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru 750MLUNKNOWN156211$79.99
20032003 Moris Farms Avvoltore 750MLMoris Farms25926$79.99
20072007 Star Lane Astral Proprietary Red 750MLStar Lane Vineyard153441$79.99
20102010 G.D. Vajra Barolo Bricco delle Viole 750MLUNKNOWN159259$79.99
NVTequila Joe's Reposado 750MLUNKNOWN162765$79.99
20082008 Schiavenza Barolo Broglio Riserva 750MLUNKNOWN159630$79.99
NV50 Bleu Vodka 1.75LUNKNOWN159146$79.99
20052005 Stella di Campalto Brunello di Montalcino UNKNOWN300005$79.99
20052005 Stella di Campalto Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159079$79.99
NVLeopold Bros. Absinthe Verte (130 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN152183$79.99
19981998 Icardi Barolo Parej 750MLUNKNOWN150723$79.9992
20042004 Stanton Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLStanton Vineyards28800$79.99
20082008 XX San Giusto Percarlo Sangiovese 750MLFattoria San Giusto a Rentennano145780$79.9996
20072007 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Donnhoff Estate110357$79.999593
20102010 Vieux Donjon Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 750MLVieux Donjon141655$79.9990
NAPerrier-Jouet Nuit Blanche 750MLPerrier Jouet (France)160989$79.99
NADel Maguey Mezcal San Luis Del Rio 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.13369$79.99
NADel Maguey Mezcal Minero 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.12703$79.99
NADel Maguey Mezcal Santa Domingo Albarrados 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.12704$79.99
NADel Maguey Mezcal Chichicapa 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.13370$79.99
20052005 Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers 750MLDomaine Niellon (Michel)30747$79.99
20112011 Jean Noel Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Les Caillerets 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Gagnard (Jean Noel)152363$79.9993
20112011 Lafon Monthelie 1er Cru Les Duresses 750MLDomaine Comte Lafon155658$79.99
NAMilagro Reposado Supreme Select Tequila 750MLMilagro (tequila)60495$79.99
20142014 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte163543$79.99
20112011 Castel Grand Vin Red Kosher 750MLCastel Wine C.159539$79.99
20102010 Castel Grand Vin Red 750MLCastel Wine C.158852$79.99
20082008 Inniskillin Silver Riesling Icewine 375ML (Half Bottle)Inniskillin Wines Inc.145834$79.99
20092009 Grand Veneur Chateauneuf du Pape Les Origines 750MLGrande Veneur140176$79.99
NVHighland Park 15 Year 750MLHighland Park Distillery22161$79.99
20092009 Louis Roederer Rose 750MLRoederer Louis (France)162451$79.99
NVTesseron Cognac Lot 90 750MLTesseron Family Cognac22183$79.99
NAPoli Distillerie Pere Di Poli (Pear Brandy) 80 Proof 750MLPoli Distillerie108658$79.99
NAJacopo Poli Grappa Moscato 375ML (Half Bottle)Poli Distillerie11592$79.99
NAJacopo Poli Grappa Sarpa Riserva Di Poli 750MLPoli Distillerie60785$79.99
NAChivas Regal 18 year Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLChivas Brothers Whisky10142$79.99
20082008 Port Charlotte Islay Barley Heavily Peated Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 750MLBruichladdich Distillery Co. Ltd.164026$79.99
NAAberlour 16 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLAberlour Distillery29846$79.99
NAArdbeg Uigeadail Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 750MLArdbeg Distillery19719$79.99
NABenromach Origins "Golden Promise" Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Batch 5) 750MLBenromach Distillery and Malt Whisky Centre140186$79.99
NVRoca Patron Blanco Tequila (90 proof) 750MLPatron Spirits Company157813$79.99
NVFacundo Eximo Rum 750MLBacardi & Co. Ltd. Distillery158749$79.99
NAGlenlivet 16 year Nadurra Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenlivet Distillery27625$79.99
NAOban 14 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLOban Distillery10741$79.99
NVTalisker Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTalisker Distillery152125$79.99
19981998 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenRothes Distillery130775$79.99
NVJameson Gold Irish Whiskey 750MLJohn Jameson & Son Distillery100324$79.99
20092009 Chateau Langoa Barton 750MLChateau Langoa Barton124958$79.9993
20112011 Chateau La Gaffeliere 750MLChateau Gaffeliere144509$79.99
20082008 Chateau La Gomerie 750MLChateau Gomerie105205$79.99
20102010 Domaine de la Cote de L'Ange Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes 750MLDomaine Cote De L'Ange148831$79.99
20122012 Chateau Trottevieille 750MLChateau Trottevieille161776$79.99
20142014 Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila 750MLCasa Dragones156949$79.99
NVThe Arran Malt 12 year Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (107.8 proof) 750MLIsle of Arran Distillery155463$79.99
20112011 Domaine de la Mordoree Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee de la Reine des Bois 750MLDomaine Mordoree153080$79.9993
20092009 Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les Porets St Georges 750MLDomaine Faiveley136563$79.99
20102010 Gundlach Bundschu Merlot Estate Heritage Selection 750MLGundlach Bundschu157871$79.9996
20092009 Faiveley Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Faiveley143663$79.99
20042004 Capafons Osso Mas de Masos 750MLCapafons-Osso150385$79.9994
NVChristian Drouin Domaine Coeur de Lion VSOP Calvados 750MLCoeur D'Lion Estate (Brandy)109218$79.99
20112011 Chateau de Fargues 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Fargues144632$79.9998
20092009 Massolino Barolo Parafada 750MLMassolino Giovanni155409$79.999494
19991999 Kuleto Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLKuleto Estate Winery157056$79.99
NVLaurent Perrier Brut Kosher 750MLLaurent Perrier (France)23849$79.9990
NVLaurent Perrier Brut 1.5LLaurent Perrier (France)21378$79.9990
20082008 Sapaio Sapaio Superiore 750MLPodere Sapaio164467$79.99
NVStranahan's Diamond Peak Whiskey 750MLStranahan's Colorado Small Batch Whiskey163340$79.99
20082008 Bastianich "Calabrone" Red Blend 750MLBastianich Wines152387$79.99
20082008 Tenuta di Arceno Arcanum 750MLTenuta di Arceno151141$79.9996
20112011 Moreau Christian Chablis Les Clos 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau155223$79.99
20072007 Chateau Doisy Daene 750MLChateau Doisy-Daene101584$79.9993
20112011 Isole Olena Cepparello 750MLIsole Olena160463$79.99
20032003 Brandlin Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBrandlin156965$79.99
NAGrande Absente Absinthe 750MLGrande Absente Absinthe117383$79.99
NVPowers John's Lane Release 12 year Irish Whiskey 750MLPowers Irish Whiskey151945$79.99
20092009 Brovia Barolo Ca Mia 750MLFratelli Brovia152930$79.99
20092009 Brovia Barolo Villero 750MLFratelli Brovia152932$79.9990
20092009 Brovia Barolo Rocche 750MLFratelli Brovia152929$79.9992
20092009 Chateau La Tour Blanche 750MLChateau La Tour Blanche122955$79.99
20122012 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils La Maltroie, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier 750MLDomaine Bernard Moreau156227$79.99
20102010 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils La Maltroie, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier 750MLDomaine Bernard Moreau151128$79.9992
20112011 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils La Maltroie, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier 750MLDomaine Bernard Moreau151131$79.99
20012001 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154699$79.99
20112011 Gagnard Blain Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 750MLBLAIN GAGNARD156552$79.99
20102010 Buisson Meursault Goutte D'or 750MLDomaine Buisson-Battault153778$79.99
20102010 Domaine Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Folatieres 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy153533$79.99
20112011 Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet Les Folatieres 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy153895$79.99
20112011 Dauvissat Chablis Les Forest 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat148364$79.9994
20112011 Dauvissat Chablis Les Vaillons 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat148367$79.9993
20122012 Domaine Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet Les Folatieres 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy156238$79.99
20112011 Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuees 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Anne et Herve Sigaut151407$79.99
20102010 Carillon Chassagne Montrachet Macherelles 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon161106$79.99
20122012 Francois Carillon Chassagne-Montrachet Les Macherelles Premier Cru 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon157762$79.99
20112011 Olivier Leflaive Meursault Vireuils 750MLOlivier Leflaive153968$79.99
20122012 Leflaive O Meursault Vireuils 750MLOlivier Leflaive162702$79.99
20092009 Holdvolgy Tokaji Harslevelu Becsek "Expression" 750MLHoldvolgy152105$79.99
20052005 Domaine Chandon de Briailles Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru Les Fourneaux 750MLDomaine Chandon de Briailles182305$80.00
20062006 Lucie & Auguste Lignier Morey St. Denis Clos les Sionnieres 750MLDomaine Hubert Lignier185002$80.00
20002000 La Chapelle de la Mission Haut Brion 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion190066$80.00
NVHop Head Brew TubWally's Gift Baskets157439$80.00
NVPerfect Couple BasketWally's Gift Baskets161667$80.00
NVSchramsberg BasketWally's Gift Baskets157416$80.00
NVPate & Rillettes BasketWally's Gift Baskets157421$80.00
NVThe "Faive" BasketWally's Gift Baskets47617$80.00
20012001 Muller-Catoir Gimmeldinger Schlossel Rieslaner Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Muller Catoir182010$80.00
20032003 Mas de Boislauzon Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee du Quet 750MLMas Boislauzon190228$80.00
19991999 Jean-Marc Morey Meursault 1er Cru Chevalieres 750MLMarc Morey/Jean Marc Morey182974$80.00
19991999 Chateau Quinault L' Enclos 750MLChateau Quinault190176$80.00
20072007 Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181975$80.00
20012001 Muller-Catoir Gimmeldinger Schlossel Rieslaner Spatlese 750MLGeneric182011$80.00
20022002 Milz Laurentiushof Trittenheimer Felsenkopf Riesling Spatlese Mosel Saar 750MLGeneric182007$80.00
20072007 Zilliken (Forstmeister Geltz) Saarburger Rausch Riesling Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182079$80.00
19991999 Colle Santa Mustiola Poggio ai Chiari Toscana IGT 750MLGeneric181570$80.00
20062006 Poggio alle Querce Bolgheri Il Guado 750MLGeneric181705$80.00
20042004 Azienda I Greppi Bolgheri Superiore Greppicaia 750MLGeneric181628$80.00
19991999 Fattoria Poggerino Primamateria Toscana IGT 750MLGeneric181702$80.00
19991999 La Tosa Colli Piacentini Guttornio Vignamorello 750MLGeneric181766$80.00
20082008 Pietratorcia Ischia Rosso 750MLGeneric181697$80.00
20082008 Rosa del Golfo Negroamaro Scaliere Salento IGT 750MLGeneric181732$80.00
20082008 Botromagno Gravina 750MLGeneric181530$80.00
20042004 Comte Armand Auxey-Duresses 750MLGeneric158165$80.00
20022002 Odoardi Scavigna Polpicello 750MLGeneric181691$80.00
20002000 Conceito (Rita Ferreira) Porto Late Bottled Vintage 750MLGeneric181824$80.00
19981998 Pietratorcia Ischia Rosso 750MLGeneric185046$80.00
20002000 Weingut Knoll Riesling Smaragd Loibner Loibenberg 750MLGeneric181319$80.00
20012001 Weingut Knoll Traminer Smaragd Loibner 500MLGeneric181325$80.00
20032003 Fromm Pinot Noir Clayvin Vineyard 750MLGeneric181152$80.00
20052005 Prophets Rock Pinot Noir Rocky Point 750MLGeneric181153$80.00
19991999 FX Pichler Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Von den Terrassen 750MLGeneric181379$80.00
20012001 Ulithorne Shiraz Frux FrugisGeneric181172$80.00
20042004 Domaine des Comtes Lafon Monthelie 1er Cru Les Duresses 750MLGeneric182831$80.00
20092009 Barbet Saint-Amour Domaine des Billards 1.5LGeneric182146$80.00
20052005 Henri Germain Beaune 1er Cru Bressandes 750MLGeneric182646$80.00
20072007 Domaine Santa Duc Gigondas 750MLGeneric181893$80.00
20052005 Jacques Bavard Puligny-Montrachet 750MLGeneric182179$80.00
20062006 Jacques Bavard Puligny-Montrachet 750MLGeneric182180$80.00
20052005 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Pommard 750MLGeneric183080$80.00
20062006 Shea Wine Cellars Pinot Noir Estate Shea Vineyard 750MLShea Vineyard185083$80.00
20042004 Dumol Pinot Noir Ryan 750MLDuMol Wines158948$80.00
20092009 Casa Ferreirinha Quinta da Leda 750MLGeneric159791$80.9994
20102010 Domaine Jean Grivot Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)149557$80.99
20112011 Greenock Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGreenock Creek Winery (Australia)160504$80.99
20102010 Jadot Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)145087$80.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Domaine du Duc de Magenta Morgeot Clos de la Chapelle Monopole 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152622$80.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152623$80.99
20092009 Rostaing Cote Rotie Ampodium 750MLDomaine Rostaing (Rene)145378$81.9991
20092009 Luigi Baudana Barolo Baudana 750MLUnknown152435$81.99
20122012 Finca Dofi, Alvaro Palacios 750MLPalacios (Alvaro)158689$81.99
20092009 Christian Moreau Chablis Les Clos 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau141907$81.99
20112011 Dauvissat Chalis les Sechets 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat155096$82.9993
20092009 Chateau Tour Maillet 1.5LChateau Tour Maillet132400$82.99
NVChase Vodka 750MLChase Distillery152184$82.99
20122012 Two Hands Bellas Garden Shiraz 750MLTwo Hands Wines160403$82.9995
20122012 Chateau Rouget Futures 750MLChateau Rouget160794$82.99
20112011 Chateau Rouget 750MLChateau Rouget144429$82.99
20082008 Chateau Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec104911$82.9992
NVUsquaebach 15yr Scotch 750MLUnknown141529$82.99
20072007 Paitin di Pasquero Barbaresco Sori' Paitin Vechie Vigne 750MLPaitin di Pasquero153845$82.99
20142014 La Clarte de Haut Brion Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Haut Brion163369$82.99
20142014 Chateau Le Gay Futures 750MLChateau Le Gay163723$82.99
20142014 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc Futures 750MLDomaine Chevalier163593$82.99
NVThe Balvenie 12 year Single Barrel Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBalvenie Distillery156359$82.99
19981998 Clynelish 15 year Signatory Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLClynelish156014$82.99
20102010 La Croix de Beaucaillou 750MLChateau Ducru Beaucaillou138601$82.99
20122012 Chateau Gazin 750MLChateau Gazin148828$82.99
20142014 Chateau Figeac Futures 750MLChateau Figeac163546$82.99
20102010 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Rouge 750MLChateau Malartic Lagraviere138944$82.99
20142014 Chateau Lynch Bages Futures 750MLChateau Lynch Bages163285$82.99
20132013 Chateau Lynch Bages Futures 750MLChateau Lynch Bages148824$83.99
20112011 Borgo Del Tiglio Ronco della Chiesa 750MLGeneric164616$83.99
20112011 Errazuriz Don Maximiano 750MLErrazuriz161445$83.99
20102010 Anakota Cabernet Sauvignon Helena Dakota 750MLAnakota162491$84.9996
20102010 Anakota Cabernet Sauvignon Helena Montana 750MLAnakota162493$84.9995
20092009 Christian Moreau Chablis Vaudesir 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau141902$84.99
NAHigh West Whisky Bourye (Bourbon/Rye) 750MLHigh West Spirits116423$84.99
20102010 Chateau La Tour Blanche 750MLChateau La Tour Blanche138119$84.99
