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Quintarelli Giuseppe

For 100 years this small producer from the Veneto has been exporting limited quantities to the U.S. The absolute traditionalist has not changed the techniques set by his father. As those who are familiar with Quintarelli know, he creates miracles in off vintages and legends when Mother Nature shines - and in 1995 and 1997 she did just that, rivaling her efforts of 1990 and perhaps 1976 or 1985. Combine that with the inherent quality of the terroir and the natural talent of this master, whose concept of vintage approval and strict grape selection rivals the great Chateaux of Sauternes. He releases his wines when he deems it appropriate (in exceptional vintages like these he will exceed his standard six years) and lets his wines spend further time in large Slavonian oak casks until they finish all of their fermentations, which is why we are just beginning to see the 1997 Amarone and 1995 Recioto. The end result of this equation is a wine unlike any other in the world. If you are an enthusiast new to Quintarelli, there is no better way to get acclimated than with the 1997 Valpolicella or 1997 Ca' del Merlo. For collectors you have many great choices accentuated by the Amarone – which he produces only in exceptional vintages; the Recioto – Giuseppe’s passion and what he considers his greatest challenge and achievement; and the Alzero – the rare and brilliant take on Cabernet Franc which I can only describe as Cheval Blanc on steroids. If you want to experience Quintarelli often, then the Primofiore and Bianco Secco are ideal wines for the upcoming season.

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2005 Quintarelli Rosso Ca Del Merlo 750ML
Regular Price:$90.00
Our Price: $80.99

2008 Quintarelli Rosso Ca Del Merlo 750ML
Regular Price:$90.00
Our Price: $80.99

2015 Quintarelli Bianco Secco 1.5L
Regular Price:$94.99
Our Price: $85.49

2008 Quintarelli Rosso Ca Del Merlo 1.5L
Regular Price:$230.00
Our Price: $206.99

2004 Quintarelli Recioto Valpolclla 750ML
Regular Price:$349.99
Our Price: $314.99

2007 Quintarelli Amarone 750ML
Regular Price:$360.00
Our Price: $323.99

2007 Quintarelli Amarone 3L
Regular Price:$1,599.99
Our Price: $1,439.99