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4 Exciting New Spirits to Try

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or love discovering new sips, these spectacular new spirits offer a range of delicious and unique flavors that will delight any enthusiast.

Don Londrés Blanco Tequila

“I’ve had a lot of tequila in my time, so I know when I’ve got something special in my glass. When I first tasted Don Londrés, it left me speechless,” says Christian Navarro, Wally’s President & Principal. The tequila brand was created by Dre London, a well-known manager whose great taste in music is mirrored by his taste in spirits. With the experience of master tequila maker Francisco Gonzalez and a star team behind the brand, it’s no surprise this is an instant crowd favorite.

The flavors of Don Londrés Blanco explode in your mouth, with bright notes of citrus, fresh mint, and caramel, rounded with a wonderful smoothness. It’s a fantastic Blanco to sip alone, and makes a great base for premium cocktails too. Gift it for yourself and for all your friends who love to have a good time with great drinks.


Brother's Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Brother’s Bond Bourbon was created out of community. Two actors and co-stars, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, bonded on set while exploring different bourbons. This spirit of friendship and discovery led them to create an exceptional bourbon of their own which was everything they wanted in a spirit. They ended up with the perfect bourbon experience: easy to drink, smooth on the tongue, robust flavors, nutty spices, and warming finish.

Their resulting spirit is made with 65% corn and 22% rye, providing a smooth, complex, and spicy bourbon that can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail. It’s the perfect accompaniment for spending time with the ones who matter most to you, for sharing memories and creating new ones, and enjoying all that life has to offer.


Wolves Rye Project Vol 2

Unlike anything on the market, Wolves is a blend of whiskey created from refined craft beer and Rye whiskey. It’s distilled in Sonoma County by 13th generation Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic, using a classic brandy still imported from Cognac. The end result is a whiskey with intense body, brilliant flavor, and beautiful viscosity.

The Wolves team recreates the signature blend by adjusting the percentages and proofs of the Stout, Pilsner, and Rye whiskeys to find the perfect flavor balance. The full blend is finally cut with mineral rich water from the Russian River. Each French-cut glass bottle is hand wrapped with auto-grade vinyl and Italian sheepskin.


Beverly High Rye Whiskey

Founded by Andrew Borenzweig, a Los Angeles entrepreneur and whiskey enthusiast, The Beverly High Rye is the ultimate whiskey of today, drawing its inspiration from Beverly Hills and Californian high living to evoke American luxury in name and spirit. Andrew partnered with Cedar Ridge Distillery to bring the whiskey to life. Cedar Ridge’s legacy, passion, and commitment to quality are evident in every drop of this award-winning whiskey.

The Beverly High Rye begins with a melody of bright baking spices on the palate, paired with a rich mouthfeel and a smooth, velvet-blanketed finish full of candied pecans, caramel, and toffee, creating a complex profile with balance and finesse.