20112011 Gagnard Blain Chassagne Montrachet Clos St Jean 750MLBLAIN GAGNARD156549$84.99
20092009 Domaine du Coulet Terraces du Serre Cornas 750MLDomaine du Coulet142029$84.9995
20102010 Quinta Vale Do Maria Curriculum Vitae 750MLQuinta do Vale155101$84.9994
20112011 Olivier Leflaive Puligny Montrachet Champs Gain 750MLOlivier Leflaive155230$84.99
20102010 Leflaive O Chass Mont Morgeot 750MLOlivier Leflaive154682$84.99
NVSt. George Agricole Reserve Rum 750MLSt George Spirits161268$84.99
20112011 Pelissero Barbaresco Tulin 750MLGiorgio Pelissero Agricultural Co.161456$84.99
NATres Manos 3 year Anejo Tequila 1LTres Manos Tequila104697$84.99
20102010 Faiveley Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Faiveley146395$84.99
NVThe Arran Malt Port Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLIsle of Arran Distillery155459$84.99
NVThe Arran Malt Amarone Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLIsle of Arran Distillery155460$84.99
NVThe Arran Malt Sauternes Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLIsle of Arran Distillery155455$84.99
20122012 Jadot Vosne Romanee 750MLLouis Jadot157806$84.99
20122012 Jadot Chambolle Musigny 750MLLouis Jadot157805$84.99
20122012 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Georganne 750MLMerry Edwards Wines155189$84.99
20082008 Mount Eden Chardonnay Estate Reserve 750MLMt Eden Vineyards152165$84.9995
20052005 Tor Kenward Family Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Mast Vineyard Yountville 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines157052$84.99
20092009 Rusack Chardonnay Santa Catalina Island Vineyards 750MLRusack Winery143747$84.99
20122012 Tor Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines159061$84.99
20022002 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLJordan Vineyard & Winery162740$84.99
20132013 Ridge Zinfandel Lytton Springs 1.5LRidge Vineyards164807$84.99
20122012 Oshaughnessy Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLO'Shaughnessy Winery165163$84.99
20112011 OShaughnessy Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLO'Shaughnessy Winery158522$84.99
20122012 Lewelling Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLLewelling Vineyards165018$84.99
20112011 Frank Family Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLFrank Family Vineyards160629$84.99
20062006 Vineyard 7 & 8 Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric160496$84.99
20102010 Stone Edge Farm Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric161197$84.99
20102010 Jules Desjourneys Moulin a Vent Les Michelons VV 750MLGeneric159335$84.9994
20052005 Vineyard Seven and Eight 7 & 8 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric157104$84.99
20072007 Vina Alicia Cuarzo 750MLGeneric155641$84.9993
20102010 Pina Cabernet Sauvignon Firehouse 750MLGeneric154805$84.999392
20132013 Duroche Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Lavaut St Jacques Futures 750MLGeneric163082$84.99
20082008 Agrapart Complantee Blanc De Blancs 750MLGeneric163268$84.99
20122012 Jones Family Cabernet Sauvignon The Sisters Napa Valley 750MLGeneric162750$84.99
NAEH Taylor Rye Whiskey 750MLGeneric147501$84.99
20102010 Fuligni Brunello Di Montalcino Futures 750MLFuligni Winery162333$84.99
20082008 Chateau Pichon Lalande 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Pichon Lalande104881$84.99
NAAventinus Edelster Weizenbock Spirit 750MLSchneider & Sohn144615$84.99
NVTomatin 14 year Port Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTomatin Whisky Distillery159561$84.99
NVGrey Goose VX Vodka 750MLGrey Goose159570$84.99
20132013 Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron Futures 750MLChateau Pichon Baron155267$84.99
20132013 Chateau Troplong Mondot Futures 750MLChateau Troplong Mondot157582$84.99
20102010 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste139080$84.99
20102010 Chateau d' Armailhac 750MLChateau D'Armailhac138791$84.99
NARedbreast 15 year Irish Whiskey 750MLRed Breast Whiskey134207$84.99
20012001 Clos Du Marquis Futures 750MLChateau Clos Marquis17390$84.9992
NVGlenlivet Nadurra Oloroso Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenlivet Distillery159505$84.99
NAClear Creek Pear in bottle Brandy 750MLClear Creek Distillery40309$84.99
20102010 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Puligny Montrachet Le Trezin 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154783$84.99
20112011 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLSwitchback Cellars156068$84.99
20122012 Chateau Certan de May Futures 750MLChateau Certan De May149323$84.99
20102010 Vieux Chateau Mazerat 750MLChateau Dome148349$84.9995
NVBillecart Salmon Brut Sous Bois 750MLBillecart Salmon Champagne159559$84.99
20102010 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos Porrets St Georges 750MLHenri Gouges Estate148840$84.99
20102010 Costanti Brunello di Montalcino Futures 750MLConti Constanti162331$84.99
20102010 Robert Foley Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLRobert Foley Vineyards155472$84.99
20122012 Duroche Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Estournelles St Jacques 750MLUNKNOWN155129$84.99
20112011 Realm The Tempest 750MLRealm Cellars156204$84.99
20092009 Domaine Laroche Les Blanchots Chablis Grand Cru 750MLDomaine Laroche150093$84.99
20052005 Lucien Le Moine Pernand Vergelesses Sous Fretille 750MLLe Moine Maison Lucien30011$84.99
NVHamilton 9 year Cask Strength Rum (134.8 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN163192$84.99
NVLa Clandestine Absinthe 750MLUNKNOWN163365$84.99
20052005 Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 750MLUNKNOWN163402$84.99
NVFew Single Malt Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN159923$84.99
NARuinart Blanc De Blancs 750MLRuinart Champagne26665$84.9992
20042004 Le Brun Servenay Blanc de Blancs Brut Millesime VV 750MLUNKNOWN158682$84.99
20112011 Domaine de la Pousse dOr Volnay 1er Cru Clos de la Bousse dOr 750MLUNKNOWN153552$84.99
NVCiroc BasketWally's Gift Baskets157428$85.00
NVStout Fellows BasketWally's Gift Baskets156876$85.00
20082008 Chateau Pavie Macquin 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin105170$85.0094
20052005 Boillot Volnay Clos Rougeotte 750MLDomaine Boillot (Jean and Maison Henri)190281$85.00
NAShipping Charge In StateGeneric99987$85.00
20082008 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino Madonna delle Grazie 750MLDi Montalcino Brunello163620$85.999292
20062006 Il Marroneto Brunello Di Montalcino Madonna della Grazie 750MLDi Montalcino Brunello163619$85.99
20092009 Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino Madonna delle Grazie 750MLDi Montalcino Brunello163621$85.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Pommard Les Rugiens 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152615$85.99
20092009 Jadot Pommard Les Rugiens 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136510$85.99
NVPenny Blue XO Single Estate Mauritian Rum (88.2 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN151762$85.99
20102010 Drouhin Vosne Romanee 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin146376$85.99
20092009 Chateau Magdelaine 750MLChateau Magdelaine122883$85.999492
20052005 Produttori Barbaresco Montefico 750MLProduttori del Barbaresco Cooperativa164589$85.99
20052005 Marques de Murrieta Gran Reserva Ygay 750MLMarques de Murrieta153858$85.9996
20102010 Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Combe Aux Moin 750MLDomaine Faiveley146401$85.99
20122012 Dauvissat Chablis La Forest 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat155094$86.9993
20122012 Dauvissat Chablis les Sechets 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat155097$86.9991
20122012 Dauvissat Chablis les Vaillons 750MLDomaine Vincent Dauvissat155098$86.9992
NABillecart Salmon Brut Rose 750MLBillecart Salmon Champagne26187$86.999090
20092009 Jadot Meursault Les Charmes 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136524$86.99
20102010 Jadot Meursault Les Charmes 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)145092$86.99
20112011 Chateau Pavie Macquin 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin144787$86.99
20122012 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte149135$86.999594
20112011 Alion 750MLVega Sicilia Bodegas163522$87.9994
20112011 Croft 750MLCroft Wines149621$87.99
20112011 Sandeman Port 750MLSandeman153224$87.99
NARuinart Rose 750MLRuinart Champagne29075$87.9990
20112011 Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere 750MLChateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere154339$87.99
20142014 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc 1.5LSpottswoode Vineyard/Winery163819$87.99
20082008 L' Aventure Grand Verdot 750MLL'Aventure Vineyard159582$87.99
20082008 L Aventure Cote A Cote 750MLL'Aventure Vineyard130207$87.99
20052005 L' Aventure Cabernet Sauv 750MLL'Aventure Vineyard158964$87.99
20122012 Jadot Volnay Clos de la Barre 750MLLouis Jadot157817$87.99
20092009 Jadot Pommard Les Grands Epenots 750MLLouis Jadot190247$88.00
20042004 Jadot Pommard Les Rugiens 750MLLouis Jadot190254$88.00
20032003 Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Chaupin 750MLGeneric190223$88.00
20002000 Clos du Caillou Chateauneuf du Pape Les Quartz 750MLCaillou Clos du190205$88.00
20142014 Chateau Pichon Lalande Futures 750MLChateau Pichon Lalande163604$88.99
20082008 Santa Emma Icon Catalina Red 750MLGeneric161275$88.99
20102010 Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild Vega Sicilia Macan 750MLGeneric162155$89.99
20112011 Cedric Bouchard Infloresence Val Vilaine 750MLGeneric159663$89.99
20122012 Duband Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Les Pruliers 750MLGeneric158949$89.99
20122012 Duband Morey St Denis 1er Cru Clos Sorbe 750MLGeneric158947$89.99
20102010 Pellet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric154987$89.99
19881988 Philippe Leclerc Gevrey-Chambertin Combe aux Moines 1er Cru 750MLGeneric156189$89.99
20112011 Donelan Syrah Cuvee Keltie 750MLGeneric155917$89.9993
20042004 Vineyard Seven and Eight 7 & 8 Chardonnay 750MLGeneric157235$89.99
NABook "The Pearl of the Cote the Great Wines of Vosne-Romanee" by AllenGeneric128247$89.99
19971997 Piancornello di Pieri Silvana Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric163229$89.99
NVGeorge Laval Cumieres Brut Nature 1er Cru 750MLGeneric163811$89.99
NVDarroze Les Grands Assemblages 12yr 750MLGeneric147080$89.99
20082008 Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes 750MLGeneric141988$89.9994
20102010 Encosta Cabernet Sauvignon by Gandona Estate 750MLGeneric151194$89.99
20102010 Pian dell'Orino Brunello di MOntacino Versante Amiata Futures 750MLGeneric162338$89.99
20122012 Chapelle St Theodoric Chateauneuf Du Papa La Guigasse 750MLGeneric162264$89.9994
20132013 Raen Pinot Noir Occidental 750MLGeneric162206$89.99
20132013 Raen Pinot Noir Fort Ross 750MLGeneric162207$89.99
20112011 Echo de Roses Camille Pomerol Kosher 750MLGeneric152108$89.99
19701970 Franco Espanolas Bordon Cosecha Especial 750MLGeneric152206$89.99
20122012 CADE Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLPlumpjack Winery164424$89.99
20122012 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon One Point Five 750MLShafer Vineyards162253$89.99
20122012 DuMol Pinot Noir Aidan 750MLDuMol Wines163396$89.9995
20012001 L'aventure Estate Cuvee 750MLDuMol Wines158953$89.99
20092009 DuMol Syrah Jack Roberts Run 750MLDuMol Wines141936$89.999491
20112011 DuMol Syrah Eddies Patch 750MLDuMol Wines152148$89.9992
20072007 Dumol Syrah Eddies Patch 750MLDuMol Wines155702$89.99
20122012 DuMol Pinot Noir Ryan 750MLDuMol Wines159727$89.9996
20122012 DuMol Syrah Jack Rabbits Run 750MLDuMol Wines159730$89.99
20122012 DuMol Syrah Eddies Patche 750MLDuMol Wines159728$89.9995
20122012 Collina Dalla Valle 750MLDalla Valle Vineyard163013$89.99
20112011 Collina Dalla Valle 750MLDalla Valle Vineyard154966$89.99
20092009 Mayacamas Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLMayacamas Vineyards165284$89.99
20072007 Tor Cuvee Susan Red 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines157142$89.99
20122012 Wayfarer Chardonnay by Pahlmeyer 750MLPahlmeyer Winery159105$89.99
20122012 Neyers Cabernet Sauvignon AME Neyers Ranch 750MLNeyers Vineyards162482$89.99
20012001 Martinelli Bondi Home Ranch Water Trough Vineyard Pinot Noir 750MLMartinelli Vineyards & Winery (Ca.)153718$89.99
20002000 Martinelli Three Sisters Vineyards Sea Ridge Meadow Chardonnay 750MLMartinelli Vineyards & Winery (Ca.)153724$89.99
20122012 Gianfranco Fino Jo Negroamaro 750MLGeneric164786$89.99
20102010 Valentini Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Futures 750MLGeneric164896$89.99
20112011 Henri Germain Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot 750MLGeneric165073$89.99
20122012 Henri Germain Chassagne Montrachet Les Morgeot Les Fairendes 750MLGeneric165074$89.99
20012001 Ar.Pe.Pe. Grumello Buon 750MLGeneric165127$89.99
20022002 Ar.Pe.Pe. Sasella Rocce Rosse 750MLGeneric165129$89.99
NVHyakunen no Kodoku Barrel Aged Shochu 720MLUnknown144770$89.99
NVIchishima Ginjo Koshu 720MLUnknown159909$89.99
20122012 Lewis Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLLewis Cellars158523$89.9994
19971997 Lewis Cellars Alec's Blend 750MLLewis Cellars157149$89.99
20132013 Lewis Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLLewis Cellars165000$89.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161738$89.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161739$89.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Zinfandel Papera Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161745$89.99
20122012 Cakebread Chardonnay 1.5LCakebread Cellars161051$89.99
20122012 Flowers Chardonnay Camp Meeting Ridge 750MLFlowers Vineyard & Winery160637$89.99
20082008 Chateau Branon 750MLChateau Branon105129$89.9992
20122012 Chateau Beychevelle 750MLChateau Beychevelle149177$89.99
20072007 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut101589$89.9995
20052005 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut23643$89.9993
NVMichter's Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey 750MLMichter's Distillery163339$89.99
NVCadenhead's 11 year Green Label Guyanan Rum (92 proof) 750MLCadenhead Wm156946$89.99
NVCadenhead's Green Label 9 year Haitian Rum (92 proof) 750MLCadenhead Wm156945$89.99
20122012 Corison Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLCorison Winery165025$89.99
20122012 Kamen Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLKamen Wines164948$89.9996
19951995 Lail Vineyards J. Daniel Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLLail Vineyards157144$89.99
20102010 Araujo Altagracia Syrah 750MLAraujo Estate Wines153879$89.99
20092009 Araujo Altagracia II 750MLAraujo Estate Wines147390$89.99
20122012 Robert Craig Cabernet Sauvignon Mt Veeder 750MLRobert Craig163632$89.9995
20082008 Crocker & Starr Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCrocker & Starr Wines144663$89.99
20042004 Veuve Clicquot 750MLVeuve Clicquot Ponsardin145715$89.9993
20052005 Guigal Hermitage Rouge 750MLE. Guigal120218$89.9991
20112011 Covenant Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines154984$89.99
20122012 Covenant Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 750MLCovenant Red Sea Wines164914$89.99
NVHighland Park Dark Origins Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLHighland Park Distillery158680$89.99
