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We are thrilled to report that 2018 is anticipated to be the next great, classic vintage of modern Bordeaux. After the challenging 2017 vintage, everyone was ready for something extraordinary. Thankfully, mother nature (combined with superb winemaking) provided us with exactly that in 2018. The rainy winter and spring months caused vintners to brace themselves for another taxing vintage. However, Bordeaux was blessed with a perfect summer that offered dry, mild conditions and the highest amount of light in decades! Because of abundant sunshine during the day and cool nights, the grapes were provided with the necessary acidities that make these wines so balanced and special. The fall followed with beautiful harvest weather conditions that offered winemakers the luxury to pick their fruit at the optimum maturity, plot by plot.

The 2018's are elegantly aromatic and perfumed bursting with vibrant, energetic fruit that floats across your palate in a balanced and fresh style. Their opulent, full-bodied texture and gorgeous rich, purple colors are a result from thick, healthy skins. There is remarkable underlying structure here that is complimented and proportioned by ripe tannins. These wines will be deliciously pleasurable and approachable in their youth, but will be capable of going the distance for decades. Moreover, the 2018’s have intense precision and a transparency of terroir, thanks to advances in modern agriculture, meticulous winemaking, and a stylistic movement toward greater purity of fruit.

Having personally tasted hundreds of barrel samples across the region this April alongside Wally’s President, Christian Navarro, we have carefully selected the finest wines from the rest. We believe the potential quality of these wines could be on par with classic vintages such as 1990, 2005 and 2010. This is a vintage to collect, savor, and treasure for years to come and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Visit for an up to the minute list of 2018 Bordeaux Futures Offerings as the wines are released throughout May and June.

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