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King Salmon with Ricotta Gnocchi & Mushroom Herb Infusion | Recipe

June 5, 2019

Executive Chef Ryan Kluver leads the kitchen at both Wally’s Beverly Hills and Wally’s Santa Monica and is passionate about highlighting quality, seasonal ingredients in every dish he creates! Read below for his bright and decadent Spring King Salmon Recipe (and the perfect wine pairing to go with it!)


by Chef Ryan Kluver

Ingredients (Serves 4)

• 4 filets wild salmon

• Olive oil

• Salt and pepper

• Lemon

• 2tbl unsalted butter

• 1 recipe ricotta gnocchi

• 1lb chanterelle mushrooms, or a mix of wild mushroom

• 4c mixed spring peas; Sugar Snap, Snow and English

• 1/2 tbl chopped garlic

• 1 tbl minced chives


1. Pre heat oven to 375 degrees

2. In a medium sauce pot heat mushroom and herb infusion to a slight simmer. Hold for final service.

3. Heat an oven safe cast iron pan over medium high heat. Season salmon filets with olive oil, salt and pepper. Sear filets in hot pan until golden brown and transfer to oven to continue cooking to desired temperature; about 3 minutes for medium rare, 5 minutes for medium, 7 minutes medium well. Remove salmon from oven and set aside for final plating.

4. While salmon is cooking in oven heat large nonstick sauté pan over high heat. Add 1 tbl of butter and sauté gnocchi until golden brown and crispy, remove from pan and return pan to heat. Add remaining 1tbl butter and sauté mushrooms until golden and add mix of spring peas. Cook vegetables until beginning to color and return gnocchi to pan. Stir in chopped garlic, cook about 30 seconds and remove from heat. Off heat add in chopped chives and stir through out.

To serve place gnocchi and peas in 4 large pasta bowls, set salmon filets on top and scatter optional herb garnish around. Pour hot mushroom broth over herbs and allow to infuse 30 seconds. Pour hot broth over salmon and vegetables.



• 1 cup fine grated Parmesan

• 1 cup ricotta

• 2 whole eggs

• 2 egg yolks

• 1 1/2c ap flour

• 1 tbl chopped thyme

• Salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste


In a large mixing bowl combine Parmesan, ricotta, whole eggs and yolks, salt, pepper, grated nutmeg. Mix in ap flour and stir to form soft, smooth dough. Roll dough out into gnocchi and blanch in boiling salted water until floating at the surface and cooked through. Remove gnocchi, cool on an oiled tray and set aside until ready to use.



• 8 oz mixed mushrooms

• 2 cups filtered water

• 1 leek, white part only, split in half

• 1 bay leaf

• 1 branch celery, chopped

• 2 cloves peeled and smashed

• 1 piece kombu

• White soy or tamari to taste


Herb pot for infusion; including optional mix of soft herbs including lemon thyme, lemon balm, dill, chive, spring garlic, lemon verbena.

For mushroom broth combine mushrooms, water, leek, garlic, celery, bay leaf and kombu in a medium sauce pot and cover with lid. Bring to a simmer and cook over a low flame for 30 minutes. Strain broth into clean pot and season to taste with white soy. Hold broth until ready to serve and pour over herb pot the surface and cooked through. Remove gnocchi, cool on an oiled tray and set aside until ready to use.

TO SERVE place gnocchi and peas in 4 large pasta bowls, set salmon filets on top and scatter optional herb garnish around. Pour hot mushroom broth over herbs and allow to infuse 30 seconds. Pour hot broth over salmon and vegetables.


2018 Hampton Water Rosé

Wally's Price: $25.00

Hand-picked and crafted to perfection, Hampton Water Rosé is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvedre grapes. Gorgeous strawberry, raspberry, and melon flavors delight the palate while its bright, crisp acidity leads to a mouthwatering finish. Elegant and smooth, yet incredibly refreshing makes Hampton Water Rosé the perfect pairing for light, spring dishes at all of your backyard soirées!

Wally's Executive Chef, Ryan Kluver

Our Favorite Rosé Wines to Enjoy in the Springtime

June 5, 2019

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and garden parties, wedding showers, and spring holidays are all around the corner. Now is the perfect time to stock your cellar with fresh spring picks to quench your thirst now and through the sweltering summer months! Selected by Wally’s expert buyers specializing in domestic and international wines - the list below is what we’ll be enjoying as the sun begins to shine again, and represent the top of the line at every price point.