20092009 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay 750MLLeeuwin Estate Winery159654$89.999396
NAOld Potrero Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey (95 proof) 750MLAnchor Brewing Company10855$89.99
20122012 Antinori Guado Al Tasso Futures 750MLAntinori165166$89.9995
20112011 Chateau Calon Segur 750MLChateau Calon Segur144548$89.99
20122012 Gaja Ca Marcanda Magari 750MLGaja Winery162357$89.99
20112011 Gaja Ca'Marcanda Magari 750MLGaja Winery159176$89.99
20062006 Roederer Brut Nature Starck 750MLRoederer Louis (France)159597$89.9993
20112011 Alter Ego de Palmer 750MLChateau Palmer144530$89.99
20102010 Chateau Kirwan 750MLChateau Kirwan138978$89.99
20052005 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Blanc 750MLChateau Malartic Lagraviere24212$89.999290
20112011 Chateau Coutet 750MLChateau Coutet154327$89.99
20092009 Chateau Monbousquet Blanc 750MLChateau Monbousquet123791$89.9991
20142014 Chateau Pichon Baron Futures 750MLChateau Pichon Baron163373$89.99
20142014 Chateau Pontet Canet Futures 750MLChateau Pontet Canet163445$89.99
NAClase Azul Plata Tequila 750MLClase Tequila113341$89.99
NVCorazon Expresiones Anejo Tequila (George T. Stagg Barrel) 750MLCorazon Tequila152553$89.99
NVCorazon Expresiones Anejo Tequila (Sazerac Barrel) 750MLCorazon Tequila152557$89.99
20082008 Chateau Langoa Barton 750MLChateau Langoa Barton104841$89.99
20142014 Chateau La Conseillante Futures 750MLChateau Conseillante163547$89.99
20052005 Chateau Guiraud 750MLChateau Guiraud23718$89.999197
20122012 Chateau Haut Bailly 750MLChateau Haut Bailly148924$89.9996
NVOban Little Bay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLOban Distillery161373$89.99
20092009 Chateau Cantenac Brown 750MLChateau Cantenac-Brown124340$89.999092
NVKilkerran Cask Strength Bourbon Single Malt Scotch Whisky (108.2 proof) 750MLSpringbank Distillery164811$89.99
NVJohnnie Walker Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLJohnnie Walker155019$89.99
NALaphroaig 10 year Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Batch 5) 750MLLaphroaig Distillery40259$89.99
19991999 Glenkinchie Distiller's Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenkinchie Distillery161369$89.99
NAGlenfiddich 18 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenfiddich Distillery10260$89.99
NVGlendronach 15 year Tawny Port Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlendronach Distillery164627$89.99
NVEdradour Ballenchin 10 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLEdradour Distillery111775$89.99
NAGlen Grant Scotch 16 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlen Grant Scotch Whisky Distillery140040$89.99
19921992 Glen Grant A.D. Rattray 21 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 375ML (Half Bottle)Glen Grant Scotch Whisky Distillery158012$89.99
19971997 Dufftown 15 year Signatory Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLDufftown Malt Whisky156011$89.99
NVEdradour 12 year Caledonia Selection Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLEdradour Distillery155733$89.99
20042004 Chateau Guiraud 750MLChateau Guiraud29050$89.9992
19981998 Louis Jadot Nuits St Georges Les Chaines Carteaux 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)150607$89.99
19981998 Louis Jadot Nuits St Georges Les St Georges 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)150608$89.99
NAGermain Robin Coast Road 750MLGermain Robin132823$89.99
NALe Creuset Lever and Foilcutter non-metal Black LM 250LScrewpull Accessories Le Creuset144995$89.99
NVPoli Cleopatra Grappa 750MLPoli Distillerie161938$89.99
NVGlenlivet Guardian's Chapter Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenlivet Distillery158600$89.99
NAGlenlivet 18 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenlivet Distillery10815$89.99
NVRoca Patron Reposado Tequila (84 proof) 750MLPatron Spirits Company157814$89.99
NALagavulin 16 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLLagavulin Distillery10700$89.99
NAArdbeg Corryvreckan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 750MLArdbeg Distillery111533$89.99
NABowmore 15yr Sherry Finish Darkest Islay Malt 750MLBowmore Malt Scotch15651$89.99
19991999 Mastroberardino Radici Taurasi Riserva DOCG 750MLMastroberardino123385$89.9993
20112011 Pio Cesare Barolo Ornato Futures 750MLPio Cesare164607$89.99
20122012 Domaine Hudelot Noellat Vougeot Les Petits Vougeot 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)155904$89.99
20092009 Fontodi Vigna Sorbo Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLFontodi Estate Winery144959$89.99
20102010 Fontodi Vigna del Sorbo Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLFontodi Estate Winery149223$89.99
19981998 Fontodi Vigna del Sorbo Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLFontodi Estate Winery149224$89.99
19951995 Tenuta La Poderina Brunello di Montalcino 750MLLa Poderina163231$89.99
20102010 Chateau La Lagune 750MLChateau Lagune138976$89.9994
20102010 Chateau Climens 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Climens139073$89.99
NABillecart Salmon Blancs De Blancs 750MLBillecart Salmon Champagne19825$89.9990
20082008 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Vaucrains 750MLHenri Gouges Estate143910$89.99
20092009 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers 750MLHenri Gouges Estate136462$89.99
20092009 Querciabella Batar (Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay) 750MLQuerciabella Winery142080$89.99
20112011 Querciabella Batar 750MLQuerciabella Winery161613$89.99
20102010 Morlet Pinot Noir Coteaux Nobles 750MLPierre Morlet147003$89.99
20112011 Chateau Magdelaine 750MLChateau Magdelaine144850$89.9991
20142014 Chateau Certan de May Futures 750MLChateau Certan De May163598$89.99
20062006 Quintarelli Valpolicella 750MLQuintarelli Giuseppe164044$89.99
20062006 Quintarelli Rosso Ca Del Merlo 750MLQuintarelli Giuseppe164046$89.99
20052005 Quintarelli Rosso Ca Del Merlo 750MLQuintarelli Giuseppe161314$89.99
20112011 Tollot Beaut Beaune Greves 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils158328$89.99
20132013 Rene Rostaing Condrieu La Bonnette 750MLDomaine Rostaing (Rene)164261$89.99
NVWestland Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN165116$89.99
NVWestland Peated Single Malt Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN165117$89.99
NVFilibuster Triple Cask Sherry Finish Bourbon Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN162991$89.99
NVHamilton 10 year Cask Strength Rum (131 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN163193$89.99
NVMezcalero #10 Mezcal 750MLUNKNOWN162994$89.99
NAThe Chateauneuf-du-Pape Wine Book by Harry KarisUNKNOWN109518$89.99
20102010 San Giusto a Rentennano Percarlo Toscana IGT 750MLFattoria San Giusto a Rentennano154833$89.99
20112011 San Giusto Rentennano Percarlo 750MLFattoria San Giusto a Rentennano163323$89.99
20102010 Duband Nuits St George Thorey 750MLUNKNOWN153178$89.99
NVWestland Single Malt Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN158145$89.99
NVStronachie 18 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN153414$89.99
20082008 Schiavenza Barolo Prapo Riserva 750MLUNKNOWN159635$89.99
NVDulce Vida Lone Star Edition II Anejo Tequila (100 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN158123$89.99
NVHure Freres Memoire 750MLUNKNOWN158027$89.99
NVPierde Almas Dobadaan Mezcal (102 Proof) 750MLUNKNOWN158935$89.99
20022002 Hure Freres Terre Natale 750MLUNKNOWN159283$89.99
NVPura Vida Extra Anejo Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN159242$89.99
20122012 Littorai Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLLittorai Wines154156$89.99
20112011 Joseph Drouhin Vosne-Romanee 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin150876$89.99
20112011 Colin Bruno Chassagne Montrachet En Remilly 750MLBruno Colin156543$89.99
20112011 Colin Bruno Chassagne Montrachet Maltroie 750MLBruno Colin156544$89.99
20112011 Colin Bruno Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 750MLBruno Colin156545$89.99
20112011 Colin Bruno Chassagne Montrachet Vergers 750MLBruno Colin156546$89.99
20082008 Pacenti Brunello di Montlacino Siro Pacenti 750MLPacenti Siro150829$89.999594
20062006 Oremus Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 500MLOremus Estate162301$89.99
20052005 Oremus Tokai Aszu, 5 Puttonyos 500MLOremus Estate158457$89.99
NVRedemption 6 year Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey (121.8 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156363$89.99
20002000 Hure Freres Terre Natale 750MLUNKNOWN157759$89.99
NVJoel Richard Extra Anejo Tequila 750MLUNKNOWN156768$89.99
20142014 Kavalan Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN156447$89.99
20112011 Marchand Tawse Nuit St George Les Perrieres 750MLUNKNOWN157755$89.99
20012001 Jones Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLUNKNOWN157033$89.99
20022002 Jones Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLUNKNOWN157034$89.99
20002000 Charles Heidsieck Vintage Brut 750MLCharles Heidsieck Champagne163540$89.9994
20122012 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir Olivet Lane 750MLMerry Edwards Wines155187$89.99
20112011 Merry Edwards Chardonnay Olivet Lane 750MLMerry Edwards Wines161082$89.99
20122012 Barden Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills 750MLMargerum Wine Co.152891$89.99
20122012 Booker Remnant 750MLBooker Vineyards156784$89.99
NVThe Arran Malt 14 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLIsle of Arran Distillery155458$89.99
NVMachrie Moor 3rd Edition The Peated Arran Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLIsle of Arran Distillery152063$89.99
20102010 Olivier Leflaive Meursault Poruzots 750MLDomaine Faiveley147802$89.99
20112011 Faiveley Puligny Montrachet Champ Gains 750MLDomaine Faiveley155226$89.99
20122012 Freeman Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 1.5LFreeman Winery156256$89.99
20072007 Ayala Blanc de Blancs 750MLAyala156242$89.99
20112011 Donum Estate Pinot Noir Russian River Reserve 750MLDonum Estate154815$89.9994
20072007 Clos Figueres 750MLClos Figueres Estate161368$89.99
NVCompass Box Delilah's Limited Edition Blended Scotch Whisky 750MLCompass Box Delicious Whisky Ltd.150989$89.99
NVCharbay R5 Hop Flavored Whiskey (Distilled Racer 5) 750MLCharbay Winery and Distillery151575$89.99
19881988 Chateau Rayne Vigneau 750MLChateau Rayne Vigneau102120$89.99
20122012 Domaine Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Pucelles 750MLDomaine Alain Chavy164782$89.99
19981998 Ch Raymond Lafon 750MLChateau Raymond-Lafon159307$89.99
19881988 Chateau Raymond-Lafon 750MLChateau Raymond-Lafon147371$89.99
20112011 Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot Les Vergers Clos Saint-Marc, Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jean-Marc Pillot151345$89.99
NVAmrut Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (123.6 proof) 750MLAmrut Whisky155298$89.99
20092009 Romulus Pomerol 750MLChateau La Croix Taillefer122948$89.99
20112011 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils Morgeot, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier 750MLDomaine Bernard Moreau151132$89.99
20122012 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils Morgeot, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier 750MLDomaine Bernard Moreau156228$89.99
19731973 Franco Espanolas Rioja Bordon Cosecha Especial 750MLFranco Espanolas150306$89.99
19951995 Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCharles Krug Winery156976$89.99
19981998 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154697$89.99
19951995 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154696$89.99
20092009 Zuccardi Aluvional La Consulta 750MLFamilia Zuccardi151571$89.99
20102010 Alpha Omega Proprietary Red 750MLAlpha Omega159765$89.99
20072007 Il Poggione Brunello Di Montalcino 750MLTenuta Il Poggione160143$89.99
20102010 Domaine du Colombier Hermitage 750MLDomaine du Colombier152097$89.9996
20112011 Francois Carillon Puligny Montrachet Folatieres 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon148856$89.99
20122012 The Prisoner 1.5LThe Prisoner Wine Co.151892$89.9990
NVJean-Marc Roulot Framboise Eau de Vie 375ML (Half Bottle)Jean Marc Roulot159084$89.99
20112011 Pierre Matrot Meursault Charmes 750MLDomaine Matrot156557$89.99
20112011 Pierre Matrot Puligny Montrachet Chalumeaux 750MLDomaine Matrot156558$89.99
20122012 Thierry et Pascale Matrot Puligny Montrachet Chalumeaux 750MLDomaine Matrot159592$89.99
20042004 Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Fourrier182606$90.00
NVDonelan BasketWally's Gift Baskets157422$90.00
NVLover's Leaf BasketWally's Gift Baskets47621$90.00
20062006 Chateau Leoville Barton 750MLChateau Leoville Barton31057$90.009194
20052005 Domaine Robert Arnoux / Arnoux-Lachaux Bourgogne Pinot Fin 750MLGeneric182110$90.00
19991999 Cascina La Barbatella Monferrato Mystere 750MLGeneric181514$90.00
20102010 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers 750MLHenri Gouges Estate148841$90.99
20142014 Chateau Quintus Futures 750MLChateau Haut Brion163366$90.99
20122012 Chateau Leoville Poyferre Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Poyferre149277$91.99
20112011 Domaine de la Pousse dOr Volnay 1er Cru Clos des 60 Ouvrees 750MLUNKNOWN153554$91.99
20132013 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc Futures 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte155268$91.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Corton-Pougets Grand Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152610$91.99
20112011 Chateau Gazin 750MLChateau Gazin144278$91.99
20132013 Fourrier Morey St Denis Clos Solon Futures 750MLDomaine Fourrier162391$91.99
20102010 Montes Folly Syrah 750MLMontes155555$91.9995
20122012 Domaine des Heritiers Louis Jadot Vignes Franches 'Clos des Ursules' Monopole 750MLLouis Jadot157811$91.99
20042004 Prager Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Achleiten 750MLGeneric181434$92.00
20112011 Domaine d Eugenie Vosne Romanee Clos d Eugenie 750MLGeneric154458$92.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Meursault Genevrieres 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152626$92.99
20092009 Jadot Meursault Genevrieres 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136522$92.99
20132013 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc Futures 750MLDomaine Chevalier156117$92.99
20122012 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos des Porrets Blanc 750MLHenri Gouges Estate160940$92.99
20122012 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos des Porrets St Georges 750MLHenri Gouges Estate160929$92.99
20032003 Beaurenard Chateauneuf du Pape Boisrenard 750MLGeneric190020$94.00
20072007 Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d'Abbruzo 750MLGeneric163690$94.99
20102010 Gaja Santa Restituta Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric164450$94.99
20112011 Chateau Lascombes 750MLChateau Lascombes144531$94.9990
20122012 Clos Fourtet 750MLChateau Clos Fourtet149141$94.9995
NVKrug Brut Champagne Grande Cuvee 375ML (Half Bottle)Krug (France)21601$94.9993
20132013 Hobel Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLGeneric164873$94.99
20122012 Ridge Monte Bello Estate Red 375ML (Half Bottle)Ridge Vineyards164812$94.99
20122012 Morlet Pinot Noir Coteaux Nobles 750MLPierre Morlet155849$94.99
NVBenriach 12 year Horizons Single Malt Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLBenriach (BenRiach) Distillery156449$94.99
