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Instagram Live with Paul Berkmann, President of Guillotine Vodka
March 26, 2021

Instagram Live with Paul Berkmann, President of Guillotine Vodka


Join us this Thursday, April 1st at 5:00PM, when Wally’s President, Christian Navarro, will be catching up with Guillotine Vodka President, Paul Berkmann, for a virtual tasting on Wally’s Instagram Live! Guillotine is a revolutionary French vodka created exclusively from the Aÿ- Champagne region’s finest pinot and chardonnay grapes. Made in a 100-year-old distillery using a mix of ancient methods and modern savoir-faire, Guillotine Vodka is an ultra-premium spirit unparalleled in quality, taste, and joie de vivre.

Place your order today and taste along with Paul and Christian to learn about the Guillotine story!



Thursday, April 1st at 5:00PM


Instagram Live @Wallysofficial


Taste and enjoy the finest expressions of the vodkas, hear personal stories from Paul, ask questions during a live Q&A


Step 1: Follow Wally’s Official on Instagram @wallysofficial

Step 2: To experience the vodkas with Paul and Christian, order your bottles today.

Guillotine Vodka 750mL

Wally's Price: $55

Guillotine Originale Ultra Premium Vodka is a classic, clear vodka made from the finest Champagne-region grapes. Light, smooth, and aromatic, it offers notes of citrus with hints of almond and toffee. The nose is sharp, punctuated by soft notes of fresh lemon.

The spirit delicately coats the mid-palate, exposing a complex structure that flows into a clean and well-balanced finish. Taste carefully and you’ll also find the smooth and velvety palate delivers a light fruity hint of Zante currants.Offering unparalleled quality, taste and versatility, Guillotine Originale was recently awarded the gold medal at the 2019 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit competition. - Producer Notes

May 15, 2019 7:27:57 AM

Guillotine Heritage Edition Vodka 750mL

Wally's Price: $90

Guillotine Heritage Barrel-Aged Vodka is our unique “aged” vodka that is matured in barrels made from acclaimed Limousin oak, giving the vodka a warmth reminiscent of the finest French spirits.

This is the only French vodka from Champagne-region vineyards that is aged in oak barrels, instilling Guillotine Heritage with its unique aromas, increased roundness, and golden amber hue. Smooth and clean, with subtle woody notes complemented by hints of spice, vanilla and cinnamon, this exceptional vodka has just the right amount of umami. The spirit was recently awarded the Double Gold Medal at the 2019 SIP Awards. - Producer Notes

May 15, 2019 7:27:57 AM

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