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Raise A Glass: International Whiskey Day
March 25, 2020

Raise A Glass: International Whiskey Day


International whiskey day is finally here! And it couldn’t have come soon enough… Whether you like your whiskey neat, straight, or on the rocks, let’s raise a dram this Friday and drink up some of the world’s finest.

Enjoy our favorite picks curated by our spirits expert and buyer, Ryan January. So sip back, relax and enjoy the little things in life with a side of whiskey - or two.

Vilanova Roja Single Malt Whisky

Wally's price: $40

In the heart of the Yarra Valley (wine country) comes this Australian beauty of a gin. Bottled at 43.8% ABV this spirit is beautifully balanced with a freshness that keeps you coming back for more. A perfect choice for a homemade Negroni or the classic Martini

Balcones Blue Corn Whiskey (130 Proof) 750ml

Wally's price: $60

The nose has hints of melted butter, kettle corn, vanilla, toffee, cinnamon and nutmeg, fresh bread and honey, fresh ground coffee, and baking chocolate. The palate has flavors such as tropical fruit, slight apricot, brown sugar, cotton candy, sweet tea with lemon, and smoked chilis. The finish is medium long warming, late cinnamon/leather spice, mint and green peppercorns

Balcones Blue Corn Whiskey (130 Proof) 750mL

Glenmorangie 15 Year Cadboll Estate Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750mL

Wally's price: $95

A voluptuous, creamy texture leads into an explosion, of soft, rich, sweet flavors: heather honey, butter candy, white chocolate, pears, apricots and mandarin segments, along with a balancing eucalyptus or menthol note. The flavor lingers for a long time, with more sweet mandarin orange, gentle toasty oak and vanilla

West Cork Glengariff Peated Cask Irish Whiskey 750mL

Wally's price: $40

Intense spice, malt and cracked pepper, with spice, nutmeg and long-lasting malt on the finish.

West Cork Glengariff Peated Cask Irish Whiskey 750mL

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