20112011 Scavino Barolo Cannubi 750MLScavino (Paolo)164085$94.99
20072007 Croft 750MLCroft Wines109642$94.99
19991999 Fontodi Vigna del Sorbo Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLFontodi Estate Winery151551$94.99
20132013 Mollydooker Carnival of Love 750MLMollydooker Winery160702$94.99
NVVilya Spirits Superior Absinthe Verte (136 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156368$94.99
20092009 Siro Pacenti Brunello di Montalcino 750MLPacenti Siro159208$94.99
20092009 Jadot Corton Pougets 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136505$94.99
20132013 Chateau La Conseillante Futures 750MLChateau Conseillante156119$94.99
20122012 Chateau Leoville Barton Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Barton149160$94.99
20092009 Henri Boillot Volnay Fremiets 750MLDomaine Boillot (Jean and Maison Henri)136529$94.99
20112011 Soter Pinot Noir Estate White Label Willamette Valley 750MLSoter Vineyards160803$94.99
20042004 Arietta Red 750MLArietta Wines157119$94.99
20122012 Duckhorn Merlot Three Palms 750MLDuckhorn Wine Company164583$94.99
20092009 Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLChateau Beaucastel141849$94.999496
20112011 Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge 750MLChateau Beaucastel156786$94.999494
20122012 Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLChateau Beaucastel162885$94.9996
19981998 Vieux Telegraph Chateauneuf du Pape La Crau 750MLDomaine de Vieux Telegraphe160619$94.99
20122012 Jadot Puligny Montrachet Les Referts 750MLLouis Jadot157851$94.99
20122012 Louis Jadot Chassagne Montrachet Abbaye de Morgeot 1er Cru 750MLLouis Jadot157858$94.99
20122012 Jadot Chassagne Montrachet Chenevottes 750MLLouis Jadot157859$94.99
20092009 Bonnefond Cote Rotie Cote Rozier 750MLDomaine Bonnefond142906$94.9994
20102010 Jadot Pommard Les Grands Epenots 750MLLouis Jadot190249$95.00
19951995 Jadot Chambolle Musigny Les Baudes 750MLLouis Jadot190294$95.00
NAZalto Carafe No 150Zalto151235$95.00
20032003 Chateau du Tertre 750MLChateau du Tertre190317$95.00
NVMartini Anyone? BasketWally's Gift Baskets47628$95.00
20072007 Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere 750MLChateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere190060$95.00
20002000 Chateau Roc de Cambes 750MLGeneric190184$95.00
20112011 Domaine de la Pousse dOr Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Clos le Cailleret 750MLGeneric153550$95.99
20122012 Robert Craig Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLRobert Craig163633$95.9995
20132013 Chateau Montrose Futures 750MLChateau Montrose155291$95.99
20032003 Grivot Nuits St George Roncieres 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)18482$95.99
20122012 Louis Jadot Domaine du Duc de Magenta Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot Clos de la Chapelle 750MLLouis Jadot157857$95.99
20102010 Domaine Matrot Meursault 1er Cru Perrieres 750MLDomaine Matrot149519$96.9991
20102010 Bramare Malbec Marchiori Vineyard from Vina Cobos 750MLVina Cobos158155$96.99
20132013 Chateau Pichon Lalande Futures 750MLChateau Pichon Lalande156515$96.99
NVCollector's Club Open Term 1st Month (Includes Shipping)Wally's Wine Club101012$96.99
20122012 Flor de Pingus 750MLDominio de Pingus159412$96.99
20102010 Flor de Pingus 750MLDominio de Pingus147525$96.99
20052005 Ar.Pe.Pe. Grumello Buon 750MLGeneric165128$96.99
20102010 Ferrer Bobet Special Selection 750MLFerrer Bobet154627$97.9996
20112011 Chacra 32 750MLChacra150057$97.99
20042004 Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere 750MLChateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere190056$98.00
20092009 Montes Folly Syrah 750MLMontes151645$98.9995
NACustom Freight Charge 99Generic139226$99.00
NVGreen With Envy BasketWally's Gift Baskets154710$99.00
20092009 Jadot Corton Greves 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136506$99.99
20092009 Jadot Gevrey Chambertin Lavaux St Jacques 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136481$99.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin Les Estournelles St. Jacques 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152601$99.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin Lavaux St. Jacques 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152602$99.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Corton-Greves Grand Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152611$99.99
NAGermain Robin Apple Brandy 750MLGermain Robin10717$99.99
20012001 Bowmore 13 year A.D. Rattray Single Malt Scotch Whisky (115 proof) 750MLBowmore Malt Scotch161006$99.99
19961996 Bowmore A.D. Rattray 18 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky (118.2 proof) 375ML (Half Bottle)Bowmore Malt Scotch158017$99.99
20052005 Benromach Hermitage Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBenromach Distillery and Malt Whisky Centre162212$99.99
20062006 Benromach Chateau Cissac Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBenromach Distillery and Malt Whisky Centre162213$99.99
NVBunnahabhain Toit Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBunnahabhain150885$99.99
NVBunnahabhain Ceobanach Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBunnahabhain161397$99.99
20062006 Moet Brut Grand Vintage Rose 750MLMoet & Chandon163769$99.99
20102010 Vieille Julienne Chateauneuf du Pape Les Haut Lieux 750MLDomaine Vieille Julienne148995$99.9993
NVPorfidio Single Barrel Reposado Extra 750MLPorfidio Tequila Distillery155318$99.99
NADalmore 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLDalmore Distillery110351$99.99
NVRoca Patron Anejo Tequila (88 proof) 750MLPatron Spirits Company157815$99.99
20082008 Chateau Gazin 750MLChateau Gazin105057$99.99
20082008 Chateau Duhart Milon 750MLChateau Duhart-Milon104858$99.9994
NATyrconnell Port Finish Irish Whiskey 750MLTyrconnell106934$99.99
20002000 Chateau Gloria St Julien 750MLChateau Gloria152489$99.999090
20092009 Chateau Giscours 750MLChateau Giscours124250$99.9993
NVEdradour Barolo Finish SIngle Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLEdradour Distillery160149$99.99
NAGlendronach Revival 15 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlendronach Distillery115456$99.99
20012001 Cragganmore Distiller's Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLCragganmore Distillery161340$99.99
19951995 Glenrothes Vintage Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenRothes Distillery144253$99.99
20022002 Talisker Distillers Edition Amoroso Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Bottled in 750MLTalisker Distillery154704$99.99
NVTamdhu Batch Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLTamdhu Distillery164547$99.99
NASpringbank 12 year Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLSpringbank Distillery136311$99.99
NAHazelburn 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLSpringbank Distillery115454$99.99
20122012 Aile d Argent Blanc 750MLChateau Mouton Rothschild148830$99.99
20102010 Chateau Langoa Barton 750MLChateau Langoa Barton147724$99.999394
NAClase Azul Reposado Tequila 750MLClase Tequila30584$99.99
20002000 Highland Park 13 year Cask Strength Alexander Murray Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLHighland Park Distillery162503$99.99
20072007 Muller-Catoir Breumel in Den Mauern Riesling Auslese 375ML (Half Bottle)Muller Catoir109668$99.99
20082008 Roederer Blanc De Blancs 750MLRoederer Louis (France)162450$99.99
20092009 Chateau Coutet 750MLChateau Coutet122968$99.9995
20122012 Chateau Figeac 750MLChateau Figeac149278$99.999193
20092009 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Blanc 750MLChateau Malartic Lagraviere143273$99.99
20062006 Alter Ego De Palmer 750MLChateau Palmer31364$99.99
20042004 Segla Margaux 1.5LChateau Rauzan/Rausan-Segla156604$99.99
20002000 Chateau Rauzan Gassies Futures 750MLChateau Rauzan/Rausan-Segla162260$99.999092
20082008 Chateau Rauzan Segla 750MLChateau Rauzan/Rausan-Segla105236$99.99
20102010 Chateau La Nerthe Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee des Cadettes 750MLChateau La Nerthe144872$99.9996
19901990 Chapoutier Hermitage Monier de la Sizeranne 750MLChapoutier Michel156193$99.99
19991999 Arietta Red 750MLArietta Wines157113$99.99
NAMilagro Anejo Supreme Select Tequila 750MLMilagro (tequila)60494$99.99
20132013 Herradura Cognac Cask Reposado Reserva Tequila 750MLHerradura Tequila154961$99.99
20112011 Sauzet Puligny -Montrachet Referts 750MLDomaine Etienne Sauzet155394$99.99
20112011 Leoville Barton 750MLChateau Leoville Barton144593$99.99
20112011 Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte144603$99.99
20132013 Chateau Pontet Canet Futures 750MLChateau Pontet Canet155269$99.99
20112011 Lafon Volnay 750MLDomaine Comte Lafon155659$99.99
NADon Fulano Anejo Tequila 750MLDon Fulano Tequila30013$99.99
20072007 Tardieu Laurent Cote Rotie 750MLMaison Tardieu-Laurent120644$99.9990
20092009 Castello dei Rampolla Sammarco Toscana IGT 750MLCastello dei Rampolla155378$99.99
20022002 Chateau Leoville Poyferre Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Poyferre161262$99.9990
20122012 Regnard Chablis Grand Regnard 1.5LRegnard Maison164694$99.99
20042004 Domaine De Chevalier Blanc 750MLDomaine Chevalier29258$99.99
20052005 Domaine De Chevalier Blanc 750MLDomaine Chevalier24371$99.9993
20122012 Domaine Hudelot Noellat Nuits St Georges Les Murgers 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)155903$99.99
20002000 Hudelot Noellat Chambolle Musigny Charmes 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)161266$99.99
NAGosset Grand Reserve Rose 750MLGosset Champagne32513$99.99
20062006 Gosset Brut Grand Millesime 750MLGosset Champagne165290$99.99
20122012 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLSwitchback Cellars163697$99.99
20122012 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Meursault Les Narvaux 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154782$99.99
20082008 Chateau Larcis Ducasse 750MLChateau Larcis Ducasse105261$99.999390
19981998 Chateau Lagrange 750MLChateau Lagrange155088$99.99
20052005 Chateau Lagrange 750MLChateau Lagrange24238$99.999193
20102010 Chateau Lagrange 750MLChateau Lagrange139078$99.99
19991999 Billecart Salmon Cuvee Nicolas Francois Billecart Millesime 750MLBillecart Salmon Champagne162508$99.9995
20122012 Dujac Gevrey Chambertin 750MLDomaine Dujac158340$99.99
20132013 Dujac Gevrey Chambertin 750MLDomaine Dujac165223$99.99
20122012 Grivot Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)164120$99.99
20122012 Grivot Nuits St Georges Les Charmois 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)164121$99.99
20112011 Grivot Nuits St Georges Les Charmois 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)158309$99.99
20112011 Grivot Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)158313$99.99
20122012 Chateau Pape Clement Futures 750MLChateau Pape Clement148874$99.9997
20112011 Domaine du Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Reservee Blanc 750MLDomaine du Pegau151351$99.99
20082008 Domaine du Pegau Chateauneuf-du-Pape Cuvee Laurence 750MLDomaine du Pegau151352$99.9994
20112011 Morlet Pinot Noir En Famille 750MLPierre Morlet148488$99.99
NALinkwood 15 year Gordon & MacPhail Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGordon & MacPhail129897$99.99
20112011 Scavino Barolo Bric Del Fiasc 750MLScavino (Paolo)164083$99.99
20082008 Chateau Certan de May 750MLChateau Certan De May122865$99.99
20102010 Chateau Certan de May 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Certan De May156925$99.99
20112011 Michel & Stephane Ogier Cote Rotie 750MLDomaine Ogier (Michel) Winery155212$99.99
20092009 Ladoucette Pouilly Fume Baron de L 750MLLadoucette164447$99.99
20102010 Siro Pacenti Brunello di Montalicino Vecchie Vigne 750MLPacenti Siro162184$99.99
20132013 Littorai Pinot Noir Les Larmes 750MLLittorai Wines161547$99.99
20122012 Littorai Pinot Noir Les Larmes Anderson Valley 750MLLittorai Wines151742$99.99
20122012 Domaine Ponsot Saint Romain, Cuvee de la Mesange 750MLDomaine Ponsot164999$99.99
20122012 Domaine Ponsot Chambolle Musigny Cuvee des Cigales 750MLDomaine Ponsot164981$99.99
20062006 Domaine Louis Carillon et Fils Les Perrieres Puligny-Montrachet 750MLDomaine Carillon (Louis)153761$99.99
20112011 Francois Carillon Chassagne Montrachet Clos St Jean 750MLDomaine Carillon (Louis)148851$99.99
20112011 Tremblay Morey St Denis Tres Girard 750MLUNKNOWN156293$99.99
19791979 Inglenook Petite Syrah 750MLUNKNOWN152957$99.99
19971997 A.D. Rattray Caroni 16 year Rum (92 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156942$99.99
20112011 Marchand Tawse Nuits St George 1er Cru Damodes 750MLUNKNOWN157753$99.99
20142014 Kavalan Port Cask Finish Concertmaster Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN156448$99.99
20112011 Marchand Tawse Gevrey Chambertin Fontenys 750MLUNKNOWN157752$99.99
20112011 Tremblay Chambolle Musigny 1er cru Les Cabottes 750MLUNKNOWN156264$99.99
19851985 Graham 375ML (Half Bottle)Graham's Port34465$99.9996
20112011 Domaine de la Pousse dOr Corton Clos du Roi 750MLUNKNOWN153559$99.99
20092009 Kilchoman Loch Gorm Sherry Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN159492$99.99
NVSutcliffe & Son Exceptional Grain Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN160871$99.99
NVJoel Richard Esencia 25 year Rum 750MLUNKNOWN162527$99.99
20092009 Pian dell'Orino Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159643$99.9993
20102010 Luigi Baudana Barolo 'Baudana' 750MLUNKNOWN159266$99.99
20102010 Luigi Baudana Barolo 'Cerretta' 750MLUNKNOWN159268$99.99
NVNormandin Mercier Vieille Fine Champagne Cognac 750MLUNKNOWN159423$99.99
NVRedemption 7 year Cask Strength Rye Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN160353$99.99
NVDon Pancho Origenes 18 year Reserva Especial Rum 750MLUNKNOWN159171$99.99
20122012 Butterfly Absinthe 750MLUNKNOWN159237$99.99
20052005 El Jolgorio Espadin Mezcal (95.6 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN158922$99.99
20092009 Elio Grasso Barolo Casa Mate 750MLUNKNOWN158284$99.9994
20092009 Chateau Le Bon Pasteur 750MLChateau Bon Pasteur123789$99.9994
20082008 Felipe Rutini Apartado Gran Malbec 750MLFelipe Rutini Winery161583$99.99
20092009 Rutini Apartado Gran Malbec 750MLFelipe Rutini Winery161380$99.99
20102010 Chateau Le Bon Pasteur 750MLChateau Bon Pasteur139125$99.99
19891989 Chateau Le Bon Pasteur 750MLChateau Bon Pasteur153680$99.99
20102010 Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvigon Sycamore Vineyard 750MLFreemark Abbey157360$99.99
NALeopold Gourmel Age Du FruitAlder Ridge Wines27224$99.99
19901990 Simi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLSimi Winery124478$99.99
19851985 Simi Cabernet Reserve Alexander Valley 750MLSimi Winery146630$99.99
19901990 Vichon Cabernet Stags Leap District 750MLUNKNOWN146592$99.99
20082008 Pian Dell Orino Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN152249$99.99
20152015 Blood Oath Pact No. 1 Bourbon Whiskey (98.6 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN164384$99.99
NVOola Discourse C American Whiskey 750MLUNKNOWN164385$99.99
20072007 Wicker Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric147675$99.99
NAGlenfiddich Malt Master's Edition 750MLGeneric147327$99.99
NABalcones Single Malt 750MLGeneric147134$99.99
20092009 Euterpia Keith Haring Vin de Pays Limited Edition 750MLGeneric144166$99.99
20042004 Poggio Il Castellare Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric153001$99.99
19971997 Niellon Chassagne Montrachet Clos St. Jean 750MLGeneric151507$99.99
