The Tastemaker Basket

Sku 213569


A colorful combination of delicious flavors perfect for enjoying with company, or really, any time or place! This treasure-trove of treats includes a variety of artisan nuts, cookies, candies, popcorn, chocolates, tea, and more.

Rabitos 9pc Salted Caramel Fig Bon Bons
LetterPress Ucayali 70%
Alfred Tea Peach Blossom
Little Apple Treats Box 5oz.
Little Apple Treats Orchard Blend 2oz.
Maui Fruit Jewels Guava Paste 4oz
Skyhill Honey Bear 2oz
Hebel Vanilla Halva 8oz
V. Chocolate Caramels 4pc
Confiture Raspberry Jam
Fleur De Sal de Ibiza 125g Tube
Marcona Almonds Bag
Toast For Cheese - Apricots, Pistachios, Sunflower Seeds
Scandi Candy Cola Diamonds
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