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Petrossian Caviar Alverta President 30grams

Petrossian Caviar Alverta President 30grams

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Product Information:

Petrossian Caviar Alverta President 30 grams
It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of an extraordinary new caviar, Alverta President! this exclusive caviar from mature, white sturgeon farmed in Northern California offers a medium bead lighter in hue, a pleasingly firm grain, and a nutty, buttery flavor that rivals the finest Tsar Imperial Ossetra. It is sure to promise the caviar lover an exquisite experience.
Common Caviar Questions:
What to serve Caviar with?
When serving caviar use nonmetallic utensils. Metal and especially silver utensils may impart a metallic taste to the caviar. The most elegant way to serve caviar is with mother of pearl, shell or bone spoons. If those are not available plastic serving ware is very suitable.
How to eat Caviar?
Caviar is commonly served on plain bread or toast with cream cheese, crème fraîshe, or sour cream. Toast points can be made by toasting white bread, removing the crust and cutting the toast into small triangles. Add a small amount of the cream cheese then a dollop of caviar. Additionally, traditional accompaniments include finely chopped red onion, chopped boiled egg, capers or chives. These can each be served in a small bowl which is placed around the caviar, toast and cream cheese allowing your guest to make their own combination. Prepared appetizers can be set up with any combination of these accompaniments.
Historically, small pancakes called blinis are eaten with caviar. These pancakes can be made with wheat or buckwheat flour. Small potato pancakes are great. You can even make little cakes of fried hashbrowns to cover with sour cream and caviar.
What to drink with Caviar?
Traditional beverages to serve with caviar include ice cold Vodka or a dry Champagne. A dry white wine works quite well also. We haven’t found just the right beer to drink with caviar but we haven’t given up on that one yet. We’re sure there is one out there.
No matter how you eat premium quality caviar, or when you serve it, it is always a special moment and should always be relished.
How much caviar to buy?
Here are some ball park guidelines to start with. For eating caviar straight out of the jar or tin and real caviar enthusiasts are your guests, figure at least 15 to 30grams per person. If you are serving appetizers with caviar on top and you want to taste the caviar over the other ingredients on the appetizer, use a dollop of a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of caviar.
You can get between 8 to 10 - 1/2 teaspoon servings per 30 grams of caviar. For a touch of caviar, more as a garnish, use 1/4 teaspoon or less. You can get about 20 - 1/4 teaspoon servings per 30 gram of caviar. These are only suggestions. It really depends on you, your guests and how much you are able to spend. When caviar is the focus of your treats at your gathering then the more the merrier.
What are the types of cavair?
Ossetra (Osetra or Asetra) Caviar is dark grey-brown and sometimes even golden. Its tender walnut- flavour makes it a highly demanded delicacies by gourmets world wide. The Osetra sturgeon is slightly smaller than the Beluga sturgeon. This caviar has a firmer texture than the more delicate Beluga. A rare form of Ossetra caviar is Golden Ossetra, it has a golden yellow color and is very rich in flavor. Asetra is somewhere between Beluga and Sevruga in size.

Beluga Caviar, being very scarce, is difficult to obtain more than one thousand units in each fishing season. The colour of caviar obtained from Beluga varies from dark to very light grey. The lighter the colour, the higher its value. Beluga caviar is also highly valued for the large size of the eggs and their extremely thin membrane. The best (and costliest) is from the beluga sturgeon that swim in the Caspian Sea, which is bordered by Russia and Iran. Beluga caviar is prized for its soft, extremely large (pea-size) eggs. It can range in color from pale silver-gray to black. Next in quality is the medium-size, gray to brownish gray osetra, and the smaller, gray sevruga caviar. The small, golden sterlet caviar is so rare that it was once reserved for Russian czars.
Sevruga is a gorgeous slim fish with a nose pointing slightly upwards and quite visible bones on each side. It is about 1 meter long and weighs between 15 and 25 kilos. Sevruga caviar, highly valued for its incomparable flavour and aroma, is from dark to light grey and the eggs are small.
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