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Gordon & MacPhail

Gordon & McPhail is an ancient house of Elgin, in the heart of the Speyside region. The society was founded in 1895 by James Gordon and John Alexander McPhail. The originality of their business was the combination of a grocery with a wine and spirit business. The grocery is still active nowadays. John Urquhart joined them from the very first year and he was dealing with the whisky business. His grand children are still owners of the company. James Gordon and John McPhail were pioneers in the marketing of single malt outside the Highlands. Single malt was the most appreciated in Scotland, while the international markets preferred the blends, because more predictable Their policy was from the beginning to buy new whisky at renowned distilleries and to mature it in casks they select themselves. They bottle the whisky at the moment they decide it has reached the best quality level possible. The results of this policy is that they have now lots of rare whiskies, because they are maturing in their own warehouses (some of them are over the 50 years), or because the producing distillery has disappeared since a long time. Gordon & McPhail use(d) to add caramel to their bottlings, in order to obtain a more intense colour.

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