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3 Gourmet Market Finds to Level Up Dinner

When you’re cooking at home, there’s nothing like a gourmet garnish to transform an everyday dinner into a special occasion. Whether you’re serving a hearty entrée or something a little bit lighter, these delicious garnishes from Wally’s Gourmet Market will make any meal spectacular.

1.) Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt ($40) 

Jennifer Fisher’s Universal Salt adds a wonderful touch of flavor to salads, vegetables, and meats. It’s the ultimate seasoning to have on hand to finish off a dish before serving it. Just ask Wally’s chefs: they add a dash to most dishes before sending them out to the dining room. 


2.) Marciano Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($40) 

Give homemade pasta or salad an upscale finish with this fresh and vibrant olive oil. It’s made from olives grown on Marciano Estate in Napa Valley, handpicked and milled in small batches, then bottled unfiltered to preserve the fresh, spicy flavors.


3.) Agina Guindilla Ibarra Peppers ($10) 

These small green chili peppers come from the Basque region in Spain and have a beautiful, mild zesty flavor. They can be excellent in a cocktail, served alongside fine cheeses, or as an elegant garnish on grilled steak.