20122012 Chapelle St Theodoric Chateauneuf Du Pape Le Grand Pin 750MLGeneric162265$99.9992
NA2012 Herradura Port Cask Reposado Reserva Tequila 750MLGeneric148997$99.99
NATres Sietes Silver Dolphin Limited Wyland Edition 750MLGeneric150041$99.99
NATres Sietes Silver Shark Ltd 750MLGeneric150042$99.99
NATres Sietes Silver Penguin Ltd Tequila 750MLGeneric150043$99.99
20132013 Borgo Del Tiglio Studioa di Bianco 750MLGeneric164518$99.99
NASavannah Bee Company Tupelo Gold Reserve Honey 20oz w/ SpoonGeneric164302$99.99
20122012 Clos des Fees Cotes du Roussillon Villages le Clos des Fees Futures 750MLGeneric163613$99.9997
NVBereche et Fils Les Beaux Regards 750MLGeneric163847$99.99
NVBereche et Fils Rive Gauche 750MLGeneric163848$99.99
20082008 Agrapart Mineral Blanc De Blancs 750MLGeneric163269$99.99
19971997 Lewis Cellars Syrah 750MLGeneric12504$99.99
NARevolucion Tequila Extra Anejo 750MLGeneric148018$99.99
19721972 Offley Boa Vista Vintage Port 750MLGeneric161793$99.99
20132013 Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Occidental Ridge Vineyard 750MLGeneric161551$99.99
20132013 Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Silver Eagle Vineyard 750MLGeneric161552$99.99
20132013 Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Gioia Vineyard 750MLGeneric161553$99.99
20132013 Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Kanzler Vineyard 750MLGeneric161554$99.99
20122012 Sigaut Chambolle Musigny Les Sentieres 750MLGeneric161104$99.99
20122012 Gerard Mugneret Vosne Romanee 750MLGeneric160759$99.99
20122012 Domaine de la Pousse d'Or Clos de la Bousse d'Or, Volnay Premier Cru 750MLGeneric156219$99.99
20092009 Tanner DaFoe Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric155644$99.99
20122012 Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Occidental Ridge Vineyard 750MLGeneric154104$99.99
20122012 Rivers Marie Chardonnay Thieriot Vineyard 750MLGeneric157741$99.99
20102010 Stone The Crows Three Twins Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric157099$99.99
20032003 Fife Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLGeneric157000$99.99
20042004 Fife Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLGeneric157001$99.99
20052005 Fife Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLGeneric157002$99.99
20002000 Clark Claudon Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric156984$99.99
20062006 Chateau Clerc Milon 750MLChateau Clerc Milon104046$99.9991
20032003 Chateau Lascombes 750MLChateau Lascombes24275$99.9992
20112011 Alvear Pedro Ximenez Anada 375ML (Half Bottle)Alvear Winery (sherry)155057$99.99
20112011 Chateau Beychevelle 750MLChateau Beychevelle144430$99.99
19701970 Ch Branaire Ducru 750MLChateau Branaire Ducru157929$99.99
20032003 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut60600$99.999593
20112011 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut144320$99.99
19701970 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut146512$99.99
20072007 Chateau Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec101590$99.9993
20112011 Bouchard Pere & Fils Meursault Genevrieres 1er Cru 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils149878$99.9990
NVJefferson's Reserve Groth Reserve Cask Finish Bourbon Whiskey 750MLJefferson Bourbon163453$99.99
NADelamain Cognac Pale & Dry Xo 750MLDelamain Cognac11092$99.99
20122012 Belle Glos Pinot Noir Las Alturas 1.5LBelle Glos161309$99.99
20132013 Belle Glos Clark & Telephone 1.5LBelle Glos161135$99.99
19971997 Behrens & Hitchcock Ink Grade Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBehrens & Hitchcock Winery156960$99.99
20002000 Gargiulo Cabernet Sauvignon Money Road Ranch 750MLGargiulo Vineyards157003$99.99
20012001 Gargiulo Cabernet Sauvignon Money Road Ranch 750MLGargiulo Vineyards157004$99.99
20082008 Qupe Syrah Bien Nacido Vineyard Block X 750MLQupe Winery151011$99.99
20032003 Araujon Sauvignon Blanc 750MLAraujo Estate Wines31047$99.99
20052005 Araujo Sauvignon Blanc Eisele Vineyard 750MLAraujo Estate Wines26601$99.99
20022002 Araujo Sauvignon Blanc Eisele Vineyard 750MLAraujo Estate Wines27296$99.99
19951995 Barbour Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLBarbour Vineyards22186$99.99
20062006 Araujo Estate Viognier Eisele Vineyard 750MLAraujo Estate Wines153593$99.99
20042004 Araujo Sauvignon Blanc Eisele Vineyard 750MLAraujo Estate Wines153584$99.99
20082008 Araujo Sauvignon Blanc Eisele Vineyard 750MLAraujo Estate Wines153586$99.99
20102010 Alianza Cabernet Sauvignon by Araujo 750MLAraujo Estate Wines149901$99.99
19971997 La Jota Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLLa Jota Vineyard Co.157058$99.99
19871987 Cafaro Cabernet 750MLCafaro Winery146572$99.99
19901990 Cafaro Napa Cabernet 750MLCafaro Winery146606$99.99
19861986 Cafaro Napa Cabernet 750MLCafaro Winery146609$99.99
20112011 Frank Family Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5LFrank Family Vineyards158351$99.99
20042004 Pax Grenache Dry Stack Vineyard 750MLPax Wine Cellars118993$99.9991
20092009 Paul Lato Pinot Noir Suerte Solomon Hills Vineyard 750MLPaul Lato Winery137131$99.99
20082008 Paul Lato Pinot Noir Sine Cera Fiddlestix 750MLPaul Lato Winery132876$99.99
20082008 Paul Lato Pinot Noir Suerte 750MLPaul Lato Winery158510$99.99
20092009 Paul Lato Pinot Noir Alegria Hilliard Bruce Vineyard 750MLPaul Lato Winery158514$99.99
20092009 Edge Hill Bacigalupi Chardonnay 750MLEdge Hill Winery146642$99.99
20122012 Fevre Chablis Les Preuses 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)156792$99.99
20122012 Fevre Chablis Bougros Cote Bougerots 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)156790$99.99
20112011 Leonetti Merlot 750MLLeonetti Cellar Winery152032$99.99
20022002 Huet 1ere Trie Bourg Moelleux 750MLDomaine Huet160451$99.99
20102010 Clos Mogador 750MLClos Mogador Winery150377$99.99
NASelezione Tartufi Black Truffle Peelings 12.3ozGeneric164922$99.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Chardonnay Olivet Lane Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161744$99.99
20112011 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Calegari Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery152078$99.99
20112011 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Weir Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery150845$99.99
20112011 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Bucher Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery150846$99.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Terra de Promissio 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161740$99.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Chardonnay Heintz Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161743$99.99
20122012 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Terra de Promissio Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery154413$99.99
20122012 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Eastside Road 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery158050$99.99
20122012 Willliams Selyem Pinot Noir Foss Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery158063$99.99
20112011 Serafin Gevrey Chambertin VV 750MLSerafin Wine156301$99.99
20122012 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Vista Verde 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery159415$99.99
NVBelgian Owl Single Malt Whisky 750MLUnknown140425$99.99
20112011 Ridge Montebello Red 375ML (Half Bottle)Ridge Vineyards158473$99.99
20122012 Mayacamas Chardonnay 1.5LMayacamas Vineyards161177$99.99
19751975 Caymus Syrah Sam Francis Label 750MLCaymus Vineyards19150$99.99
20122012 Wayfarer Pinot Noir by Pahlmeyer 750MLPahlmeyer Winery159103$99.999492
19991999 Pahlmeyer Merlot 750MLPahlmeyer Winery157261$99.99
19971997 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay 750MLPahlmeyer Winery157227$99.99
19981998 Pahlmeyer Caldwell Vineyard 750MLPahlmeyer Winery157166$99.99
20052005 Ramey Cabernet Sauvignon Larkmead Vineyard 750MLRamey Wine Cellars150061$99.9991
20062006 Tor Cabernet Sauvignon Cimarossa Vineyard 750MLTor Kenward Family Wines105637$99.9993
19901990 Vine Cliff Cabernet Estate 750MLVine Cliff Winery146539$99.99
20092009 Dumol Pinot Noir Eoin 750MLDuMol Wines158920$99.99
20122012 DuMol Pinot Noir Estate 750MLDuMol Wines159729$99.9997
20092009 DuMol Pinot Noir Aidan 750MLDuMol Wines141939$99.99
20102010 DuMol Pinot Noir Aidan 750MLDuMol Wines146813$99.99
20102010 DuMol Pinot Noir Ryan 750MLDuMol Wines146814$99.99
20102010 DuMol Pinot Noir Estate 750MLDuMol Wines146816$99.99
20112011 DuMol Pinot Noir Ryan 750MLDuMol Wines152147$99.99
20102010 Dumol Pinot Noir Eoin 750MLDuMol Wines158951$99.99
20062006 DuMol Pinot Noir Finn 750MLDuMol Wines103493$99.99
20092009 DuMol Pinot Noir Ryan 750MLDuMol Wines141932$99.99
20022002 Pride Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLPride Mountain Vineyards157083$99.99
20122012 Foxen Pinot Noir John Sebastiano Vineyard 1.5LFoxen Vineyard160851$99.99
20112011 Paul Hobbs Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery154787$99.99
20122012 Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir Lindsay Estate 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery159125$99.99
20012001 Blankiet Merlot Paradise Hills Vineyard 750MLBlankiet Estate Winery157244$99.99
20112011 Plumpjack Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLPlumpjack Winery154275$99.9990
20122012 Odette Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Napa Valley Stags Leap District 750MLPlumpjack Winery162210$99.9996
20122012 Melville Syrah Donnas 750MLMelville Vineyards (Ca.)161067$99.9999
20122012 Nickel & Nickel Cabernet Sauvignon Sullenger 750MLNickel & Nickel163162$99.99
20102010 Nickel & Nickel Cabernet Hayne 750MLNickel & Nickel155475$99.99
20132013 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc 1.5LMerry Edwards Wines161209$99.99
20112011 Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Clos D Issarts 750MLDomaine Faiveley155220$99.99
20112011 Faiveley Puligny Montrachet Garenne 750MLDomaine Faiveley156735$99.99
NACrystal Head Vodka by Dan Aykroyd 1.75LDan Aykroyd124128$99.99
NVAzunia 2 year Black Anejo Tequila 750MLAzunia Tequila165356$99.99
20092009 Antica Napa Townsend Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLAntica Napa Valley158158$99.99
20122012 Oakville East Exposure Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLOakville East164849$99.99
20102010 Oakville East Exposure Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLOakville East150421$99.99
20122012 Chateau Clinet 750MLChateau Clinet149192$99.9995
NVFlaming Heart Blended Scotch Whisky by Compass Box 750MLCompass Box146300$99.99
20112011 Continuum Red Napa Valley 375ML (Half Bottle)Continuum (Mondavi)155002$99.99
NVDrappier Charles de Gaulle Brut 750MLDrappier Champagne164738$99.99
19701970 Coron Le Clos de Mouches 1er Cru 750MLCoron Pere & Fils151272$99.99
20092009 Pauillac de Latour 750MLChateau Latour150404$99.9990
20092009 O. Hillaire Chateauneuf du Pape Les Petits Pieds d' Armand 750MLDomaine Olivier Hillaire140582$99.9994
19941994 Cune Imperial Gran Reserva 750MLCune Wines150459$99.99
20002000 Chateau d'Armailhac 750MLDomaine Rothschild (Barons) and the Catena Family156930$99.99
19851985 Inglenook Reunion Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLRubicon Estate124403$99.9990
20092009 Chateau Rouget 750MLChateau Rouget123818$99.99
20092009 Chateau de Fargues 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Fargues143393$99.99
19941994 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154695$99.99
19851985 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154690$99.99
19911991 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154694$99.99
19871987 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154692$99.99
20002000 Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva 750MLBodegas Marques de Caceres154698$99.99
19911991 Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCharles Krug Winery156973$99.99
19931993 Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCharles Krug Winery156974$99.99
19941994 Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCharles Krug Winery156975$99.99
20132013 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Botella Futures 750MLSea Smoke162437$99.99
20122012 Wittmann Riesling Trocken Morstein Grosses Gewachs 750MLWittmann153793$99.99
20072007 Marchesi di Barolo Barolo Sarmassa 750MLMarchesi di Barolo148958$99.999291
20072007 La Gerla 'Riserva Gli Angeli' Brunello di Montalcino 750MLFattoria La Gerla159528$99.9997
19951995 Marchesi Di Barolo Barolo 750MLMarchesi di Barolo163233$99.99
NAFortaleza Anejo Tequila 750MLFortaleza Tequila115977$99.99
19901990 Lucien Boillot et Fils Gevrey-Chambertin Les Evocelles 750MLLucien Boillot156190$99.99
20072007 De Bartoli Bukkurum Passitodi Pantelleria 500MLDe Bartoli165107$99.99
20122012 Domaine Matrot Meursault Charmes Blanc 750MLDomaine Matrot164780$99.99
20112011 Pierre Matrot Meursault Perrieres 750MLDomaine Matrot156556$99.99
20102010 Bocelli Terre Di Sandro 750MLAndrea Bocelli Estate165023$99.99
NVBerry Bros Barbados 11 year Rum 750MLBerry Bros. & Rudd151170$99.99
NVBerry Bros Fiji 9 year Rum 750MLBerry Bros. & Rudd151169$99.99
20122012 Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes 750MLDomaine Fourrier155879$99.99
20072007 Chene Bleu Heloise 750MLChene Bleu152143$99.99
20102010 Chene Bleu Aliot 750MLChene Bleu152144$99.99
20112011 Vernay Condrieu "Terrasses de l'Empire" 750MLDomaine Georges Vernay153973$99.99
20122012 Olivier Leflaive Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 750MLOlivier Leflaive160913$99.99
20102010 Pont des Arts Rive Gauche 750MLPont Des Arts151734$99.99
20102010 Hewitson Mourvedre "Old Garden" 750MLHewitson155637$99.9993
20052005 Domaine Chandon de Briailles Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru Les Lavieres 750MLDomaine Chandon de Briailles182308$100.00
20052005 Domaine Matrot Meursault 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Matrot182880$100.00
20042004 Domaine Roulot Monthelie 750MLDomaine Roulot183119$100.00
20052005 Hyde De Villaine Chardonnay 750MLHdV -- Hyde de Villaine181075$100.00
20002000 Domaine Weinbach Pinot Gris Cuvee Ste. Catherine 750MLDomaine Weinbach181207$100.00
20042004 Deux Montille Meursault 1er Cru Boucheres 750MLDeux Montille Maison182436$100.00
20042004 Deux Montille Meursault Les Casses-Tetes 750MLDeux Montille Maison182439$100.00
20052005 Domaine Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Combe Aux Moines 375ML (Half Bottle)Domaine Faiveley183852$100.00
19971997 Jadot Meursault Genevrieres 750MLLouis Jadot190296$100.00
20092009 Jadot Beaune Clos des Ursules 750MLLouis Jadot190007$100.00
19981998 Jadot Beaune Clos des Ursules 750MLLouis Jadot190014$100.00
19971997 Jadot Beaune Clos des Ursules 750MLLouis Jadot190012$100.00
20102010 Jadot Beaune Clos des Ursules 750MLLouis Jadot190009$100.00
20032003 Jadot Beaune Clos des Ursules 750MLLouis Jadot190017$100.00
20052005 Jadot Beaune Greves Clos Blanc 750MLLouis Jadot190303$100.00
NALate Night PickupUnknown136581$100.00
20082008 The Mascot Cabernet Blend by Will Harlan 750MLGeneric152875$100.00
20082008 William Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)183753$100.00
19701970 Sutter Home Zinfandel 750MLSutter Home Winery19281$100.00
20022002 Bouchard Volnay Caillerets Cuvee Carnot 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils190273$100.00
20002000 Chateau Croix de Labrie 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Croix Labrie190092$100.00
