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Just Dropped: Delicious Summer Dishes Now at Wally's

Summer is officially here and we’re celebrating at Wally’s with incredible seasonal additions to our menus. 

We love the summer season because it means some of our favorite produce is readily available from local farms: crisp grapes, juicy melons, fragrant basil, ripe berries, rich eggplant, the list goes on. We also love the fresh seafood that we can get our hands on, like Black Bass, King Salmon, and Pacific Blue Prawns. It’s an exciting time of year for our chefs to play with delicious ingredients and create mouthwatering dishes we can’t get enough of.

This season is no different, with a fantastic selection of summertime shared plates, entrées, and sandwiches now on our menus at all Wally’s locations. Take a sneak peek at the new additions below, and be sure to stop by or order from your nearest Wally’s to discover the full menu and try some of these great flavors for yourself.

Hamachi Crudo

Light, fresh, and bursting with flavors, this delicious shared plate features chilled Hamachi topped with celery and greens, making it a perfect dish for a warm summer evening.

Poisson Cru

Cold-smoked sashimi served with uni and fresh mango, topped with aged lime vin.

Summer Imported Burrata

Sitting atop a bed of summer fruit, pepper marmalade, and prosciutto di parma, this creamy burrata dish is a wonderful blend of sweet and salty to start off your meal.

Basil Pesto Pasta

Housemade spinach pasta shells coated in creamy basil pesto, topped with squash blossoms and shaved parmesan for the most decadent, delicious pasta you'll have all summer.

Prawn Sugo

Fresh Pacific Blue Prawns and creamy house-made tagliatelle pasta with brentwood corn, topped with shaved caciocavallo cheese.

Black Bass & Mussels

Light and delicate fish roasted with carrot bouillabaisse, red pepper basquaise and roasted summer squash.

King Salmon

Seared fresh salmon served with rye berry and farro risotto with fennel and golden beets.

Pork Chop

Tender, grilled suckling pig served with harissa, polenta, baby corn, chanterelle and squash.

Rotisserie Peking Half-Duck

Crispy-skin roasted duck served with foie gras fried rice, blackberry-ginger joison, chili and gem lettuce.

Roasted Eggplant

Flavorful twist on baba ghanouj from roasted eggplant with garlic and walnut crumble, served with wood oven roast pita.

Chocolate Torte

Dark chocolate cake served with fresh strawberries on a bed of strawberry marmalade.

Blueberry Cake

Blueberry sponge cake with berry compote, topped with berry mousse and honeycomb.