Old Forester Wally's Cask Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey (Floor 4 Warehouse L) 750mL

Sku 201222
  • Country United States
  • Producer Old Forester Bourbon
  • Size 750 Ml
  • Spirit Style Bourbon
  • Spirit Type Whisky
  • Vintage NV
  • Product Spirits
Buyer Review
  1. Ryan January
    From one of the good old boys comes this fantastic single barrel selection. Selected from the 4th Floor of Warehouse L comes this dry, spice driven bourbon. When looking for the best bourbon on the market people are seeking the best new thing. News flash the best new thing is the old guys that keep doing it the right way. Old Forester has built an epic amount of mature barrels and Wally's has picked through the lot to bring to you some of the best bourbon Kentucky has to offer. Always a best buy, Old Forester has done it again with an amazing offering worthy of stocking up on this winner.
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