19971997 Prager Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Weitenberg 750MLGeneric181440$100.00
19931993 Rudi Pichler Weissburgunder Smaragd Wosendorfer Kollmutz 750MLGeneric181421$100.00
19991999 Rudi Pichler Weissburgunder Smaragd Wosendorfer 750MLGeneric181422$100.00
20012001 Rudi Pichler Weissburgunder Smaragd Wosendorfer Kollmutz 750MLGeneric181423$100.00
20012001 Rudi Pichler Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Wosendorfer Hochrain 750MLGeneric181411$100.00
20002000 Prager Gruner Veltliner Auslese Weissenkirchner Achleiten 750MLGeneric181432$100.00
20022002 Colio Estate Vineyards Cabernet Franc Icewine 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic181173$100.00
20012001 Franz Hirtzberger Weissburgund er Smaragd Steinporz 750MLGeneric181278$100.00
19921992 Kirchmayr Gruner Veltliner Solist 750MLGeneric181282$100.00
20042004 Rudi Pichler Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Terrassen 750MLGeneric181403$100.00
20062006 Franz Hirtzberger Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Spitzer 750MLGeneric181256$100.00
19951995 Weingut Knoll Gruner Veltliner Auslese 500MLGeneric181286$100.00
19991999 Weingut Knoll Gruner Veltliner Auslese 500MLGeneric181288$100.00
20002000 Weingut Knoll Gruner Veltliner Auslese 500MLGeneric181289$100.00
20042004 Copain Syrah Hawks Butte Vineyard 750MLGeneric181042$100.00
20062006 Copain Syrah Brosseau Vineyard 750MLGeneric181040$100.00
20002000 Weingut Knoll Riesling Auslese Loibner 500MLGeneric181307$100.00
19991999 Weingut Knoll Chardonnay Beerenauslese Loibner 500MLGeneric181283$100.00
20052005 Domaine Chandon de Briailles Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru Les Valozieres 750MLGeneric182276$100.00
20002000 Prager Riesling Smaragd Durnsteiner Kaiserberg 750MLGeneric181445$100.00
20052005 FX Pichler Riesling Smaragd Durnsteiner Hollerin 750MLGeneric181385$100.00
20032003 Domaine de Montille Beaune 1er Cru Les Sizies 750MLGeneric182928$100.00
20052005 Domaine de Montille Beaune 1er Cru Les Sizies 750MLGeneric182929$100.00
20052005 Joseph Drouhin / Drouhin-Vaudon Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 750MLGeneric182473$100.00
20052005 Domaine William Fevre Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume 750MLGeneric182571$100.00
20072007 Domaine William Fevre Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume 750MLGeneric182572$100.00
20052005 Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne-Montrachet 750MLGeneric182999$100.00
20082008 Domaine William Fevre Chablis 1er Cru Montmains 750MLGeneric182574$100.00
20072007 Domaine William Fevre Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 750MLGeneric182575$100.00
20082008 Domaine William Fevre Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 750MLGeneric182576$100.00
20042004 Domaine William Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros Cote de Bouguerots 750MLGeneric182579$100.00
20052005 Domaine Servin Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 750MLGeneric183146$100.00
20082008 Domaine William Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros Cote de Bouguerots 750MLGeneric182582$100.00
20022002 Domaine William Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Grenouilles 750MLGeneric182583$100.00
20052005 Domaine Trapet (Jean et Jean-Louis) Gevrey-Chambertin Ostrea 750MLGeneric183165$100.00
20052005 Domaine Drouhin-Laroze Gevrey-Chambertin 750MLGeneric182472$100.00
20092009 Frederic Esmonin Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Champonnets 750MLGeneric182538$100.00
20092009 Frederic Esmonin Gevrey-Chambertin Clos Prieur 750MLGeneric182540$100.00
20052005 Domaine Alain Burguet Gevrey-Chambertin En Billard 750MLGeneric182233$100.00
20062006 Domaine Roulot Monthelie 750MLGeneric183120$100.00
19981998 Paul Pernot et ses Fils Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Folatieres 750MLGeneric183042$100.00
20012001 Maison Champy Puligny-Montrachet Les Enseigneres 750MLGeneric182275$100.00
20032003 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Folatieres 750MLGeneric183083$100.00
20042004 Domaine Matrot Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Chalumeaux 750MLGeneric182887$100.00
20052005 Domaine Matrot Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Chalumeaux 750MLGeneric182889$100.00
20042004 Comte Armand Volnay 1er Cru Les Fremiets 750MLGeneric182385$100.00
20062006 Comte Armand Volnay 1er Cru Les Fremiets 750MLGeneric182387$100.00
20042004 Domaine Matrot Meursault 375ML (Half Bottle)Generic182879$100.00
20052005 Domaine Arlaud Gevrey-Chambertin 750MLGeneric182107$100.00
20022002 Domaine Roulot Monthelie 750MLGeneric183118$100.00
20032003 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Meursault 1er Cru Les Poruzots 750MLGeneric183075$100.00
20052005 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Meursault 1er Cru Les Poruzots 750MLGeneric183076$100.00
20042004 Lucie & Auguste Lignier Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Les Chaffots 750MLGeneric182862$100.00
20052005 Vincent Mothe Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume 750MLGeneric185091$100.00
19991999 Rudi Pichler Riesling Smaragd Weissenkirchner Achleithen 750MLGeneric185041$100.00
19931993 Rudi Pichler Weissburgunder Smaragd Wosendorfer 750MLGeneric185044$100.00
19901990 Milz Laurentiushof Trittenheimer Felsenkopf Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel 750MLGeneric185017$100.00
19971997 Weingut Knoll Gruner Veltliner Auslese Loibner 500MLGeneric184083$100.00
20062006 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco 750MLGeneric181709$100.00
20032003 Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181971$100.00
20052005 Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181974$100.00
20112011 Madrono Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric158348$100.00
20072007 Donnhoff Schlosbockelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181982$100.00
19981998 Lamborghini (La Fiorita) Campo leone Umbria IGT 750MLGeneric181650$100.00
20012001 Quinta do Vesuvio Porto Vintage 750MLGeneric181830$100.00
19981998 Bodegas Herederos Ribas Ribas de Cabrera 750MLGeneric181942$100.00
20012001 Kuenhof (Peter Pliger) Veltliner 750MLGeneric181647$100.00
20042004 Fattoria Viticcio Prunaio Toscana IGT 750MLGeneric181787$100.00
20022002 Donnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181967$100.00
20042004 Donnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181968$100.00
20032003 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181961$100.00
20042004 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181962$100.00
20072007 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181964$100.00
20042004 Donnhoff Norheimer Dellchen Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181965$100.00
20032003 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182041$100.00
20052005 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric182044$100.00
19931993 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Auslese 750MLGeneric181984$100.00
20022002 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Spatlese 750MLGeneric181988$100.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese 750MLGeneric182025$100.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel 750MLGeneric182027$100.00
20042004 Domaine Chandon de Briailles Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru Les Lavieres 750MLGeneric182307$100.00
20052005 Domaine Jean Grivot Vosne-Roma nee Les Bossieres 750MLGeneric182732$100.00
20052005 Domaine d'Ardhuy Volnay 1er Cru Les Fremiets 750MLGeneric182102$100.00
19951995 Weingut Knoll Riesling Auslese Ried Schutt 500MLGeneric184088$100.00
19981998 Federico Grasso l'Insieme Vino di Tavola 750MLGeneric186412$100.00
20062006 Littorai Lemon's Folly 375ML (Half Bottle)Littorai Wines185004$100.00
19971997 Ciacci Brunello di Montalcino 750MLCiacci Piccolomini d'Aragona158575$100.00
20012001 Nigl Gruner Veltliner Alte Reben 750MLWeingut Nigl181334$100.00
19961996 Marc Morey Chassagne Montrachet Les Chenevottes 750MLJean/Marc Morey190203$100.00
20062006 Domaine Jean Grivot Nuits St. Georges Les Charmois 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)158260$100.00
20052005 Domaine Jean Grivot Nuits St. Georges Les Charmois 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)182719$100.00
20082008 Domaine Jean Grivot Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Pruliers 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)182714$100.00
19951995 Rouget Savigny Les Beaune 750MLRouget Wines190264$100.00
19961996 Chateau Lagrange 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Lagrange190127$100.00
20032003 Domaine des Comtes Lafon Monthelie 750MLDomaine Comte Lafon182829$100.00
20022002 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Meursault 1er Cru Les Poruzots 750MLChateau Puligny Montrachet185060$100.00
20042004 Domaine Leflaive Bourgogne Blanc 750MLDomaine Leflaive185000$100.00
19981998 Bacio Divino 750MLBacio Divino181010$100.00
20002000 Chateau la Nerthe Chateauneuf du Pape 1.5LChateau La Nerthe146004$100.0092
20052005 Donnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spatlese 750MLDonnhoff Estate181969$100.00
20052005 Donnhoff Norheimer Dellchen Riesling Spatlese 750MLDonnhoff Estate181966$100.00
19951995 Michel Colin Deleger Meursault Genevrieres Hospices de Beaune Cuvee 750MLColin Deleger Michel190307$100.00
20072007 Chateau Pavie Macquin 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin190165$100.00
19931993 Chateau Trotanoy 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Trotanoy190188$100.00
20052005 Chateau Giscours 750MLChateau Giscours24395$100.009293
NVVeuve Brut BasketWally's Gift Baskets47601$100.00
NVRed, White & Blue BasketWally's Gift Baskets156869$100.00
NV50 by 50 BasketWally's Gift Baskets157436$100.00
NVSuper Tuscan BasketWally's Gift Baskets47611$100.00
NVMoscow Mule BasketWally's Gift Baskets47603$100.00
NABerrueco Anejo Tequila 750MLBerrueco Rock10748$101.99
20122012 Quinta do Noval 750MLQuinta do Noval158496$101.99
NADelamotte Brut Rose Le Mesnil 750MLDelamotte Champagne148845$101.99
20092009 Bouchard Nuits St Georges Les Cailles 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils136590$101.99
20102010 Bouchard Nuits St Georges Les Cailles 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils144867$102.99
20082008 Yalumba The Octavius Shiraz 750MLYalumba160152$104.9995
20102010 Chateau Clerc Milon 750MLChateau Clerc Milon139335$104.99
20092009 Chateau Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec122970$104.9997
20062006 Fevre Chablis Vaudesir 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)101547$104.99
20122012 Clos Mogador 750MLClos Mogador Winery164122$104.9998
20012001 Lail Vineyards J Daniel Cuvee 750MLLail Vineyards157065$104.99
20062006 Ar.Pe.Pe. Sassella Ultima Rag 750MLGeneric165131$104.99
20132013 L Aventure Cote A Cote 750MLL'Aventure Vineyard163423$104.9994
20122012 Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLDarioush Winery163098$104.99
20122012 Paul Hobbs Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLPaul Hobbs Winery162271$104.99
20112011 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLDunn Vineyards162272$104.99
20092009 Grange des Peres 750MLDomaine Grange Peres148770$104.99
20112011 Confuron Cotetidot Vosne Romanee 1er Cru Les Suchots 750MLUNKNOWN155675$104.99
20102010 Rusden Black Guts Shiraz 750MLRusden163574$104.99
20112011 Realm The Bard 750MLRealm Cellars156207$104.99
NVMezcal Vago Mexicano 750MLUNKNOWN159430$104.99
NVKilchoman 100% Islay 4th Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky (100 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN159491$104.99
20112011 Domaine de la Pousse dOr Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Feusselottes 750MLUNKNOWN153563$104.99
20122012 Chateau Le Gay 750MLChateau Le Gay149285$104.9994
20122012 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Chassagne Montrachet Acegnieres 750MLColin Morey (Pierre Yves)154776$104.99
20132013 Hudelot Noellat Vougeot 1er Cru Les Petits Vougeot Futures 750MLDomaine Hudelot Noellat (Alain)162425$104.99
19881988 Chateau Brane Cantenac 750MLChateau Brane Cantenac153961$104.99
NARamos Pinto 30 Yr Old Tawny 750MLRamos (Adriano) Pinto119257$104.9990
20062006 Caillou Chateauneuf Du Pape Les Quartz 750MLCaillou Clos du101790$104.9990
20072007 Caillou Chateaneuf du Pape Les Quartz 750MLCaillou Clos du119890$104.9995
20102010 Domaine de Courcel Pommard 1er Cru Fremiers 750MLDomaine de Courcel (Madame)149547$104.9990
20052005 Grivot Nuits St Georges Roncieres 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)34490$104.99
20042004 Pol Roger Brut Vintage 750MLPol Roger159694$104.99
20032003 Chateau Canon 750MLChateau Canon110272$104.998991
20082008 Chateau Magdelaine 750MLChateau Magdelaine138304$104.99
20112011 Domaine Marquis d'Angerville Clos des Angles 750MLMarquis d'Angerville154403$104.99
19941994 Lopez de Heredia Tondonia Gran Reserva White 750MLLopez de Heredia Family161214$104.99
20112011 Sauzet Puligny -Montrachet Champ Canet 750MLDomaine Etienne Sauzet155395$104.99
20022002 Clos L Eglise Pomerol 750MLChateau Clos L'Eglise157950$104.999291
20122012 Jadot Meursault Charmes 750MLLouis Jadot157824$104.99
20132013 Chateau Latour A Pomerol Futures 750MLJP Moueix164408$104.99
20082008 Achaval Ferrer Finca Altamira 750MLAchaval Ferrer138341$104.999794
20092009 Colome Reserve 750MLBodega Colome152124$104.99
20052005 Philipponnat Cuvee 1522 750MLPhilipponnat159929$104.99
20042004 Philipponnat Cuvee 1522 750MLPhilipponnat155336$104.9995
20082008 Chacra 32 750MLChacra150643$104.99
19851985 Gould Campbell Vintage Port 750MLGould Campbell Port153427$104.99
20132013 Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes Futures 750MLDomaine Fourrier162388$104.99
20102010 Christian Moreau Chablis Clos des Hospices 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau146392$104.99
20112011 Moreau Christian Chablis Clos Hospices 750MLDomaine Christian Moreau155222$104.99
20052005 Tenute Dettori Rosso Romangia IGT 750MLTenuta Dettori153700$104.99
20112011 Bruno Clair Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru La Dominodes 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair153177$104.99
20112011 Bruno Clair Chambolle Musigny Les Veroilles 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair153165$104.99
20082008 Diel Pinot Noir Caroline 750MLSchlossgut Diel132423$104.99
20002000 Chateau Haut Bergey 750MLChateau Haut Bergey190121$105.00
NARiedel Sommelier Burgundy Grand Cru 40016Riedel Glas Austria14799$105.95
NARiedel Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru 40000Riedel Glas Austria24942$105.95
NARiedel Sommelier Hermitage 40030Riedel Glas Austria51122$105.95
20142014 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux Futures 750MLChateau Margaux163418$105.99
20142014 Chateau Pavie Decesse Futures 750MLChateau Pavie Decesse163561$105.99
20042004 Yalumba The Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz 750MLYalumba160155$106.9994
20112011 Donelan Syrah Obsidian 750MLGeneric155918$107.99
20142014 Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou Futures 750MLChateau Ducru Beaucaillou163698$107.99
20112011 Ehlers Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 1886 750MLEhlers Estate155416$107.99
NACustom Freight Charge 109Generic137437$109.00
NVEl Dorado 21 Year Rum 750MLGeneric107102$109.99
