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Michel Cluizel Nuanciers Crus de Plantation Discs 240g (70 pieces)

Michel Cluizel Nuanciers Crus de Plantation Discs 240g (70 pieces)

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Product Information:

Michel Cluizel has been a chocolate specialist since 1948 and one of the rare producers in the world to work on cocoa broad beans. He produces exceptional chocolates with his four children in the Southern Normandy plant in France. Cluizel's chocolate is used around the world by chocolatiers as preferred couverture for their fine chocolate confections.

Michel Cluizel's new tasting Presentation Box contains 70 chocolate tasting disks: 50 dark chocolate and 20 milk chocolate. The two-layer box contains 7 rows of disks, each row composed of a cocoa from a different country. The sampler box contains some of the world's most exquisite milk and 72% chocolate made from cacao beans from around the world.

Cluizel 240g collection of 70 fine milk and dark single-origin chocolate tasting discs. The selection includes solid Mangaro and Maralumi milk chocolates, as well as Vila Gracinda, Los Ancones, Mangaro, Maralumi, and Concepcion dark chocolates.

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