2018 Hampton Water Rosé

Wally's Price: $25.00

Hampton Water is the newest superstar on the rosé scene and definitely a Wally’s favorite! This stunning wine is an incredible collaboration between our friends Jon Bon Jovi, his son Jesse Bongiovi, and famed French winemaker, Gerard Bertrand. Wine Spectator recently named Hampton Water the best rosé of 2018 and for good reason. Hand-picked and crafted to perfection, it is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grapes. Gorgeous strawberry, raspberry, and melon flavors delight the palate while its bright, crisp acidity leads to a mouthwatering finish. Elegant and smooth, yet incredibly refreshing makes Hampton Water Rosé the perfect pairing for all of your backyard soirées!

2017 Miraval Rosé

Wally's price: $25.00

Pitt, Jolie, Perrin. Since it’s inception, this co-production between Hollywood and Rhone royalty has been a smash hit. It’s beautifully balanced and one of the best Provence roses on the market full stop!

2017 Liquid Farm Vogelzang Vineyard Rosé

Wally's price: $28.00

Made with inspiration from Bandol and Provence, and with notes of rose petals, wet stone, tea leaves, and peachskin on the nose and blood orange and strawberry on the palate, this rosé is light as air, crisp, clean, and delightfully refreshing. Just what we'll be reaching for as the days start to heat up!

2017 Tyler Santa Barbara County Rosé

Wally's price: $28.00

Nestled in Santa Barbara County, Tyler Vineyards produce some of the best wines in the Central Coast. Released in very small batches each year, the 2017 Tyler Rosé is a bright acidic treat that won't last long!

2017 Tayson Pierce Rothchild Rosé

Wally's Price: $29.00

Tayson Pierce has contracts with some of the most hallowed names in Napa including Stagecoach Vineyard and Hudson Vineyard. This fantastic rose was one of the best California roses we've tried this year.

La Bulle de La Coste Extra Brut Rosé

Wally's price: $33.00

From Chateau La Coste comes something a bit different from your regular Provence Rose. This lovely sparkling Rose marries the refreshing character of a Provence Rose with the fun and celebratory feel of Rose Champagne. At $33 this is a delightfully different take on Provence Roseand a great value.

2016 Clos Cibonne Tibouren Rosé Cuvee Speciale des Vignettes

Wally's price: $35.00

Clos Cibonne is one of the few vineyards producing the enigmatic Tibouren varietal that produces incredibly rich and complex roses. The Cuvee Speciale des Vignettes is a selection of their oldest vines. One of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking Roses in the world.

2017 Domaines Ott Rosé Clos Mireille Provence

Wally's price: $55.00

This one needs little introduction. The king of Provence Rose produces three different estate Roses. This one from the Clos Mireille estate is a more delicate expression of Luxury rose, a beautiful choice for summer that drinks like a whisper.

2017 Tempier Bandol Rosé

Wally's price: $60.00

The finest name in Bandol Rose, Tempier produces this amazing quality Rose that can actually improve over the course of a few years in the cellar.

2016 Chateau d'Esclans Garrus Rosé

Wally's price: $110.00

The world’s most exclusive luxury Rose, Chateau d’Esclans’ Garrus is produced from their oldest hilltop vines. This is the ne plus ultra of Luxury Provence Rose.

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June 4, 2019

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Our Guide to The Art of Collecting Wine

April 30, 2019

For investors looking to diversify their portfolio, wine offers an asset class comparable to art, cars, and jewelry. However, it’s obviously the most delicious thing to collect (what other asset class can you enjoy with white truffle tagliolini?) If you do it right, wine can pay serious returns! Read on for the tools and tricks to set yourself up for wine collecting success.


