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Fine Cheese Company Charcoal Crackers 150g

Fine Cheese Company Charcoal Crackers 150g

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Product Information:

The New Black (Cracker). Put the science of the charcoal cracker aside for a moment. But in truth, the manufacturer does have a point; charcoal crackers are striking and even lovely to look at, especially when topped with a slice of something colorful or gooey. Charcoal crackers may just make a cameo appearance in a fashion-forward cheese course near you. The charcoal in the recipe strips the high-note, tangy flavors from the flour, leaving behind a crunchy and savory cracker that tastes every bit like something that is not supposed to be eaten on its own. And none of this is new–charcoal crackers have been available in the US and UK for more than two centuries, although they have only recently begun to come back into vogue. Nineteenth century doctors prescribed them for gastrointestinal distress, relying on activated charcoal’s ability to latch on to small molecules and carry them out of the digestive tract.

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