20122012 Sadie Family Palladius 750MLGeneric163155$109.999494
19851985 Vichon Cabernet SLD 750MLGeneric124406$109.99
NVBereche Campania Remensis Rose Base 2010 750MLGeneric163849$109.99
20122012 Domaine Cecile Tremblay Chambolle-Musigny Les Cabottes 750MLGeneric163921$109.99
20122012 Domaine de la Pousse d'Or En Cailleret Clos des 60 Ouvrees, Volnay Premier Cru 750MLGeneric156220$109.99
20122012 GKG Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLGeneric156606$109.9994
20122012 Rhys Pinot Noir Family Farm Vineyard 750MLGeneric158998$109.99
20122012 Rhys Pinot Noir Bearwallow Vineyard 750MLGeneric161678$109.9994
20122012 Zilliken Riesling Saarburg Rausch Grosses Gewachs 1.5LZilliken Estate153607$109.99
20112011 Chateau Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec144358$109.99
20012001 Chateau Branon 750MLChateau Branon16383$109.9993
20112011 OShaugnessy Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder 750MLO'Shaughnessy Winery158521$109.99
20102010 Montevertine Le Pergole Torte 750MLMontevertine Az Agr154583$109.9994
20112011 Domaine William Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)149865$109.99
20122012 Fevre Chablis Valmur 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)156791$109.99
20122012 Flowers Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 1.5LFlowers Vineyard & Winery161140$109.99
20122012 Flowers Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 1.5LFlowers Vineyard & Winery161138$109.99
20122012 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Bucher Vineyard 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery158066$109.99
20052005 Ar.Pe.Pe. Sassella Ultima Rag 750MLGeneric165130$109.99
NVBereche Campania Remensis Rose 2011 750MLGeneric165240$109.99
20032003 Kongsgaard Viognier Roussanne 750MLKongsgaard Vineyard157320$109.99
20062006 Kongsgaard Viognier Roussanne 750MLKongsgaard Vineyard160492$109.99
20072007 Kongsgaard Viognier Roussanne 750MLKongsgaard Vineyard157323$109.99
NATyrconnell Madeira Finish Irish Whisky 750MLTyrconnell106933$109.99
20132013 Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou Futures 750MLChateau Ducru Beaucaillou157608$109.99
20122012 Chateau Giscours Kosher 750MLChateau Giscours162640$109.99
20142014 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste Futures 1.5LChateau Grand Puy Lacoste165062$109.99
20002000 Chateau Cantenac Brown 750MLChateau Cantenac-Brown153962$109.9990
NVYellow Spot 12 year Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 750MLMidleton Distillery161533$109.99
20092009 Torbreck "The Descendant" Shiraz 750MLTorbreck Vintners152274$109.9997
NVGlenfiddich 1963 Replica Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenfiddich Distillery160487$109.99
NVGlenglassaugh Evolution Tennessee Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky (114.6 proof) 750MLGlenglassaugh Distillery Co.159495$109.99
20102010 Chateau Haut Bailly 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Haut Bailly140930$109.9998
20032003 Le Plus De La Fleur De Bouard 750MLChateau Fleur Bouard60750$109.999390
20142014 Pensees de Lafleur Futures 750MLChateau Lafleur St Emilion163706$109.99
NVCorralejo Gran Reserva Anejo Tequila 1LCorralejo159775$109.99
NVJacopo Poli Barrique 13 year Grappa 750MLPoli Distillerie165138$109.99
20112011 Louis Jadot Meursault Les Perrieres 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)152627$109.99
20092009 Jadot Meursault Les Perrieres 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136523$109.99
NVBenromach 15 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBenromach Distillery and Malt Whisky Centre165391$109.99
NAAberlour 18 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLAberlour Distillery142820$109.99
20112011 Clos des Papes Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLClos des Papes152197$109.999695
20122012 Duckhorn Merlot 1.5LDuckhorn Wine Company161052$109.99
20122012 Beaucastel Chateauneuf Du Pape Blanc 750MLChateau Beaucastel162882$109.9994
19981998 Elio Grasso Barolo Runcot Riserva Futures 750MLSilvio Grasso162792$109.99
19981998 Elio Grasso Barolo Vigna Chiniera Futures 750MLSilvio Grasso162793$109.99
NVDel Maguey Arroquero Single Villiage Mezcal (98 proof) 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.155492$109.99
NVDel Maguey Wild Papalome Single Villiage Mezcal (90 proof) 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.155493$109.99
NVDel Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul Single Village Mezcal 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.152133$109.99
NVDel Maguey Espadin Especial Single Village Mezcal 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.152134$109.99
NVDel Maguey San Jose Rio Minas Single Village Mezcal 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.152135$109.99
19911991 Lopez de Heredia Gran Reserva White 750MLLopez de Heredia Family151284$109.99
20112011 Quinta do Noval 750MLQuinta do Noval149624$109.99
20072007 Heidi Schrock Ruster Ausbruch "Schrock & Kracher" 375ML (Half Bottle)Heidi Schrock156494$109.99
NVRoederer Brut Premier 1.5LRoederer Louis (France)42175$109.9990
20102010 Chateau Coutet 750MLChateau Coutet138558$109.99
19951995 Vietti Barolo Castiglione Futures 750MLVietti Winery162785$109.99
20112011 Domaine Marquis d'Angerville Fremiets 750MLMarquis d'Angerville154404$109.99
20072007 Dal Forno Valpolicella Superiore 750MLDal Forno153826$109.999491
20102010 Chateau Magdelaine 750MLChateau Magdelaine138223$109.99
20062006 Chateau Canon 750MLChateau Canon104160$109.999090
20112011 Certan de May 750MLChateau Certan De May144610$109.99
20102010 Oasi Degli Angeli Kurni 750MLOasi Degli Angeli (Oasis of the Angels)163797$109.99
20012001 Chateau Leoville Poyferre Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Poyferre49492$109.99
20072007 Lisini Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 750MLLisini (Donna Elina)152550$109.99
19981998 Chateau Leoville Poyferre Futures 750MLChateau Leoville Poyferre161261$109.99
20132013 J.J. Prum Riesling Graacher Himmelreich Auslese Goldkapsel 750MLJJ Prum161043$109.99
20112011 Fontodi Flaccianello 750MLFontodi Estate Winery158794$109.9997
20102010 Chateau d Issan 750MLChateau D'Issan139128$109.9995
20052005 Chateau La Clemence 750MLChateau Clemence24374$109.99
20052005 Chateau La Lagune 750MLChateau Lagune24211$109.99
20122012 Domaine Patrick Piuze Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru 750MLUNKNOWN151879$109.99
20022002 Bereche Cote Grand Cru Cramant 750MLUNKNOWN158035$109.99
20022002 Bereche Vallee Grand Cru Ay 750MLUNKNOWN158036$109.99
20002000 Andre Beaufort Brut Millesime 750MLUNKNOWN158735$109.99
20072007 Lucien Le Moine Gevrey-Chambertin Lavaut Saint-Jacques 1er Cru 750MLLe Moine Maison Lucien155007$109.99
NVKilchoman 100% Islay 5th Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLUNKNOWN164548$109.99
20112011 Francois Carillon Puligny Montrachet Champ Gain 750MLDomaine Carillon (Louis)148855$109.99
20122012 Chateau Providence 750MLChateau Providence149012$109.9992
20122012 Domaine Ponsot Morey St Denis Cuvee des Grives 750MLDomaine Ponsot164998$109.99
NVPaul Dethune Brut Cuvee Ancienne 750MLUNKNOWN155738$109.9992
20112011 Marchand Tawse Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts 750MLUNKNOWN155345$109.99
20132013 Fidencio Pechuga Mezcal (94.6 proof) 750MLUNKNOWN156762$109.99
20112011 Marchand Tawse Nuits St George Les Vaucrains 750MLUNKNOWN157754$109.99
20082008 Adler Deutsch Vineyard Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLUNKNOWN156958$109.99
20122012 Antinori Tignanello 750MLTignanello Antinori163093$109.99
NARuinart Enterpret 750MLChampagne Ruinart139760$109.99
20122012 Domaine des Heritiers Louis Jadot Puligny Montrachet Les Folatieres 750MLLouis Jadot157850$109.99
19971997 Louis Latour Corton Grancey 750MLMaison Louis Latour156339$109.99
20112011 Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Les Cazetiers 750MLDomaine Faiveley155219$109.99
20112011 Faiveley Pommard Les Rugiens 750MLDomaine Faiveley158040$109.99
20122012 Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Combe Aux Moines 750MLDomaine Faiveley160897$109.99
20122012 Faiveley Vosne Romanee 750MLDomaine Faiveley160889$109.99
20122012 Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les Porets St Georges 750MLDomaine Faiveley160877$109.99
20002000 Hampden 12 year Rum from Duncan Taylor 750MLDuncan Taylor & Co. Ltd.159020$109.99
NVCoeur de Lion Calvados Pays d'Auge XO 750MLCoeur D'Lion Estate (Brandy)155787$109.99
NVCompass Box The Lost Blend 750MLCompass Box159383$109.99
20102010 Olivier Hillaire Les Petits Pieds D'Armand 750MLDomaine Olivier Hillaire145648$109.9994
20072007 Olivier Hillaire Chateauneuf du Pape Les Petits d' Armand 750MLDomaine Olivier Hillaire109989$109.99
20112011 Bruno Clair Vosne Romanee Les Champs Pedrix 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair153176$109.99
20102010 Bruno Clair Vosne Romanee Les Champs Pedrix 750MLDomaine Bruno Clair153175$109.99
NVLanson Brut Black Label 1.5LLanson Champagne152869$109.99
20052005 Thienot Brut Stanislas 750MLChampagne Thienot156322$109.99
20062006 Thienot Brut Garance Blanc des Noirs 750MLChampagne Thienot156321$109.99
20122012 Francois Carillon Chassagne-Montrachet Clos Saint-Jean Premier Cru 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon157763$109.99
20132013 Keller Burgel Spatburgunder GG 750MLWeingut Keller161120$109.99
20102010 Vernay Condrieu "Les Chailles de l'Enfer" 750MLDomaine Georges Vernay153974$109.9994
20112011 Pierre Matrot Puligny Montrachet Combettes 750MLDomaine Matrot156559$109.99
20122012 Domaine Matrot Meursault Perrieres Blanc 750MLDomaine Matrot164781$109.99
20122012 Domaine Matrot Puligny Montrachet Les Combettes Blanc 750MLDomaine Matrot164779$109.99
20112011 Trevallon Blanc Vin de Pays de Bouches du Rhone 750MLDomaine de Trevallon150191$109.99
20112011 Clos Saint Jean Chateauneuf du Pape Combe des Fous 750MLClos Saint Jean151160$109.9998
20132013 Domaine L'Arlot Nuits St Georges 1er cru Clos de l'Arlot Rouge 750MLDomaine de l'Arlot164497$109.99
20132013 Domaine L'Arlot Nuits St Georges 1er cru Clos de l'Arlot Blanc 750MLDomaine de l'Arlot164496$109.99
20132013 Domaine L'Arlot Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Clos des Forets 750MLDomaine de l'Arlot164498$109.99
NVSea Bags Compass Rose ToteSea Bags103165$110.00
NVPremiere BasketWally's Gift Baskets161657$110.00
NVNapanook BasketWally's Gift Baskets159895$110.00
NVSweet Dreams BasketWally's Gift Baskets156884$110.00
NVMiraval BasketWally's Gift Baskets156872$110.00
NVCornucopia BasketWally's Gift Baskets47634$110.00
20052005 Chateau Guiraud 750MLChateau Guiraud190116$110.00
20052005 La Croix de Beaucaillou 750MLChateau Ducru Beaucaillou190089$110.00
20072007 William Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)183897$110.00
20072007 Domaine William Fevre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros Cote de Bouguerots 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)182581$110.00
19961996 Bouchard Volnay Caillerets Cuvee Carnot 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils190272$110.00
20092009 2009 The Mascot 750MLGeneric157974$110.00
20062006 Domaine Michel Lafarge Volnay 750MLGeneric182815$110.00
20012001 Betts and Scholl Hermitage Blanc 750MLGeneric181840$110.00
20042004 Betts and Scholl Hermitage Blanc 750MLGeneric181841$110.00
20052005 Domaine Matrot Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Combettes 750MLGeneric182891$110.00
20122012 Jadot Garenne Duc Mag Fut 750MLLouis Jadot157829$111.99
20002000 Chateau Sociando Mallet 750MLGeneric190185$112.00
20042004 Chateau Lascombes 750MLChateau Lascombes190134$112.00
20032003 Chateau Giscours 750MLChateau Giscours190105$112.00
20122012 Clos des Papes Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 750MLClos des Papes152837$112.999493
19981998 La Vieille Julienne Chateauneuf du Pape Vieille Vignes 750MLDomaine Vieille Julienne150974$112.999695
20122012 Etienne Sauzet Puligny Montrachet Champ Gain 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Etienne Sauzet156397$112.99
20122012 Chateau Troplong Mondot 750MLChateau Troplong Mondot148871$112.9996
20092009 Concha y Toro Don Melchor 750MLConcha Y Toro (Chile)155490$112.9994
20102010 Don Melchor 750MLConcha Y Toro (Chile)160672$112.99
20022002 Lafarge Volnay 750MLDomaine Lafarge (Michel)153769$112.99
20062006 Domaine Louis Carillon et Fils Les Combettes Puligny-Montrachet 750MLDomaine Carillon (Louis)153756$112.99
20112011 Leoville Poyferre 750MLChateau Leoville Poyferre144596$112.99
20042004 Galardi Terra Di Lavoro 750MLGalardi Fattoria32551$112.99
20042004 Castello Dei Rampolla Sammarco 750MLCastello dei Rampolla121254$112.99
20112011 Fonseca 750MLFonseca149617$112.99
20112011 Taylor Fladgate 750MLTaylor Fladgate149612$112.99
20112011 Chateau Latour A Pomerol 750MLGeneric160566$112.99
NAPetrossian Daurenki Caviar 30gGeneric160845$113.00
20082008 Benjamin Romeo Cueva del Contador 750MLBenjamin Romeo (Spain)151845$113.9994
20112011 Grahams Port 750MLGraham's Port149684$113.99
20112011 Confuron Cotetidot Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Derriere la Grange 750MLUNKNOWN155677$114.99
20072007 Pacenti Brunello di Montalcino PS Riserva 750MLPacenti Siro150831$114.9993
20122012 Drouhin Puligny Folatieres 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin159461$114.99
20112011 Realm Cabernet Sauvignon Farella Vineyard 750MLRealm Cellars156205$114.99
20112011 Domaine Sylvain Cathiard Vosne Romanee 750MLUNKNOWN153515$114.99
20082008 Lisini Brunello Ugolaia 750MLLisini (Donna Elina)165042$114.99
20122012 Francois Mikulski Meursault Charmes 750MLDomaine Mikulski (Francois)162199$114.99
20142014 Chateau Hosanna Futures 750MLChateau Hosanna163597$114.99
20122012 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 750MLDomaine Chevalier149193$114.99
20102010 JF Mugnier Nuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale 750MLDomaine Mugnier JF (Jacques Frederic)148474$114.99
20002000 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion 750MLChateau Les Carmes Haut Brion159253$114.9994
NAMacallan 15 year Fine Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLMacallan Distillers Ltd.10110$114.99
19891989 Girardin Pommard Grands Epenots 750MLDomaine Girardin (Vincent)153750$114.99
20032003 Arnaldo Caprai Sagrantino 25th Anniversary 750MLCaprai (Arnaldo) Wines27979$114.9990
20112011 Domaine Marquis d'Angerville Meursault 1er Cru Santenots 750MLMarquis d'Angerville154410$114.99
20122012 D Angerville Volnay 1er Cru 750MLMarquis d'Angerville161817$114.99
20052005 d Angerville Pommard Combes Dessus 750MLMarquis d'Angerville157621$114.99
19931993 Gaunoux Corton Renardes 750MLDomaine Gaunoux153698$114.99
20092009 Courcel Pommard Epenots 750MLDomaine de Courcel (Madame)144026$114.99
20122012 Henri Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers 750MLHenri Gouges Estate160931$114.99
20122012 Morlet Pinot Noir Joli Coeur Sonoma Coast 750MLPierre Morlet155847$114.99
19951995 Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf du Pape 750MLDomaine de Vieux Telegraphe157704$114.999395
20062006 Arietta On The White Keys 1.5LArietta Wines157285$114.99
20002000 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Reservee 750MLDomaine Pegau157504$114.99
20102010 Chateau Lynch Bages 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Lynch Bages139142$114.99
19951995 La Spinetta 'Pin' Monferrato Rosso 750MLLa Spinetta (Guiseppe Rivetti & Figli)153741$114.99
NALongmorn 16 year old Single Malt Scotch 750MLLongmorn Scotch Whisky Distillery25200$114.99
