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Seresin Estate (Michael Seresin)

Since the beginning, our aim at Seresin has been to grow grapes and make wine in the most natural way possible. We have followed organic principles in the vineyard since the beginning and have focused strongly on it since 1998. This is not for marketing purposes, rather because of Michael's long-held beliefs and his personal preference of organic produce and products. In addition, we want the vineyards to be healthier for future generations. We are now pleased to announce that the estate vineyard has completed its transition period and is now fully certified by Bio-grow. Bio-grow is a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) based in Germany and is continually scrutinised and reviewed to ensure compliance with international standards. Our next steps are to complete certification of both the Tatou and Raupo Creek vineyards and to extend the bio-dynamic techniques that are already in use throughout the vineyards.

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