Bordeaux Direct Basket

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  • Wine Type Red
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One of our most popular gifts that includes selections all hand-picked by Wally’s. Enclosed is a collection of top-flight choices from one of the world’s most important wine regions. This year’s all-star line-up includes 2012 Chateau Larrivaux, 2016 Chateau Pimorin, 2018 Petit Paveil, 2018 Chateau Recougne, 2015 Chateau Puyanche, and 2016 Chateau Argadens. These incredible wines are presented in a traditional wooden box paired with white chocolate fig bon bons, chocolate caramels, pistachio spread, pretzels, flatbreads, and more!

2012 Chateau Larrivaux
2016 Chateau Pimorin
2018 Petit Paveil
2018 Chateau Recougne
2015 Chateau Puyanche
2016 Chateau Argadens

Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread
East Shore Dipping Pretzel 2oz
Rabitos Royale 8pc White Chocolate Fig Bon Bons
Goodio Café Ubuntu Chocolate Bar
V. Chocolates Caramels 4pc
Vincente Pistachio Cream 300g

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