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Roederer Louis (France)

Louis Roederer

Louis Roederer is one of the largest remaining independent champagne houses owned by the same family since it was founded in 1776.

In the period 1832 – 1870, under the direction of Louis Roederer, the house gained top ranking world wide with sales of 2,500,000 bottles, including 390,000 in the United States and 660,000 in Russia. Louis Roederer II, who had succeeded his father, in 1886 created the Cristal cuvee for Tsar Alexander II. Before its creation, the Tsar (a champagne connoisseur), was displeased that the champagne served at his table was indistinguishable to those consumed in homes of his courtiers. Thus the creation of the Cristal cuvee.

In 1909 Tsar Nicholas II nominated Louis Roederer as the official supplier to the Imperial Court of Russia.
The Chateau policy at Louis Roederer is driven by commitment to quality and consistent style that always takes precedence over quantity. The volume of wine produced each year depends on expert vineyard management, a rigid set of qualitative criteria and mother nature’s willingness to comply with these requirements.

Control of the grape supply is of paramount concern. At least two-thirds of the grapes must come from the House’s own vineyards, a strict enforcement policy that is modeled on the methods applying to the Bordeaux Grands Crus classes. Therefore the number of bottles that can be produced and sold each year is limited.
Yields from each individual parcel, village or cru are always vinified separately, partly in small tanks & partly in wooden vats. 

Finally, there are the finishing touches: the addition of the superb reserve wines that only the House of Louis Roederer ages in oak vats; the meticulous selection of a remarkable range of dosage liqueurs and the ever-long ageing of the wines in the cellar after disgorgement.

Each vine is scrutinized by a team of four dozen workers who monitor every change in climate to protect the vines from frost, disease or harsh elements. Cold winter months are used to tying-back and pruning. Spring will see workers concentrating on training and disbudding. All throughout summer, until the critical harvest season, grapes concentrate with sugar and reach their final colors of maturity. Once again, Roederer has practiced quality over quantity and when July comes and workers see an abundance or grape, they will systematically sacrifice clusters which in then will encourage better maturity of clusters left behind which will ultimately be made into memorable cuvees.

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95 WS
Roederer Brut Premier   750ML ,Roederer  Louis (France)

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