Goslings Papa Seal Wally's Single Barrel Bermuda Rum 750ml

Sku 208880
  • Country Jamaica
  • Size 750 Ml
  • Spirit Type Rum
  • Vintage NV
  • Product Spirits
Buyer Review
  1. Ryan January
    Goslings has finally put out an ultra premium rum. Wally's is the first to release this amazing spirit. A blend of amber and dark rum aged for around 15 years. We went all the way to Bermuda to hand select this barrel with one of the owners Malcolm Gosling. Only 12 barrels for the world and Wally's is the first and only one to get a barrel on the west coast. This rum drinks like a fine cognac, a dazzling array of bright fruit with rich butterscotch and a finish that lingers for minutes. This is truly a find and only 216 bottles for the world means it will dry up sooner than later. When you can only have the best, Goslings Papa Seal Rum!
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