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  • Please describe the wine you would like to consign and the best time (with time zone) and method to contact you. Thank you!

Consign With Us


We know your collection is as much a passion as it is an investment. When the time comes to sell your hard-earned wine investments, you deserve to receive maximum return. Now is the time to sell all or a portion of your cellar and Wally’s is here to help. We are currently seeking consignments for well-stored fine wines & spirits. To receive an appraisal, inventory consultation, consign, or make other general inquiries please contact Eric Shea at or 310-475-0606 ext.167

Why Sell With Wally’s?
We reach the largest audience for fine & rare wines. Wally’s takes your collection to market at a premium price and finds the right buyer through our retail and restaurant channels. Your collection is exposed to a larger number of potential buyers who can browse at their convenience, which will result in a higher return on your investment.

What is The Selling Process?
No matter the size or depth of your collection, our acquisition professionals will work with you through each step of the way to make sure that the experience is as easy as possible. The four steps below are a basic outline of the selling process. We do realize that each situation is unique so please do not hesitate to contact our acquisition specialists with specific questions.

Create a List:
Make a list of all the wines you are interested in selling. An excel spreadsheet works best. If you do not already have a list we have an excel template to help you get started. We will need the below basic information for each wine that you would like to sell:
-Producer Name
-Special Designation/Vineyard
-Bottle Size
-Number of Bottles
-Bottle Condition (i.e. fill level, label notes)

Submit your collection for appraisal:
Once you have a complete inventory email your list to Eric Shea at or call 310-475-0606 ext.167. E-mail submissions will be acknowledged by our team within 24 hours.

Packing & Shipping Your Collection:
We handle all of the door-to-door logistics for packing and transporting your collection. We provide the most efficient and reliable shipping solution for your wine collection. If you live in the Los Angeles Area, our cellar team can pick-up and pack your collection at no charge.

Bottle Inspection & Payment:
Once your collection has arrived in our warehouse, our cellar team will inspect each bottle by hand to confirm identity and condition. After inspection, our acquisitions team will send a final quote for consignment and any terms agreed upon in the sales contract will begin at that time. For more information email Eric Shea at or call 310-475-0606 ext.167.