Wine is a living thing, which means it needs to be properly cared for to perform at its best. The first step to caring for your wine is to have proper storage space. Wine storage vessels can range from 10 bottle fridges to entire rooms, but the most critical thing is to keep your wines in a cool, dark environment with a temperature of about 55 degrees and approximately 70% humidity. If you don’t want to invest in home storage, there are numerous professional wine storage facilities that can take care of all the hard work for you. It’s also important to figure out how much room you need. As a rule of thumb- you will always need more room than you think because once you acquire the “wine collecting bug” it’s hard going back. Make sure to also leave extra room in your cellar for new regions and styles of wine as your tastes may change. At first, juicy California Zinfandels may make your taste buds dance. However, as your tastes evolve you may find yourself gravitating towards earthy Italian reds or ethereal Burgundies.


Balance and variety are also key when building a wine collection. You want to ensure that you always have wine that is ready to drink. After all, life is short, and a delicious bottle of wine can turn a terrible day into a spectacular one. You also want to have a collection of age worthy wines with a drinking window of at least 10+ years (especially if you are interested in collecting as an investment). Some high-end, expensive wines, especially from California, can be very tempting to open when they are young because they can be pretty darn pleasurable. However, quality wines are made to age and patience will surely be rewarded with additional cellar time. Fine wines from old world regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy generally always need at least 3-5 years before they can be opened and enjoyed. With patience, these varietals can really go the distance of 20, 30 and sometimes even 50 years.


When sourcing wines, you want to make sure that you are buying either directly from the wine estate or reputable merchants. Certain reputable wine merchants, such as Wally’s, receive direct allocations from the vineyards and importers on release. This means that their clients receive priority access to allocations that would otherwise be impossible to acquire. Wally’s also has a deep inventory of rare, library vintages that are always exciting for collectors to purchase. Signing up for winery direct mailing lists is also a good idea to ensure perfect provenance. However, keep in mind, that sometimes it can take 10 years or more to receive an allocation from wineries such as Colgin, Sine Qua Non, or Screaming Eagle. Buying at auction is another avenue to go. Some of the rarest wines in the world can only be acquired at wine auctions. Famed auction houses such as Christie’s conduct both live & online auctions around the world and throughout the year.Wine Auctions in the U.S. have continued to grow at 6% year on year, bringing its revenue share to 56%-it’s highest ever.


For the best investments, collect wines that have a truly global secondary demand. For example, first growth Bordeaux (Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour, Chateau Haut Brion) as well as top Right Bank Bordeaux (Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau Petrus) have provided sound returns for centuries. The top burgundies (Domaine de la Romanee Conti, Leroy, and Rousseau) have performed well over the past twenty-five years. California producers such as Screaming Eagle, Colgin, Harlan Estate, and Scarecrow, are also becoming more valuable each year.You want to focus on buying the best vintages from top producers, which will further improve the wine’s worth and will give you confidence that what you are buying is truly stellar.Examples of top vintages are 1990 and 2005 in Burgundy, 1982, 2000, 2009, 2010, 2015 in Bordeaux and 1994, 2007, 2013 in California.

Here are just a few examples of how your wine can appreciate over time:

1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild:
Average Release Price: $32.50 (1985)
Current Retail Price: $2,400.00 per bottle
Return on Investment: 7,385%

1990 DRC
Average Release Price: $900.00 (1993)
Current Retail Price: $19,000.00
Return on Investment: 2111%

1994 Harlan Estate
Average Release Price: $100.00 (1997)
Current Retail Price: $1,200.00
Return on Investment: 1200%

2000 Petrus Pomerol:
Average Release Price: $400.00 (2003)
Current Retail Price: $6,000.00
Return on Investment: 1500%

2007 Screaming Eagle:
Average Release Price: $750.00 (2010)
Current Retail Price: $4,500.00
Return on Investment: 600%

Most importantly, collecting wine should never feel intimidating or overwhelming. Instead, it should be a fun joyful hobby that opens your eyes to the world! There are few pleasures in life and drinking great wine is certainly one of them.

For consignment or auction inquiries, please contact our Rare Wine Specialist, Katherine Levy.

The Christie's-Wally's Spring Online Auction, THE MASTERS OF TERROIR, is happening right now until April 9th! The auction is comprised of an assembly of the finest producers of the rarest terroir found on the Côte d’Or. This assortment’s center point rests on the remarkable allocations acquired of the much heralded 2005 Burgundy harvest. This collection is fresh-to-market and represents this collector’s first time at auction. Click here to bid & browse lots now.