Happy Canyon Tasting at Santa Monica



Host: Sean Pitts (Winemaker)
Date: Tuesday, August 20th 2019
Time: 6-7:30pm
Place: Wally's Santa Monica

Wally’s invites you to our Happy Canyon Vineyard wine tasting offered on back to back nights - hosted by Wally’s Beverly Hills on Monday, August 19, and Wally’s Santa Monica on Tuesday, August 20th! Honoring the charming Santa Barbara region, the selection from this rising star winery will include seven different reds and whites, including Piocho wines as well as Barrack Estate wines. Winemaker Sean Pitts will lead the tasting, which will, of course, be complemented with Wally’s Cheese Box specially-selected meats and cheese. We hope you’ll join us and get to know Happy Canyon, a vineyard that has slowly but surely become a leader in Santa Barbara.
Santa Monica

Tasting List

2015 Happy Canyon Vineyard Ten Goal Barrack Estate
2015 Happy Canyon Vineyard Piocho Meritage
2018 Happy Canyon Vineyard Piocho Sauvignon Blanc
2018 Happy Canyon Vineyard Chukker Rose
2015 Happy Canyon Vineyard Brand Barrack Estate
2017 Happy Canyon Vineyard Blanc Barrack Estate
2011 Happy Canyon Vineyard Piocho Meritage Library Selection