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Chateau Moulin Rouge

Enticing smoky aromas wiht hins of herbaceous, almost pine aromas. Mases of liquorice and great ripe rich fruit with huge tannins. Good velvety structure and succulent perume on the finish. 4 Stars Decanter. Château du Moulin Rouge commands an estate of some 25 hectares with 16 planted to vines. It has been the property of the same family for more than two centuries as several deeds executed by notary show, including one dated 1749. Its vineyard is situated on the last gravel slope to be crossed by the “route des châteaux du Médoc” before it enters the famous commune of Saint-Julien-Beychevelle coming from Margaux. It is planted to those premium grapes required to produce the best quality Haut-Médoc controlled appellation wines. Made and aged in the same traditional way as those which are the pride of the neighbouring grand crus, its wines are outstanding for their extreme finesse and special bouquet. The quality goes on getting better with bottle-ageing and generally reaches its peak between the eighth and twelfth year depending upon the vintage. Annual production is 90 Bordeaux tonneaux of wine which is aged and bottled at the château taking every necessary precaution. Château du Moulin Rouge has obtained numerous medals as a recompense for the qualities which rank it among the most appreciated of the Haut-Médoc Crus Bourgeois. Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, Cabernet franc 5%, Merlot noir 50%

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