20122012 Chateau Montrose 750MLChateau Montrose149194$114.9992
20142014 Chateau Montrose Futures 750MLChateau Montrose163747$114.99
20112011 Guado al Tasso 750MLAntinori163673$114.99
20122012 Chateau Pichon Lalande Futures 750MLChateau Pichon Lalande149162$114.99
20102010 Chateau Gazin 750MLChateau Gazin138264$114.99
20122012 Chateau Duhart Milon 750MLChateau Duhart-Milon148738$114.9990
20122012 Chateau Latour A Pomerol Futures 750MLGeneric160792$114.99
20122012 Domaine de La Pousse d'Or Le Cailleret, Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru 750MLGeneric156224$114.99
20082008 Pina Cabernet Sauvignon Mimbre 750MLGeneric154806$114.99
20102010 Chateau Rieussec 750MLChateau Rieussec139422$114.99
20102010 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut138265$114.99
20102010 Chateau Branaire Ducru 750MLChateau Branaire Ducru139127$114.99
20122012 Bouchard Beaune Greves L'Enfant Jesus 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils158160$114.99
20142014 Chateau Cos d Estournel Futures 750MLChateau Cos D'Estournel163359$114.99
20122012 Bouchard Nuits St Georges Les Cailles 750MLBouchard Pere et Fils159158$114.99
20122012 Fevre Chablis Le Clos 750MLDomaine Fevre (Wm)156758$114.99
20042004 Guigal Condrieu La Doriane 750MLE. Guigal18437$114.99
20132013 L Aventure Estate Cuvee 750MLL'Aventure Vineyard163422$114.9997
20122012 Faiveley Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Chaignots 750MLDomaine Faiveley160885$114.99
20122012 Olivier Hillaire Chateauneuf du Pape Les Petits Pieds d'Armand 750MLDomaine Olivier Hillaire157564$114.99
NVCompass Box Hedonism 750MLCompass Box Delicious Whisky Ltd.103690$114.99
19891989 Chateau Sociando Mallet 750MLChateau Sociando-Mallet155089$114.9990
20092009 Domaine du Coulet Billes Noires Cornas 750MLDomaine du Coulet142028$114.99
20122012 Francois Carillon Puligny Montrachet Les Folatieres 1er Cru 750MLDomaine Francois Carillon155388$114.99
20132013 Sea Smoke Chardonnay Streamside Futures 750MLSea Smoke162443$114.99
20112011 Domaine Paul Pernot Puligny-Montrachet Les Pucelles Premier Cru 750MLDomaine Paul Pernot151162$114.99
20052005 Jadot Pommard Les Rugiens 750MLLouis Jadot190257$115.00
NASix Bottle Box SetWally's Gift Baskets47640$115.00
NASterling Royal Caviar 50 GrSterling Caviar13095$115.00
NAPetrossian Royal Transmontanous Farmed Caviar 50grPetrossian135735$115.00
19991999 Chateau Monbousquet 750MLChateau Monbousquet190143$115.00
NADassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 720MLUnknown147633$115.99
20092009 Chateau Suduiraut 750MLChateau Suduiraut122873$117.99
19851985 Dows Vintage Port 750MLDow's16749$119.99
20122012 Descendientes de J. Palacios Moncerbal 750MLPalacios (Alvaro)161388$119.99
20122012 Descendientes de J.Palacios Lamas 750MLPalacios (Alvaro)161389$119.99
20032003 Darroze Domaine de Monturon 11 year Bas-Armagnac (49.7%ABV) 750MLDarroze Armagnac160512$119.99
19891989 Baron de Lustrac Bas Armagnac (bottled 2014) 750MLBaron De Lustrac157521$119.99
20082008 Guigal St. Joseph Vignes de l' Hospice 750MLE. Guigal139837$119.999192
20112011 Leonetti Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLLeonetti Cellar Winery154985$119.99
20132013 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Abbott Claim Vineyard 1.5LKen Wright Cellars159714$119.99
20132013 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Canary Hill 1.5LKen Wright Cellars163041$119.99
20122012 Crocker & Starr Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLCrocker & Starr Wines163114$119.99
19901990 Moraga Bel-Air Red 750MLMoraga Winery160625$119.99
19921992 Moraga Bel-Air Red 750MLMoraga Winery160627$119.99
NVOverture by Opus One 750MLOpus One Winery165289$119.99
19981998 Lail Vineyards J Daniel Cuvee 750MLLail Vineyards157064$119.99
20022002 Araujo Syrah 750MLAraujo Estate Wines160494$119.99
NABook The Climats and Lieux- Dits of the Great Vineyards of BurgundyGeneric165222$119.99
20132013 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Westside Road Neighbors 750MLWilliams Selyem Winery161741$119.99
20082008 DuMol Pinot Noir Estate 750MLDuMol Wines133650$119.99
20092009 DuMol Pinot Noir Estate 750MLDuMol Wines141931$119.9993
20132013 Aubert Chardonnay Sonoma Coast Futures 750MLAubert Vineyard164320$119.99
20122012 Aubert Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750MLAubert Vineyard157721$119.99
20122012 Aubert Chardonnay Carneros 750MLAubert Vineyard157722$119.99
20052005 Martinelli Zinfandel Jackass Hill 750MLMartinelli Vineyards & Winery (Ca.)109208$119.99
20122012 Aubert Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 750MLAubert Vineyard161442$119.99
20082008 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5LJordan Vineyard & Winery162741$119.99
20032003 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLDunn Vineyards154467$119.99
20092009 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve 750MLBeringer Vineyards151249$119.999391
20052005 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 750MLDunn Vineyards103869$119.99
19701970 Oakville Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLOakville Ranch19265$119.99
19991999 Dolce By Far Niente 750MLFar Niente Winery160481$119.99
NAThe Glencairn Whiskey DecanterGeneric153994$119.99
20122012 Domaine de la Pousse d'Or Corton Clos du Roi Grand Cru 750MLGeneric156221$119.99
20082008 Stone Edge Farm Cabernet Sauvignon 750MLGeneric161196$119.99
20122012 Devil Proof Malbec 750MLGeneric159913$119.9994
20072007 Arteis Brut Rose 750MLGeneric158875$119.99
20072007 Stella di Campalto Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric163906$119.99
20132013 Rivers Marie Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Futures 750MLGeneric164281$119.99
NAMaison Surrenne distillerie Galtaud Cognac 750MLGeneric106961$119.99
20112011 Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes 750MLGeneric152840$119.999693
19901990 Campogiovanni Brunello di Montalcino 750MLGeneric153637$119.99
19761976 Ch Coutet 375ML (Half Bottle)Chateau Coutet133237$119.99
20142014 Chateau L Evangile Futures 750MLChateau Evangile163207$119.99
20112011 Chateau Rauzan Segla 750MLChateau Rauzan/Rausan-Segla144601$119.999392
20062006 Quilceda Creek Palengat Vineyard Red 750MLQuilceda Creek Vintners Inc.160994$119.99
20072007 Chateau Pichon Lalande 750MLChateau Pichon Lalande101948$119.99
NVAecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Smokemalt (80 proof) 750MLAecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier151246$119.99
20062006 Arietta H Block Hudson Vineyards 750MLArietta Wines157120$119.99
20062006 Arietta Variation One 750MLArietta Wines157121$119.99
20102010 Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino 750MLValdicava161428$119.9996
20122012 Donnhoff Riesling Trocken Felsenberg Felsenturmchen Grosses Gewachs 1.5LDonnhoff Estate153807$119.99
20072007 Usseglio Chateauneuf du Pape Tradition 1.5LUsseglio Pere et Fils (Pierre)111567$119.99
20092009 Henri Boillot Pommard Les Rugiens 750MLDomaine Boillot (Jean and Maison Henri)136530$119.99
NAJewel of Russia Ultra Vodka 1LJewel of Russia40092$119.99
20112011 Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte144602$119.99
20122012 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 750MLChateau Smith Haut Lafitte149142$119.9995
NVDel Maguey Wild Tepeztate Single Village Mezcal 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.152136$119.99
NVDel Maguey Barril Mezcal 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.162335$119.99
NVDel Maguey Madrecuixe Mezcal 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.162336$119.99
NVDel Maguey San Luis del Rio Special Cask Finish Mezcal (20 year Stitzel Weller 750MLDel Maguey Ltd.163904$119.99
20092009 Jadot Vosne Romanee Les Suchots 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136499$119.99
20092009 Jadot Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)136500$119.99
20102010 Jadot Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts 750MLDomaine Jadot (Louis)145100$119.99
20092009 Close des Papes Blanc 750MLClos des Papes132299$119.9995
NVThe Balvenie 15 year Sherry Single Barrel Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBalvenie Distillery157518$119.99
NVBowmore 10 year Dorus Mor Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLBowmore Malt Scotch151173$119.99
20042004 Caol Ila Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky by Gordon & McPhail 750MLCaol Ila Distillery165394$119.99
20012001 Caol Ila Hermitage Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky by Gordon & McPhail 750MLCaol Ila Distillery165393$119.99
20102010 Chateau Du Tertre 1.5LChateau du Tertre141139$119.99
NAGlenmorangie 18year Malt Scotch 750MLGlenmorangie Company10610$119.99
NVGlenmorangie Tusail Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlenmorangie Company162162$119.99
NVThe Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 2 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLGlendronach Distillery154948$119.99
NALittlemill Hart Brothers 16 year Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (92 proof) 750MLLittlemill Distillery140100$119.99
NASpringbank 15 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLSpringbank Distillery10993$119.99
NVSpringbank 12 year Green Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 750MLSpringbank Distillery161833$119.99
20032003 Chateau Haut Bailly 750MLChateau Haut Bailly28969$119.999088
20112011 Chateau Haut Bailly 750MLChateau Haut Bailly144566$119.99
20122012 Chateau La Conseillante Futures 750MLChateau Conseillante149255$119.99
20132013 Chateau La Fleur Petrus Futures 750MLChateau Fleur Petrus157645$119.99
20092009 La Chapelle de La Mission Haut Brion 750MLChateau La Mission Haut-Brion124746$119.99
20112011 Tollot Beaut Corton Bressandes 750MLDomaine Tollot Beaut & Fils158330$119.99
19971997 Poliziano Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Asinone 1.5LPoliziano Winery163573$119.99
20112011 Casa Lapostolle Clos Apalta 750MLCasa Lapostolle (Chile)161584$119.99
20092009 La Clarte de Haut Brion Blanc 750MLChateau Haut Brion124749$119.99
19821982 Ch Prieure Lichine 750MLChateau Prieure Lichine154010$119.99
19991999 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle 750MLMaison Paul Jaboulet160048$119.99
20092009 Jaboulet Cornas Domaine St Pierre 750MLMaison Paul Jaboulet140428$119.9995
NVOsocalis XO Alambic Brandy (Bottling No. 2) 750MLUNKNOWN152570$119.99
20092009 Paolo Scavino Barolo Cannubi 750MLUNKNOWN159637$119.9994
NVTequila Joe's Anejo 750MLUNKNOWN162766$119.99
20092009 Fonterenza Brunello di Montalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159111$119.99
20092009 Fonterenza Brunello di Motalcino 750MLUNKNOWN159121$119.99
NVLongrow "Red" Port Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750MLLongrow Distillery160356$119.99
20122012 Le Pupille Saffredi Futures 750MLFattoria Le Pupille164050$119.99
20092009 Domaine Laroche Les Clos Chablis Grand Cru 750MLDomaine Laroche150089$119.99
20002000 Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum 750MLUNKNOWN165384$119.99
20062006 Drouhin Beaune Clos des Mouches 750MLMaison Joseph Drouhin153630$119.99
20132013 Kosta Browne Chardonnay 750MLKosta Browne Winery162145$119.99
20022002 Whispering Dove Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 750MLWhispering Dove157107$119.99
20082008 Felton Road 1.5LFelton Road Wines Ltd.124111$119.999092
NVKing Car Whisky (Tawainese Single Malt) 750MLUNKNOWN156352$119.99
19851985 Graham's Porto Vintage 750MLGraham's Port160621$119.99
20122012 Amon-Ra Shiraz by Ben Glaetzer 750MLGlaetzer Wines Pty Ltd.151954$119.9997
NADelamotte Brut Le Mesnil 1.5LDelamotte Champagne142351$119.99
20122012 Jadot Meursault Genevrieres 750MLLouis Jadot157822$119.99
20122012 Domaine des Heritiers Louis Jadot Corton Pougets Grand Cru 750MLLouis Jadot157808$119.99
20122012 Jadot Gevrey Chambertin Petite Chapelle 750MLLouis Jadot157799$119.99
20112011 Aalto Pagos Seleccionados 750MLAalto Wines158445$119.99
20052005 Coup De Foudre Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 750MLCoup De Foudre Winery32847$119.9992
20022002 Dillon 10 year Single Cask Rum from Duncan Taylor (109 proof) 750MLDuncan Taylor & Co. Ltd.152055$119.99
20002000 Mount Gay 12 year Rum from Duncan Taylor 750MLDuncan Taylor & Co. Ltd.159021$119.99
NAChateau Latour Hardcover Book Editions Xavier BarralChateau Latour158090$119.99
19901990 Poggio Salvi Brunello di Montalcino 750MLPoggio Salvi Winery Villa153646$119.99
20092009 Pierre Peters Brut Cuvee Speciale Les Chetillons 750MLPierre Peters164442$119.99
20132013 Paul Pernot Puligny Montrachet Les Pucelles Futures 750MLDomaine Paul Pernot163488$119.99
20122012 Clos St. Jean Combe des Fous 750MLClos St. Jean158686$119.99
20112011 Sea Smoke Sea Spray Blanc de Noirs 750MLSea Smoke148124$119.99
20122012 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5LFaust Winery161137$119.99
20012001 CastellIn Villa Chianti Classico Riserva 750MLCastell'in Villa165324$119.99
20102010 Keller Riesling Auslese Absterde Goldkapsel 750MLWeingut Keller155642$119.99
20112011 Keller Frauenberg Spatburgunder Grosses Gewachs Pinot Noir 750MLWeingut Keller153690$119.99
20042004 Domaine Matrot Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Combettes 750MLDomaine Matrot182890$120.00
NAZalto Decanter AxiumZalto149846$120.00
19981998 Domaine de l'Arlot Nuits Saint Georges Clos de l'Arlot 750MLDomaine de l'Arlot158253$120.00
19991999 Domaine de l'Arlot Nuits-Saint-Georges Clos de l'Arlot Blanc 750MLDomaine de l'Arlot182789$120.00
19991999 Nikolaihof Riesling Smaragd Im Weingebirge Jungfernwein Suss 750MLNikolaihof181355$120.00
20062006 Franz Hirtzberger Riesling Smaragd Singerriedel 750MLFranz Hirtzberger181274$120.00
20052005 Blain Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 750MLBLAIN GAGNARD158169$120.00
20042004 Jadot Nuits Saint Georges Les Boudots 750MLLouis Jadot190230$120.00
20052005 Faiveley Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Chaignots 750MLDomaine Faiveley182566$120.00
20052005 Domaine des Chezeaux Gevrey-Chambertin Lavaux-Saint-Jacques 750MLDomaine Chezeaux158192$120.00
20052005 Bruno Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Vergers 750MLBruno Colin182347$120.00
20092009 Domaine Ponsot Chambolle-Musigny Cuvee des Cigales 750MLDomaine Ponsot186011$120.00
20032003 Domaine des Relagnes Chateauneuf du Pape Les Petits Pieds d'Armand 750MLDomaine Relagnes190260$120.00
20042004 Domaine Francois Mikulski Meursault 1er Cru Les Poruzots 750MLDomaine Mikulski (Francois)182913$120.00
20072007 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 750MLJJ Prum182033$120.00
19951995 Nigl Riesling Reid Hochacker Urgesteins 750MLWeingut Nigl181348$120.00
20062006 Domaine Jean Grivot Nuits Saint Georges Ronciere 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)183247$120.00
20062006 Domaine Jean Grivot Nuits St. Georges Les Boudots 750MLDomaine Grivot (Jean)183525$120.00
20042004 Domaine de Courcel Pommard 1er Cru Les Rugiens 750MLDomaine de Courcel (Madame)182392$120.00
20082008 Chateau Pavie Macquin 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin190167$120.00
20062006 Chateau Pavie Macquin 750MLChateau Pavie Macquin190162$120.00
NVVeuve Rose BasketWally's Gift Baskets159759$120.00
NVPursued By Bear BasketWally's Gift Baskets157424$120.00
NVCrystal Head BasketWally's Gift Baskets157425$120.00
NVBelgian Brew TubWally's Gift Baskets157438$120.00
20052005 Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet Clos